Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
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東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree)

Monument / Landmark

東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree)54
glass floor • tallest tower in the world • observation deck • fast track

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東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) has 25 Tips

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  • Photo of Titiochopuntocero Marcos
  • Photo of Jarryd Herd
    7 months ago
    Observation Deck
  • Photo of Jason Blind
    a year ago
    Good shopping and the best view of tokyo
  • Photo of Citymaps
    a year ago
    3 - The reason Tokyo can't build mega-towers like some other Asian cities is because it's extremely susceptible to earthquakes. Although that didn't stop them from building the 2,080ft Tokyo Skytree, a broadcasting tower that's listed as the second tallest building in the world. They've also constructed some of the most architecturally intriguing structures around, all set against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.
  • Photo of Margaret Bersales
    A must visit place if I go to Tokyo someday.
  • Photo of JLandMike
    4 months ago
    Tokyo is a huge city but you don't really understand that until you see it from above. The views from the sky tree were incredible. We didn't pay to go to the very top but I don't think we missed out. It is very crowded and you do feel a bit like cattle as they herd you all around. We thought the glass floor was lame, very small and they were trying to get you to pay for a posed photo. The elevator is very fast, our ears popped like crazy. It is expensive but there is no where else to get these views so worth it.
  • Photo of Malinda R
    4 months ago
    Thrilling way to see Tokyo. Absolute fun. We went early on a Tuesday morning. There were literally no lines.
  • Photo of Vez02
    4 months ago
    We visited Tokyo Skytree in April on a Tuesday afternoon (around 4.30pm). We went to the International 'fast ticket' counter, but they suggested since it was quiet, we could save some money and buy the standard ticket. We had no queues and only waited about 5 minutes for the elevator to arrive. We had timed our visit to arrive during daylight and stay for sunset to catch the night view. Although it wasn't a particularly clear day, we could see Mt Fuji, which became more prominent with the setting sun. Watching Tokyo light up at night was also worth it. We paid the additional fee to go to the level at 450m, which was very good, but not necessary - the views at 350m are just as good, if not better, as the viewing windows are larger. Although it's worth going to the next level for the elevator ride which has glass panels so you can see outside as you go up. It got busier as sunset approached so if you're keen to catch the sunset I would recommend arriving early. For those not keen on heights (myself included), it is not overly confronting - I would really recommend going for a look.
  • Photo of tinapie_14
    4 months ago
    The world's tallest broadcasting tower. A fantastic 360 view of Tokyo. Fortunately it was a sunny and clear day so we saw Mt Fuji. Go to the viewing deck in less than a minute. Very fast elevator. It was an experience to be there.
  • Photo of Aian2003
    4 months ago
    It's a bit pricey to get up there and even then there is a further level (galleria) for which you need to pay extra. My kids and I got there around dusk and it was very crowded. Not very comfortable to stand or take pictures. The view was okay but dependant on the weather. Nice...but not necessary.
  • Photo of val4522
    4 months ago
    Sadly we could not see Fuji - but it was easy to have great viewing spots. We went through the week and it is work the extra 1000 yen for the fast track. There were a lot of school groups - but they are all very well behaved so it was not an issue. View is amazing and we went all the way to the 455 metres. Expensive -but no more so than any other attraction of this kind.
  • Photo of aloysia01
    4 months ago
    Got here around 4pm, crowds not huge so it was a good time to go as no queuing at all. Plenty of window space to spend whatever length of time you want to take your photos. They do have an express pass but the attendant told us to purchase cheaper tickets due to no crowds. Very nice that they ensure you don't spend more money than you have to. Would definitely buy the express pass though if long queues.
  • Photo of RomanaK
    4 months ago
    Even on a really nice day you have to come early in the morning so that it is not too hazy. Very expensive and time extensive too (had to wait in line for an hour). My friends chose to pay extra to go to the top - they said that there was a see through elevator and a nice animation. Still loved the visit, but way too expensive for the restricted view.
  • Photo of FoodCritic89
    4 months ago
    Expect to wait, but worth the view. Lots of things to do waiting for your reservation to come up. You can eat shop, et al. View is incredible depending on the weather. Easy to get to by multiple public transportation avenues. We have been several times and will return. Reasonably priced value, great experience. Highly recommend you add this to your Tokyo experience.
  • Photo of pbhPlymouth
    4 months ago
    This impressive tower allegidly the tallest in the world does give a good view of Tokyo on a fine day. Parking and access to the lifts is very organised. A few places to have " staged " photographs. Several snack bars and souvenir shops.
  • Photo of Coellum
    4 months ago
    This is the best place to enjoy the views of the city. We went at night with all the twinkling city lights to behold. The viewing deck is indoors, wonderful during winter. There is a part of the floor which is glass so that you can look down, definitely not for people with a fear of heights. It was quite pricy but I felt that it was worth it. I would like to go back to see the view during daytime.
  • Photo of BethH395
    4 months ago
    Massive view and when your on a tight schedule the express option for tourists works well. Fuji was the only thing not visible for our trip but well worth it to go up to the very top!
  • Photo of Ikomasan
    4 months ago
    Tokyo Skytree has a wonderful panoramic view of Tokyo. It is also host to periodic exhibits that are quite spectacular. We chanced upon great exhibits of Star Wars Visions, Disney DISCO and there is always something worth seeing.
  • Photo of d g
    4 months ago
    This is somewhat like the Tokyo Tower visit, worth it! It provides a great view of lots of the city and is just another good site to visi. Not visiting one would say you have not toured Tokyo. A little pricey here, but how often do you visit Japan?
  • Photo of johnnychips
    4 months ago
    This is not a cheap attraction: Y3000 (£22) to get to the deck at 350m, but if you're only going to do this once in your life, you might as well spend Y4000 (£29) and go to the upper level at 450m. I went on a nice Monday afternoon and there were no queues or crowds, and had no trouble at all getting to the viewing windows on both floors. The views were fantastic, confirming what a built-up city Tokyo is with very little green space; however its size and scale is stunning. There are very good interactive displays which lets you know the names of what you are looking at. Again, I had no trouble looking at these. I could just make out the outline of Mount Fuji, but it was hazy. Perhaps the best day to go is after it's been raining, to clear the smog. But I would pick a weekday, as I can imagine it could be hell if it was busy.
  • Photo of oga328
    4 months ago
    It is so tall that we can't take pics from top to bottom. You should or had better book to enter this tower before you go. Depends on a weather, they have a long long line to see it. If you have enough time before you go to the top, you can go shopping to Soramachi. You can buy many Japanese souvenirs.
  • Photo of Vanoli C
    4 months ago
    I recommend to buy tickets online as the lines get pretty long to purchase same day tickets. We had a evening was great to see the city bathed in lights. It was crowded, there is bar and restaurant as well.
  • Photo of DLM20
    4 months ago
    There is a special pass for tourists that is about 1000 Yen more expensive than the usual ticket. We purchased it as the wait in the normal line was about 2 hours. We waited about 15 minutes to go up in the lift. The view was lovely but it was CROWDED. There is no fast pass exit though, you wait to be allowed to move down to the lower level and then you line up again to take the lift down. Try the Tokyo Government Office Buildings and see the view for free with more space and fewer people.
  • Photo of ypy73
    4 months ago
    Due to weather , at 350 floor outside cannot been seen . Nice place at high floor and level 345 floor have a cafe also
  • Photo of Richard P
    4 months ago
    The sight is encredible. Being in the upper most floor, you can get a feel of how big Tokyo really is. Buildings as far as you can see. It's definetly a concrete jungle. The negative is that there is alot of people, The line is way to big and slow. If you buy "fastpass" it will save you 2-3 hours of qeue. We waited about 1 hour total with fast pass which wasnt to bad. It's worth it. Try to avoid the weekend and holidays.

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