Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
Photo of Cascate del Mulino in Saturnia, , IT
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Cascate del Mulino

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Cascate del Mulino14.5

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  • Photo of Zinnat Rehena
    7 months ago
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    What better way to end a day of wine tasting in southern Tuscany than by taking a dip in the Cascate del Mulino natural springs? These warm Italian waters stay at a comfortable 99.5-degrees throughout the year and contain minerals known to boost digestive, circulatory, and skin health. Popular since Roman times, these hot springs remain free and open to the public.
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  • Photo of IonutBucharest
    6 months ago
    We arrived late and found the water pools teeming with people and the parking place almost full. Therefore we proffered to enjoy the view and go for our next point of interest. The thermal waterfall which falls from the left side of the former mill and the water pools beneath are indeed unique and deserved a visit.
  • Photo of Craig B
    6 months ago
    Despite several Italy trips we'd never quite made it here, despite wanting to. It was just too far away, too difficult to get to. On this trip we had a rental car (which you need) and detoured here on our way from Perugia to Rome. Wow. Firstly, the drive looks intimidating when you're planning your trip, as it's quite a detour. But the scenery was wonderful, the roads were good and fairly quiet - it didn't feel like a detour. When we arrived we saw the falls below us and they looked incredible, but very packed. But the carpark was massive and impossible to miss, and when we made it to the falls we saw there were heaps of places to put our towels (we waded across to the river's far side, where there was more room). The falls themselves are so much better than we hoped for! some of the pools are glassy-calm. Most have smooth small round pebbles underfoot, which are both grippy and comfortable. There are places to perch everywhere - with all level of waterflow to choose from. We even clambered up to where the flow was the strongest - amazing! The place was full of people but everyone was relaxed, happy, patient. And the cafe/restaurant/bar near the carpark was really well priced for our after-swim cold drinks/ice-blocks. If you've thought this place looks good, then make the effort to get there. You won't regret it!
  • Photo of Zsuzsanna H
    6 months ago
    It is a fantastic place. Visiting South Toscana it is really worth spending there some time. Good to know, that it is not in the village. People usually look for Saturnia therme, but if you come from direction of Montemerano from a slope you can see this place, than at a cross road on the left there is a sign: Cascade del Gorello. You have to follow the sign. Soon there will be a relatively large parking lot. You can leave your car there and the bath is just some meters from there. We arrived at about 9 in the morning and it was almost full. It is free, but no services at all except of one little restaurant. Be careful, the rocks in the water are very slippery. Do not miss it!
  • Photo of Giody B
    7 months ago
    !!!FOR FREE!!! The sulfur water runs slowly through several terraces 50 cm to 1 meter deep. They are totally free and people can visit them any time of the day or the night. I have been there at night time and the only light there is the moon one. A lot of couples and a romantic atmosphere. Do not expect toilets, or any other service. There is a little bar during day time. Gio
  • Photo of Alona_B26
    7 months ago
    My husband and I visited the place and loved it. You can relax there and enjoy the Tuscany views and treasures. There are toilets and showers that you can use. There is a bar where you can eat and drink. Magical place!!
  • Photo of Tasia D
    7 months ago
    Getting a back massage from a hot waterfall is an amazing experience! The water smells from the minerals and there are mosquito larvae in the lower pills but if you stay near the top it's worth the climb. Bring water shoes.
  • Photo of Becna B
    7 months ago
    We went at 5pm with 2 kids (5 and 10) and it worked so well! Most Italian tourists on their way home by them, so found parking east + it's cool enough to be able to climb in the hot cascades and enjoy it. Not too sulphurous, not too crowded, no worms. Kidd water shoes is a must. A really lovely time, throughly recommend - close to nature and close to the Romans
  • Photo of Max120368
    7 months ago
    Nice place with good road access to view and smell the thermal water natural cascade and rocky river.
  • Photo of Patrick M
    7 months ago
    My wife and I are fans of hot springs and soaking in them so when we heard that there was an outdoor natural cascading one in Italy, we had to come see it. It was spectacular!! A perfect temperature and wonderful to soak in. There was even a pair of bathrooms near by to change in!!
  • Photo of Druzina K
    8 months ago
    Very clear and pleasantly warm water flowing in cascades in small pools. We dipped ourselves in every 'bagno' and enjoyed the experience. Expect some sulphuric smell but not as much as at San Filippo. No free parking in the vicinity! We stayed at the nearby camping with our mobile and the reception lady drove us with her 'sulphuric' van to the Mulino and also back after few hours (they have a sceduled free transport for guests).
  • Photo of Marek K
    8 months ago
    Very nice place totally free of charge, parking close to the attraction. The place looks really nice makes huge impression driving towards the location. The therms were really nice also no charges per entrance. At the location afterward you can take a shower in the close by public bath.
  • Photo of wpcmj
    8 months ago
    this is a gem in the middle of Italy with great mineral water and water falls to soak in is quite a work out just moving to different levels but when in a place you like you can soak for hours went for a quick visit one day was planning on 2 hours ended up stay 4 hours lost track of time and the smell takes some getting use too but with the breeze it isn't too bad great sprin go on week days locals swam the place on weekends an holidays
  • Photo of Domenico S
    8 months ago
    So wild, romantic and natural.. free access to a very unique place to spend a romantic night under the stars!
  • Photo of Andrew C
    9 months ago
    My wife and our son loved this hugely, more so than the adjacent spa which you have to pay for. I have to be honest, I didn't so much as dip my toe in based on other Trip Advisor reviewers saying they had emerged smelling of a bucket of rotten eggs, but each to their own!
  • Photo of Yudgin
    10 months ago
    We visited this place at the end of April with our daughter 5 y.o. The water is not very hot (about 37 C). So, it can be very big advantage to visit this place with small kids. Tip: you can come from your car with swim clothes only. Wear some boots for the water - to walk with out is a little bit painful.
  • Photo of 976milanu
    10 months ago
    Reading reviews , I was afraid of worms, mess, thieves etc.; I visited the place in peek time during Easter Saturday, i.e. place was absolutely crowded, I was satisfied, that police had organized had monitored the situation, I felt secure and comfort equal to the place which is sought-after. The people were very considerate, what created my satisfaction, visiting this place because it was the first reason for my short holiday, driving more than 1000 km across Europe. I recommend to visit it to all fans of nature. I returned there next day in the night hours, wanting to have more private experience and the people was still in the springs, but I didn’t find the brave cause the light comes only from the bar a few meters from here and no light besides the moonlight was to disposal, that make atmosphere romantic, but I consider as dangerous because of cascade.
  • Photo of Nick K
    10 months ago
    Parking and entrance are easy and free. Popular over the weekend, but not unmanageably so, even on Easter Saturday. Be aware that the bottom of the pools are either tiny calcium pebbles, worn smooth (to the point of slippery) calcium surfaces and jaggedy little calcium ridges... going barefoot is okay, but if you can get hold of some waterproof footwear like the locals, you'll be winning!
  • Photo of Starkall
    10 months ago
    Once you are in - you never get out again Pay attention: There area lot of thieves hanging around (especially in the evenings) waiting to steal your money from your clothes while your are bathing. Take everything precious with you!
  • Photo of 22811
    a year ago
    see my review for Termi Di Saturnia, as this amazing place seems also to be known as and doesnt help trying to find it.
  • Photo of saphira1969
    a year ago
    This place is magic. Of course it is a wild and public place, so no changing room or alike. At weekends it is very crowded. I did not mind it at all, but better to keep this in mind when planning to go. In winter it is very cold when you exit the warm water, so be prepared to cover yourselves quickly (better to find a place to hang your bathrobe at the wooden door fo the old building there. If you have swim shoes you shall bring/wear them as there is gravel all around. bring a couple of spare towels to lay your stuff on. The cascate are magic and lovely. a perfect place to spend an afternoon or an evening relaxing. PLEASE NOTE: do not wear SILVER jewels, as the water is sulfuric thus silver becomes a little black

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