Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
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Cascate del Mulino

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  • Photo of Zinnat Rehena
    a month ago
  • Photo of Citymaps
    a year ago
    What better way to end a day of wine tasting in southern Tuscany than by taking a dip in the Cascate del Mulino natural springs? These warm Italian waters stay at a comfortable 99.5-degrees throughout the year and contain minerals known to boost digestive, circulatory, and skin health. Popular since Roman times, these hot springs remain free and open to the public.
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  • Photo of RebeccaSamax
    5 months ago
    This place is beautiful! The waterfalls reminded me of a place in Turkey called Pamukkale just that this one had thermal water! The waterfalls are one minute drive for the main complex of the Terme di Saturnia. We visited both in the same day. These are free but lack any kind of service but still definitely worth visiting.
  • Photo of Bianka A
    6 months ago
    Absolutly recommend this place😍 I totally love it there. We visited it during the night and there was less people than in a day. We had really great time in Saturnia
  • Photo of chelsea c
    6 months ago
    These natural hot springs were awesome especially cause their completely empty at this time of year! Free parking, free entrance which made me super happy. Temp is around 25 degrees (body temperature) !
  • Photo of Tova L
    7 months ago
    Yes, this attraction is free, and yes, photos of it look amazing, but I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to visit. Actually, after my visit I am not sure I would recommend it at all to another traveler. First of all, if you don't already have on your suit there is a place to change, but it is just the bathroom in the attached cafe. Really these are more like glorified portalets. Be sure that you have some sort of waterproof footwear, I didn't and completely regretted it my entire visit. There is quite a bit of litter around the pools, most of which happens to be glass from broken bottles so be careful where you step! The pools nearer the bottom of the falls are cooler than those at the top, which may go without saying, but even the pools at the top of the falls aren't what I would call hot. They are slightly warm, but less so than I expected after visiting other thermal pools in the past. Lastly, and possibly most importantly, the water is full of red "worms." These were unnoticeable before entering the water, but once you are in you can see them swimming around everywhere! I wish I had known about these before my visit because I might have avoided it altogether. After returning home, I researched the "worms" and discovered that they are the larvae of a fly that lives in the area, and are harmless. Yes harmless, but still something I do not want to swim with. They end up all over you and under your suit. Luckily the restrooms at the cafe also have a shower, which you have to pay for with a token that can be purchased at the counter.
  • Photo of Tiziana B
    8 months ago
    Fantastico!!!!! Andateci e basta. Go and enjoy a wonderful bath in a very special atmosphere. Go with friends or alone or with your mum ....amazing!!!
  • Photo of Deyan B
    8 months ago
    The termal spa is super fun. Especially with kids. They enjoy exploring each level of the cascate, to throw stones or just enjoying the hot water. I have been there few times. And I will return. Tip : be sure to park your car on the right place as the penalty is 30 euro ;)
  • Photo of Saar P
    8 months ago
    The water is warm+ (about the human body temp). There are some small worms in the water but they are harmless (I hope so...). Don't forget, after the cascaded pools, to also visit the upper stream. And of course take a picture from up the road.
  • Photo of Tav5555
    9 months ago
    One of those go and see places that on quiet periods will be worth the visit! Enjoy one of the wonders of the local area
  • Photo of Nicoleta D
    9 months ago
    Really enjoyed nice,relaxing worm day of autum,under the worm waters of the's easy to find and free of charge.
  • Photo of Iammmattdoran
    10 months ago
    We had stayed the night in nearby Pitigliano while touring Tuscany. We'd heard about this place and with the sun shining we headed here as soon as we checked out of our accommodation. It was easy to find as we could see it below us as we drove over the top of the hill. We had been following signs for 'Terme di Saturnia' which is what we thought this was called but that is actually for the spa and hotel complex a bit further down the road. As others have said, there is free parking here and free entry. There is nothing you need to pay for at all unless you want something to eat from the cafe by the car park. The water in the springs is lovely and warm and we happily wallowed in the water for a good hour before heading off. Well worth stopping by if you're down in the area.
  • Photo of Helenish
    10 months ago
    Two years ago we went to the spa which was rather odd, like a dystopian health farm....this outdoor area is much nicer, it has had some hardscaping done but it's not obtrusive and you can frolic in different sized 'baths' to target different areas. It's a free attraction and draws a crowd but very pleasant, water shoes a bonus!
  • Photo of erik m
    a year ago
    This place is a little out of the way and can be hard to find. If you get lost there is a caravan full of Italian Gypsies that can point you in the right direction. Also your surrounded by extremely good looking Italian men and women so before you go hit the gym lay off the pasta and do some sit ups. The water was not scalding hot and its a free bath in the most beautiful of places. Sometimes gets a little crowded and keep an eye on your wallet in fact bring a zip lock for your valuables and bring um along. Definitely worth the drive.
  • Photo of polos26
    a year ago
    Warm water, waterfalls, beautiful Tuscan view, no need to pay top price for spa services when nature offers the same. This place is beautiful and relaxing, it gets crowded though and do yourself a favor and bring water shoes otherwise it is difficult to move around (not impossible)
  • Photo of PepeRusade
    a year ago
    We arrived at 9am, on a Monday, and it was already pretty full. Within an hour or two it was so jammed that it was getting dangerous to try move around within and around the slippery pools rocks! 1: Definately come before 9am if you want a relaxing experience.. 2: Wear water shoes, because the rocks are dangerously slippery Park on the entrance road or further up the hill instead of carpark, it's a shorter walk.
  • Photo of Riccardo P
    a year ago
    Charming place and charming, terraced waterfalls of thermal water at a temperature of 37/38 °, recommended great day ..
  • Photo of Nicola61Ita
    a year ago
    Strongly recommended. At least 2 hours and early. About 9 am. Visit local restaurants and agriturismi for food experience beyond expectations.
  • Photo of Elaine C
    a year ago
    Wow! Thank you for all other reviewers for all the tips. Indeed, this is a hidden gem! We went on a hot summer day but it was still very enjoyable. We brought one bottle of fresh water to rinse off, but I agree that everyone should thoroughly shower off (at the little restaurant above) to do a cleanse. Bring shower gel! Enjoy!! A must see!
  • Photo of Julie D
    a year ago
    We visited the thermal springs while on holiday in Tuscany. There was definately less water than in the photos I had seen online There were many more people than I had seen anywhere in Tuscany on our weeks holiday. Lesson learnt - a lot of the water had dried up by August. Alot of locals use it on a Sunday. But it is free.....
  • Photo of Paul J
    a year ago
    Enough parking for the cars. If you are not so young, take a chair with you. It's not recommended to stay longer then one hour in the warm sulphurous water. But my wife was very relaxed after the bath.
  • Photo of tree47
    a year ago
    This is the name that you can put in your GPS. It is the same as the Terme di Saturnia. Free parking, free baths. Wonderful

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