Photo of Trevi Fountain in Rome, , IT
Photo of Trevi Fountain in Rome, , IT
Photo of Trevi Fountain in Rome, , IT
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Trevi Fountain

Monument / Landmark

Trevi Fountain14.5
left shoulder • throw coins • gelato • selfie sticks

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  • Photo of Will D
    4 months ago
  • Photo of MANI000
    2 months ago
    As one of most popular sites, have to see it. it is very busy always except later in the evenings. recommended
  • Photo of Tom E
    2 months ago
    We had a long weekend in Rome and visited the fountains on the first day. It was incredibly busy however we were lucky that they were on the route we walked back to our hotel after eating out on two nights. On one of these late afternoons we were lucky enough to have them almost to ourselves so if you can I would suggest walking past several times to get the most from the experience.
  • Photo of Spacker1953
    2 months ago
    Was thrilled to be able to throw my '3 coins in the fountain' It was busy but worth it. Recently completely cleaned and looking it's best. A wonderful experience.
  • Photo of Ruhollah B
    2 months ago
    Your eyes start to dance in Trevi Fountain, such a heart melting square at the end of a valley . You can visit corsa vila for shopping and then Trevi is 5 minutes away from you.
  • Photo of Natasha A
    2 months ago
    Stumbled upon the Trevi fountain by mistake in the day...went back at the night and it looks stunning. Very busy all times of the day. In the middle of a back street. Worth visiting to see how impressive it is.
  • Photo of Ltricarico
    2 months ago
    A must do when in Rome. Yes its crowded with tourists but the sculptures of this fountain is amazing. So beautiful..toss a coin in for good luck..Just being there makes you realise you are in the amazing city of Rome
  • Photo of Bryan H
    2 months ago
    Last time in Rome Trevi was under renovation. So glad that we were able to visit again with all of the scaffolding gone. Crowed, but worth a stop
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We were staying in an apartment a few steps away from the Trevi Fountain for two weeks. We walked by the fountain almost twice everyday and the place was super crowded from 9am to midnight. Every day there were always a couple of police cars and soldiers at the corners. And there are also a few police down at the fountain whistling every few seconds at tourists who tried to sit on the edge of the fountain. Indeed a very beautiful and must visit attraction if your are in Rome. For men, put your cash and credit cards in a money belt and wear it under your shirt. For women, use a cross body bag and stay alert. As expected, this is the place where pickpockets make their living.
  • Photo of Chris V
    2 months ago
    The Trevi was on our and everybody else's check list to visit in Rome. We visited the Trevi both during the day & night. - it's much better a night when the flowing waters and marble work is lit.
  • Photo of Carolina P
    2 months ago
    The fountain is very beautiful, but excessively crowded, specially on weekends, there is no history displayed around (or at least is not easy to find it with all the people around it) so if you want to get to know a bit more about the history of it get ready before and download some info online, or get a guided tour. It's nice to spend a little time around if you are lucky enough to find room to sit. I'm not sure if there is any time of the day that is not very busy, but i would think that the early you go the better, it was hard to take nice pictures with all the people around, almost like a selfie war. But definitely I can't deny its beauty.
  • Photo of BathNick
    2 months ago
    It's a must see place! It's sunny and warm! People have had a hard day's touristing! So they sit down.Stop blowing your whistle polizei and chill. This is a decadent and not very artistic, but nevertheless dramatic, bit of gross Catholic indulgence (pardon the pun). Relax, sit down (among the 500 others) and enjoy.
  • Photo of rodsalmon7
    2 months ago
    well worth a visit wear comfatable shoes, plenty of resturants. Lots of top rated designer shops. If you hear someone blowing a whiste it means standing on walls is not allowed
  • Photo of Lucy E
    2 months ago
    The only reason this did not receive 5 stars is that you need to worm your way up to the front to see it (or throw in a coin). Other than that, it is an amazing fountain - very beautiful!
  • Photo of Jean-Paul D
    2 months ago
    Very busy area around the fonteyn but it still is a romantic place to be for lovers.and people who drops a coin to get some luck.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    One of our most enjoyable things we saw in Rome! Beautiful fountain and the piazza is fantastic. Must see for anyone visiting Rome!
  • Photo of טליה ל
    2 months ago
    the fountain is big and nice, the area is the center of Rome so you have allot of restaurants and bars . even if you go there at 23pm you have a crowd standing and throwing coins.
  • Photo of ocsky
    2 months ago
    This place is so magical and beautiful . More impressive at night with the lights. There are guys walking around trying to take your picture it's not expensive to buy the picture from them but if you ask them to help you then you should pay them. But don't miss this amazing sight if you are in Rome.
  • Photo of willis_w
    2 months ago
    It's a beautiful fountain in a cute piazza. While you're there be sure to throw some money in and read up on the story / meaning behind it.
  • Photo of Joey H
    2 months ago
    A must-see for me in Rome. Most may find Trevi Fountain very romantic in the evenings, but I find it so much more spectacular and majestic in the day.
  • Photo of Jess S
    2 months ago
    Came here and was bigger than I expected! Have to go to make a wish. It is very busy but just have to try and make your way to the front more and round the side. May be quieter on the afternoon however always busy

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