Photo of Semel in Florence, , IT
Photo of Semel in Florence, , IT
Photo of Semel in Florence, , IT
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Italian Restaurant

panini • sandwiches • crostini • wild boar

Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti 44/r
Florence 50122, IT
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  • Photo of Valerie Charette
    2 years ago
    Herring, pecorino & tomatoes?!?!!
  • Photo of hucklecat
    4 months ago
    Small menu of sandwiches (English menu posted by entrance), all freshly made by the friendly Marco. A great break to a busy day of Florence sight-seeing.
  • Photo of alex t
    4 months ago
    We stopped by Semel after reading reviews to see what the fuss was about, and after scoffing down a pear, pecorino & black truffle sandwich washed down with an ice cold Cedrata (a sparkling citrus drink native to Italy), we could understand why it is consistently so highly rated- very reasonable prices & outstandingly fresh & some innovative fillings makes it stand out amongst the thousands of sandwich bars in the city.
  • Photo of Bianca B
    6 months ago
    Cute little sandwich shop, original authentic options, (caccio cheese, pear and truffles/ braised pork and vegetable ratatouille..) 4€ the sandwich and 1€ a glass of wine to wash it down. The owner is the sweetest, loves hunting and his dogs. Highly recommend popping in for a quick bite and chat with the locals. Open til 14h
  • Photo of Ellie H
    6 months ago
    Semel was recommended to me and I am so glad we went. It was a bit of a walk (10 mins) from the centre but totally worth it. The sandwich fillings were not your usual and instead so innovative utilising key flavouring pairings and local produce. The gentleman was very charming and when he asked us what we wanted to drink it was red wine or white wine! We hadn't even planned on having alcohol but couldn't say no. I absolutely loved the pear, truffle and cheese. We ended up having 4 sandwiches to share and 2 glasses of wine each as it was so delicious. To top it off it was only €20!
  • Photo of Seema S
    6 months ago
    Tiny shop serving excellent paninis and cute little glasses of wine. The people were so nice there, no English menus but they helped us pick out the perfect lunch. Awesome meal!
  • Photo of Haebee
    8 months ago
    This is a small little place opposite the Ambrogia Mercato. Marco, big and super friendly, speaks English and is most helpful. He is tall, well presented and wears a tie. His little cafe is much loved and appreciated by the locals. He relates to them personally. We enjoyed their Cacio e pere al tartufo, and Canapone panini with ricotta, pomodoro secco, rigatino and noce moscata. Their Polpo coi Friggitelli was popular. Creative and interesting. Best of all is the fantastic personal service from Marco! We wish him all the best and success and happiness as he continues to create yummy paninis!
  • Photo of ModeenW
    9 months ago
    We arrived at Semel on day in March for an early lunch and were the only ones in the tiny shop. The man behind the counter was very nice and referred us to the menu. There were 8 or 10 sandwiches listed there and we asked about creating one that wasn't on the menu. I wanted just veggies but he said I had to get one of the veggie sandwiches listed on the menu even though I could see he had all the ingredients I wanted. Maybe I didn't communicate well, but I ordered one of the ones on the menu. It was so dry that I could hardly eat it. It really needed a tomato or something to help it go down. This was our least favorite panini in Florence.
  • Photo of Elena D
    10 months ago
    Place to return to! I discovered it accidentally, after 3 hours of roaming over nearby markets area, and was really hungry! The owner was extremelly friendly, and offered me something I've never tried before - stuffed donkey panini. I promised to return to him next day with my mom, so she could try that too. As a result - we returned to the place 3 times, and each of it was worth it! Panini there is absolutely italian, the Owner is an amazing man with a big heart, and I will go there again for sure next visit! Recommend place to all! ^^b
  • Photo of ZmeuraA
    a year ago
    Tiny but quite known place, read about it on Guide de Routard. We had a little glass of wine while waiting for the take-away food. It was excellent, the venison one so tasty! Highly recommend this place, plus the owner is very friendly.
  • Photo of Sally C
    a year ago
    I love this place. Small little place by the Sant Ambrogio Market. Not your usual panini. Very good hard rolls to start and creative fillings. I love the herring, pear and sun dried tomato. I go at least once a week and plan my day around it since it's not in my immediate neighborhood. I'm always surprised when it tells me my bill. All panini's are €4 and a small glass of wine is €1. I've it!!
  • Photo of Maya M
    a year ago
    What a find! 4 euros for creative, delicious paninos with local ingredients and two vegetarian options! Only stools to sit on, but next to the Mercato Saint Ambrogio so order and walk around.
  • Photo of sitesandbites
    a year ago
    Semel – L: M-F only, Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 44, This place is for foodies only. Across the street from Florence’s Sant’Ambrogio farmer’s market is a tiny place that sells crostini, which are small slices of toasted bread topped with a variety of delicious ingredients, like long simmered beef; chicken with spinach; duck ragout plus other yummy seasonal dishes. Semel is known as one of the best places in Florence for crostini and panini sandwiches.
  • Photo of kimjones077
    a year ago
    Absolutely lovely, charming and delicious- do not miss a visit to Semel when you are in Florence. Opposite the markets in Sant’Ambrogio.
  • Photo of BarryPReich
    a year ago
    A hole in the wall behind Mercato Sant' Ambrogio, this little space has the best panini in town. My wife loves the anchovy, fennel and orange sandwich. I am working my way through the small but changing menu and, so far, I would recommend the fig and salami version. The padrone is friendly and helpful. Have a glass of wine with your sandwich.
  • Photo of Rosana M L
    a year ago
    Semel is a small charming space, the owner is there greeting customer, very friendly. The sandwiches (panini) are not big size but really good and different, you can have a glass of wine and a panini for lunch there. So yummy! Attention to the hours, it opens 11 am to 2 pm ( if I remember well) and in winter it has different hours.
  • Photo of Oscar8T
    2 years ago
    We were welcomed by the charming owner in English which made everything easy and relaxed. The tiny hole in the wall is charming and warm with interesting decorations. Unfortunately, the panini are not charming. We had the chicken sandwich with tomato sauce and the pear/cheese/truffle oil sandwich. The sandwiches are small. The chicken was edible and standard fare. The pear and cheese was inedible with a greasiness from the oil and an unpleasant taste from the truffle oil. There are more exotic things to try like duck and wild boar sandwiches for the adventurous. We got our sandwiches for take away. One can sit at a small counter with about 4 stools. While I can understand an interest in things Tuscan, after all one is in Tuscany, I value delicious things over keeping it traditional.
  • Photo of caseyv51
    2 years ago
    I had heard about this little panini place that was a good place for locals to go to. The owner was super friendly and helped me choose the wild boar panino with polenta, and it was very good and very different than the typical panino in Florence! I sat and enjoyed my panino while taking with Italians (who didn't judge me for being an American who speaks hardly any Italian). It was a super cute place and I definitely recommend checking it out for a quick and cheap lunch! 4 euro panini!!!
  • Photo of stefano c
    2 years ago
    Amazing panini in a little shop. Owner was super friendly and funny. Great price and even has free water. If you are looking for a great panino check it out.
  • Photo of Yiwei C
    2 years ago
    Unlike other panini places in Florence, this place puts a creative twist to the panini. The actual bread used for the panini is also different from other shops. The flavors could change everyday but the ones I like the best are "cheese, pear and truffle (yes truffle!!)" and "donkey meat with eggplant and pepper( yes donkey meat). Definitely recommended for those who want more than just schiacciata with tomato, prosciutto etc etc. also, the shop owners( Marco and Niccolo) are just really hospital people!! I went there once and Marco remembered my name( to be honest my name is hard..)
  • Photo of Megan C
    2 years ago
    Stumbled upon this incredibly charming understated spot with my boyfriend two weeks ago. We each had a panini and a glass of house red (which totaled 10 euros), and had a seat on a bench in the sun. Everything was perfect. The most flavorful, delicious, affordable meal of the trip, and the owner of the shop was incredibly friendly and charming. I highly recommend checking this out!

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