Photo of Trastevere in Rome, , IT
Photo of Trastevere in Rome, , IT
Photo of Trastevere in Rome, , IT
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narrow streets • small shops • tiber river • real rome

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  • Photo of Tom W
    6 months ago
    After much hilarity on our own end trying to work out how to catch a bus, we arrived in Trastevere and were not disappointed. Just a wonderful place to walk around and explore.
  • Photo of thomptower
    6 months ago
    This is a great area in the evening for bar hopping and eating out. Has a great vibe and feels safe. Great for families and couples alike with a great mix of ages.
  • Photo of Loopah731
    6 months ago
    Area very close to Vatican...great restaurants and easy to walk or catch a bus. Enjoyed walking along the Tiber River.
  • Photo of Sylhaer
    6 months ago
    This is one of the sweetest parts of Rome. On a lovely summer evening there is no place more magical than this (except for maybe Garbatella). But pay a bit attention, because in the crowded places there are often pickpockets.
  • Photo of Linda19600
    6 months ago
    Expected it to be really lively and good restaurants very touristy places to eat and you were trying to be dragged in. Also ,AY be because it was a Monday night in march the atmosphere was missing
  • Photo of eli256
    6 months ago
    An amazing neighbourhood where you can find good roman food, good places for Aperitivo or just a drink. It's an amazing area, beautiful, picturesque that you must visit at least once for an after work drink or for a dinner. Also, if you go to the square (outside Santa Maria church) spend some time listening to the musicians...
  • Photo of Boca_Culebra
    6 months ago
    This is a lovely area to go for a stroll and something to eat/ drink. There are a gazillion little restaurants, so everybody should be able to find something they like. I never get tired of this area.
  • Photo of graire
    6 months ago
    Lots of winding streets, small bars and places to eat. Prices good compared to city prices and roughly 15 mins walk from St. Peter's Square.
  • Photo of GabiFab
    6 months ago
    Trastevere is a a very interesting neighborhood, across the Tiber River. It has a lot of restaurants and little shops, not as crowded as the Centro Storico. The restaurants are not as expensive and the food was tastier.
  • Photo of Satan42
    6 months ago
    Wandered here to look around for somewhere to eat after visiting The Vatican. We followed the Tiber down and wandered into delightful little streets with some amazing cafes. We found a couple of great places to eat, both lunch and evening meal. This is a lovely area to sit, have a drink, and watch the world go by at a very sedate place.
  • Photo of Xavier L
    6 months ago
    Great view on Roma from heights, and cute little pedestrian streets and piazze. Not far from the old town.
  • Photo of stephan j
    6 months ago
    Gone are the days when Trastevere was a bohemian quarter of Rome with nice local restaurants and wine bars. It has become touristy and the local restaurants have been replaced by touristy ones. Having said that, it's still a fun part of town to explore with some fantastic sites like the basilica Santa Maria Di Trastevere and the amazing villa Farnesina, the Ospedale Di Santa Francesca or Santa Cecilia in Trastevere.
  • Photo of Steve H
    6 months ago
    Worth visiting this area on the south side of the river to explore, get a drink and have some food. Vatican is just a short walk from here too.
  • Photo of CU_Karin
    6 months ago
    Across the river from central Rome is the area of Trastevere. This is where Lady and the Tramp found Tony's restaurant. and it feels like it. Just walk around, stop for a glass of wine or beer and roam the small streets.
  • Photo of Smolks
    6 months ago
    We have rented a flat here and we couldn't do better. This is an old part of the city with an abundance of small cafes, restaurants and shops that give a romantic air. In the weekends the music and parties last till late in night so if you love your sleep then choose carefully but it is a holiday so embrace it! 25 min walk from Vatican or Colloseum. Lovely area to feel Roma.
  • Photo of tracey k
    6 months ago
    I really enjoyed Trastevere. We stayed in a BnB and enjoyed walking around the entire area (we did a LOT of walking). This is a great location if you enjoy walking, you will see many interesting and historic places in this vicinity.
  • Photo of Nick F
    6 months ago
    Really liked the Trastevere area when we visited Rome for 5 days in March....many good things to see, lovely streets, feeling safe.
  • Photo of Riisto
    6 months ago
    If you have not visited Trastevere, you have not seen whole Rome. This is old Rome and still lived, not only ruins.
  • Photo of TravelToFeelFree
    6 months ago
    Beautiful small roads full of relaxing atmosphere. Lot's of restaurants and I had the best food in Trastevere. Also the prices are descent. Many small special shops and more local people around than in other parts of the city. Cafeterias and pubs also here and there.
  • Photo of abuelorichard
    6 months ago
    Spent an entire day on both sides of this ancient neighborhood. Many good places to eat and drink, everyone friendly and helpful. A must

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