Photo of Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, , IT
Photo of Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, , IT
Photo of Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano, , IT
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Le Sirenuse Hotel


Le Sirenuse Hotel25
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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Once a private summer home, this small, elegant hotel is an ideal spot for enjoying everything that Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the picturesque resort town of Positano, known as the pearl of the coast, has to offer. Most rooms overlook the bay of Positano and also have a private terrace or balcony. During the day, views of the Mediterranean are absolutely mesmerizing.
  • Photo of Paul Asel
    3 years ago
    Spectacular hotel in picturesque Positano on the Amalfi coast. One of our all time favorites from our honeymoon
  • Photo of John M
    2 months ago
    Perched on a cliff above the Spiaggia Grande, Le Sirenuse is the finest hotel in Positano (and one of the best in Italy) with an amazingly beautiful view of the town, the cliffs and the deep blue sea. We stayed five nights and enjoyed every minute of it. The hotel itself is beautiful with its burnt sienna color instantly recognizable from anywhere. The service was impeccable, friendly and professional. The restaurant staff recognized us every morning, greeting us by name and preparing a gluten-free selection of breads and pastries for my wife. The hotel has a Michelin-starred restaurant, La Sponda, at which we enjoyed a fantastic meal and the champagne bar was a relaxing place to enjoy some fine bubbly while enjoying the view. The hotel does a great job organizing outings, many involving short boat trips such as a half-day adventure of swimming followed by lunch at the small town of Nerano. They also have wine tastings, olive oil tasting, and other cruises (most of which are gratis). We used the pool and spa which were both world class. And of course, I cannot overemphasize the outstanding service throughout the entire hotel.
  • Photo of MJH161
    2 months ago
    We stayed here four nights and had high expectations, having seen this property listed as one of the great hotels of the world over a period of many years. It did not disappoint. Two of the employees were especially helpful and made our trip very enjoyable. These included the concierge Leonardo and the wonderful waiter who has two names, Pepe and Fabio. He teased us by saying that he had an identical twin brother (Fabio) who was born 45 seconds after him. We had such fun kidding about his identical twin, whom I don’t think really exists. Aside from the terrific employees, the physical plant and the location are nearly perfect. We were told that we stayed in one of the original six rooms, #83. It had a lovely balcony with a panoramic view of the ocean and the vertical city of Positano. One day we took a boat trip on the 1968 vintage boat the property owns. This took us to Nerano beach where we had a great lunch and also a very good time. Another day Leonardo arranged for us to get a ride up to La Terra restaurant with an incredible overlook of the sea and a nice luncheon menu. My wife had a medical problem with her knee during our stay and we had to cancel a reservation one night. The concierge was extremely helpful and even got some food delivered to our room from a restaurant off property at my request. No request was too difficult or unreasonable for the staff to handle. The breakfast was very good and was served with a magnificent view of the sea and fun banter with Pepe. There were a few things that could be better: The bathroom was gorgeous but a little tight on space with a single sink. The closet space was less than we have had at other hotels of this caliber. And the cost... cost is high but it is such a great place to stay that you expect to pay dearly.
  • Photo of Elizabeth W
    2 months ago
    After our stay here, this hotel became my new #1 favorite hotel and Positano my new # favorite place I've traveled to so far in the world. The hotel truly incomparable in terms of it's character, and it maintains a truly luxurious feel without being stuffy. It's hard to put into words, but there is just something special about it. The view alone is probably worth the price but you get so much more. The service was excellent, the room was decorated perfectly to suit the location with no nicks or anything on the walls to distract you from the decor. One nice detail - the little books the hotel makes as gifts for the guests to take home with them as a keepsake, especially John Steinbeck's short story detailing the time he spent in Positano (he, of course, stayed at Le Sirenuse). The breakfast is Instagram worthy (and we loved our waiter Giuseppe "Pepe"), and if you can, book a table at La Sponda. Franco's Bar is also worth a visit if you're in the younger crowd (or young at heart). We booked a boat tour through the hotel for a day and went to Capri, the blue grotto, and around the coast and it was incredible. Also spent some time lounging by the pool and just soaking up the view and the hotel itself. Service was friendly and helpful. If you're considering a special stay here but are a little hesitant because of the price, stop hesitating and book now! Worth every penny.
  • Photo of Funtravel25
    2 months ago
    We have been guests at Le Sirenuse many times now. There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the feeling you get when you are there. It just has that "je ne sais quoi ". From the glorious welcome at the front desk, to our server Pepi at breakfast and dinner, to Robert at the champagne bar-they all make you feel like queens and kings. We celebrated my birthday at the restaurant-I was serenaded and given an extraordinary amount of attention. A delicious dessert was even sent to my room. The food was divine at both breakfast and dinner. The views, the decor, the location, the service-all spectacular. They don't miss a beat. We'll be back!
  • Photo of Dreamer007
    2 months ago
    This is our second time staying at this amazing hotel. From the moment you enter the property you feel a warm welcome. The staff is so kind and helpful, never pretentious. The rooms with the linen sheets ( the best sleep of my life), the boat rides, the beautiful breakfast,perfection at every level! The best hotel in the world! Can't wait to return!
  • Photo of Myra S
    2 months ago
    Based upon The New York Times "36 Hours" in the Amalfi Coast recommendation of this hotel for its beautiful view and my own daughter's experience here as well, we stopped in for a drink when we were in Positano. We were in the midst of a wonderful Italian vacation, and because it is relevant here, we were staying at luxury hotels in the area. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we told the receptionist that all we were interested in was a drink at the bar. (It was late lunch for Italians.) He called down and said "he would see". A few minutes later he said that they were entirely full and "come back when we are less busy in a month"! By the way, I should also say that we were dressed in hiking clothes because that was part of our trip--walking from town to town. It was clear to us that the bar wasn't full (since we were willing to stand) and that the refusal was based soley upon our attire.
  • Photo of Dan S
    2 months ago
    Every positive review you have seen/read is entirely true. This is true old school luxury, from the rooms to the food to the staff. Any request no matter how obscure, they will accomodate. I left my credit card at a restaurant not so close-by, and the concierge (I believe Ricardo) personally made sure it was returned the same night. The views are unreal. Breakfast is amazing, Just class all around.
  • Photo of ChrisRasch
    2 months ago
    I've worked in hotels for 15 years and for Leading Hotels of the World for 3 years - that's how I knew of this magical place.In love with the movie "Only You" this was the only place to stay in Positano regardless of the price. It is just beautiful! I've never slept in more luxurious linen I think, it was just bliss. Extreme attention to detail everywhere, especially in the room so I took my time admiring every detail. The staff are all wonderful, very helpful and genuine. Breakfast was just outstanding and the waiters were so charming and not too formal although they maintained perfect service at all times. What made our memory even better is the fact that we left our money in the safe on our way to Capri and noticed only on the boat! We called the hotel and a few hours later, the great Alfonso came on a boat from Positano with our envelope in the stormiest day of the week. And he was so lovely! Just amazing...
  • Photo of Maryann T
    2 months ago
    We showed up at Le Sirenuse for lunch without prior reservation and we were really trying out luck if a table would be available for us. A reservation is always recommended for dining at Le Sirenuse but we were very fortunate that since it rained a little and we showed up very early that a table for two was available for lunch. The scenery is amazingly beautiful and breathtaking and I can simply order a cup of cocktail and enjoy the sea breath and the fresh air for hours with books and camera. We ordered 3 course meal since we were so hungry and every one of the dish was very well prepared and mouth watering. My main dish the pork belly was so well seasoned that I really enjoyed it. Our waiter Luigi was extremely friendly and speaks fluent English. We were served with great care and I could tell Luigi really enjoys serving guests at Le Sirenuse Hotel. At night Le Sirenuse serves Michelin star dinner of which it's always full so reservation in advance is a must! I have thoroughly enjoyed our drinks and lunch here on the balcony of Le Sirenuse Hotel in Positano.
  • Photo of Mantalope
    2 months ago
    25th anniversary trip to Italy included a stay at Le Sirenuse. Location, service, food, feel, all first class. Don't find this level of service much these days. Expensive, but you know that going in. Genuinely friendly staff that call you by name.
  • Photo of DaisyHound1
    2 months ago
    To me this is THE place to stay in Positano - a series of houses that were linked together over the years, they create the most charming atmosphere with amazing views down to the coast below. The service is excellent from the moment you walk in till you leave, any question is answered, an inquiry responded to - they can arrange drivers, cars, whatever you want for exploring the Amalfi coast. It is a wonderful hotel, has a fantastic restaurant and other amenities, and I would stay again in a heartbeat.
  • Photo of MrMontreal
    2 months ago
    My wife and I have been travelling to Positano for many years now and it has been a staple of our visit to have dinner and/or a cocktail at this hotel. On this occasion, we brought our 8 month-old daughter with us to share in the experience. However, upon our arrival to the hotel, we were dismissed by the staff and told that no children were allowed. Without any further explanation as to whether this policy applied to hotel guests, the three hotel bars and/or the restaurant, we were asked to leave. Notwithstanding the rude and terrible treatment by the staff towards us, as paying patrons, we have never heard of such a ridiculous policy at any of the other premium hotels in Positano. Indeed, during our trip, we visited, with ease and delight, both Villa Tre Ville and Il San Pietro di Positano with our daughter, both considered direct competitors with this hotel, and in our opinion, both exceeding this hotel in service and class. Following this terrible treatment, I reviewed the hotel website to find that it has a policy buried in its terms and conditions that children under 6 are not permitted to stay at the hotel. The policy makes no reference at all to children attending the restaurant or bar. There is also an outdoor bar on top of the restaurant which we were also refused entry to, despite no mention being made to this bar in the terms and conditions. I also called the hotel and was put on hold while they discussed internally and simply responded that it was "hotel policy". We like Le Siranuse and were looking forward to having a drink in one of its bars and were planning on staying there in the future, however, after this rude and unprofessional treatment, we will never be going back. We also wanted to make other parents aware of this ridiculous and ill-defined policy that is waived around by the hotel at its discretion. We weren't the only people in Positano with children under 6 who would like to take a drink at a bar whilst on holiday. In such a beautiful location with intense competition from rival hotels, Le Siranuse should be focused more on providing the service that is expected of such a hotel in Positano instead of treating paying customers with disdain.
  • Photo of Brian J
    2 months ago
    When you see the price of a room > 1500$ you scratch your head. BUT the rooms are spacious with amazing views and balcony, every amenity possible, impeccable staff and cleanliness. Pool service fantastic bring free drinks and snacks. The breakfast is so amazing I watched many people taking pictures of it. Staff was very courteous and friendly. In the end its expensive but I felt i l got value. what a stay! cant wait to return Brian Jacobs
  • Photo of Fourwindsfarm
    2 months ago
    Went with my 14 year old son, after his Grade 8 field trip to Italy for students studying Latin. I'm embarrassed that my first negative reaction to $1,200 for a lowest-cost two person hotel room was "This is La Dolce Vita. No way!" but after finding similar rates elsewhere along the Amalfi Coast, I decided to try. Our hotel room was very nice, all white, with two little balconies overlooking the town and the sea. The staff were very nice and competent. So all was ok, and we went to dinner at the hotel's Michelin-star La Sponda, which occupies an open balcony overlooking the sea. A first surprise was that the headwaiter, and staff, were so welcoming. But the larger surprise, memorable forever, was that as the evening progressed it became obvious we were observing a view that was beyond 'magnificent', made more enjoyable by the friendly staff . The lights of Positano, and steep terraces of ancient dwellings leading to the sea, and the starry sky above, and friendly ambiance, caused us to feel we were at perhaps the most beautiful restaurant on earth. It never ceased being fascinating. At breakfast they remembered us, and kindly seated us at the same table. Then we departed, and 200 yards uphill in Positano someone rammed into our rented BMW convertible, and the hotel sent someone immediately to help. So now, six months later, my son and I often think of how beautiful and memorable was that superb Positano hotel, with its friendly staff, and beautiful dining room terrace, and friendly staff. We loved it and recommend La Sirenuse highly
  • Photo of Michael G
    2 months ago
    After stv hotels. They treat you like family - we worked with their staff for weeks prior to our stay to arrange things and once their, everything was set. The team was amazing. And the room we had superb. And the views -- unreal!!! I look forward to going back again and again.
  • Photo of Stephen M
    2 months ago
    This is our second stay at La Sirenuse the first was two years ago to celebrate a special birthday for my wife and we came back this time to celebrate our 50 th Wedding Anniversary and was not disappointed we chose to return, the hotel not only has the most stunning views of the Positano Bay but has absolutely BRILLIANT STAFF from the moment you arrive and are greeted at reception and escorted to your room to every facet of services that the hotel offers ,the food is sublime wether at the buffet breakfast to lunch by the pool to dinner / drinks on the terrace and of course the star of the show La Sponda Italian food does not get any better than this , the time and trouble and effort that the family owners have put in over the years to make ALL their staff SO professional really shows as they ALL make you feel SO VERY SPECIAL, my wife and I can not wait to return . Stephen M
  • Photo of andrewsteinberg
    3 months ago
    We returned from a 3 night stay at this property. While the view is stunning, the hotel could improve. We arrived via a private boat transfer from Capri. While a porter took our luggage we were left on our own to find the hotel. After a 20 minute hike we arrived. At this price point, they should have a greeter at the boat dock to escort you to the hotel. There is a short cut no one mentioned until after our hike up the hill. In addition, there is no free water in the room. Again, at this price point they could put a few bottles in the room. While I thought this would be the nicest hotel we stayed in during this trip, it was the most disappointing. The food was good. However we had to leave the pool one afternoon because they start to set up for dinner. The highlight is the Hotels Riva. We enjoyed the outings on both of the hotels boats. Could also here road noise from our room at night. In addition the pillows seemed old and were uncomfortable. Overall with a little improvement it could be one of the worlds best. Right now, I do not think it qualifies.
  • Photo of Dimitris L
    3 months ago
    We visited this hotel for one day and were pleasantly surprised at the overall experience. It is absolutely stunning. The surroundings, the staff, at the front desk as well as the restaurant and down to the cleaners, are all marvellous. This is a truly great hotel and we will stay here in a future visit.
  • Photo of Quigg L
    3 months ago
    La Sirenuse is a very, very special and expensive hotel. It is listed in many places as one of the World's Finest Hotels. Everything here is above first class from the opulent antiques and decor and superlative waitstaff to the amazing meals. I believe it is Michelin rated. It must be. We did not stay in the rooms but they are amazing. There were a number of "famous" people there but everyone was friendly and wanted to be anonymous, treated without regard to what they do. The wine and champagne list is very special and not inexpensive. A small but lovely swimming pool. If you want the very best in Positano, privacy and do not want to pay €5000 a night, then this is truly your only and best choice.
  • Photo of Heather B
    3 months ago
    This is a small boutique hotel in the best location. Huge bonus is the complimentary hotel boat that seats 12 people and is available, depending on the day of the week for a 2 hour boat excursion in the morning, & a 5 hour boat excursion in the afternoon that takes you to lunch, & a 2 hour champagne sunset experience. We chose the afternoon boat and had such a wonderful time, especially since there were only 4 of us that signed up for the outing. The hotel has other experiences they offer also that you may be interested in. This is an expensive hotel, we chose to stay in room 55, which has no privacy when you are on the patio as it overlooks the pool that is literally just a few feet away, but was priced lower than the other rooms. The bathroom is immaculate, but did not have a separate shower, just a whirlpool tub shower. The restaurant for breakfast is near the pool overlooking the water and has your usual assortment to choose from. What I really enjoyed was the Champagne bar with a dj overlooking the water. Its so colorful, great music, and the food was yummy small portions. The location of the hotel is perfect as you can walk to the beach in 10 minutes and along the way you are immediately in front of stores and restaurants.

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