Photo of Ecru in Rome, , IT
Photo of Ecru in Rome, , IT
Photo of Ecru in Rome, , IT
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Soup Place

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  • Photo of Erez A
    2 months ago
    My wife is vegan so we went out of our way to get here. We got a shake and 3 different kinds of burgers, one of them based on a sandwich in the sandwiches menu. My son refused to eat or drink any of it. Most of the food went to the trash, as it was really bad.
  • Photo of Carmen-druta
    2 months ago
    Excellent and tasty food. Very kind personal and they speak good English. I also met hilary swank there but that was my luck 😋. The restaurant is perfect and has good prices too for a raw food restaurant and for the central location
  • Photo of Nicholas M
    2 months ago
    I would have given this place 5 stars if it had not been for the service. The waitress seemed really annoyed with me being there.. she didn't smile, no "hello", no "thank you", no "goodbye". It was really odd. She also didn't smile either even when I made my best attempt to get a smile out of her. Perhaps it was an off day? Aside from the service, the food was delicious and so refreshing for me to have after one too many pizzas. Unfortunately I would not return based on the service, it's important that you feel welcome when visiting cafes or restaurants and I did not feel like this here.
  • Photo of Lucy S
    3 months ago
    We came across this lovely little cafe/restaurant when looking for somewhere to meet our dietary requirements (one vegetarian and one dairy free) - it did not disappoint! A wonderful relaxing atmosphere, the lady working was polite and the food was given to us quickly and beautifully presented (you can see it being prepared!). A great selection of vegan and raw dishes and drinks. I had the cashew yogurt and granola with an almond cappuccino and it was wonderful, filling and fresh. Would definitely recommend this place, it's truly lovely.
  • Photo of martinvborstel
    3 months ago
    Écru is a cozy and well-decorated little restaurant near Ponte Sant'Angelo. The vegan dishes are great!! There is a daily lunch dish for 10 Euros. We've been there two times during our short trip to Rome and were absolutely thrilled!! It's a perfect spot for a lunch break. They serve awesome vegan sandwiches and burgers, the vegan Sushi is also highly recommendable!! The dishes look and taste great. Don't miss to enjoy one of the fresh juices!!
  • Photo of sigridur2017
    3 months ago
    I Recommend this place, we tasted many dishes and it was of great quality, it is hard to find a place in Rom that will serve healty and delicious att the same time. The staff is cozy and the place is great. I would love to go their cooking or uncocking courses but they teach in italien. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner there during our 5 day stay in Rome and it was a good experience every time. I just love this place great vegan raw food.
  • Photo of arn718
    6 months ago
    Amazing food, music and atmosphere. Staff were wonderful and helpful. I felt there were so many good options there and I left satisfied and healthier! They were helpful in helping me pick a dessert while accommodating my allergy. They were so good that I went there twice while I was in Rome.
  • Photo of Larissa P
    7 months ago
    Healthy, tasty, beautiful food! Best hummus ever (and I'm quite picky about my hummus). You shouldn't miss it!
  • Photo of Johann W
    7 months ago
    For those of us that couldn't decide what to have from the pleasant menu, the friendly staff was much obliged to help! Everything from the wine & beer to the ingredients in the food and desserts is organic and hits you with an explosive plethora of tastes. Loved it!
  • Photo of suzyfjones
    8 months ago
    The food was amazing, really yummy, we had a breakfast option (even though it was lunch but they were kind enough to let us have it), I had hazelnut milk hot chocolate, sandwich on homemade bread with hummus, coffee, cashew yoghurt and muesli, and then raw chocolates. Definitely recommend this place!
  • Photo of Sivan T
    9 months ago
    A must! We tried 4 dishes and 2 deserts - all raw, fresh and left us feeling amazing. The burger is a great yummnes, but a bit heavy (for live food!). The food here is fine art, the atmosphere is great, the staff was so nice, kind and skillful. We wished we had it at home. Don't miss out! (It's not 80/10/0, but worth it)
  • Photo of Karina F
    a year ago
    For those looking for Vegan places in Rome, this is a sophisticated Gallery-Cafe eith an exclusive offer of the trendy almost "raw" vegan food ( max cooking trmperature is 40°C, about 105 F. Suitable for small groups, as the tables are set for max 4 people. The Chef is extremely nice and takes the time ton explain you both, ingredients and preparation process
  • Photo of Elin_BS
    a year ago
    Écru is a raw food restaurant in the centre of Rome, and I visited when on my summer holidays alone. When I arrived I thought they were closing (according to the opening hours on the door they were about to close in a few minutes), but I felt I was more than welcome to order my dinner! The staff was friendly, and it was a nice and quiet spot. The food was good too.
  • Photo of seranita
    a year ago
    I came in here looking for kombucha and found something remarkable. They had a kefir drink and seeing that it look like tea instead of yogurt I was curious to try it. Oh my was it tasty. I bought a big bottle of it for my train ride to naples and forgot it at my hotel =/ I really would like to get it here in the states or figure out how to make it myself.
  • Photo of catatonia_10
    a year ago
    A great find near the Castel Sant'Angelo, this place cut restaurant/gallery has a great array of fresh, vegan eats. Friendly staff (with English menus), fast service and fair prices, this was a delicious discovery. Really enjoyed the vegan burger (with raw bread) and fig cheesecake. Got some homemade crackers for takeaway too.
  • Photo of Graham O
    a year ago
    I think this is probably only the second or third time I have given such a poor review on Trip Advisor, and I'm really very sorry to do this to such a widely liked food outlet, run by nice people, but I have to be honest. I am not a vegan, nor even a vegetarian, but my daughter is, and my wife and I love vegan food. Perhaps we have been spoiled by the wonderful vegan dishes served up in Asian cuisines and organic food outlets all around Britain, not just in the cities, so we had high hopes for this centrally placed outlet in Rome, with its lively concept and favourable reviews, particularly since vegans usually have such a tough time in Southern Europe. Reviewers are impressed by the sit down meals, but maybe we just chose the wrong stuff for our takeaway lunch. There are no costs of cooking, you don't need to employ a chef and the premises is tiny. So why are the takeaway portions so utterly small and mean spirited? Little pinches of this and that, on a so-called Tibetan sauce on a disc of something compressed, with another disc placed on top. Ridiculous cost. Come on, vegans! You deserve better than this in Rome. Don't just praise this restaurant because it's raw and vegan. Judge it by the standards of all other outlets you encounter.
  • Photo of DrRood
    a year ago
    I've never before been able to find a place this healthy. Literally everything is raw!! My wife and I are planning on eating here every single day we're in Rome! Very very good, do NOT over look this place, it's a gem buried in the heart of Rome.
  • Photo of Jacopo R
    a year ago
    This is just the perfect Vegan spot in the Eternal City... A small Bistrò 10 min away from Piazza Navona and Campo dei Fiori, provides you with a great selection of vegan and row. Excellent drinks and service. Recommended !!!
  • Photo of Chrispyging
    a year ago
    We chanced upon this place after a visit to the Vatican (its quite nearby) and I was drawn to it because it looked slightly different to the other nore touristy fare that we had been seeing elsewhere. What a treat! I had never eaten Raw Vegan food before and neither had my meat-loving teenagers but we really enjoyed the tasty food and smoothies here and it made a really refreshing change, each plate was prepared with love and attention nad came to the table like a little gift. Worth the try.
  • Photo of BandF09022013
    a year ago
    My husband and I eat all kinds of food but developed an appreciation for raw food in particular when we lived in London. Ecru has some great dishes which are creative and tasty for any pallet. Raw hummus amazing! Raw sushi good (although a bit heavy on the carrot) and the deserts were to die for. Lovely owner and waiter with a good story around how this restaurant came to be. Nice to see this alternative type of reataurant in Rome - we will definitely go back!

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