Photo of Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, , IT
Photo of Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, , IT
Photo of Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, , IT
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Enoteca Pinchiorri

Italian Restaurant

Enoteca Pinchiorri24.5
tasting menu • lamb • water menu • lobster

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  • Photo of Michelin  Guides
    2 years ago
    3 Michelin stars.
  • Photo of Fernanda Moraes
    3 years ago
    3 estrelas Michelin
  • Photo of Lorelei L
    4 months ago
    My dear friends, as one who has been in the high end restaurant business for years, it saddens me to have to write such a poor review of my experience just this past Tuesday at Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence, Italy. A loud barking dog, a loud, out of control toddler, a scretching infant, over salted dishes, feckless servers, and an unapologetic owner are all the hallmarks of this dinner's experience. We were sat upstairs in a lovely, 4 table, open balcony setting. At once we are presented with a hardcover, book style menu to select the water, yes, water of our choice. The prices ranged from 10 euro to 50 euro per 2 glass bottles. We selected our water and our tasting menu with an obviously, uninterested server. Sadly, from there it all began to go south. Just below us was a real live, loud, barking dog whose barking continued sporadically throughout much of the evening. When I asked the server about the dog, he gave me a smirk saying, "Madam, there is nothing I can do about this dog, it belongs to the owner of the restaurant". The loud barking continued sporadically throughout the evening. We should have gotten up and left at that. About 25 minutes into our 2+ hour evening, 2 babies, who were at the table just below our open balcony, began to whine, scream and cry so loudly that after repetedly asking our server to intercede and his refusal to do so, my friend acted by getting up from our table, going downstairs to ask the parents to control and kindly quiet their children. They were as rude as their children, and couldn't have cared less. The ruckus continued. By the way, also to no avail, another table complained about the barking dog and children's noise. Were I dining at a Chicago style steakhouse or an Applebee's I might understand or tolerate the late night behaviours of overtired children. But NOT a barking dog and NOT at a restaurant of this level. Why didn't we leave?!? As for our Michelin meal, ehh! Overrated at best! There were overly salted plates which we returned to the kitchen for substitutes. Finially, adding further insult to injury, as we left we were met by the restaurant manager and the restaurant's owner. Both were filled with excuses. The owner herself telling me, in Italy, as in France, it's legal for dogs to be in restaurants (barking dogs?). She added, they can not insult a diner by requesting they quiet their children. I can only suppose that in her mind it's best to offend all the other tables of diners. Not so much as an after dinner drink, nor an apology was pro-offered. Further, the owner said to my friend "I hope you will forget about this evening". My friend's reply, "this is an evening I was supposed to remember not to forget". As we went to our cab, a dignified server stood by the exit, as his attempt to acknowledge our atrocious experience he quietly uttered a single word "incredible" ... not in a good way! And all for the dear price of 1000.00usd.
  • Photo of Milena C
    5 months ago
    My Fiancé took me to Enoteca Pinchiorri after he proposed. I will obviously remember this experience for the rest of my life but the dinner was definitely one of the highlights of this special day. We had amazing bottle of chateauneuf du pape 2004 recommended by a sommelier to go with our discovery tasting menu. Each dish was absolutely delicious! At the end of our dinner we have been offered a tour around the kitchen where we met a team of talented chefs and we also were shown the amazing wine cellar! Highly recommended!
  • Photo of Paul H
    5 months ago
    $2,000 review. Double edge sword, if you charge high prices then the bar is set extremely high also. Expectations are really high coming to restaurants these days so you look for ambience, food, service and comfort. The food rated 4.5 for most part, and some of the staff were amazing given some unforeseen restraints they have. We have never minded dropping money for food but what stands out here is feeling uncomfortable doing so. Therefore the comfort level was missing. It was really tough trying to come up with a fair review. So I apologize for the lack of clarity.
  • Photo of PatrickQuinceWay
    6 months ago
    The welcome, service and food were all excellent. My wife said it was her new favourite restaurant and almost gave it a 10/10. After deliberating she decided she would upgrade the 9.95 to a full 10. For me the meal improved substantially with each course. It started well but the John Dory in squid ink crust was the first highlight. The scampi with Tagliolini was fresh and accentuated the seafood flavours I love. The polenta was utterly creamy and went amazingly with the snails. These were followed by the rabbit which tasted particularly homely and the pork which took me instantly back to family Christmas' with family and my cousins. The desserts were all fresh and perfectly balanced. A delicious meal from start to finish. We asked for a cocktail with our meal. Alessandro Giani made a Diablo which was perfectly balanced with the food. The dedication to service was demonstrated when another couple went to view the kitchen and a phone alarm began. One of the younger waiters threw himself toward the offending phone and rushed it out of the room with the skill of a bomb disposal expert. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Rox K
    6 months ago
    I consider my opinion well founded as I only dine in Michelin restaurants. Here is a brief but informative review. Service was excellent, no question about it. Appetizers aka antipasti aka starters: good but not exceptional as I would expect them to be for the 90 euros charge per plate. Pasta dishes (first course) good but not exceptional and mine in particular was extremely salty. Main courses were disappointing. Lamb disappointing. Veal disappointing. Ambiance boring. To recap: this was an average meal in comparison to other Michelin restaurants. Expect far better food from a three star Michelin restaurant.
  • Photo of Katie B
    6 months ago
    I love this restaurant, I suprised my partner a couple of days before our wedding by taking him here. It is still fantastic. The food is delicious, the staff go out of their way to help and we met some amazing new friends. Definately go, there are no excuses not too!
  • Photo of Paul M
    6 months ago
    We had a fabulous evening of good food, excellent wine and service. We had the classic degustation with matching wines. Very generous with the wines and had a tour of the fabulous cellar
  • Photo of Mark W
    6 months ago
    We came for the seven course taster menu plus six course wine pairing and we're not disappointed. The staff were really knowledgeable and the sommelier gave very interesting background talks on all the wines he served. I have allergies and my wife is vegetarian. The staff didn't even bat an eyelid. No problem. This is a special restaurant and if in Florence you should make time to come here. You won't be disappointed.
  • Photo of sunshinecesp
    6 months ago
    We had not booked this restaurant before we arrived in Florence and so were fortunate to secure a table, thanks in no small part to the brilliant concierge at the Villa Cora I suspect. As the only 3 Michelin star restaurant in Florence I had very high expectations The restaurant is part of the Relais hotel and is made up of a number of rooms. We were seated in the courtyard which was very nice as it was a lovely evening Service is wonderful as you would expect with 3*, there is a grace and artistry in the way the waiters move around the room The wine list was a tome, probably 2 inches thick with the most amazing selection of wines with prices to match It was disappointing that there were so few wines by the glass as I was the only wine drinker. You could have a selection of between 3 and 6 glasses for between €450 and €5,750 but it was for a minimum of 2 people. A single glass was more of a challenge so I decided on a glass of champagne So to the food An amuse of a wafer with beetroot was tasty but nothing out of the ordinary, it was followed by a confit tomato for my friend and a bar of toasted grains for me as I don't eat tomatoes Unusual but nothing to eat it with except my fingers and it was soft and kept falling apart This was followed by a sea bass croquette in a squid ink crust, beautifully presented and delicious My starter of guinea fowl galantine was also very good with fennel and a tart jelly to cut through the richness My main of suckling pig was disappointing, the best part being the crackling The meat was quite dry and the purée sweet, the jus was excellent but was overpowered by the purée Followed by a palate cleanser of passion fruit ice My dessert was excellent, a mix of chocolate and cherries, great combination of sweet and tart A selection from the chocolate trolley rounded off the meal Everything was very nice but it was not perfect Maybe I was expecting too much, but compared to some other Michelin restaurants this isn't 3 star. It it was in France I doubt it would make 2 stars, it certainly cannot compare to Le Cinq or Lasserre in Paris. I am pleased that I have eaten here but was it worth €600, I don't think so I expected to be talking about the food for days after so left feeling a bit disappointed
  • Photo of justanothertravelbug
    What more superlatives can I add? The food was to Annie's incredibly high standards. The wine list was astoundingly good! The stuff of dreams! And the service of course was impeccable. I promise we will be back! And PS thank you for the special impromptu invitation to visit the wine cellar. Grazie Mille!!
  • Photo of EMS1510
    6 months ago
    We booked while in Florence 4 days before our visit and knew of its status as a 3 star Michelin restaurant- we arrived at the Relais hotel where this restaurant is situated in the back courtyard. We were initially surprised how small it was and only 10 tables. All were full and situated in the centre was the waiters station. We were welcomed warmly and the various waiters moved like dancers in setting out menu's etc. We noticed that the lead waiter had a chart that he was marking off as each table was served a certain course. It was a wonderful visual experience to watch each table being served. We were offered the wine menu and it was like a giant encyclopaedia of wine -vintage, obscure and well known - it was 2 inches thick! We then were issued with a water menu with waters from Italy, Spain, France, Japan, China etc - amazing. We had the amuse Bouche served on a rock which was stunning! I had a starter of langoustines that were succulent and meaty beautifully served on the plate. I had a seafood linguine and my friend had lamb- the way the food was presented was amazing. Followed by a peach desert and a chocolate mix for my friend. Each course was served with precision and like a dance around the table. Again further sweet treats offered beyond what we ordered and an absolute joy to watch the theatre of it. People watching was another feature we enjoyed immensely- the service and spectacle was fabulous to watch. We were delighted to eventually go here and well worth the wait!! If you get the opportunity go! It was a wow!!
  • Photo of Denise P
    6 months ago
    This is a delight to write. This is a seriously expensive but significant establishment to sample food and wine of the highest level. This should go on your bucket list! I have never used the word 'divine' before but I would not hesitate in using it to describe our experience here. Food: My husband and I selected the contemporary 'degustazione' - tasting menu + similarly we selected 4 wines to go with the 7 dishes. Each dish that was served was exquisite and memorable. The presentation of the food, the ambience and the service impeccable. This was our first experience of a 3 star Michelin restaurant and we can't wait to try others. The food was outstanding! However it is rare to find perfection in everything and in our opinion the dessert dishes were not quite up to the standard of the other dishes. In particular, we tried a 'semifreddo di gorgonzola' which was unpleasant. We gave feedback on this. The gorgonzola was described as a gorgonzola dolce which was questionable. The hugely dominant taste of strong gorgonzola overwhelmed the few pieces of apricot on top. This needs to be changed as it was the only unpleasant thing we could not appreciate in an otherwise unique and unforgettable experience. Service: Excellent and so discreet. Although there were plenty of waiters, sommeliers etc... around they were not invasive as is so often the case. This really helped create a romantic and personal, intimate experience.
  • Photo of Mark T
    7 months ago
    Enoteca Pinchiorri is a MUST DO when in Florence. The great food and amazing service is like nothing else you have experienced. To top the evening off, Annie Feolde, owner and chef, visited every table to meet the patrons. Do not miss the wine list. For wine lovers, the list is like a good book that you do not want to put down. The sommeleirs are very helpful in selecting a very good wine in the price range you want. We concluded that this was the best restaurant we have ever visited
  • Photo of HungrySuAtlas
    7 months ago
    I came here with my mum for dinner during our holiday in Florence. We didnt go for the tasting as there were items I wanted to try outside of the tasting menu so we ordered a la carte. We got the seafood pasta which was delicious althought a tad too salty and the calamari risotto. The risotto was good but the calamari was definitely the highlight of the dish! However, each pasta was at 90EURO and above which I think was a bit hard to justify. The other courses we had were just okey and were not particularly memorable. Service was fine as you would expect in a 3 Michelin star restaurant. If you ask me, I would not come back again
  • Photo of erezch
    7 months ago
    I agree with the latest review , this is far from 3 star level food average food and yes over priced Wine list , we also asked to see the famous cellar and were rejected . Went for the discovery menu no dish was worth remembering , complicated food doesn't always bring good outcome . Deserts are basically some chocolates you get as a gift when u leave a 1 star restaurant . Not up to par with other Michelin top establishments but I guess they wanted to have a 3 star In florence otherwise I can't understand how this place keeps its stars .
  • Photo of Manillagorilla
    8 months ago
    This restaurant does not deserve a single Michelin star. It is an insult to all other restaurants who invest blood & sweat to get Michelin recognition. Food: decent but without any originality. Soulless standard international food under the logo "Tuscan delicacy". To fill the customers stomach, they serve all kinds of sweets at the end. Wine: completely overpriced. Only a couple of bottles below Eur 200. No sommelier unless you count the teenager who acts like one. Service: below three star standard. Young and unexperienced. Lack of discretion but lack of attention (quite an accomplishment). We complained at the end of the meal: their reaction was a fine example that some times arrogance primes even over ignorance.
  • Photo of irxraydoc
    8 months ago
    It's not about food; its'a about the questionable service provided by the restaurant. My wife and I am celebrating our wedding anniversary, and since I had a meeting in Florence, I thought it was a great idea to experience another Michelin 3 star restaurant in Florence. Subsequently, I inquired the internet website and found bout EnotecaPinchiorri. When I went into their website more than 3 months ago, they had stated that the reservation was only open 30 days in advance, a little weird. At least,in my previous experience at Sant Pau, another Michelin 3 star restaurant in Barcelona, I was able to make a dinner reservation more than 3 months ahead. Anyway, I waited and waited, but I was buried in works that I missed 30 day advance. I tried to make a reservation for a dinner at the Enoteca Pinchiorri about 2-3 weeks ago. I even wrote another separate email to the restaurant for the dinner reservation. However, no response from the restaurant at all. I have waited and waited, but no answer again until my departure. I left my hotel information at the Cavalieri Palace, but when I got to the hotel, no information from the restaurant. At least, they should have emailed me that there was no availiability for a dinner between May 28 to June 1. I was hoping to get a dinner reservation, and since there was no response from the restaurant, I was hoping to hear from them when I get there in Florence. No response yet at all. How could a Michelin 3 star restaurant to be so irresponsible for not providing any answer to the request for a dinner reservation for our wedding anniversary celebrating dinner. What a way to ruin the occasion. I thought that the getting 3 star rating was not only about the foods, but the service. I don't really understand how they got 3 stars!! I think they should really be more considerate for their customers!!
  • Photo of Anthony R
    8 months ago
    The food overall was okay but not worth the money. The service was impeccable. However, the wine menu was very pricey. We started to order the tasting menu but just ordered off the menu because the tasting menu's didn't speak to us. The appetizers were better than the main courses though. The dinner started with an amuse-bouche - marinated sea bass that was tasty. If you go you must have the Sea Scallops and the Raviolli filled capon stewed meat. The raviolli's were simply decadent and I wanted to order another order it was so good. The veal loin was good but not memorable and the roasted lion lamb wasn't that great (actually it was overcooked and dry). We were thinking about dessert but we are glad we didn't because they brought out a palate cleanser that was good and then they brought this chocolate tray where you were able to pick a mouthwatering piece of chocolate. Glad I experienced it but not sure that I would go back based on the amount of money that we spent and the food wasn't amazing.
  • Photo of RobbyLander
    8 months ago
    Greeted professionally at the entrance. Many dark suited and cordial staff. Shown to our table. Wonderful ambiance. The food was quite good, and service reasonably timely. Tasting menu good with wine pairings. That’s where the beauty of the evening ended. A colleague had eaten here previously and said “seeing the wine cellar was a must.” Asked if this was possible, and essentially shown the door. Even after (over) a grand dropped for dinner. I thought the response was both shallow and condescending. The place, in retrospect, was overpriced and certainly NOT worth the money spent.
  • Photo of Stacy L
    8 months ago
    I thought that this was an exceptional experience in an exceptional city. We decided on the "Discovery" tasting menu, although it was a difficult decision not to order individual dishes from the menu itself. My two favorites from the tasting menu were the Crispy poached egg, horse radish mayonnaise, puntarelle salad, bread and anchovy cream, and licorice drops and the dessert of Honey from the beehive: golden apple, molasses and candied lemon. But, truthfully all the dishes were a mouthwatering delight. The wine list is a tome and unless you yourself are a sommelier, you will need to enlist the assistance of theirs. I will agree that the wine is a bit pricey. The service was impeccable. We stayed at the hotel that the restaurant shares the building with and it is quite nice as well. This was a dinner that you will remember,

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