Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
Photo of 東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) in 墨田区, 東京, JP
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東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree)

Monument / Landmark

東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree)54
glass floor • tallest tower in the world • observation deck • fast track

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東京スカイツリー (Tokyo Skytree) has 25 Tips

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  • Photo of Titiochopuntocero Marcos
  • Photo of Jarryd Herd
    a year ago
    Observation Deck
  • Photo of Jason Blind
    2 years ago
    Good shopping and the best view of tokyo
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    3 - The reason Tokyo can't build mega-towers like some other Asian cities is because it's extremely susceptible to earthquakes. Although that didn't stop them from building the 2,080ft Tokyo Skytree, a broadcasting tower that's listed as the second tallest building in the world. They've also constructed some of the most architecturally intriguing structures around, all set against the backdrop of Mt. Fuji.
  • Photo of Margaret Bersales
    A must visit place if I go to Tokyo someday.
  • Photo of dogearred
    4 months ago
    As you might imagine it's a long way up with stupendous views across the city, very quick and efficient lifts. Test your nerve by walking across the glass floor - it's a long way down too!
  • Photo of Reece C
    4 months ago
    After a very long time queuing we eventually made it up to the top. The views across the city where breathtaking. Tokyo seemed to go on way in to the distance, we couldn't quite see mt Fuji but a great experience.
  • Photo of tonsterl
    4 months ago
    Like any observation tower in any city I’ve been, this one is very similar. The elevators up there is ‘see through’ which is very daunting for someone afraid of heights, but it’s an experience itself. I walked there instead of taking the subway - as I was as Asakusa Shrine before hand. I walked along the river to get to Tokyo Skytree which was a nice stroll along the river. Unfortunately I’d did not see Mt Fuji on this day due to it being cloudy. I also went there during the afternoon - and there were hordes of tourist around. At the ticket counter, the attendant there was very helpful. She indicated that it was no so busy so as a tourist, it would be cheaper for me to buy the normal ticket and then pay another 1000Y to get up to another level of the observation deck. Apparently there is a ticket available for tourists that gives you quicker access. Anyone going there may want to ask just in case the attendant aren’t as useful as the ones I was.
  • Photo of JasonDoz
    4 months ago
    Offers awesome views of the entire city. The line was a little long, but besides that it was a great experience.
  • Photo of Kristin C
    4 months ago
    Its a 360° view up there, You can go upper(450floor) if you pay extra money,as a international visitor you can get a fast ticket without line up,it does save a lot of time, however, it would be expensive than the usual ticket. The view up there are stunning and they got some videos to play on the top,there are a VR for you to feel the height of skytree. I think its quite valuable. I went there at night, its nice! I saw the day view's photo of it online,it is awesome too!
  • Photo of caroline o
    4 months ago
    Good view if there's little or no cloud. If you get a choice of days go on a clear sunny day. We couldn't see too far ahead as there was cloud. However was a good experience and reasonably priced. Disappointed the restaurant was closed on 26/9 as wanted to experience Tepan in japan for a 50th birthday! As still a great visit.
  • Photo of Ooty a
    4 months ago
    Everything was so under control!!! The place 9offer lovely view from many angles. The elevators are really (really) super fast and beautiful (each share different story). The place offer few professional pictures taking with a different scenes. It was nice over all, we just got foggy weather and it was hard to see something beyond. So do check weather in advance!!!
  • Photo of Feroz A
    4 months ago
    Trip to sky tree was really not worth its trip there and it’s price. I have been to Eiffel Tower and that experience outstripped this easily.
  • Photo of MandC0218
    4 months ago
    Great tall building, even from a distance. We appreciated Tokyo Skytree from different view points and enjoyed its unique and tall design. If you want to see the view of Tokyo, I recommend to go on top , but be prepared for a long line. Buy the tickets in advance to enjoy VIP access.
  • Photo of Henry_Walker2211
    4 months ago
    We have many views to see this building. Each angle we will have each beautiful view such as from the bottom of building or from the river. The best view see building from river. There are many shops, cafe shop, souvenir shops... inside building. Just slow down to sightseeing and enjoy air inside and fresh air outside the building.
  • Photo of ElizabethL94
    4 months ago
    We visited as part of a group and the views from the observation deck were quite good.We also found that there were two or three floors lower down that had shops and cafes and they sold souvenirs on the observation floors.
  • Photo of nohablodanes
    4 months ago
    The tower as a viewing point is magnificent, problem is that is very crowded. Difficult to even get close to the windows to see anything. You can not get close to the windows, so there will be many reflections on your photos. It also takes about 1 hr to get down. In a nutshell the views are great if you can stand the crowds and the long wait to get up and down!
  • Photo of 737katelynnp
    5 months ago
    We had such a great time. It's worth it to get both tickets so you can go to the higher observation floors! Definitely go on a clear day when there isn't too much smog!
  • Photo of FamilyFunDC
    5 months ago
    Second tallest building in the world! Well worth the visit to view this gigantic city from above. we didn't go all the way up, it seemed to us that the first stop was quite impressive, and didn't feel like spending extra yens...
  • Photo of QCKL
    5 months ago
    Great view for night scene of the city of Tokyo. No queue at all going there by evening. It is a bit expensive in going up the tower. We were so fortunate that there was a live band playing contemporary jazz music. That just added to the experience. The bar there before the great view was full. However, the mall attached to the Tower gave your a lot of choices for a meal. An attraction for friends and family. Next time would go there day time and check the chance of viewing Fujiyama.
  • Photo of Carlos D
    5 months ago
    This tower is close to Asakusa and Sensoji Shrine. Like a 5-10min walk. You can have a walk by the river and take some nice pics of the tower and the building around it. I didnt pay to go up but I remember the fee was around $23 USD. I would recommend you to just get an ice cream or ice coffee if it is summer, walk by the river and enjoy the view of these buildings.
  • Photo of baltoriolesblue
    5 months ago
    1st piece of advice-check queue length before committing to fast track for foreign tourists. When I went there were absolutely no queues so fast track was not worth it. 2nd piece of advice-unless it is crystal clear day or you have a burning desire to view Tokyo from 450m then the 350m floor is perfectly adequate and will save you ¥1000. Apart from that great views all round Tokyo so worth a visit.
  • Photo of Maddie C
    5 months ago
    My husband and i had a great experience at the skytree, the staff were beyond amazing and very helpful when we got lost in the shopping centre. Defiantly recommend going its amazing
  • Photo of nighut s
    5 months ago
    I visited this tourist attraction with a group of friends on Saturday evening. We paid 4000 yen for the express service ( less queueing) It was very busy and at the top you can appreciate the scale of Tokyo and how vast it really is. But I have to say it's not a must do in Tokyo there are plenty of high rise building you can get great views from. The only positive is this place offers panoramic views of the concrete city below. If time is precious I would not waste it here - far more beautiful green things to see if your in to that. But if you like the tourist stuff then this is one to tick off
  • Photo of Mat_Cope
    5 months ago
    The view from 451 meters is breathtaking but I personally I found the tower crowded and the experience was a tad overpriced. It cost ¥4000 per person to get up to the highest possible lookout with the "skip the line" tickets offered to international visitors. I believe the regular option would of cost something like ¥3000 per person and we would have had to wait over an hour to get up. So the skip the line options was a smart one! Don't forget to bring your passport if the offer applies to you.

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