Photo of Banki Ramen in Florence, , IT
Photo of Banki Ramen in Florence, , IT
Photo of Banki Ramen in Florence, , IT
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Banki Ramen

Japanese Restaurant

miso ramen • pork • asian food • meat

Via Dei Banchi 14 Rosso
Florence 50123, IT
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  • Photo of 509wongn
    4 months ago
    Florence is one of my favorite city in Italy, as we are so tired to had Italian food, as we stay over 10 days before florence, then we decided to find something Asian, search from TripAdvisor and found this ramen shop, the boss even the chef are Japanese, the taste is unexpected good !
  • Photo of Tsz Fung N
    7 months ago
    The service was good. The ramen itself had the right texture, but the soup was not satisfactory. The egg was well done which was definitely not authentic and the pork was tender but didnt come in a good portion. All in all, it's in Florence, what else can you expect.
  • Photo of Gerald P
    7 months ago
    Nice break from Italian. Was skeptical of eating ramen in Florence but this place was surprisingly good. The standard broth was very tasty but the spicy was not too hot. The fried rice was so-so. The gyoza was good. Service was attentive and prompt. Very friendly. Definitely recommend for those wanting an Asian cuisine detour.
  • Photo of awakida
    9 months ago
    We had a 2pm reservation at Academia Gallery so we wanted something quick and walked into the shop before 12:30pm. Ordered shoyu ramen with gyoza. It took them 45 minutes until our ramen came! By the way noodle was not ramen it was some other type of pasta. Soup base was alright nothing to speak of. This place would be quickly out of business if it was located in LA.
  • Photo of GDFortune
    10 months ago
    Don't go! Terrible service, food is bland and god forbid you want some extra soya sauce! Don't waste your money and time. This is no where near an authentic Japanese Ramen place.
  • Photo of patboonya
    10 months ago
    I craved Ramen for months after living on Italian food for a while. From what I understood, the Ramen place opens only on weekend. We went there once and it was sold out. They only did 100 portions each day. We went again at lunch time. Food was finished by 12:50 and we were the last group that got in. We ordered 3 ramen for 2 people since the portion is a little smaller than normal pasta dish. It's very authentic and great!!! I will definitely go back despite having to wait a little. The price is amazingly great! Make sure you arrive at the place BEFORE it opens to skip the line. You'll not be disappointed.
  • Photo of bestsellingauthor
    10 months ago
    Came here for my birthday dinner, thought the place looked authentic but I was mistaken. The ramen was probably the smallest portion I've ever been offered at a restaurant in fact a pack of instant ramen is probably about double the portion size. Gyoza was tasteless, no garlic or ginger. Had to ask for soy to accompany it and was given the tiniest splash of gyoza sauce I have ever seen. Asked for some soy sauce and was very rudely told that soy sauce is extra and costs more, even though I had ordered quite a bit of food and beers etc with the group I was with. Would have been happy to pay for it actually but they just completely ignored my request. Asked a different waiter who told me he would bring some then disappeared. Then the manager came and proceeded to explain in the rudest possible way why I could not have soy sauce on my rice. This annoyed me as I am half Japanese and actually used to run a Japanese catering business in England. They were actually alarmingly rude and very argumentative. All over a bit of soy sauce! Japanese people actually put many sauces on their rice anyway, never heard of a strict no sauce on rice policy! Ridiculous! I do not for one minute believe this place is ran by Japanese, for one Japanese people are probably the most courteous, polite and charming people there are and I have never come across such rudeness in my life. After they created a huge scene in their own restaurant with their disgraceful attitudes, all over a bit of soy sauce... yes soy sauce, the manager then proceeded to remove the plates from our table. My son had still not hardly touched his ramen and he began taking it away. Very aggressive attitude, he had my son in tears. At this point I lost my temper and told them I was leaving and did not want the food. The manager then chased us down the road shouting to everyone walking past that we had not paid and talking to my son in Italian and telling him I am stupid etc. I tried to give him the money but he refused and insisted we owed him 60 euros when in actual fact it was almost a third of that. He then ran to the police, who were very sympathetic and kind. I paid what we owed although I think it wasn't a joke to have to pay someone who could treat you in such a manner in their restaurant. Completely ruined my birthday dinner. Was a memorable evening though but for all the wrong reasons! Also the pickle is basically a bit of cabbage in vinegar... that just says it all really. If you want authentic Japanese food and to be treated with decency and not like a piece of garbage don't come here! You will be in for a shock and probably need to stop for a kebab on the way home because you will still be ravenously hungry! If however you like tasteless food and are a complete masochist... highly recommend. Great place for being abused and ripped off and an evening you and your family will never forget!
  • Photo of Hyemi C
    a year ago
    On a very cold day, I and my husband needed something hot to warm up. Their Ramen and rice with marinated pork were our one of best choices in firenze.
  • Photo of Natasja P
    a year ago
    Around the corner of our hotel we found this nice spot where also locale cake in for their espresso. We had a cappuccino and Some pastries. We paid around 6 euro which is normal.
  • Photo of inke2016
    a year ago
    Nice to find this spot in Florence. I had a meal with gyoza, rice & meat and miso ramen. Not too fancy a it shouldn't be. Price quality ratio very, very good.
  • Photo of speedyyen
    2 years ago
    Broth was authentic and great and this is coming from Asians who eat japanese cuisine at least once a week. Waiting time for food is slightly longer least 15 mins but having a steaming hot bowl of ramen worth it!
  • Photo of AMG12310
    2 years ago
    So I have been in Tuscany for quite a while. I thought I'd give my palate a break from the usual Tuscan food and tried this Ramen my friends are raving about. I ordered no.4 on the menu. It's great! The noodles are so awesome, with meat and egg, YUM! The serving is small though, so don't be shy to order other things. I was only there for lunch and wasn't really feeling all that hungry. But next time, I will try the gyoza and anything else printed on their 1 page menu.
  • Photo of Miha99
    2 years ago
    I have to admit I did not really expect ramen to be so good in Italy. For some reason, I was slightly dissapointed by all the food that I found in "attrape-touristes" restaurants and barely had any hope to find some good Japanese food. We ordered chicken ramen and vegetarian yakisoba, as this are your only choices if you are not eating pork - oh!! - but it was really delicious. I will definitely go back next time I will be in Florence.
  • Photo of Filippo S
    2 years ago
    The broth is at best average, pork not very tender and hard boiled egg. You cannot book and the Italian greedy lady stresses you out because she wants to serve as more people as she can
  • Photo of cvdwl
    2 years ago
    Gyoza that resembled tortellini fried in butter, hard boiled egg, and sliced porchetta in the ramen. It was hot, the broth was acceptable, the noodles weren't awful, but even if I had a ramen craving and was just down the street, I wouldn't go back. And the sake tasted like it had been cut with grappa.
  • Photo of Shuang Yueh P
    2 years ago
    After eating pastas, pizza, sandwiches, and other italian food during our whole trip, my family was craving a hot bowl of noodle soup. So, we decided to give this place a shot. We've had many great ramen places all over the San Francisco Bay Area and Malaysia. So, our standards for ramen was very high and we had low expectations of this place. To our surprise, the ramen was pretty good. It wasn't the best we've had, but it definitely was between mediocre and very good. The hot soup was what we really needed to warm our stomachs from the cold winter. The ramen noodle was fresh. The miso broth was definitely our favorite. If you like spicy food and ordered their spicy noodle broth, you're in for a disappointment. Still, a decent spot to try and I would recommend it.
  • Photo of Merih M
    2 years ago
    So happy to find something different when in Florence and it's really close to the hotel I normally use. Great alternative to Italian Cusine .. BANKI Ramen rulz
  • Photo of Briana D
    2 years ago
    Been there twice and look forward to going back! Make sure you arrive early because they run out of items fairly quickly.
  • Photo of veronica_vania
    2 years ago
    We found this restaurant accidentally, and decided to come on the next day. As we came, they're still closed. They open at 19 pm for dinner. We were too early and went to another places, and came again on 19.20. Fortunately we're earlier than the others. If we came 5 minutes later, we won't get the seat. A lot of people were waiting outside!!! But I believe it is worth it, because the ramens are very delicious, because it's original and authentic! We had spicy soup ramen and miso ramen, this ramen shop is highly recommended if you visit Florence and craving for asian food.
  • Photo of DebsterBaby
    2 years ago
    Ate here one night of Florence visit trying to preserve funds. Was very happy with their take on Chinese food. Quick tasty inexpensive and not greasy!

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