Photo of The Emperors of China in Siem Reap, , KH
Photo of The Emperors of China in Siem Reap, , KH
Photo of The Emperors of China in Siem Reap, , KH
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The Emperors of China

Chinese Restaurant

The Emperors of China14
prawn dumplings • dim sum • xiao long bao • fries

King's Road
7 Makhara Road, Achar Sva Street, Street 27, Siem Reap, KH
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  • Photo of Philippe Ceulen
    2 years ago
    Feel like Dim Sum, look no further...this is the place to be in Siem Reap
  • Photo of DorisMa
    9 months ago
    We went there for dinner on a Friday night and had the buffet for $ 9.90. Although it is true that the selection is not too big, the food is fantastic. Absolutely loved the different dim sum! They also had a soup station, peking duck, chicken feet, beef, different veggies, fried rice, noodles, spring rolls, fried wantan, sesame balls....Enough of a selection for us. Unlimited Jasmine tea is only 50 cent per person. Thought it was very good value for money. They also kept refilling the food. Service was really good, fast and efficient. And very friendly! Definitely recommend this place! Would go back in a second!
  • Photo of Chloe A
    10 months ago
    Had lunch here, al a carte yum cha menu. Ordered the prawn and vegetable dumpling, bbq pork bun, and rice pork roll. I enjoyee the rice roll and dumpling, my partner preferred the bbq pork bun. Staff were friendly and polite. Cost was pretty standard. Overall a nice experience.
  • Photo of nabilkannan
    a year ago
    Chinese cuisine is the evident from the moment you step in. Fine dining and great selection of Dim Sum. Unfortunately, my taste buds are more tuned to Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese food and so its hard to appreciate the difference. Good service and nice place to entertain.
  • Photo of WillySgFun
    a year ago
    Having their breakfast. Total 10 dishes only. Only chicken feet and Earl Gray Tea is nice. Only 4 chicken feets, the rest of customer dont need eat. Though is really cheap but i rather spend on Costal Cafe...They dont top up after left none left. Totall not recommended.
  • Photo of Ellen L
    a year ago
    Saw the sign $5.50 all you can eat buffet and gave it a try. Only very little selection, and the refill were very slow. Quality so so. When bill came, they charged us $7.90 per pax, I asked why, they insisted it's Christmas, the sign clear said 24 and 25 Dec: $7.90. We felt cheated.
  • Photo of RichL06
    a year ago
    Stopped by King Street location for a late lunch while visiting Cambodian Artisan Market. Only about 7 different dim sum dishes on the $5.50 lunch buffet all quite good and hit the spot, but was a bit disappointed in the very limited selection, but none the less a good value. I share several reviewers concerns about drink orders and asking for small water and being give a 1.5 L that was opened before I could correct the order. Given this has happened to others I felt worth mentioning. I trust it is an honest mistake and not an upcharge scheme.
  • Photo of milkyng
    a year ago
    Available from Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm. It's real! Just pay another usd50cents for tea! Variety is not a lot, nonetheless, for that price, it's worth it! We brought along a soursop and they even helped to cut, serve and even gave a take-away box as we could not finish the fruit :-) Very good service!
  • Photo of Alan C
    a year ago
    Popped in here on way to our hotel for the $5.50 buffet. 90 minutes all you can eat Dim Sum. I was with my 3 and 5 year old daughters and we lasted about 30 mins before being full. There is not a huge selection but I think good for the price and the trays were replenished frequently. There was some confusion over the water I ordered (500ml vs 1500ml) but I let it slide as an honest miscommunication. On the way out we were only charged for two sittings, they did not charge for my 3 year old. She didn't eat much but I thought it was a very decent thing to do. I would eat here again.
  • Photo of Tubbydubs
    a year ago
    Craving Chinese food after 3 straight days of Cambodian cuisine. Checked Tripadvisor reviews and discovered The Emperors of China. We were not disappointed. Proper towels were placed on our table swiftly, useful for wiping that perspiration and dust off. Though we only had prawn dumplings soup, wanton noodle soup and a selection of dim sum, these were enjoyable and on par with your average/above average Chinese restaurants in Hongkong and Singapore. Pleasantly surprised to find zha leong, or you tiao wrapped in rice rolls, on the menu - oddly described as Fried Sticks (Item D31) on the menu. Hard enough to find except in HK, so we ordered that. D03 - Mini Dumplings on the menu - was another surprise. More like Teochew crystal dumplings, these were the best of its kind we've tasted in a long time, filled with ingredients which had the right taste, texture, and bite. It was 9pm when we got there, and only 4 other tables were occupied, so we could eat in a leisurely, relaxed ambience. Didn't get to try the much publicized USD5.50 all-you-can-eat dim sum lunch buffet, but I wouldn't expect much since a bamboo steamer of dim sum already costs about USD3.30. Would recommend this place for satisfying, authentic Chinese restaurant favorites.
  • Photo of nicola f
    a year ago
    Disappointed "all you can eat"! This chinese place promoto an All you can eat at 5,50us$ but they offer a small selection of chinese food. Quality is very basic. They charge extra 5% or the total Big bottle of water is from 3us$ Adios emperor
  • Photo of RashmiOberoi
    a year ago
    The roast duck and barbecued lamb was excellent. Portions are not very large. Service is a tad slow.
  • Photo of Wendy H
    a year ago
    Lunchtime special. $5.50. All you can eat. Nice selection of dumplings, dim sum, pork buns, pork ribs and chicken feet. All delicious and in air conditioned restaurant. Service is excellent and green tea endless. Great Blair and great flavours.
  • Photo of nguyenvk
    a year ago
    In a new quarter of seamreap, ie Kings road, out of the noisy Pub street, a real chinese restaurant. Dumpling are various et excellent, for a moderate price. We tried the peking duck, it was good but a little disapointing small. The prices outside of dumpling are a little expansive
  • Photo of 246travellerinsea
    Restaurant located in Kings road which is a location which struggle to develop. Nice place to enjoy dumplings and Xiao Long Bao!
  • Photo of Yom N
    a year ago
    We went to EMPERORS OF CHINA for lunch. I wouldn't compare it to Chinese food in NYC or Shanghai But EMPERORS OF CHINA is really worth a visit if you are hungry for Chinese food in Siem Reap. I ordered 3 different kind of dumplings and it they were freshly made. The wonton skin was very soft. I recommend the fried chive dumpling, Sichuan dumpling and fried rice with gravy sauce on top. The service is good too.
  • Photo of sallyaustralia2016
    This was a nice and clean restaurant, however they were out of stock of a couple of favourites, which put a dampener on the experience. If you don't care about what food is available, then I would recommend it, but if you had your heart set on particular foods, perhaps give it a miss as you might be disappointed.
  • Photo of Nhan N
    2 years ago
    This restaurant was a nice surprise. We weren't expecting to find such good dim sum in Siem Reap. The prawn dumplings were some of the best and freshest I've had. The service was great too.
  • Photo of Amanda M
    2 years ago
    This Chinese restaurant is possibly not for a western tourist, as the dishes could be a little confronting in appearance (eg chicken & ducks heads left attached) but the BBQ beef and Peking Duck + pancakes are almost impossible to beat. The atmosphere and decor is quite opulent and fits the location in the more upmarket Kings road shopping area. Is a little more expensive than eating elsewhere in Siem Reap but largely worth it.
  • Photo of penpenni
    2 years ago
    I love Dim Sum so I was really happy when Emperors of China opened here. Is it of Hong Kong or Beijing quality? Not yet but i would still highly recommend a visit. We had a lovely lunch of many items-- mostly all tasty --and it was well priced. Will go back again to try the duck.
  • Photo of Andy S
    2 years ago
    Great Chinese food, and I also like hot ginger tea it make me good felling after travelling at Angkor Wat temple. The place was great it also opposite Siem Reap riverside.

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