Photo of Ponte di Rialto in Venice, , IT
Photo of Ponte di Rialto in Venice, , IT
Photo of Ponte di Rialto in Venice, , IT
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Ponte di Rialto


Ponte di Rialto44
beautiful bridge • under restoration • souvenir shops • fish market

Rialto Vaporetto Stop
Venice 31024, IT
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  • Photo of Anita Retiana
    a year ago
  • Photo of Cuca Grana
    a year ago
  • Photo of Nic Brown
    2 years ago
    1 Like
  • Photo of Tara Potter
    3 years ago
    Historical Bridge
  • Photo of Gardoz9
    3 months ago
    A must do both during the day and at night. During the day you can see a good view of the canal. During the night the canal is lit up and the view is beautiful.. You can walk on the outer walkway or down the center. In the center there are various shops to see and stop in. Some are quite nice. At either end of the bridge there are vendors in the street. Most shops are for tourists. But worth the visit just to take pictures of the canal.
  • Photo of AnnualOxford
    3 months ago
    Going to Venice without seeing the Rialto bridge is unthinkable. The views from the bridge down the Grand Canal are fantastic and reminiscent of Canaletto . Stroll along the banks of the Grand Canal to see it from all angles
  • Photo of glasgowman01
    3 months ago
    A must see and a critical link across the city though in the midst of a Saturday afternoon crowd with usual touristic insensitivity carrying a toddler in a stroller was a challenge !
  • Photo of chasetravelers
    3 months ago
    The Rialto Bridge is in the center of the tourist area of Venice. It is an absolutely beautiful bridge with shops along the top.
  • Photo of Ian S
    3 months ago
    This bridge gets very busy, but interesting to see all the shops. An exciting atmosphere. It is quite high with lots of steps, so this attraction is not to be missed
  • Photo of paige_dee_x
    3 months ago
    Hi, i'm going to Venice next month for my anniversary, just wondering if they still allow love locks on this bridge or any other bridge in Venice?
  • Photo of Melanie S
    3 months ago
    This is a lovely spot in the center of Venice. My only complaint is that this is also a spot where tourists flock. Just be prepared when you go.
  • Photo of ChefCliveM
    3 months ago
    As you come in from Marco Polo airport by water taxi or vaporetto the sight of this bridge is stunning. Gleaming White against the multi colours of the buildings' facades. Walk up the north side as it is not so busy and you can cross to the south side at the top for the famous canal grande view.
  • Photo of Gary S
    3 months ago
    Someting you just have to do when in Venice. Wait for a gap and then view both sides of the canal. Also walk along the front to take canal bridge photos. Regatrds Gary Saunders
  • Photo of richard592
    3 months ago
    This is an iconic location to visit in venice , the views are stunning , it can get very crowded and beware of perosns offering to take a picture of you , they are after payment
  • Photo of Stephen H
    3 months ago
    One of the best photo opportunities in Venice but the bridge gets extremely busy. The bridge has a row of shops running across its centre, most people seemed to be on the south side of the bridge the northern side was quieter.
  • Photo of Duncan P
    3 months ago
    The bridge is a must and more than anything offers a good view of the Grand Canal and a small gondola station. It is very wide and festooned with shops, mainly jewellery but you can probably get the same elsewhere at a lower price.
  • Photo of Jiří H
    3 months ago
    Too many people, but deffinetly worth a visit. Beutiful restaurants near bridge, but it's hard to find some good place to take a picture of it without wooden pales.
  • Photo of Andrea P
    3 months ago
    Really over crowded! Go on the Bridge only if you have patience to stand between hundred's of other tourist's taking selfies.
  • Photo of Karthik T
    3 months ago
    It's one of the big attractions in Venice but I don't it see something special. You get good views like this from various places in Venice. Like many other attractions in the city it's also too crowed. We liked more in the late evening/night
  • Photo of Jess S
    3 months ago
    Good bridge which is obviously typical for Venice. However is very very crowded of pretty much everyone taking selfies. Which I'm not complaining but if you don't like that could easily get annoyed. But can get lovely photos of the canal :)
  • Photo of Travelbug8344
    3 months ago
    Interesting bridge but far too many people to really appreciate it. Best viewed from a distance to appreciate the architecture. Shops on the bridge are nothing special.
  • Photo of drmarijo
    3 months ago
    I enjoyed two evening watching the sunset and seeing the light flicker off the water of the grand canal with gondoliers and their passengers gliding over the golden water. The lighting for the viewer and especially photographers is amazing. Don't miss this landmark when you travel to Venice.
  • Photo of glenn k
    3 months ago
    Great view if you can squeeze through the crowds at the edge to view the canal. Offer to take someone's picture and perhaps they will save you from selfie taking!
  • Photo of JonnieS
    3 months ago
    The Rialto bridge is an interesting site over the Grande Canal in Venice Italy. The view from on top or under the bridge is amazing wander the area for great shopping and beautiful sites.

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