Photo of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, Ky, JP
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Yasaka Shrine

Historic Site

Yasaka Shrine24
maruyama park • gion area • shijo dori • beautiful at night

Kyoto 605-0073 , JP
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Yasaka Shrine has 22 Tips

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  • Photo of Titiochopuntocero Marcos
    Santuario preferido de las geishas
  • Photo of Agnès deredec
    a year ago
    Très beau temple
  • Photo of Emma K
    4 months ago
    I am not into temples really but this is a very old temple, now a popular tourist spot. The walk up the main street with all the different shops and arcades is awesome. Inside the shrine there are large gardens and its a great place to relax in. We were lucky to see part of a Japanese wedding taking place which I assume would be an honour to be married there. At night the shrine is lit up so well. Quite pretty.
  • Photo of Silvia_Ling
    5 months ago
    Since the place was less crowded in August, i got to take a few unobstructed photos of the shrine. It was stunning and makes a great photo-stop. Yasaka was the starting point for my temple run so it had a special place in my... itinerary:)
  • Photo of durianfruit
    5 months ago
    I came to Yasaka Shrine one evening and it was highly atmospheric with all the lanterns light up. There were other people around but it was not stifingly busy by any means. Recommended if you enjoy Japanese shrines.
  • Photo of Lini999
    5 months ago
    This was the best Japanese attraction we visited while in the country. It is free and the buildings are really lovely. There are water features that offer happiness, wealth and beauty so would recommend you try all of them (also free). There are plenty of people in traditional Yakatas and Kimonos. The locals are really lovely and friendly and those we asked were happy for us to take their picture. We even had some locals want to have a selfie with us. All in all a really happy place and would strongly recommend a visit.
  • Photo of micra1
    5 months ago
    We walked into the shrine at 11pm and had the place to ourselves apart from a handful of other couple and two unobtrusive guards. The whole place was lit up with beautiful lanterns and we felt as if it was open just for us - absolutely magical!
  • Photo of olafoomes
    5 months ago
    A beautiful complex. You cannot miss it. Everything looks freshly painted. I always use the entrance of Yasaka Shrine as my starting point of a walk towards Kiyomizudera via the Higashiyama district. I would advise all Kyoto visitors to take the same route. On the way you will see a lot of Kyoto highlights.
  • Photo of Annie C
    5 months ago
    Yakasa Shrine is now full of tourists at night time, compared with my visit to it ten years ago. The Shrine is of course a symbol of Gion and Kyoto, and of course has its attraction. But, welcoming numerous visitors a day has made this sacred place polluted with crowdedness and commercialization. The Shrine is still very well maintained, given the number of visitors every day. It's still a very beautiful building standing right in the heart of Gion, in front of the busiest streets. Visiting Yakasa Shrine should be a must-do when anyone visits Gion or Kyoto.
  • Photo of Allison V
    5 months ago
    Stop by to see this at night - the lighting is beautiful the way it hits the gold and it is close to Gion so you can then wander through that area after you check out the shrine!
  • Photo of captk2071
    6 months ago
    The shrine itself is not huge but it is absolutely humming during the Gion festival while we were there. 3 giant floats are on display in the centre and traditional entertainments are staged on the grounds. Food stalls lines the stairs and paths leading into and out of the shrine. There are so many tourist about that it is hard to explore the shrine fully.
  • Photo of Vanessa M
    6 months ago
    Stunning temple with lots of beautiful things to see also has a nice shopping area close by. Enjoyed this.
  • Photo of Ole_Gorm
    6 months ago
    The Yasaka shrine is very popular, so at times the might be many tourists. We visited in July 2017 at 33C, which made the climb to the top a sweatty experience. It is really nice though. Definitely worth the effort. The signs are hard to understand if you dont read japanese, so be sure to ask for help to get to the summit, otherwise you might get astray. Good views of Kyoto. There is an alley leading to the entrance with many different shops and different interesting snacks. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Ma Emelda V
    6 months ago
    Have been to Yasaka Shrine for a day tour. There are so many tourist during my visit that's why I didn't enjoy much. I would like to go back and see it again in spring season
  • Photo of J&S_Singapore
    6 months ago
    We entered from the side gate after visiting GION祇園and is on our way to Kamo River side. We have long heard and also visited other Yasaka Shrines (in Osaka and Fukuoka) but definitely a first to this in Kyoto. Yasaka Shrine (八坂神社), also known as Gion Shrine, is one of the most famous shrines in Kyoto. Founded over 1350 years ago, the shrine is located at the eastern side of the popular Gion District. Just mentioned Gion Matsuri (in July) and everyone will know! During the day u simply can’t miss this shrine as the bright vermilion-colored gate is a striking structure at the very end of Shijo Street!! The Ro-mon is a two-story gate with bright red posts and white walls at the top of the steps. Great for photo shots here The main gate is spectacular and walking inside where u will come across smaller shrines. The shrine premise is large and always crowded with people, the worshipers and the tourists. The Maruyama Park is just beside, also packed with people resting and probably enjoying the atmospheric ambience. It is Kyoyo’s famous chery-blossm gathering place. The Honden (spirit hall) is the most important building and always packed with worshippers. The single story building has a wooden shingle roof that is half hipped/half gabled, very similar to other Shrines architecture. Worshippers pray before the altar with a rattle of the bells at the front of the building. I had my little prayer ritual too… Look out also for the dance stage that is lined with lanterns, in it bears the names of all its donors. We understand that at night it is a stunning array of lights that lights up, what a pity we were here only in the afternoon... Impressive shrine indeed.
  • Photo of albertosR7320AZ
    6 months ago
    good to visit in on holidays. but if nice weather every day will be fine. it is a part of history in kyoto, near the hankyh and keihan railway station. easy to go to Osaka center and back go kyoto, center. best way walk along the shijo street.
  • Photo of Travelove58
    6 months ago
    This shrine is located at the end of the road junction along the busy main Gion street. You can't miss it (at night particularly ), as its prominent litted-up traditional architecture stands out against the background darkness. There are so many shrines in Kyoto & generally they are quite similar. There was a ritual performance going on when we were there.
  • Photo of Jennifer L
    7 months ago
    It is a nice shrine to visit especially during the night when the place is well lit up. During the day, u cant miss this shrine as the bright orangy red colour will attract you to the place. The main gate is quite spectacular and walking inside where u will come across smaller shrines make it more interesting. There is also a small garden in the shrine, and you can see people just sitting/lazing around enjoying the quiet atmosphere. It is nice to visit during the night when the place is nicely lit up with the lanterns. Certainly a place worth visiting when u are near Gion.
  • Photo of Jordan D
    7 months ago
    If I were reviewing this for just the day time, I'd say it was pretty average. A beautiful shrine in Gion, very busy, with some street food stalls However! At night, the shrine is spectacular. Luckily my apartment was on the same street, so I popped by one night and was in awe. Crowds completely vanish, the gates and shrines are lit up beautifully, and the lanterns glow unimpeded by tourists. Would recommend going at night and skipping it during the day.
  • Photo of Dendy W
    7 months ago
    You can go to Fushimi Inary, Yasaka Jinja, most of the famous Shrine in Kyoto just using Keihan Line. Keihan line to Demachiyanagi. since we went from Osaka, from the sembayashi station took about 52 min, fare is 390 Yen you can go all the way from Sembayashi Station to Fushimi Inary. For another 6 min you can reach Kiyomizu gojo (210 Yen); another 2 Min to Gion Shijo Station (150 Yen). I use Keihan 1 day Pass for 500 yen per person, this card can only be use for the Yawatashi Station to demachiyanagi. if you are using it from Sembayashi or other keihan line before Kyoto area (Yawatashi) you can get a refund from the Station Officer in the exit Gate. you can go by using double decker bus for sight seeing the whole Kyoto. since we only want to see these shrines so we don't use the bus, and walking instead since almost all of the Shrine is Walking distance to those station i mentioned above except for Kiyomizu Dera, you must walk about 30 min to the place. Kyoto is a very beautiful place. if you are looking for traditional Japanese scnery, you can find it here. you can see a lot of people wearing Yukata and Yukari (since it is almost summer), even though they are maybe not a japanese but those summer kimonos certainly are beautiful. there are stores in those area who rented those kimonos for tourist.
  • Photo of marjan_k
    8 months ago
    We stumbled at this shrine on our way to Gion and what an amazing surprise. It's massive with loads little beautiful praying spots where people actually go to pray. There were nice selection of food right by the entrance.
  • Photo of Tatjana K
    8 months ago
    Very nice place I would like to recommend visiting especially during the late evening and night when all the lanterns are lighted. So beautiful, so romantic!

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