Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
Photo of Senso-ji Temple in Taito, To, JP
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Senso-ji Temple

Tourist Attraction

Senso-ji Temple114.5
thunder gate • asakusa station • souvenir shops • main hall

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  • Photo of Andres Dsilva
    9 months ago
    Dope Temple
  • Photo of Titiochopuntocero Marcos
  • Photo of Jennifer Watts
    10 months ago
    Shopping nearby
  • Photo of Jarryd Herd
    a year ago
  • Photo of Jonathan Peh
    a year ago
    Nakamise Shopping Street
  • Photo of Valerie Charette
    Oldest temple in city
  • Photo of Diriku Amirtha-mayasari
  • Photo of Agnès deredec
    a year ago
    Très grand temple
  • Photo of Jason Blind
    2 years ago
    Famous Buddhist temple
  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    Asakusa Sensouji temple
  • Photo of Anthony Campagna
    3 years ago
    Must see this and the neighborhood it's in (Asakusa)
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  • Photo of Smiddys
    3 months ago
    Senso-ji Temple is a must see attraction in Tokyo. Asakasa station on the Ginza line is just over the road from the streets leading to the temple. This place gets very busy, and is full of souvenir shops and other tackiness that comes with popular sites. Ideally, go early if you can to enjoy a calmer atmosphere. The Temple is a beautiful building, as is the neighbouring pagoda and is a photographers dream. Having said that, it seems that most people walk up the main strip to the temple, take some photos and go straight back. Take the time to walk either side of the temple and you will find other small shrines and gardens that many seem to ignore. And walk down the side streets and you will find many of the better food stalls and restaurants and far fewer people. Takyaki, danjo, manju and many other delicious treats can be found.
  • Photo of Marina L
    3 months ago
    The temple and surroundings are spectacular. Definitely a site to see. Fortune picking sticks are fun. However, it's a tourist trap. It's very overcrowded. I don't understand how locals who come to actually pray, can stand all these tourists. To get to temple there's a mile of stores with food and souvenirs to get through. It's a site on the must-see-in-Tokyo list, being the oldest temple here, but If you looking for serenity, you should seek out the small shrines spread out all over the city, that are quiet and just as beautiful.
  • Photo of travellerfromatown
    3 months ago
    Easily accessible temple, particularly gorgeous at sunset. Crowded. If you pay 100 yen, you could get a fortune, and if it's bad, you leave it behind.
  • Photo of paipakdeey
    3 months ago
    I should respect as the Japanese people do. Oh my god. That first time I'm in Japan and see many temple there It was so nice. That's why they have many people and lots of tourist have been there. Sooooo nice!!! Will go back again when I go to Japan I love there !
  • Photo of MossN
    3 months ago
    Apparently a most revered and holy temple. This place cover a significant area with more than just a temple to see, worth the visit.
  • Photo of Ricky S
    3 months ago
    It's ever crowded with tourists from all over the world, visiting the famous temple either for spiritual/religious purposes or for leisure purposes such as sightseeing as well as shopping at Nakamise street complex. Must visit for first time visitors in Tokyo!
  • Photo of Raymond T
    3 months ago
    Under renovation so you may want to wait out abit for the front door to be ready again which is why I gave it 3 stars.
  • Photo of yunivalentia
    3 months ago
    This is one of the big temple located in Asakusa. There's the Nakamise shopping street with many small shops that sells souveniers on the way to the temple. You can do the luck reading at the temple and can purchase charms as well. It is good t visit in the morning as the temple can become very crowded later on during the day.
  • Photo of Barrington S
    3 months ago
    The temple itself is very commercialised compared to Buddhist temples in other parts of the world. However the surrounding area with quaint streets and museums is worth a visit, old style shops with a wide range of merchandise and food.
  • Photo of venusbirth
    3 months ago
    I loved this site - it is beautiful sad and you can feel the energy here (if you are an energy person) It was quietly spiritual and important - especially for those of us who are masterless.
  • Photo of Joan0312
    3 months ago
    We come here early, around 10 am on Monday morning on April 2017, but its already full of people, Japanese n Tourists all come here. Many people wearing Kimono, so many rental shop around. Also many souvenir shops and traditional food stall to try, its a must try. What my father loves most is the tea they give around for free the end of the shops, Itoen. Very refreshing and have so many flavor, i really love it too, so we end up buying quite a lot. :)
  • Photo of rachvirgo
    3 months ago
    Absolutely stunning!! Beautiful markets around the temple, and beautiful gardens surrounding the temple itself. Definitely worth a visit!!
  • Photo of adrd
    3 months ago
    I think the best part about visiting Sensoji is experiencing the walk to the temple from Asakusa Station down Nakamise Street. Taking in the sights and smells, the burning incense. Do not eat before you visit! The path to the temple is full of market stalls selling amazing food and drinks. You will want to try everything! We did not alot enough time for this in planning to see Sensoji. If I go to Tokyo again, I will allow a half day to enjoy the stores and market food while there. Also be sure to take note of the beautiful dragon fountain. Ask for help if you don't know how to cleanse and someone will happily show you. One thing to note, if visiting with elderly or older family members, keep an eye on them. We almost lost my mom in the crowds of people here. It is very easy to get turned around and lose track of your companions.
  • Photo of MadamBrussels
    3 months ago
    Happened to be there when a ceremony was taking place. Temple is impressive. Be sure to wander in the surrounding gardens. Young Japanese take their culture seriously, dressing in kimonos when visiting the temple.
  • Photo of BringerOfFood
    3 months ago
    Go there after dark. It's less people and 10 times better atmosphare. All those pretty lights and a nice view of the Tokyo skytree. Tourist traps stores but if you don't mind it's no problemo.
  • Photo of Budsantosa
    3 months ago
    Asakusa.. so cozy, the air the people the scene.. We love to stay longer then other Japan's city. Sensō-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple located in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. It is Tokyo's oldest temple. Walk from your hotel , to Sensō-ji... after that you can continue walk to Water Bus Tokyo cruise to Odaiba . Route. Asakusa ‒ Hinode Pier ‒ Odaiba Seaside Park.
  • Photo of Roger T
    3 months ago
    Japanese temples are amazing, and this one is so imposing! When you arrive at Asakusa station, there is a long (half a mile) pedestrian path to the temple which is full of market stalls selling every food and souvenir you could possibly imagine. If you have only recently arrived in Tokyo then this will be fascinating in itself. The temple is magnificent with its multi-storey pagoda and various buildings of worship, and it is beautifully kept.
  • Photo of Sy X
    3 months ago
    The Shrine and Temple is HUGH. Very crowded and there's a lot of people wearing their Kimono there to take pictures and shop. You can't go wrong shopping there. There's plenty of stores to shop at.
  • Photo of ana_moft
    3 months ago
    The pedestrian streets arounded with the little shops and streetfood are nice but there are nicer temples to see in Tokyo and also around Tokyo.
  • Photo of Alberto B
    3 months ago
    We arrived to asakusa station using ginza line which is not far. To enter the temple you have to walk between stands selling a lot of things, from tradicional snacks to souvenirs and kimonos! And the temple is just amazing, you have to pray and try your luck there!!

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