Photo of 東京ミッドタウン (Tokyo Midtown) in 港区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京ミッドタウン (Tokyo Midtown) in 港区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京ミッドタウン (Tokyo Midtown) in 港区, 東京, JP
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東京ミッドタウン (Tokyo Midtown)


suntory museum • the ritz carlton • jean paul hevin • posh area

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東京ミッドタウン (Tokyo Midtown) has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Delicious426
    5 months ago
    Love the eatery in the shopping mall. I found the sake I wanted ! Great clean space ! Done shopping in UniQlo here too.
  • Photo of Luigiluigi13
    5 months ago
    Nice place to walk for windows shopping.. Nice products for tourists and for Japanese,Good restaurants with terrace in the In the cherry season and in the Christmas illumination you have a great view...!!! Inside of midtown you have nice Music shows top you have nice hotel with nice bar ritz Carlton...nice view!! If you like vintage watches there is nice and good shop on the 3f !!!! If you have a car there is vallet service in the hotel or nice and big parking...with electric chargers good
  • Photo of Frederick B
    5 months ago
    Tokyo midtown was our center point as we stayed in roppongi. I like the outside area of Tokyo midtown also if you like the opulent setting you can have drink at the sky bar connected to the hotel. They have restaurants with garden area, also in the backside of the department store they have some interesting art on the garden (or maybe it's actually different exhibitions. Like our last trip we saw some art from students)
  • Photo of Jacqui M
    5 months ago
    If you're staying in the Roppongi / Minato district then you'll come across this high end shopping mall. Lots of designer brands - as well as the lower end Japanese staples (Muji and Uniqlo). Ample places to eat with all types of cuisine (Japanese, American, French, Korean) and a grocery store. Very convenient to Roppongi Station (exit number 7). It's within walking distance of several museums and has exterior space for you to enjoy the cherry blossoms outside of the 21_21 Design museum. The mall also has a small art installation of local artists near to the Muji store. Some of the shops do not allow you to take photographs in them.
  • Photo of mat_mak
    6 months ago
    It is a large complex constructed by refurbishing old US military base in Roppongi. There are a luxury hotel, shopping mall, contemporary art museums, a concert theater, parks, offices and apartments in the premises. The shopping mall has unique high-end boutiques and famous Japanese deli shops and restaurants.
  • Photo of ScarletAndPeach
    6 months ago
    We were lucky to visit during hanami and experience the cherry blossom blooming and plenty of picnickers. The tower is surrounded by cherry blossoms and has some interesting galleries nearby. The gardens have some decent play equipment which my two year old loved. The shops are midrange to expensive and there is an interesting high class puppy grooming shop which is fascinating to watch.
  • Photo of warren D
    6 months ago
    This is the second tallest building in Tokyo. It houses great shops and restaurants. More important, it is within walking distance of the National Art Center, Nezu Museum, and Mori Art Museum at Roppongi Hills, famed for its hi-end shopping street and an observatory that will give you a spectacular 360 view of Tokyo.
  • Photo of Faby Y
    8 months ago
    great place for who like sculpture can find there some and actually have a exposition there of packaging "Meiji milk" ...
  • Photo of J&S_Singapore
    9 months ago
    Midtown is an upscale commercial-office area which may be not on most tourists’ agenda but many dropped by here during Christmas period here to view the much-touted illumination. We went for late afternoon shopping at nearby Rongongii before walking here for the night view. The "Midtown Christmas" involves multiple illumination areas around the Midtown complex. Publicity material states that it will be an original and artistic Christmas experience, with Tokyo Midtown reprises its signature winter display of LED bulbs illuminations. We reached just after 5:30pm which is dark enough. Walking around the premise we noted that there are also various other illuminations around. Upon entering we were greeted by the ‘Welcome Santa Tree’ with a clock hung on the green Christmas tree. It is surrounded by bulbs decorated differing colored trees of green, blue & purple. Fast forward to Midtown Garden where more decorated trees lined the path. Finally the focal point; the 2,000m² Midtown Park Square (behind the complex). It is covered in 280,000 digitally controlled LEDs and themed “A journey through the cosmos”. The spectacular Starlight garden is something you absolutely have to see, as the centerpiece of illuminations projected over the plot pf greenery preserved amid Tokyo's urban area!!! It looks everything of a sci-fi style lighting, centred around a funky-looking 'Vision Dome' complete with regular audiovisual 'mini-shows' in between. There are also searchlights, beaming 100m upward into the airspace to provide a dynamic depiction of the birth of the universe. Forget about the story…. Just go for the visual. Hahaha. What a light and sound treat!!. We stayed for a good 30 mins before making our way home. Really must see.!
  • Photo of blairkk25
    9 months ago
    I went to Tokyo on business in May 2016. One of my meetings was in Tokyo Midtown. There was a Starbucks with outdoor seating and it was very pleasant. Underground there are several stores and food places. I would rate Roppongi Hills as being more upscale but they are both very interesting to visit.
  • Photo of Elaine M
    10 months ago
    Popular with the locals, this development offers something for everyone. There are plenty of stores, restaurants etc even two massage parlours. Simply delightful. It is beautifully decorated for Christmas and feels warm and welcoming
  • Photo of 759u1
    10 months ago
    Christmas illumination has on this year. Winter season has come. Enjoy! 東京ミッドタウンでは今年もクリスマスイルミネーションが、点灯されました。今年は少し地味な感じですが、 沢山の方々か、写真をSNSに上げてます。 地下一階のセブンイレブンもクリスマス仕様になってます。
  • Photo of Bruno Z
    a year ago
    Tokyo is the most amazing city in the world. It's a calm city where you see everything in place, everything moving yet it's calm and organized.
  • Photo of Dale C
    a year ago
    After business meetings in Midtown, I did have a chance to tour Roppongi HIlls for shopping and site seeing. My wife loved the Roppongi shopping district with all the major world top designer stores, but Midtown did not have much to see or to do.
  • Photo of fluffymonkey
    a year ago
    We actually preferred this area to Roppongi Hills. Its a nice area to stroll around (Gardens) and admire the sculpture dotted around before you hit the designer stores! I can highly recommend Maison Kayser on the lower ground floor for exquisite breads and pastries - all you need to do is find somewhere to eat your goodies as no one seems to eat on the go here?! The Plaza has a few tables and chairs were we didnt feel too awkward eating our pastries!
  • Photo of Syed Ahmad I
    a year ago
    The Ritz-Carlton is from 45th Floors. The Building has offices and the food courts with trendy offerings of home depot and individual requirements. The Fruit shops give the fresh picks while the restaurants cater for separate needs. When I wanted a table for two at the Tempura, they could not offer as the place was full.
  • Photo of dawn c
    a year ago
    I visit Tokyo almost every year during the summer, but this past year I went during Christmas time in the winter. I had heard about the lights that shone brightly throughout the city but I have never actually seen it until this past December. It was truly a beautiful sight! The lights change colors every now and then, but the blue/white light is, in my opinion, the best! There are rows of trees lining the streets and they look amazing in pictures. The hilarious thing is, you will see crowds of people crossing the street and stopping midway to try to take photos between the rows of trees only to be shoo-ed away once traffic started. But the cycle would continue until people got their perfect picture. Even without the lights the area is very clean and fashionable, so it's a great place for photographs even without christmas lights!
  • Photo of Barroi78
    a year ago
    Not much to say here. It's a developed part of Roppongi with some nice Abe's nearby and a feature area that changes over the year depending upon the season. Th lights are amazing in the winter and in the sumner there are pop up bars and digital fireworks. It's a nice addition to Roppongi and a little more adult than the area around the crossing.
  • Photo of Ramesh G
    a year ago
    Tokyo Midtown is an upscale place with a number of stores, eating places and the famous Ritz Carlton hotel. The illusion of waterfall and garden created by lights on the evening we went there was amazing.
  • Photo of babwara78
    a year ago
    You miss the bit of a Milan aperitif, go there! You will be charmed by the game of lights and this amazing and fashionable building. Solo or in company you can take a martini and sit on Chanel and just enjoy I leave the rest for a surprise!

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