Photo of Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, , IT
Photo of Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, , IT
Photo of Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, , IT
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Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo


papal apartments • hadrian's mausoleum • beautiful castle • great views from the top

Lungotevere Castello 50
Rome 00193, IT
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Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of DawnReynolds
    4 months ago
    This attraction is well worth a visit and the Roma pass can be used here to by pass the queues. Originally built as Hadrian's mausoleum, it was fortified over the years and had various uses. There is a lovely little cafe with superb views, many rooms with wonderful decor and lots of history. We thoroughly enjoyed visiting here.
  • Photo of Pawel324
    4 months ago
    Looks beautiful, we were not inside because of crowds of people waiting before entrance , maybe next time, but from the outside looks wonderful
  • Photo of Keith A
    4 months ago
    Queue looked hideous when we arrived but it goes quick. Inside of the castle was really well laid out and the audio guide was also very clever as it was provided by a phone app which automatically started as you approached the relevant area by Bluetooth and Google tracking. That may be a bit 'Big Brother' for some, so if you don't fancy that then all the words on the audio track are also printed out as well. The whole visit was very laid back and you could do everything at your own pace, would allow 2 - 3 hours but it is not for people who don't like (or can't do) stairs. The views from the roof are spectacular with a nice little coffee shop near the highest level with lovely views of the Basilica.
  • Photo of Tatev B
    4 months ago
    This is a nice and old castle with interesting history. But a little empty. You are planning to have a wonderful trip inside, but it is just nice.
  • Photo of Giorgio Vincenz... B
    ancient Rome monunent built to commemorate Adrian emperor in the II century A.D. transformed into a castle in the middle age, later a prison a now a museum of Roman history across the ages
  • Photo of NasCee
    4 months ago
    For some reason, we got in for one euro on a night tour and had a wonderful time with my South African friends whose low currency meant that the saving was much appreciated. It is truly breathtaking at night.
  • Photo of hannahbrockstar
    4 months ago
    We visited this castle on our last day in Rome. I habe to admit that given the temperature I was not keen on the idea of climbing to the top however the steps are gentle with regular stop offs so don't let this put off anyone in your group who is less able. The views are amaing from here and the history os interesting. I was especially interested to learn about the walkways that join to the Vatican as means of escape.
  • Photo of Sally F
    4 months ago
    This visit was a great surprise. I wasn't too worried about going but we had time and were able to queue jump with the omina or Roma pass, can't remember which. It's a wonderful stroll round the outside then upwards on the inside taking you on a twisting route all the way to the top. There are some charming rooms and outstanding views. Well worth the climb. Take your time and enjoy everything this castle has to offer. There is a cafe near the top with stunning views if you want a break.
  • Photo of Ajay S
    4 months ago
    We came across this area on an evening stroll. This's across the river while coming from Trastevere. The entire area is very good for a nice romantic Roman walk. Lot's of beautiful architecture on the entire stretch. Loved it.
  • Photo of stulimom
    4 months ago
    We found this castle very interesting as we walked up and up on the various levels. Each room or area had exhibits with good write-ups to see the history of this place. There is a lot of walking however!
  • Photo of RMorgado
    4 months ago
    Honestly, do no worth the 14euros per person. If you have you a valid Roma Pass you can choose Sant´Angelo as one of the two free attractions or you can buy it for half of the price and thats okay, but in a full price it´s too expensive. The outside is okay if you´re visiting Rome in up to 3 days trip. You can take nice pictures, great athmosphere in the gardens and the bridge just in front of the castle. The inside reflect the building history, a puzzle of several transformations and additions that makes the tour visit not so illustrative and with lack of information.
  • Photo of AliPali75
    4 months ago
    This was an unexpected delight. A short walk from St Peter's Square. There was no guide to take us around but they helped me to download an App on my phone which guided us through with excellent information about each area in our own language. There is a cafe halfway through the tour with breathtaking views and amazing Tiramisu!
  • Photo of Geoff1964
    4 months ago
    Thoroughly enjoyed going through the castel. Some beautiful frescoes throughout the building and so much history if you take the time to read up. Nice view across rome at the top of the castel.
  • Photo of Dimitris L
    4 months ago
    Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo was originally built by emperor Hadrian as his mausoleum. However it has undergone a few changes since then and is now a museum, and a great one at that. It is definitely worth visiting. The building itself was once the tallest in Rome, and it can still be seen from afar.
  • Photo of AnnaBananaTravels
    4 months ago
    I hadn't originally planned to visit this site, but hadn't spent as long as I thought at the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's so I stopped in. There were some nice views, but it wasn't all that exciting for me.
  • Photo of heyyingrid
    4 months ago
    It takes about 2 hours to tour this museum. It is an ancient castle with breathtaking views and interesting history.
  • Photo of babsi32017
    4 months ago
    It is a great photo stop, also the Bridge Ponte Sant Angelo. When we came there before noon it was not crowded, just a small line. Interesting Exhibition. Great view!
  • Photo of Chris L
    4 months ago
    Having a son who thrives on history and loving history myself, this place took us by storm! He knew all about Hadrian, so was very eager to visit the castle. They have an app you can download which is helpful-the information is also presented in print at each of the locations along the way. There is a sweet little cafeteria there you can have lunch at, had I known that we would've dined there.
  • Photo of Tom B
    4 months ago
    Easily one of the best places We have visited since being in Rome. The queue wasn't too long, the ticket prices were reasonable and once we got inside it was fairly quiet to wander as we pleased. The Castel is full of amazing history, and the views from the top of Rome are easily the best we saw all the time we were in the city!
  • Photo of frankp51f
    4 months ago
    great tour and a great place to visit. Easy walking tour nice restaurant in side the Castel Sat Angelo. A place not to miss.

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