Photo of Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome, , IT
Photo of Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome, , IT
Photo of Villa Doria Pamphilj in Rome, , IT
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Villa Doria Pamphilj

Monument / Landmark

beautiful park • via aurelia • dog walkers • janiculum hill

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  • Photo of Eilidh W
    3 months ago
    We were told about this park in passing by the owner of our apartment, and so decided to go visit on the Sunday we were in Rome. So glad we did, as it was a highlight of our holiday. The park is huge and has a variety of beautiful walks. The views are stunning, the gardens are well-kept and lovely to see, and the lake is worth visiting for all the terrapins! If you’re in Rome for a week or more, definitely make time to come visit this park. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Harm L
    4 months ago
    It is a beautiful huge park with lots of animals. In the river I even made videos with wild turtles, lots of birds and rats I saw as well running away. Nice fountains and the villa with gardens. But the signs are not very well for tourists and I had to figure out where to go and when you are just some days in Rome it can be difficult to find the Villa. Of course good for pictures and to see even turtles in the river next to fish. I found there are many dog walkers on one side of the park
  • Photo of Tonstertje
    5 months ago
    The park was big and spacy. Nothing really fancy (compared to other parks in Rome) but quiet and nice. Different kinds of trees are growing in the park. Good for a nice walk. Keep in mind that there is only one entrance! Although googlemaps shows something else. There is a bibliotheca in thet park.
  • Photo of Alex D
    7 months ago
    I spent 3 days in Rome and discovered this park as it was near the apartment where I was staying. This park is just amazing. I went me there to run and it was an amazing location to spend some time. For people who wants to relax and chill for the afternoon, this is the perfect place. A lot of families were there with kids or people with their dogs. And if you just want to go for a stroll it is very nice. I literally went to this park every single day I was in Rome.
  • Photo of Martyna Ž
    7 months ago
    The nature in park is beautiful. There are nice fountains but they are dry and need renovation. It is nice for a walk. Children will love it because there is a nice lake full of small turtles and fishes, lots of birds
  • Photo of Kate C
    8 months ago
    We loved the Villa Doria Pamphilij park on our first visit yesterday and popped in this morning in the hopes of visiting the gallery apparently situated in the villa itself. There are no signposts to the villa and we had to ask for directions. Upon arrival the gates surrounding the villa were locked and another passer by informed us that unfortunately the villa is no longer open to the public and we could only take photos of the building through the surrounding fence:( . By this time it began to rain and we got a bit soaked. It was a bit of a walk for a closed attraction.
  • Photo of Iulia C
    8 months ago
    We planned on seeing the park in our last, half day in Rome, but we did not get to see its most important highlights - the gardens next to the Villa, or the lake, as we spent a lot of time instead not finding the entrance and not finding the way to the villa on the park's few alleys. The one that should have led to the villa (from Via Vitellia) was blocked. Also take care where you enter and exit the park as Via Aurelia and Via Vitellia lacked sidewalks and this felt really dangerous and stressful as we had to walk next to the cars on the road. The lack of directions and the difficult access transformed what should have been an otherwise really pleasurable and relaxing experience (as the park is really beautiful and maintains a natural vibe) into some stressful hours. A hidden gem indeed, but too hidden for a tourist.
  • Photo of jameslockard
    a year ago
    The Villa Doria Pamphilj on Via Corso in central Rome is an amazing opportunity to experience the glory of Rome and the wealth of great art collectors. The galleries and rooms that are open to the public are simply splendid. And there are Carravaggios, Berninis, and Raphaels, too. Definitely worth a visit - a great rainy day activity.
  • Photo of Cecilia B
    a year ago
    We went to this gallery insearch of caravaggio and found a treasure trove of art that took our breath away. Velasquez, Breugel, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and many other too numerous to mention. Even the lesser known works were stunning. It is just beautiful, atmospheric and worth every penny. The audioguide is by the owner who speaks impeccable english and is not the usual bad translation that you often find, If you are in Roe and you like art don't miss it.
  • Photo of Felipe S
    a year ago
    Outstanding views during morning walks Also short walk to enter museum theater "Bello Palazzo" Easy to get by...several entrances Via San Pancrasio, Donna Olimpia
  • Photo of Vapira
    a year ago
    Amazing park, with lots of open areas, playgrounds, sculptures, fountains, pond and old estate inside. A must when you get tired of Rome crowds.
  • Photo of EdoardoFRM
    a year ago
    This is a striking villa, from the Versailles-like water games, fountains, the spectacular lake, the little pond to the woods and hidden treasures, up to the Baroque Casino del Bel Respiro and the Doria-Pamphilj Chapel, this is the perfect place to spend time in nature, admire art and history, do a pic-nic or go jogging. The entrance is in the Janiculum Hill. It is a vast space to discover. Unfortunately, it's not very well kept: the grass is either burnt or long, there is dirt and trash at some points and there are several unfriendly "abusivi". Despite the current state I can't but suggest it anyway. This perfect mix between the Roman countryside and Baroque Rome. I always go when I can!
  • Photo of THOMAS G
    2 years ago
    Whether it is a romantic stroll as a couple, as a family with small children for a picnic, for power walking or jogging, admire some of the structures and gardens of this powerful family or simply get some fresh air: I have been so many times to Rome and I had no idea, how wonderful and extensive this place is.
  • Photo of Alina P
    2 years ago
    A nice place to walk with the one you love :) , to do all sorts of activities for all ages A perfect way to spend a day with the family or just spend some time in peace, all by yourself
  • Photo of RonL40
    2 years ago
    Environmental architecture on a huge scale. Beautiful villa with accompanying gardens that go on forever. The gardens are of different styles, with marvelous woodlands, hedges, fountains, flower gardens. Amazing place to spend an early summer day in the city. Not to be missed.... take a few hours and find your dolce vita in Roma.
  • Photo of Gretchen H
    2 years ago
    After 5 hectic days in Rome, this was a much needed break from the city. Just outside Trastevere, but a world away! This park was for joggers, bikers, dog walkers and picnics! No hawkers or vendors so prepare accordingly- we didn't see toilets or anywhere to purchase water (plenty free fountains throughout). The Villa itself is gorgeous with its lovely manicured hedges and many orange trees bearing fruit. Our favorite part was lying under a grove of the canopy pines (seed pines, maybe?) and listening to and watching the lime green wild parrots! Great view of St Peters and what looked like old aqueducts just off via Aurelia.
  • Photo of Romesh007
    2 years ago
    Well its a walk! a long walk! So get your comfy shoes with traction on it! so no non grip shoes! if you want to stay on track! Take an umbrella may rain some times! also a snack and water! all set to go! mobile with google maps also helps! There are may ways to get to the Park which you can locate on google maps. Once your there enjoy the largest park in Rome. Water from the Aqueducts bring water form over 30miles into this place and when you walk to the centre of the Park you see a beautiful lake. There are some Ducks and pigeons, Big Fish! and more! Spend some time near the lake you have some wooden seats to enjoy the place. When you follow the side of the lake you can walk up to a fountain and see the entire lake form the top! Need a nice cleaning! but I guess it has it charm and olden look to it! I dont recommend being in the park after dark I dont think there are too many lights! I went in the afternoon and stayed till 6pm When you do deride to leave the park - Dont walk on the road (Via aurelia) along side of the park as its really narrow and dangerous! no room for walking! exit from the main entrance not the back of the park or the end of the park! I didnt know and walked all the way long side the park outer wall and its was really dangerous as your on the main road and not room for you and the vehicles! This was also due to bad directions where I was told you can get a bus and its close by! My mobile has decided to shut down and no Google maps so best to plan your entrance and exit before you set out on this Park adventure!
  • Photo of Susan S
    2 years ago
    I found details of this place in the internet while searching for things to do in Rome. I am glad we did. The artwork is spectacular and its a delight to tour the historic rooms. There is even a very nice tea room where we had lunch. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Photo of laulaulaura
    2 years ago
    To rest on a bench, read a book, picknick. Go for a run. Hard to find the entrance, so even more rewarding when you're in! Gigantic park with rural feel.
  • Photo of Annina T
    2 years ago
    Absolutely breathtaking! A must visit if you are a fan of parks in the city ; reminded me of Amsterdam and Paris ! The mini-lake area (there's mini turtles and swans and goldfish...!) and the Palazzo yard ... loved this park.

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