Photo of Jardin des animalier in Monte-Carlo, , MC
Photo of Jardin des animalier in Monte-Carlo, , MC
Photo of Jardin des animalier in Monte-Carlo, , MC
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Jardin des animalier


snakes • vertical

Avenue De Fontvieille
Monte-Carlo 98000, MC
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  • Photo of Nat17Nat
    5 months ago
    very tired and dated. could do with a lick of paint. the animals may need a little bit more room, especillay the poor hippo.
  • Photo of midlifetraveller63
    6 months ago
    Have never been to a worse zoo for care of animals. Should be closed down. A disgrace to Monaco. No space or proper facilities for large animals. Could be a nice jardin with small animals as location is lovely. But currently there is too much animal cruelty to enjoy the place at all.
  • Photo of Brian083
    6 months ago
    Glass and concrete, plastic and steel, cloth and gardens. All basic inanimate objects used to make things of style and elegance. Super yaughts, cars, hotels, gardens and fashion. All of which defines Monte Carlo and something the residents can be justifiably proud of. However, the zoo is something they should be very concerned about. Quaint no longer works with living animals. Opened in 1954 it was probably fine for the time, now it's scruffy and dirty. The cages are to small and basic with nothing to stimulate the animals. The hippo is kept in conditions that the Born Free organisation must despair over. Do giant tortoises really need to be kept in a concrete pen with a small island of sand in the middle. One was repeatedly banging is shell against the wall, surely not normal. It's not even a petting zoo. Your encouraged to buy food to feed the goats etc but there is nowhere to wash your hands. I'm sure the keepers do their best, although we did not see any unless you count the lady on the cash desk, but it's out of date and embarrassing to Monaco. If your old enough to remember Guy the Gorilla at London Zoo it's as out of date as the way we treated him. Am I glad I went? Yes if only to draw people's attention to this. Would I recommend? As it is, definitely not. Monaco and Monte Carlo have proved they can get things perfect, look at the fabulous Aquarium. I hope they can get this right.
  • Photo of Antares2312
    6 months ago
    We visited in August and although it was hot, we really enjoyed walking through the ramps and viewing all the animals there. It is a vertical zoo and whilst you go round you will also have lovely views of the Marina below you. We spent around 1 hour there. It also has public toilets and a very little play area for children next to the toilets. The price is 4 euro for adults and 2.50 for children and is open from 0900 - 1200 and 1400 - 1900 hours so do plan your visit as it closes for lunch. The entrance is situated at the Centre Commercial de Fontvieille which is a shopping mall and has a parking at the bottom which was very convenient for us as we had a car. Here you can also find more museums like the Pricate Collection of Antique Cars and the Museum of Stamps and Coins. All 3 are within 2 minutes walking distance from each other.
  • Photo of juli914b
    6 months ago
    This zoo is so nice. All the animals are saved or adopted, none of them are purchased. They have all sorts of animals
  • Photo of trip647
    a year ago
    Tiny zoo carved into the terraced acres in cliffs below the palace mountain. Worth the visit. Quite a lot packed here. You will see unusual creatures and birds, including various royal chickens with incredible feathery plumage. Great for 1-2 hours. Next door is the Royal Car Museum, also very interesting.
  • Photo of SimonDesmet
    a year ago
    what a horrible experience... too many animals in cages that are by no means suitable. A very old fashioned zoo. This place should be closed down... by no means it fits whatever the Prince talkes about with regards to animal rights.
  • Photo of donutking1
    a year ago
    Snakes, turtles, birds, etc. No large animals. No English signage. Animals were moving quite a bit around 11a.m. turtles especially were fun to watch. They seem to have strange hours, 10-12 and 2-5 or something similar, so be sure to check before going. It's laid out quite nice as a "vertical" zoo, which you walk on gently sloping ramps to each level. Very nicely done. As with the other museums in the area, there are discount coupons available at the Cruise center info booth.
  • Photo of drag0n1234
    a year ago
    This has given our family hours of fun and love. But the hippo has broken our hearts and according to the Monaco press, Prince Albert is working on finding new homes for the hippo, big cats etc. The Guinea pig village is lovely and the more gentle animals are happy. It is closed for lunch so no point in turning up,at midday.
  • Photo of Gill C
    2 years ago
    I enjoyed this little zoo on the rockside. I expected to hate it. The animals seemed happy. It was very clean. Relaxing to sit and watch animals. They had surprisingly a large amount of space. The hippo had a large pool and seemed to enjoy turning his face every time I tried to take a photo. Obviously an expert at this manoeuvre.
  • Photo of SarahCorell
    2 years ago
    Located on the edge of a cliff looking out to sea it's an odd location to host a zoo. The hippo was the saddest creature I've ever seen. Definitely needs another hippo to play with. The Eagles and chickens seemed to amuse the children more than anything. Needs an overhaul
  • Photo of Nick W
    2 years ago
    Every fibre in my body tells me that I probably shouldn't like this place. I'm no naive sentimentalist and understand the complex and ambiguous relationship between wild animals and captivity programmes. This is a strange little 'Zoo' lodged on a cliff which like everything else in Monaco is arranged vertically rather than horizontally. The array of animals is just strange with a Goat in one enclosure, followed by a Golden Eagle followed by Giant Tortoises, with the odd Peacock and Chicken swanning freely around (pun very much intended). Look I am not going to tie myself in knots with moral and philosophical nuances. It was a sunny day and I really enjoyed my experience there. I will leave it at that.
  • Photo of Jeremy_gets_away
    2 years ago
    My 4 year-old son loved i but its not up to "Monaco" standards in my opinion. there were only 3-4 groups of people there when we visited so no issue with crowds. The enclosures look old and worn but generally well kept. The poor Hippo was alone and looked depressed. It was banging its head on the bars. I think the Monaco government should decide if its going to keep the zoo and invest in it or close it down.
  • Photo of Susiescribe
    2 years ago
    A surprising range of animals and birds but very short opening hours. Being able to buy corn to feed some of the birds was nice for the children. It's very much a small old-fashioned Zoo where you wonder if the creatures have an appropriate habitat. I thought the Hippo was exhibiting signs of stress and the Harris Hawks shouldn't be kept in such a small caged area.
  • Photo of Anna G
    2 years ago
    We only visited as the ticket came with our Monaco package.We found that the space for the animals wasn't large enough to be moving about more freely.
  • Photo of Zacass
    2 years ago
    The zoo is mostly filled with "common" animals such as goats, large rabbits, chickens, etc. and a cute variety of birds. You will see an occasional hippo or crocodile. Also there are some lemurs and wallabies to add interest. The zoo is a bit small to accomodate all the animals in confined spaces. If you happen to be in the area, it isn't a bqd way to spend an hour.
  • Photo of Seatroutfisher-1
    2 years ago
    I realise that space is at a premium in Monaco and there are notices all around that refurbishments are on-going, but I really think that this zoo should be closed. There are far too many animals for such a small area. Enclosures are small and animals lack any of the stimuli provided in more modern examples. It is an old fashioned and has not improved to today's standards. It was sad to see the poor hippo struggling to get out of its tiny pond. When you see these animals in the wild you quickly realise how much space they use and this concrete enclosure was not at all suitable.
  • Photo of wendy j
    2 years ago
    We were very surprised at how many animals were here, the area is much bigger than it looks from outside, we spent an hour here and throughly enjoyed it highly recommend a visit
  • Photo of Elnur S
    2 years ago
    This attraction is great for a family with kids on a non-rainy day. Entrance price is not expensive. It is quite amazing how many animals there are in this zoo considering it occupies little land.
  • Photo of smithdarrena
    2 years ago
    still seems a little odd to see animals wandering about Monte Carlo but in such a place where almost anything seems possible, its another item to add to the itinerary for when you want a day to wander and chill out

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