Photo of Murallas de Albarracin in Albarracin, , ES
Photo of Murallas de Albarracin in Albarracin, , ES
Photo of Murallas de Albarracin in Albarracin, , ES
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Murallas de Albarracin

Monument / Landmark

Murallas de Albarracin14.5

Camino Cruces S/n
Albarracin 44100, ES
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Some say Albarracin is Spain’s most beautiful village. You’ll feel as if you’ve been transported directly to the Middle Ages in this sleepy little town that lies two hours from Valencia at an elevation of nearly 4,000 feet above sea level. Unspoiled by modernization, its old town is nestled against canyon walls, with bright and colorful church bell towers, creating a magnificent contrast with the golden-hued buildings. 
  • Photo of ammd1105
    3 months ago
    El cerco de la muralla abarca una superficie total de 3400m2, se puede subir caminando hasta lo alto de las murallas y poder contemplar una preciosa vista del pueblo. Imprescindible llevar calzado comodo y ganas de caminar. La foto del pueblo desde lo alto de la muralla y otra desde los miradores del pueblo y con la muralla de fondo son imprescindibles
  • Photo of agarrarlafuerte
    3 months ago
    Merece la pena subir para contemplar las espectaculares vista del pueblo. Bien conservada, no se puede subir encima de la muralla.
  • Photo of Ray V
    3 months ago
    It is a good climb to get up to the walls but once there the view is impressive. You can walk on the walls and enter one of the towers. If you are in shape, take the half hour to an hour to go up, look around, and then come down. You will not be disappointed.
  • Photo of msluis
    4 months ago
    These old walls are pretty impressive as so much is kept. The views over the village are beautiful. It is a pretty steep walk up there but worth it.
  • Photo of Lu S
    10 months ago
    Stunning views especially if you have a good head for heights. The walls are extensive & easy to access. Definitely worth the effort to get up there.
  • Photo of Peppe P
    a year ago
    Beautiful piece of history still kept in good condition...I been unlikely visiting on a rainy cold cloudy day...but I will go back soon
  • Photo of Mona L
    a year ago
    Hard to miss yet not easily reached. Super impressive. Rained all day so the climb was slippery. Wear decent walking shoes because some areas are more rugged and footing can be dicey.
  • Photo of Vrsol
    a year ago
    The hike is steep, but not hard. (We saw women in wedge heels and city flats make it to the top! NOT recommended, just saying...). You are rewarded with great views of the city and mountains. And if you're a fan if medieval walls, these are intact and long. Well worth it.
  • Photo of Jon M
    a year ago
    These beautiful walls run up the top of the mountain range above the beautiful city that you will never forget. I personally will never ever see the town is beautiful best. One of the best towns in Spain. Make sure you visit and make sure you hike up the walls. Just wondering the early-morning is the lights coming over the mountain and you will feel like you were in heaven.
  • Photo of Mary-Anne C
    a year ago
    Well worth the walk and completely free. Do keep a close eye on children though. I think this is is probably one of the most remarkable sites of the town.
  • Photo of Alexander M
    a year ago
    As we were staying in our caravan in the nearby camping site, one could not help but notice how these magnificent walls totally dominate the small town. I decided not to climb up 😳 Looking at other folks reviews I am rather glad I opted out of the climb!! A beautiful & intriguing little town, seemingly in the 'middle of nowhere' If You are coming to the area, & you are reasonably fit & healthy, then come, & take the challenge & climb!!! 😀
  • Photo of maggim
    a year ago
    The walls are iconic and dynamic but be warned, the path up to them, although not long, is loose shale, so suitable footwear should be worn and the walls are unprotected and not particularly safe to walk on, in fact I identified the risk of accident or even injury to be quite high, not recommended for the elderly, infirm or children.
  • Photo of Ele T
    2 years ago
    Not as hard as it looks at first, this walk/hike worth all the effort, as when you get up you are rewarded with beautiful views of the town and its surroundings.
  • Photo of przemyslawc2016
    2 years ago
    A short walk from the city centre. Be prepared to take warm clothes, we went in January and were absolutely freezing. Open space invites a lot of wind :)
  • Photo of Glahn
    2 years ago
    This small town is a treasure! Its small, narrow alleys and houses built almost on top of each other forms a great place to visit. The fortress that howers above the town should also be visited. It makes several excellent viewpoints and small balancing and climbing challenges. Albarracin also houses many good restaurants well hidden in its small allays. Hikes and walkes can also be made in the nature parks nearby, and also offer a great experience by itself. Not to forget to mention the bouldering in the woods of Albarracin which certainly provides top quality sand stone boulders, and should be considered one of the best destinations in europe.
  • Photo of Cakes77
    2 years ago
    It looks tougher than it is, walking around these walls, but if you pace yourself and stop to take photos, you will not be as winded. There are some great views on top. How safe these walls must have made the inhabitants of this cozy little community feel.
  • Photo of Harry L
    2 years ago
    If you are in Albarracin, you have to walk up to this wall. Not a difficult walk and take your time to enjoy the surrounding views. The view of the village is amazing from the wall, do not forget to bring your camera or smart phone.
  • Photo of KG_TXtraveler
    2 years ago
    While it is a climb, walking with up the hill onto the walls is worth it. The view of the city from the top is breathtaking. Anyone visiting the city must make the trek!
  • Photo of peter_the_traveller4
    The walls are amazing. Super views of the town below and the surrounding countryside. The walk up is a lot easier than it looks. The snaking path has an easy gradient and at one point even goes through the wall. Explore the castle at the top. Imagine you are a defender with an enemy army approaching! Fascinating.
  • Photo of jetlag123
    3 years ago
    It's a beautiful wall. Visible from almost anywhere in Albarracin, it is not a difficult wall to access. The walk up is easy to manage. Anyone with decent fitness can manage this trek. When you get to the apex, you'll get a fantastic view of the valley behind Albarracin! The 'new' town is well below the the turret. And all around you is a great vista of the mountains. It was May and still chilly out but invigorating. Well worth the walk.

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