Photo of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, , IT
Photo of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, , IT
Photo of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, , IT
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Piazza di Spagna

Monument / Landmark

Piazza di Spagna54.5
spanish steps • spanish embassy • ugly boat • boat fountain

Piazza Di Spagna
Rome, IT
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  • Photo of Mackenzie Clarry
    6 months ago
    Spanish Steps
  • Photo of Eva Ho
    10 months ago
  • Photo of Eunseok Lee
    a year ago
    스페인 광장
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  • Photo of Elma Kablarevic
    a year ago
  • Photo of Нина Нина
  • Photo of Ben C
    2 months ago
    A nice open square with this fountain as a center piece and a good place to seat further down the stairs to catch your breath and view the city. If crowded I would image the quality of this location is downgraded much. So maybe avoid these hours
  • Photo of BigHugh51
    2 months ago
    We briefly visited this small city square after strolling down from the top of the Spanish Steps. Unlike the steps themselves, the square was quite crowded with people at the time of our visit. The fascinating boat-shaped fountain is the focal point of the square. There are also a number of outdoor eateries located on the side of the square opposite the steps. We enjoyed our short visit here. A very pleasant piazza well worth a visit while you are there to see the Spanish Steps!
  • Photo of canadian-eh777
    2 months ago
    There was a lot of tourists on the two times I visited recently (one day time and once in evening). Its a good meeting place, a good place to take pictures and the shopping is amazing in the area. The Piazza is right next to the Spanish Steps which is an area most tourists do get drawn to. There is restaurants/ cafes in the area, you can catch a horse drawn buggy ride, get a Gelato. catch your breath, and go shopping plus sit on the Spanish steps and watch the world go by. Due to the crowds I would watch your belongings and be cautious around strangers approaching you.
  • Photo of Kris P
    2 months ago
    This small square has a great atmosphere as it is very crowdy. People sitting on the steps enjoying watching the crowd. Visit the luxury boutiques in the nearby streets.
  • Photo of Nick S
    2 months ago
    Eat here because it was quiet, well to begin with, obviously got it right as the place filled up after we sat down. Service was great and full of life, food was quick hot and delicious and the beer was cold. Fantastic
  • Photo of B1714D
    2 months ago
    You're sure to pass the Spanish steps and the Piazza di Spagna (name due to a nearby Spanish consulate) as there're in the very city center. It's a nice, but nothing spectacular attraction, made famous because of the movies and fashion shows held here. It's in an upscale area with high end shops. The most beautiful on the whole sq is the sinking ship fountain with the steps and Trinita dei Monti Church in the background.
  • Photo of swansfromBoston
    2 months ago
    We walked to the Spanish Steps. It was a people watching area and lots of people sit on the steps. The view from the top is worth the climb. Spent about 15 minutes here. Worth visiting.
  • Photo of Leto30grados
    2 months ago
    Being a top model for some selfies and for a couple of minutes in such an important fashion place, definitely great place!
  • Photo of Squonk007
    2 months ago
    This piazza is one of the nicest in Rome. It was very safe as it was loaded with army personnel. The Sinking Ship fountain can be found at the bottom of the Spanish Steps and the Via Condotti is nearby if you can afford Cartier diamonds.
  • Photo of wasntme58
    3 months ago
    The piazza is a nice one. Almost nicer than the Spanish steps. It was loaded with army security. So it felt very safe. This is one of those must do's and I don't think you will be disappointed.
  • Photo of evs376y
    3 months ago
    Visited with my partner and really enjoyed the place,the Spanish Steps and Sinking Ship Fountain is another place not to be missed while in Rome
  • Photo of Richard F
    3 months ago
    Great atmosphere and bustling location. Full of tourists but plenty of street sellers as well to get in your face - very annoying! It's certainly a must-see on any walking trip around Rome.
  • Photo of Charlotte O
    3 months ago
    On our first night we went for a walk and ended up here. We would definitely have visited during the day (and we did the next day) but it has a lovely atmosphere in the late evening and I suggest taking a walk there at that time. Pick up an ice cream and relax on the steps whilst taking in the views! It was still relatively busy but not as busy as I thought it would be! Be mindful of the men giving out the roses, we got trapped by them on the first night! If you want to pay for them do but it's not worth it and they do pressure you...just walk away and keep walking 😂
  • Photo of lowryepp
    3 months ago
    the square below the Spanish steps. Certinly worth a visit if you making a circular tour of the "outer" hotspots.I suspect it is always crowded; but buy an ice , sit near the fountain, watch life happen. NB be cautious of nearby restaurants & cafes - some have rather intersting reviews!
  • Photo of castlemcc
    3 months ago
    The Piazza di Spagna is a lovely square with little streets going off it. There's lots of shade and it's not very crowded even at lunchtimes so you feel like you're in authentic Rome ... brilliant!
  • Photo of Titus D
    3 months ago
    The Square is a short walk from the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza del Popolo, the Borghese Gardens or the shops on Via del Corso. Spend a couple of hours for lunch and enjoying the sunny open piazza. Metro stop right at the Piazza. Loads of atmosphere no matter what time of day you are there. The Piazza di Spagna is easily reached by Spagna metro stop (A line) that has access adjacent to the steps from either the top or bottom. The steps are located adjacent to the Piazza di Spagna still eloquent to look at. The Piazza di Spagna is one of those must visit locations in Rome. It seems to be always crowed but this adds to the attractive square’s appeal lending itself well to dining, shopping at the many upscale retailers or just people watching the throngs milling about the piazza. The church of Trinità dei Monti at the top of the steps is an attractive Roman Catholic Church with a rather significant art collection worth the visit while you’re in the area. Also located here is Fontana della Barcaccia (Fountain of the Ugly Boat) a Baroque-style fountain found at the foot of the Spanish Steps It was soothing even though the conversations were buzzing. The view was perfect. The people were great and very friendly. It is the place that brings together the famous Spanish Steps, an unusual fountain (Fontana della Barcaccia) on obelisk, the beautiful church of Trinità dei Monti and the Colonna dell'Immacolata. The square is named after the Spanish Embassy to the Holy See. In the seventeenth century, the area around the embassy was even considered Spanish territory. Plus, it is a shopping mecca. You will find such upscale shops as Prada, Valentino, Gucci, etc. nearby. There is a beautiful fountain and nice view at the top of the steps. A lots of shops and laneways are located which need to explore. It is a lovely area in a walk around Rome, and the gateway to the Spanish steps. The fountain is a lovely photo opportunity if you can get near it. It is near Spanish steps and surrounded by shops .I love this part of Rome you can walk around and enjoy shopping and especially amazing scenery around is wonderful. When we went it was around 2 pm and the area was packed as it was sunny and a lot of people were trying to get to the Spanish steps. The only problem is that it's very crowded, so if you want to take pictures you need to go very early in the morning or very late at night time where crowd would be less. LThis is a must see in Rome. Soon or later everyone comes here, and it is a great meeting place. It is truly a visually attractive square. LIt is a place one has to see when one goes to Rome and it is recommended by numerous people not for nothing since it is really interesting to see and worth it. LBe prepared to walk lots and have sore feet - but so Worth every nano second. LThis is a must see in Rome. Soon or later everyone comes here, and it is a great meeting place. It is truly a visually attractive square. LA must do, but try to get there earlier in the day to appreciate it without the crowds of people. Enchanting LA nice place to go, with a great view to the Spanish steps.
  • Photo of Deborah W
    3 months ago
    Beautiful views from the top of the Spanish Steps! Relax and enjoy watching all the action around the piazza around the fountain. There is great shopping in this area with all the top designers.
  • Photo of Fabio C
    4 months ago
    Simply the best living room of Rome. Take an ice cream and sit on the stairs to enjoy the colorful passage of the people, and when you're thirsty ... do you see the fountain in the center of the square? It is called the "barcaccia" (the bad boat) enter in it and drink the water drunk by the Roman emperors.
  • Photo of Jared F
    4 months ago
    As this is one of the most famous places in Rome and around the corner from where we are staying, it is not to be missed. There are literally, hundreds of people walking, sitting on the stops and atop of the hill. It exhumes energy.
  • Photo of travelingd0c
    4 months ago
    This place is fairly beautiful and unique, but when there are throngs of people (most of the time) it is really not very enjoyable. The fountain is pretty cool, but much less photogenic when there are crowds. The view from the top of the stairs is good if you want to use 10,000 Calories to climb them.

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