Photo of Harry's Bar in Florence, , IT
Photo of Harry's Bar in Florence, , IT
Photo of Harry's Bar in Florence, , IT
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Harry's Bar

Italian Restaurant

carpaccio • burger • tagliolini • ponte vecchio

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  • Photo of amp94596
    2 months ago
    We stopped in for an Aperitivo around 7:30pm and sat at the bar.The place was pretty much empty. I enjoyed the best Negroni I've ever had and my wife had a delicious champagne cocktail. They also offered us some small, tasty bites. This is a very old-school and the perfect place to start an evening with a drink before heading out for dinner. Excellent service!
  • Photo of HeiniHHH
    2 months ago
    Haven't been there since ages. Good move. VIP's are none left, but meanwhile gourmands cursed that joint. Cipriani's touch evaporated 10 years ago when the "law" chased him out of New York on a $10 million fine over charges of tax evasion, Mob ties, the local restaurant scene actually picked up a notch. Here, in Central Florence, this did not happen, sadly. Don't order any food at Harry's, if you must enter to keep a rendevous, just have a drink. The Barman is OK. The staff is either dishonest, ignorant and Pokerplayers, they will suggest - with a straight face - the most outrageous plates, cramped on cheap "China", like "caldo di mare" a €30 (!!) starter, a poor collection of defrosted rubber-fish-samplings valued at €2, at best. Don't order the famous €23 Shrimp-salad in a - wrongly chosen - glass-bowl of pink mayo, impossible to be cut up and somehow orderly consummated. Don't order the deep-fried (!), dried-up, lousily prepared "Milanese", and don't have mashed potatoes, they are gluey, taste-free with a from-powder-consistency. Also taste-free are supermarket-style "Bresaola", which they cover up with a mayo-grid as graffiti. And, don't take any of the desert suggestions, the dried apple concoction with wholesale-type ice-cream, the truck-delivered sorbet, or the cream concoction, again served in the wrong container, a flute. This is it, there is no one at Harry's who graduated from restaurant school, they are perfect amateurs, ripping diners off with bogus-luxury over-pricing on every item. It is so SAD. Fazit: one of worst experiences in a town well known for its "Fake-Culture" (Rolex, Gucci, Prada falsifications sold on every square). The very few diners on a weekend soiree are proof enough, it was justly empty.
  • Photo of Ron P
    3 months ago
    The welcome you get as you enter the restaurant is one of old friends and that everyone is happy to see you and can't do enough to help and you feel instantly at home. Sure its not a cheap eat but if you want that there are many pizza places or burger joints. Considering the wonderful surroundings and food and the attentiveness, but not too much, from all the staff its a wonderful treat and value for money if you embrace the experience.
  • Photo of jjd44
    3 months ago
    €24 for a plate of spaghetti Really ? Burger and chips €30. It was awful My daughter left most of it and it wasn’t even questioned? Now I know why the concierge at my hotel Didn’t respond when I said i was dining at harry’s bar Sorry but not sure how much longer you’ll get away with it. My wonderful experience in Venice some fifteen years ago was a million miles away from what I experienced tonight. Quite sad really.
  • Photo of sharron2012
    4 months ago
    We were early for our dinner reservation across the river, so we decided to pop into Harry's Bar for a cocktail, not our usual type of bar...but we are so glad we did. We were greeted like old customers by a smiling immaculately dressed bar man, I wish I had got his name, and seated.Whilst we looked at the drinks menu crisps and peanuts were provided. I had a margarita which was beyond delicious and was certainly not lacking alcohol. My husband chose a local beer. Whilst we were enjoying our drinks a plate of canapes were placed on the table for us to enjoy, which we did. As we were on our way to dinner we couldn't relax and enjoy the wonderful, classic 1950's ambience, so we decided to pop in for after dinner cocktails. I had a champagne cocktail and husband had a manhatten, delicious, and a plate of petit fours placed on table. Drinks range from 15euro to 20euro (exc champagne obviously), yes at the higher end of cocktail price range; however it is the service, the ambience, the small touches of nibbles and petit fours which make it worth a visit. We thoroughly enjoyed Harry's Bar and have planned a farewell treat before we leave Florence.
  • Photo of KHNA
    4 months ago
    Loved this delightful and elegant bar on the Arno. If your wandering the streets of Florence, step in, take a deep breath and relax over drinks or enjoy a nice dinner and the company of friends. Loved the air conditioning on hot summer days:)
  • Photo of Irina M
    5 months ago
    We dropped in for Bellini, I love it and theirs is a real thing. There were vacant tables outside, but we wanted to compare the interior with their namesakes in Venice and Rome. The same elegance and style, and first-rate service: most courteous maitre d' and barman. And they offer a free set of snacks to go with your cocktail. Tip: come at sunset to enjoy a cocktail with a view to Arno.
  • Photo of NOLAJeff
    5 months ago
    We heard this was the place to go for "the best Negroni you'll ever have," so we just HAD to go. We sat outside and enjoyed watching the sun set over the river & the Negroni (which was very good). What really made this place amazing was the service--the staff bent over backwards to make us feel like rock stars--and the food! We had really just gone for drinks, but the shrimp with curry sounded too good to pass up. And we were glad we gave in to the temptation! The food was so good that we felt compelled to try some of the desserts, too. Another excellent decision! We were a little surprised at how high the prices were, but it certainly was worth it!
  • Photo of Sam E
    5 months ago
    OK, trying to hit as many "Harry's Bar" locations as possible. Venice, Rome, and now Florence. Not inexpensive, but wonderful service and excellent food. Recommended.
  • Photo of David M
    6 months ago
    So elegant, so charming, so under-rated. We have visited several times since having first discovering in 1998 on honeymoon. It is in a time warp and unlike everything else, has not changed and that is a very, very good thing. This restaurant is not glitzy its not flash, but sums up the phrase 'under stated elegance'. Fantastic, delicious fresh food, don't visit without trying a Bellini, perfect old world charming service which is all but impossible to find in this Styrofoam world. So historic and absolutely unique.
  • Photo of Hakan S
    7 months ago
    Terrific ambient 60 years old, high quality venice style dishes, rich wine list, my favorite schrimps with curry & pilaf rice
  • Photo of mstev10505
    7 months ago
    Great location, right on the Arno river. Classic American / Italian styled decor and menu. Pricey, but excellent food, service and cocktail service. Extensive bar with seating adjacent to the dining room. Polished wood everywhere. We enjoyed our dinner in this classy restaurant.
  • Photo of Will W
    7 months ago
    Very friendly and attentive. We wanted a light meal and really enjoyed our meal. The staff were great.
  • Photo of erezch
    7 months ago
    Went to dinner for 2 , prices are about double any other good restaurant is the city and food quality is half , I can't understand why a place with such great location and Brand name although THIS not affiliates with Venice Harry's bar which is great chooses to serve such mediocre food , 30 euro for a salad and 120 euro for the bistec which was not up to par for a city priding her self for this cut of meat . The salad we didn't touch the sides for the meat are frozen French fires and frozen vegetables kind of remained us of a bad catering or airplane dish . To bad I am sure they could easily upgrade and be a top restaurant , go for drinks skip the food
  • Photo of wsdoyle
    7 months ago
    Retro restaurant with polite service and a very old fashioned American-Italian menu. Maybe people think this is connected with its more famous in Venice but no. A secure environment with a mixed crowd of Americans in Tshirts and well dressed Italians. Boring food.
  • Photo of Martha L
    7 months ago
    I can't complain about the service---it was exemplary. I certainly can't complain about the ambience---Harry's Bar is a classic inside, and enjoys prime location for great views outside. However, I can complain about $60 for two smallish pieces of fish! We had two Bellinis (they are famous for them), two appetisers, the fish and a steak tartare, two glasses of wine, two bottles of sparkling water, no dessert but two limoncellos, and the bill was over $200. Sorry, but it just wasn't worth that price. Unfortunately, Harry's Bar will not be on any list for future visits to Florence.
  • Photo of Charleybear1510
    8 months ago
    Whilst at a wedding in Tuscany, we thought it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see Florence, so we hopped in the car and went. A few friends had been to this bar a few days before and recommended it to us. When we arrived we were greeted immediately by an impeccably dressed man with an ear-to-ear smile. Everything we ordered was on our table within seconds. We were plied with crisps and nuts for the whole visit and an hour into our short visit the waiter bought over local delicacies including breads, cheese and rice, just amazing. Essentially this place is a cocktail bar, around €15 per cocktail and €8 per beer, some would say pricey, all the extras were free and the service, the service was magnificent. This place comes highly recommended. 10/10.
  • Photo of Ruth O
    a year ago
    Had a special menu (lots of sea food). This place is a step back in time but an enjoyable one. The waiters take great care of you. We had an amuse bouche of a fried ham/cheese stick..Some amazing white butter (anchovy..Orange..Plain) served with the bread basket...A fried scallop..Prawn risotto... hake with beetroot sauce and veg crisps. For dessert it was a chilli chocolate foundant with a sweet custard. The whole thing was delicious and filling. We also really enjoyed people watching the older (and wealthier) Italian customers who all seemed to know each other! Not a cheap meal but an experience and one we would repeat.
  • Photo of Gina R
    a year ago
    Harry's bar is one of our favorite stops when in Florence . Food is always good . Service is outstanding . Great for families or couples .
  • Photo of FadedFoodie
    a year ago
    A brisk December Saturday afternoon with the Florentine "cool kids" was just a perfect way to take in Florence - a short walk from the Ponte Vecchio. Drinks were a bit steep, but the atmosphere and the service staff was well worth it. The host was very helpful with directions to The Mall, which is a must for any serious shopper. As the sun set, we moved on for dinner at another venue.

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