Photo of Piazza del Popolo in Rome, RM, IT
Photo of Piazza del Popolo in Rome, RM, IT
Photo of Piazza del Popolo in Rome, RM, IT
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Piazza del Popolo

Monument / Landmark

Piazza del Popolo34.5
egyptian obelisk • santa maria • villa borghese • spanish steps

Piazza Del Popolo
Rome 48121, IT
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  • Photo of Caitlin Gamblin
    a month ago
  • Photo of Eva Ho
    3 months ago
  • Photo of Andrew Woo
    2 years ago
    We did some shopping in the stores around here - seems like a good place to do it. Prices are cheap since euro is down.
  • Photo of Karen D
    7 days ago
    Lovely place to stop and have lunch and people watch. Great selection of cafes and restaurants (with flowers on their tables)!
  • Photo of Aquilicus
    8 days ago
    Found this gem while wandering through Villa Borghese. Lots of steps down and not for the faint of heart especially getting back up. Massive big square used as a thoroughfare by locals and full of picture taking visitors. Big sculptures to match on either side with shopping areas all round. Great place to sit and watch the world go by while downing a nice gellato.
  • Photo of Jae L
    8 days ago
    Piazza del Popolo in Rome is delightful plaza with many attractions, including monuments, an observation terrace, 2 Santa Maria Churches, fountains, an Egyptian obelisk, Leonard Da Vinci Museum. Even on around Christmas Day in 2016, families with children poured into the plaza, creating delightfully festive mood. A bubble man was charming children to chase after his bubbles. View of the Rome city from the elevated terrace was great, and "Church of Santa Maria del Popolo", one of the two Santa Maria Churches in the plaza, is even more publicized by Dan Brown in his "Angels & Demons" as "Earth" church with a hole on the ceiling where the first cardinal was murdered by illuminati. You can visit Piazza del Popolo by Metro Line A (Flaminio stop: 1 stop after Spania stop). After enjoying your time at Piazza del Popolo, you can walk to Spanish Step (about 10 minute walk) along Via del Babuino if the weather is nice. There are many shops along the way which would make your walk a pleasant one.
  • Photo of Dave Z
    9 days ago
    Others may not necessarily have the same experience as me, seeing as this place is just a park, but I had a very touching moment here. The actual block is very nice there's lots of places to eat and its right by corso the main street with has live music and things to see all the way. However, if you hike to the right up the stairs you get a really nice view from a platform. But for me is if you continue into the park which has a café and some things you can do for fun like rent a sagway, bicycle or other type of fun vehicle. There is a place where you can watch the sunset. I was alone at the time and I am in my mid 20's a very normal time I feel to experience being lost and not knowing what direction to choose a career meanwhile feeling the pressure of society to choose something to be judged by. It was here that you can walk down some stairs where there is only a fence between you and a view of the city. As I leaned on the fence I caught a sunset which many people were there to also catch and everything was okay for a moment. The food there is not cheap but it is a great place to have a meal and enjoy the view. I recommend packing something and eating it up there. To sum up this place has not whole lot to offer other than the central momument and square but there is a really amazing view of the city. It's great for sunsets and it gives you a great feel of Rome. If anything it's free and a great walk.
  • Photo of Susan K
    13 days ago
    We rested here after a long walk through the park from Borghese Gallery. There are so many great photo opportunities, and many nearby places to eat, shop, and explore. Unfortunately, we did not go into any of the nearby churches or museums.
  • Photo of Maggi713
    14 days ago
    The name means the People’s Square. This is a large ellipse-shaped square surrounded by beautiful buildings, and lovely churches. When arriving into Rome thru the Porta del Popolo, you most certainly would have been impressed with this square. The most prominent feature of the square is the 76 feet obelisk placed here in 1589. The obelisk dates back to 1300 BC and was originally from Heliopolis, Egypt. Giuseppe Valadier redesigned the square in 1815 adding the surrounding walls, central fountain, sculptures of sphinxes by Giovanni Ceccarini, and placing lions around the obelisk. The square has the Neptune Fountain at the western end and the Fountain of the Goddess of Rome at the eastern end. At the southern end stand the symmetrical churches of Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli separated by Via del Corso which leads to the Piazza Venezia. The Santa Maria del Popolo is a church built in 1477 and standing next to the Porta del Popolo.
  • Photo of Krystal D
    22 days ago
    Nice place to stop for a few minutes, take some pictures, sit down. Too many pushy people trying to sell you selfie sticks and scarves, which is very common almost anywhere you go in Rome.
  • Photo of Tom H
    23 days ago
    First time here in 5 visits in Rome. We should have gone every time. Lots of space and just marvelous relaxing to sit at the obelisk just taking bussy Rome. We loved it.
  • Photo of marion93722
    23 days ago
    Where do I start? We happened to have our rental in this area. There was a summer festival going while we were there. 2 identical churches flank both sides. There is a museum, Borghese is directly on top and via del Corso ends here. One place with lots of attractions including itself. Lots of restaurants abound.
  • Photo of JRN64
    a month ago
    Spent a lot of time in and around this square as we killed time waiting for the hotel shuttle bus. Lovely fountains, often buzzing with people. Great place to take photos with steps to access the Villa Borghese park. Great views from there over Rome.
  • Photo of Beacsku
    a month ago
    This is a quite nice place with lots of monuments and a fountain. It's near the Park of Borgese so if you nearby you shouk visit.
  • Photo of Donka M
    a month ago
    This is a square in Rome that you must see and feel. Amazing, big, full of life in Roman way. Spend a few hours with the bes capuccino and enjoy the sight. Life is beautiful when you are there. ❤
  • Photo of Farah H
    a month ago
    The piazza is vast and beautiful and you can walk around from gate to inner core of city and enjoy your time in cafes around .
  • Photo of Marcia71
    a month ago
    The apartment we rented was across the street from the Piazza del Popolo so we began our walking tour there. We spent quite a bit of time walking around the piazza photographing the beautiful buildings and structures. The piazza today is used as a meeing place and as an outdoor public area. On one of the evenings we were in Rome, there was an open-air, free concert to benefit the Italian Animal Rights Organization. There are also many open-air restaurants surrounding the piazza and on one evening we enjoyed a lovely dinner at one of them. It was as much fun to watch the people in the piazza as it was to enjoy a good meal. We had never been in the Piazza del Popolo on previous visits to Rome so we enjoyed the opportunity to see something completely different. From the piazza we climbed the stairs to the Borghese Gardens, a tourist adventure in and of itself.
  • Photo of mcsc-squared
    a month ago
    Good place to come, see the gates to the city, walk around the piazza and see all the buildings, grab a cup of coffee, people watch. We came the same time as the Six Nations rugby tournament and saw all the Wales fans pour into the square after they won - very nice experience!
  • Photo of vaggelisdam
    a month ago
    I have been there with my wife and really i like it. We rent a bicycle and we really enjoy! You have to go there!! Very good place for kids
  • Photo of Anneliese T
    a month ago
    Very nice place to just stroll around, enjoying some of the views. We happen to be lucky to watch a concert with local pop performers. It was very nice. A lot of tour buses leave from there in the morning.
  • Photo of Alec L
    a month ago
    This is an enormous circular piazza, quite different to many others in Rome and is dominated by an Egyptian obelisk. We had a lovely stroll from the top of the Spanish Steps, through the Villa Borghese and then dropped down to the Piazza del Popolo. There are lots of places to eat and drink nearby, we particularly enjoyed Canova, right on the piazza.
  • Photo of bigfamilytraveller
    2 months ago
    Not one of the most popular, but a beautiful piazza. It is very large and a great place if you have kids for a run around. Take a walk through the city gates for a great photo opportunity. We stayed just outside the city gates on the other side of the busy road and there is an amazing Sicilian bakery there. The street is via Flaminio. Check it out if you have time. Amazing cannoli and pizza by the slice.
  • Photo of Sebastian B
    2 months ago
    The Piazza Del Popolo is situated on the northern gate of the old city and is a large open space that provides a breathing space for locals and tourists alike from the crowded and narrow streets of central Rome. The piazza often attracts outdoor activities, and marketing promotions of all types. Whilst many articles describe the cultural and historical significance of the buildings surrounding the piazza I will focus on its significance as a starting point for those interesting in walking their way through Rome. For me the Piazza Del Popolo is a central hub and starting point that leads to many of Rome’s historic, cultural and social sites. Walking westward from the Piazza one quickly encounters the Ponte Regina Margherita and subsequently Via Cola Di Rienzo a shopping street lined with many fashion boutiques and specialty shops. Continuing along this road for 20 minutes one encounters the Piazza del Risorgimento which is the gateway to the Vatican, St. Peters and the Vatican Museums. It is also possible to take a slight detour from the main road and within 10 minutes one arrives at the Castel Saint Angelo and the Ponte Saint Angelo. Walking south west from the Piazza along Via di Ripetta leads you to Piazza Navona with its majestic fountains and buildings. Alternatively one could also walk along Via Dei Coronari and search through the many antique shops and boutiques that line the cobblestoned streets. Waling directly south from the Piazza along the Via Del Corso one has access to many of central Rome’s most famous tourist sights and shopping streets. With a 20 minute walk one can reach the Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, and the exclusive shops along Via Condatti. Continue walking for another 15 minutes and you walk right into Piazza Venezia, with the imposing Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele. To the rear of the monument you can find the Campidoglio, or just continue walking along the Via dei Fori Imperiali surrounded by the Roman Forums and eventually you will reach the Colosseum. If you decide to walk along the street leading the south east, Via Del Babuino, within 15 minutes you will find yourself in the Piazza Del Spagna filled with tourists and locals alike admiring the Spanish Steps. To the west of the Piazza del Popolo is the Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio which winds its way up to the Pincio, Villa Borghese and the Borghese Museum. But rather than taking the long way, look for the steps that lead you up to the vantage point over-looking the Piazza del Popolo. From this vantage point you can walk along the Viale Gabriele D’Annunzio and Viale Della Trinita Dei Monti to arrive at the Trinita Dei Monti church at the top of the Spanish steps.

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