Photo of 生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine) in Kobe, 兵庫, JP
Photo of 生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine) in Kobe, 兵庫, JP
Photo of 生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine) in Kobe, 兵庫, JP
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生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine)


生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine)14
tokyu hands • small pond • ring the bell • sannomiya station

Kobe 650-0011, JP
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生田神社 (Ikuta Jinja Shrine) has 21 Tips

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  • Photo of Elmer Camargo
    a year ago
    Close to Kobe beef
  • Photo of KwinAun
    a month ago
    Ikuta Shrine is located near Sannomiya Station within a few minutes walk. Beautiful and classic here. Nice walking around and a short rest in peace.
  • Photo of traveljean13
    2 months ago
    Everywhere you go there are Shinto shrines. Ikuta Shrine is right in the heart of Kobe. You can walk all around it and go inside. There are usually people going in to pray. When I lived here years ago, there was a wedding ceremony I witnessed. You never know if this will be lucky to see some kind of ceremony. This trip I didn't see any ceremony, but loved walking around anyway.
  • Photo of M1ch3l3
    4 months ago
    Where past and present meet... A beautiful shinto shrine in the heart of Sannomiya's busiest spot. A very nice place to take a walk.
  • Photo of Karen M
    5 months ago
    Beautiful shrine - look through the doorways to the detail, in the middle of the city. Great walkway up to the shrine - pass through the tori gates. Enjoy the peace & tranquility.
  • Photo of Wayne L
    5 months ago
    A nice place to visit and spend 30 minutes away from the hussle and bustle. Some beautiful trees and garden surrounds. Worth the visit if you're close.
  • Photo of Kyra H
    5 months ago
    I thought this shrine was really neat. It's similar to most other shrine's you'll most likely see in Japan, but it's in the middle of Kobe. I stumbled upon the side entrance accidentally while I was looking for the main entrance and it was such a cool peaceful area to stumble upon in the middle of a big city.
  • Photo of laoge
    5 months ago
    As many temples and shrines it is very crowded, but worth seing this amazing corridor and shrine. don't miss it !
  • Photo of luisasings
    5 months ago
    It was not filled with tourists, which was very nice. It was beautiful to see and surprisingly peaceful. It's also in a great location - close to the main area of Kobe so it was easy to get to.
  • Photo of Vincent Q
    6 months ago
    For shrines in general, people mention crowds of tourists. Out in Kobe, I visited on a Saturday afternoon, around 4pm. It wasn't crowded, as far as shrines go. One thing I do notice is weekdays, not even considering tourist traffic, there are a lot of school trips and hundreds of students at many temples and shrines I visited. This might really be a consideration for visitors what you my prefer tourists or children. Either way, Ikuta isn't one of the largest shrines, with room for several smaller shrines and a small pond, but as people have said, it is one of the oldest. I would say this makes things more tradition, laid-back and less exciting for some people. You won't find too many outstanding things, colors, lanterns, or even extravagant charms to buy. I would say, this shrine goes right to the point as a place of worship, reflection and prayer. Being so close to Sannomiya station was also a benefit, just make sure you're heading out the correct exit from the train station--they're labelled and numbered with reference to subway maps. Many maps are pointing in the direction you're facing, not North to South, so also keep this in mind. The commute from Osaka's Umeda station is roughly 30 minutes if you catch the Limited Express, it avoids nearly half-a-dozen minor stops.
  • Photo of andyb0710
    6 months ago
    This was one of the things we wanted to see in Kobe, and we spent an hour or so taking photos, observing and appreciating the significance of the shrine. Unfortunately, all of the writing is in Japanese which is surprising, as it attracts many foreign tourists. Having a few translations in to other languages would allow its visitors an understanding of it's history.
  • Photo of Jan S
    6 months ago
    We took a train trip from Kyoto on the Rapid train . It took around 1 hour to get there and it costs 1100 yen one way. The Shrine is about 5 minutes walk from Kobe Station. It is free and at the time we went there was a baby Christening happening so very interesting.
  • Photo of Bob B
    7 months ago
    Great place to take quick photos and to reflect on your own. Not too busy to take good photos without a lot of people. I bought a souvenir from their souvenir area that was the best item purchased during the entire trip to Japan.
  • Photo of PapagaioB
    7 months ago
    First shrine ever. It really makes you to sink deeper in Japanese culture. You can feel the weight of traditions, ceremonies and mythology Japan has nurtured through the age. Must see
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Really enjoyed the visit to the Shrine. No admission fee, english translation on the historical markings. Very clean, nice shrine.
  • Photo of ExplorerC9
    7 months ago
    This shrine is just a few minutes walk from Sannomiya station and the centre of Kobe, so it's worth stopping by. The complex is fairly small and peaceful, though there was actually a ceremony in progress when I visited. It may not be as impressive as other shrines, but it's still certainly somewhere nice to take in and appreciate.
  • Photo of lady5000
    8 months ago
    The grounds are quite large and it's good to know this place was not bombed in the war not was it destroyed in the 1995 Kobe Earthquake. So it has an important history to be aware of. Lovers also come here hoping for lasting happiness by hanging a wooden wish in the "wishes area" towards the side off the shrine building. You can go up to Kitano-ko and walk down to here afterwards.
  • Photo of 91MJJC19
    8 months ago
    The shrine is located in the heart of the city; nearest train station would be the Hankyu Kobe-Sannomiya station. From the station, look out for the giant Tokyu Hands building, and enter into the road that says “Ikuta Road”; it’s quite clearly labelled on a green arch that stretches the width of the road. The entire journey should take about 5-10 minutes, and you should see the bright vermillion torii gate that marks the entrance to what is possibly one of the oldest Shinto Shrines in the whole of Japan. The Shrine had a very nice, tranquil atmosphere, with its bright vermillion structures, and is definitely worth a look if you are looking for a break from the hubbub of the bustling city. Entrance to the shrine is free for all visitors. As past reviewers have mentioned, some parts near the entrance were cordoned off, possibly for refurbishment works, but the interior remains undisturbed, so fret not!
  • Photo of Наталья Ю
    8 months ago
    So I went to Ikuta Shrine on New Year's night to try some traditional snacks and just look around. Very crowded, but it didn't bother me at all.. People having fun all around, great food, some festival music, really great experience.
  • Photo of vodkaneat80
    8 months ago
    Once you step in, you'd feel relaxed & holy. It's an oasis in the noisy city. There you can buy some talismans that they could be the nice typical japanese souvenirs.
  • Photo of Katie M
    10 months ago
    Lovely, charming shrine area, and easy to get to. Right next to a shopping area. Just exit Tokyu Hands and walk up the hill and you are there. Incredibly peaceful.

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