Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
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Senso-ji Temple

Tourist Attraction

Senso-ji Temple114.5
thunder gate • asakusa station • souvenir shops • main hall

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  • Photo of Andres Dsilva
    6 months ago
    Dope Temple
  • Photo of Titiochopuntocero Marcos
  • Photo of Jennifer Watts
    6 months ago
    Shopping nearby
  • Photo of Jarryd Herd
    7 months ago
  • Photo of Jonathan Peh
    8 months ago
    Nakamise Shopping Street
  • Photo of Valerie Charette
    10 months ago
    Oldest temple in city
  • Photo of Diriku Amirtha-mayasari
  • Photo of Agnès deredec
    a year ago
    Très grand temple
  • Photo of Jason Blind
    a year ago
    Famous Buddhist temple
  • Photo of Nic Brown
    a year ago
    Asakusa Sensouji temple
  • Photo of Anthony Campagna
    2 years ago
    Must see this and the neighborhood it's in (Asakusa)
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  • Photo of hylamano
    5 months ago
    I loved this ancient district in Asakusa area, if you want to see the true Japanese culture and tradition then this is the right place, beautiful temple, narrow street with small shops selling : gifts, hand made crafts, Japanese confections and incense for the temple, Japanese uniforms and wooden slippers, ladies walking with traditional kimonos
  • Photo of Galuh N
    5 months ago
    This place is really famous among the traveller so it's really hard for me to enjoy my visit there. I prefer place was not too crowded so I can explore more and enjoy the atmosphere. This plase is nice too see but not really to enjoy it.
  • Photo of Vicki G
    5 months ago
    This is the number one tourist attraction in Tokyo, very crowded. On average you will spend 2 hours here.
  • Photo of Tin Q
    5 months ago
    Sensoji Temple is huge! Larger than other temples we've visited in the area and shows a lot of history. The place is swarmed by locals doing their worships and tourists taking a peek of the ceremonies and prayers. There are many torii ("gates) before you get to the main temple and there are pagodas surrounding the main area. A must-visit!
  • Photo of Graham K
    5 months ago
    Th evibe around Sensoji temple is fantastic. Some of the locals dress up in Kimono & Yakuta. The temple buildings have been carefully restored to their original splendor. Worth a visit if staying on this side of Tokyo. Really good cafes and food stalls nearby. Nakamise Street shopping close by.
  • Photo of kimibar
    5 months ago
    A large major temple, and many medium-size shrines, and many, many small shrines, plaques, etc. all around this set-off space, within walking distance of the river, with its sidewalks. Impressive with or without hordes of families or worshippers, many in kimono. This weekend was a special celebration, and so had a dragon dance. Two shows of children's kabuki theater are running in the afternoons all week (to 25 March). Actual services are screened off from non-worshippers and no photos of the interiors are allowed. In addition there are many souvenir shops and sweets shops on the ways into and out of the temple grounds. Some "fast food" stalls (as at a fair) are within the precinct--like fried baby octopus, or grilled crab mix on skewers. There's very little open, casual seating, so if your knees are bad, do not plan to stay too long. There are some informational plaques in English for the principal monuments; all other items have only information in Japanese, if that. A guidebook might explain more.
  • Photo of oreaband
    5 months ago
    Lovely place with lots of street food to eat. Slowly walk into the temple after taking the rickshaw ride by (tokyo richshaw). Their english tour guides are good with the explanation. Truly a beautiful place.
  • Photo of Kelvin H
    5 months ago
    Went there by metro. Using my Google map to navigate my way to the temple. Along the street to the temple. Many shops selling japanese souvenir. From keychain , chopsticks, food, kimono, and many more.. outside the temple, there are a few booth selling japanese amulet. For blessing of good health amulet , ward of spirit amulet and many more. Price is average. Before you go in the temple. You have to wash your hands at the right side of the temple.
  • Photo of liyihua
    5 months ago
    the jinjia itself is very beautiful and famous, every important moment, they have events. but there's always many tourist, so very noise, i'd love to visit in the very morning so it can become normal peaceful mood. and i always draw lots there, when i visit, just for a good luck.
  • Photo of Mary P
    5 months ago
    As mentioned before Senso-ji Temple is a must, especially as the entrance to the Temple has many souvenir shops which is just great for first time travellers, there are also a few small Japanese gardens in the area to have a look and also a few food stalls.
  • Photo of Shezam
    5 months ago
    leave some time for walking up to the temple through Namakise shopping street as there is a great variety of delicious local pastries and sweets to tempt you, and definitely do try them as they are all delicious. There are lots of tourists here so allow some extra time and for a bit of fun why not purchase a fortune for Y100. We received a very bad fortune but luckily could just brush it off as its not part of our belief. Asakusa itself is a lovely area so afterwards its great to walk around and soak up the atmosphere and sights
  • Photo of Henny H
    5 months ago
    Must say its a busy place. Lots of tourists and before you are reaching the Temple there like a shopping street with food and souvenir shops. Temple itself is amazing. Also can see the Tokyo Sky Tower.
  • Photo of Guillaume R
    5 months ago
    If you only go to one temple during your trip to Tokyo, this is the one where our will get the most memories for the time spent. The temple is usually very crowded, on weekends especially. That should not put you off as it's part of the experience. Nakamise shopping street leads to the temple, passing through massive gates. Take the time to purify yourselves and to try your luck and head then to the temple. Be considerate, as it is a religious place. Tip: Don't miss the terrace of the visitor center near the first temple gate for great views over the temple area
  • Photo of Connie I
    5 months ago
    I really wanted to love Senso-ji temple. Aesthetically, it is beautiful. The architectural details are wonderful. It is incredibly ornate. And it's an ancient holy temple. What's not to love? The crowds. Oh my goodness, it is crowded. This shrine is located at the end of Asakusa shopping area, a giant flea market of vendors selling food, snacks, and souvenirs. It is loud, chaotic, and unbelievably crowded. I'm glad we saw it. Go here for souvenirs once, and take a look at the shrine, ride a carriage, eat some tempura. But this was overwhelmeing, over-stimulating. Once is more than enough.
  • Photo of timgilbert09
    5 months ago
    The temple itself is quite impressive. We liked the entrance gate and the surrounding area of Asakusa.
  • Photo of CKY281
    5 months ago
    Labelled as the oldest Buddhist temple in Japan in honour of the goddess of mercy (Bodhisattva Kuan Yin ),this place is a top drawer tourist attraction. However, it is now likely a showpiece temple without proper Buddhist cultivation and practice. Lucky charms, amulets and prayer paraphernalia are not within proper Buddhist practice. Nonetheless, it's a nice place to visit in order to have sense of Japanese culture and history. On the approach road towards the temple, there are many shops tempting tourists to part with their cash for pricy souvenirs. In the adjoining alleys and side roads there are many F &B shops that offer a wide choice, some are very good I. e. generally those with local clients .The area is safe and very clean for a leisurely walkabout. Overall, a worthwhile visit.
  • Photo of 791kristinek
    5 months ago
    A really beautiful place ! Like a small edo town with all the shophouses street food. The temple is magnificent:) bought a few charms from The temple too ! It was very cold on the day we are there. We tried the hot sweet rice sake drink ! It's fantastic ! The dango and melon Anpan is good!
  • Photo of Eksar
    5 months ago
    Sensoji is an ancient Buddhist temple in Asakusa with beautiful tranquil gardens, a steam n Buddha statues. After the temple, find some time to walk around the gardens.
  • Photo of Anand_Lobo
    5 months ago
    Walking to the shrine is an experience in itself. Lots of shops, locals and tourists jostling for space. Spend some time on the temple grounds and the shrine itself.
  • Photo of TitaSyaras
    5 months ago
    As been said by many people that this place is one of the sights that must be visited while in tokyo. Starting with souvenir shops along the entrance to the shrine that offers a variety of interesting souvenirs. There is a macha shop near the shrine garden serving snacks, drinks, ice cream, etc, with a distinctive flavor macha Japan. This shrine always full of visitors as it offers great place and comfortable atmosphere too. I stayed near by and visited this place many times.

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