Photo of Shijo Bridge in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Shijo Bridge in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Shijo Bridge in Kyoto, Ky, JP
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Shijo Bridge


kamo river • keihan railway • station

Kyoto, JP
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  • Photo of tuitkim17
    2 months ago
    교토 동부 여행시 건너게 되는 다리입니다. 주로 은각사~철학의 길~청수사(기요미즈데라)~산넨자카, 니넨자카~카모강 (시조교)~기온 코스로 내려오게 됩니다.
  • Photo of Neko4515
    2 months ago
  • Photo of マリー88
    3 months ago
  • Photo of ITravel0ne
    3 months ago
    Crossing this bridge will allow you to look at the surrounding buildings and pretty scenery. But do only if you are passing by.
  • Photo of heri s
    3 months ago
    Kami melewati jembatan ini ketika menuju stasiun gion shijo dari hotel kami. Jembatan ini tidak begitu panjang. Anda bisa melihat pemandangan sungai kamo dari sini. Pemandangannya lumayan bagus.
  • Photo of Mutita18
    4 months ago
    ใต้สะพานมีเก้าอี้ให้นั่งเล่นนั่งพักริมแม่น้ำ มีทางเดินให้เดินเรื่อยๆ เราไปตอนเย็นๆ อากาศดีมากเดินเล่นเรื่อยๆ ดูแสงไฟ ดูเมือง
  • Photo of Manchester0110
    4 months ago
  • Photo of kumasan22
    4 months ago
    川端通りと木屋町通りを繋いでいます。 阪急河原町駅と京阪祇園四条駅を乗り換えるときには、四条大橋を渡って移動します。
  • Photo of tanoshiitrip
    5 months ago
    河原町のあたりは道が狭くて 車も人も多くて ゴミゴミしていますが、 この橋まで来ると ばっと景色が開けて、 京都の空気が味わえる場所で、 ここに来ると京都に来たんだなと実感します。
  • Photo of sssh101
    5 months ago
  • Photo of かめちゃ
    5 months ago
  • Photo of ビア
    7 months ago
  • Photo of TheShis
    10 months ago
    This is an ordinary bridge, but the view of the river and its banks is absolutely lovely, especially after dark.
  • Photo of Quack H
    a year ago
    I was walking around Gion and cross the bridge heading back to where I stayed in Kyoto. The river bank scenery was pretty.
  • Photo of aninstantonthelips
    My husband and I spent a lot of time enjoying the sounds of water from the Kamagawa River from the Shijo Bridge. There are seats to sit on so you can enjoy the view. Some people were fishing in the river, which was interesting to watch.
  • Photo of mabei0123
    2 years ago
    Shijo bridge spands the Kamo River as part of Shijo-dori (Fourth Avenue) in Kyoto. It connects Shijo-Kawaramachi, the center of modern Kyoto, and Gion, the historic Geisha district. You can go to the bridge from Kawaramachi station of Hankyu Railway Kyoto Line in the west-side of the bridge or from Gion-Shijo (Gion-4th Avenue) station of Keihan Railway in the east of the brigde, or from Sanjo station of Subway Tozai(east-west) Line in the Sanjo(3rd Avenue) bridge area. You can enjoy Pontocho Alley and its dining-out "Kawayuka" restaurants overlooking the Kamo River in the summer(May -September) in the north-west of the bridge. Shijo bridge and Sanjo bridge areas have been the center of Kyoto for hundreds of years!!
  • Photo of Max-Leonhard v
    3 years ago
    Not much to say as this is a bridge. 1Minute or less to walk over from one side of the river to the other. Good for a photo opportunity at night with the illuminates buildings in the background. A statue on the Gion side. Close to Keihan Railway Station of Gion.
  • Photo of Mario C
    3 years ago
    to see, not the trivial crossing, it is the history and evolution of a culture, is at the center of major urban areas and popular.
  • Photo of EredGorgoroth1
    3 years ago
    A large bridge in bustling Kyoto city center, Shijo bridge is well constructed, if not overdeveloped, where the clear water of Kamo river flowing slowly and low. The riverbed is massively enforced with concrete, and a pedestrian path is built so people can sit and walk along the riverside. Stepping stones were built to cross the river. At night, the city lights are reflected on the river. Visit this bridge while you are roaming around Pontocho, Teramachi dori or Gion district.
  • Photo of NewYork5555
    3 years ago
    Crossed over Kamogawa, Shijyo Bridge is the most important bridges among all the bridges over Kamo River that is runnning through the center of Kyoto from the north to the south.Near Kawaramachi Station and shijyokawaramachi Crossing, you can go from the station and walk through the brige and reach Gion area, that means, by walking through this bridge, can do sightseeing in the major spots of Kyoto.The bridge in itself shows nothing particular as built as businesslike.Kamo River is worth seeing and you can see Kamo River on the bridge well.Shijyo Keihan(Gion Shijyo)Station is also quite near since Keihan Line is running along Kamo River, and the station is located near the station.

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