Photo of Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto, Ky, JP
Photo of Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto, Ky, JP
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Hanamikoji Street

Monument / Landmark

Hanamikoji Street14
hanami koji • gion district • tea houses • shijo dori

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  • Photo of Pauline Tan
    8 months ago
    Tea house
  • Photo of Adrian Y
    5 months ago
    Walking through this street definitely will give you a sense that you are walking straight back in time thousands of years ago. It still have its charm and is very well preserved all these years. If only the street and the walls could talk ......
  • Photo of Garrek S
    5 months ago
    This is a great street with all kinds of shops and restaurants leading up to Kennin-Ji temple. Instead of asphalt, the road is made of large stone bricks, signaling a shift in tone from the busy main road off of which it shoots. There being no sidewalks, the casual walker is made to believe it is a pedestrian only street, as it should be. Cars fight through the meandering tourists and security officers (they were not police) shout at the pedestrians to get out of the way, ruining what would otherwise be a very pleasant stroll.
  • Photo of oksana568
    5 months ago
    We came here on a Monday night, and we're very lucky to see a geisha. There were not many tourists here, but there were quite a few Japanese businessmen going to those machiyas and tea houses. There were also quite a few maiko girls and geishas quickly jumping into the taxi cabs and driving away. I am glad I have seeing this authentic part of Japanese culture, and have learnt the difference between maiko girl and geisha and how to spot them. Needless to note, there were so many tourists dressed in kimonos walking along the same street with their cameras.
  • Photo of Erin L
    6 months ago
    It's a very busy street off of one of the main streets in Kyoto. Mostly restaurant fronts where you can't entirely see into. It's worth a stroll but it's not a destination other than if you're out for a walk after dinner or are hoping to see a geisha after hours.
  • Photo of Nonnapn
    7 months ago
    This traditional street is lined with old machiyas and tea houses. You may even see a maiko on her way to work.
  • Photo of Desmund C
    7 months ago
    Come here slight later, most of the shop open in the evening. You can have a chance to meet geisha here. Ask for permission to take photo before you capture them.
  • Photo of Nuria F
    9 months ago
    The street and adjacent alleys are really delightful at any time of the day but they become more interesting at dusk, when beautiful paper lanters light up Hanamikoji and gorgeous geikos and maikos with striking kimonos can be spotted going in and out from the restaurants of the área. In the morning we can visit the beautiful Kennin-ji temple at the end of Hanamikoji Street. it is a very nice and quiet place. We were lucky to have our hotel at 5 minutes walking from this place so we went everyday during our 5-day stay either for a short walk or to have dinner in one of the many restaurants.
  • Photo of warren D
    10 months ago
    If you are lucky, you may actually see maiko or geisha walking to the tea houses along this street, depicted in Memoirs of a Geisha. Be sure to consider the twice nightly traditional Japanese arts show at the Gion Corner in this area. There are some very good eateries and shops along this street.
  • Photo of Ben C
    10 months ago
    The Hanamikoji Street is almost the gateway leading to the Gion area. Ample number of historic wood made buildings are still in use for shops, residence restaurants as such. The streets are paved by decent tiles full of character and vintage. This area has a particular high chance of seeing kimono dressed ladies walking on the street. Restaurants within this area incline to be on the high end and needs advance booking.
  • Photo of ChrisJieyang
    a year ago
    Here is a aged street with all traditional houses in kyoto. You can discover how the people lived in the past. In night, here became crowded and a lot people finding restaurant here. Overall, this is an extraordinary beautiful street. Come here for twice, each time different feeling. Walk to the kamo-gawa river here haha
  • Photo of YTCHENG
    a year ago
    There are many traditional timber houses on both sides of the street including a few high class tea houses. Normally you can find lots of tourists around but occasionally you can get hold of some good photo opportunity with a few ladies in geisha walking leisurely along the tree-lined street. We have been to this place before and opined that sakura season would be more attractive. Highly recommend to tourists while visiting Kyoto.
  • Photo of Jolene08
    a year ago
    An attractive street located in the heart of Kyoto. The traditional wooden houses along the street makes it extremely charming. By the way we took part of our pre-wedding photos there! This street can be really crowded at any time of the day as it is the tourist season now. Anyway, there is a newly opened Hermes store there and you can find a huge crowd of curious onlookers right outside the shop all the time. If you are lucky you can even spot some Geishas along the street in the evening.
  • Photo of YSL88
    a year ago
    Hanamikoji street attracts tourists with its high concentration of traditional wooden merchant houses. It was crowded with tourist when we were there in the evening. However, we were still able to immersed ourselves in the atmosphere. We were lucky to see two Geisha along the street.
  • Photo of mabei0123
    a year ago
    This street is now famous even among foreign visitors as the old Geisha street and many people come here to take photo with the Geisha girls. I see some people chase the poor girls down the street like paparazzi, but please don't do that. If you want to see Geisha, there are places like Gion Corner and Gion Kobu Kaburenjo Theater. There also are many nice Japanese restaurants around here. Don't miss this nice street, but don't be disappointed, if you don't see the girls.
  • Photo of jackmoore93
    a year ago
    This is one of those areas which must be walked around early in the morning and really late at night as all the other times it is too crowded with tourists. Get your camera ready because you will no doubt get some great pictures of traditional Gion here.
  • Photo of RichardS069
    2 years ago
    Caught the 206 bus to Gion from Kyoto Station. Go left as you get off the bus and turn right at the next main road Shijo Dori. You can't miss it there is a huge shrine opposite. Walk down this street and you will come across a street on the left hand side Hanamikoji-Dori street. Lots of old style Japanese buildings. Despite being a small lane and being full of tourists they still allowed cars which isn’t good. This lane is too busy for cars, it should be a mall no cars allowed. We walked down the street, had 3 geisha girls go past. Head down and quickly. There were a group of French tourists that were stalking the side street they came out of. They would then chase the poor girls down the street like paparazzi. You could tell the geisha girls were distressed by it. People need to think about their behaviour. We found Gion corner at the end of the lane to the left. It's like a theatre but no big deal. Finished up from there and started walking towards Pontocho Dori Street. On a street to the side I noticed a geisha girl was allowing photographs so we got our photos taken. They should have this at the beginning of Hanamikoji-Dori street, that way people can get their photos taken and not stalk the poor geisha girls.
  • Photo of Spoonermomma1
    2 years ago
    Pretty street back in time. So clean! No geisha though. Just a peaceful walk in the Gion district. I would walk through to zen temple and gardens Kennin-ji Temple. So pretty.
  • Photo of Lovewinter2013
    2 years ago
    Nice interesting place, lots of things to see, a nice place to take good photographs and had a good beef meal for dinner
  • Photo of Adelineyap
    2 years ago
    This is supposed to be the old geisha street but I didn't see any geishas. The entire street is overcrowded with lots of tourists. Some of the building were really nice and if you go into the small alleys then its much quieter.
  • Photo of mrdom
    2 years ago
    It's the old geisha street. I didn't see any but I did see lots of beautiful old buildings amidst the tourists and cars. A lot of restaurants, mostly high end. The Gion area generally is nice for a walk.

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