Photo of Selfoss Geyser in Selfoss, , IS
Photo of Selfoss Geyser in Selfoss, , IS
Photo of Selfoss Geyser in Selfoss, , IS
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Selfoss Geyser

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Selfoss Geyser34.5
old faithful • hot water • gift shop • few minutes

Gesyir Center
Selfoss 8001, IS
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  • Photo of Alper
    2 years ago
    Geyser & eruptions
  • Photo of Jesse Lee
    3 years ago
  • Photo of Jesse Lee
    3 years ago
    a nice geyser that is pretty reliable on eruptions. The visitor center is a bit pricey but very welcome on the furthest part of the trip around the golden circle.
  • Photo of cprofct
    4 months ago
    We stopped on our way around the Golden Circle. It is a small yet interesting set of hot pots and geysers that reliably go off. Having recently visited Yellowstone, it was not as impressive but well worth the stop.
  • Photo of Anthony M
    4 months ago
    Just kidding, but it is pretty cool to see. The Main Geysir goes off every 6-10 minutes or so. Pretty cool to check out. Be careful, it will trick you and sometimes go off 2-3 times in a row before it rests. Easy walk to the Geysir and the grounds are cool too. The restaurant where you park is ridiculously priced and is just sub par food. I would skip that if you aren't starving. Gift shop was large and nice. Free bathrooms as well.
  • Photo of bobk56
    4 months ago
    If you are driving the Golden Circle, you are going to stop here. Nice to see the original geyser and from where the word "geyser" originated. But don't expect Old Faithful or anything on a Yellowstone scale. Very close to the road and parking lot. Easy walk.The restaurant at the visitor center across the street is great. Try the soups. Nice shops also.
  • Photo of adp-retired
    4 months ago
    Free parking with very good restaurant and gift shop. No way to time geysir. Occurs about every 15 minutes. Easy walk and nice stop in iceland.
  • Photo of DCull
    4 months ago
    As a self confessed geyser fan, this was a must see. The paths are well laid out and the main geyser, Strokkur, has great viewing spots all round. It erupts every few minutes and sometimes has a smaller and then secondary eruption. It is worth a few minutes of waiting around to see a truly amazing natural phenomenon. Whilst Strokkur is the main event do take time to look around at the other geysers, there is quite a variety of bubbling and gurgling and several different colours of water. It is one of the main tourist attractions so expect it to be busy.
  • Photo of Ron T
    4 months ago
    Great views of the geysir field. Lots of steam with good photo opportunities. We enjoyed it. Safe walking paths.
  • Photo of agneslaurie
    4 months ago
    bubbling pools, hot, hot streams and the geyser shoots up every 5-7 minutes, sensible walking shoes/boots, wear plenty layers of clothes
  • Photo of Karen C
    4 months ago
    On the Golden Circle, would make this a must see, one of the geyser's called Strokkur erupts every 3 to 6 minutes
  • Photo of tombillinge
    4 months ago
    There are several geysers in this park, only one of which, Strokkur, is regular. Geysir, is the first recorded geyser in written history and is where the word derives from. Geysir is mainly dormant, but blows when there is massive seismic activity.
  • Photo of Martha Knight W
    4 months ago
    nice to see but Strokkur only erupts with a very short burst of water. It does erupt frequently about every 5-10 minutes no comparison to old faithful in yellowstone. still the colors of formations are very pretty. some sulfur smell but that should be expected
  • Photo of Bonestorm109
    4 months ago
    Great place to take a ton of pics. Iceland is full of places very much like this of course however naturally this haas been picked out for its unique qualitys
  • Photo of Norma W
    4 months ago
    Impressive and frequent venting. While this is no Yellowstone, the geyser is still a high venting geysir venting every 1-6 minutes.
  • Photo of Gj S
    4 months ago
    Quite busy and touristy but loads of room to spread out and watch the big geyser blow mother nature is amazing. Went as part of the golden circle tour. Visited the restaurant and large shop at the site food offer was good and had Icelandic lamb soup fresh fish and good selection of icelandic products in the shop.
  • Photo of Julien P
    4 months ago
    This Geysir complex is a must-see along the golden circle. One of the Geysirs is the one after which all were named. That said, it hasn't erupted in many years. Another one, Strokkur, erupts every few minutes. This site is free, close to the parking lot, has a cafe and other touristy things. When we went in the late afternoon it was nearly empty but this might not be true of all times nor seasons.
  • Photo of Eric L
    4 months ago
    Very accessible site, not long to visit but very impressive. You do not have to wait long to take awesome pictures of the Geysir exploding. You are basically standing right next to it.
  • Photo of Chez-Mob
    4 months ago
    Iceland is a country under construction - hotels are being constructed almost everywhere to accommodate tourists. Also, the crowd management and information available at attractions are just not up to scratch. This place is no exception - the hotel across the road was under construction. The site is open and access is uncontrolled. There were enormous crowds of people milling around and shoving each other out of the way to get a better view. The people ignored the signs saying “keep off the path” and “the water is hot”, and walked where they pleased, climbed over the low rope fences and stuck their hands in the hot run-offs. They also ignored the sign that said “don’t throw coins into the geyser - nature doesn’t want your money”. It was so disconcerting, we didn’t stay long. Some of those people standing ever closer to the spouting main geyser were like accidents just waiting to happen. As we left, we heard screams - presumably someone had gotten doused with hot water. The geyser area is sensitive but there were no parks officials on duty to inform or correct visitors. As a result - it was chaos. What a pity, because the geysers themselves are marvels and their colours are like paintings - wonderful blues, yellows and greens. We took our photos and left, walking past the waiting bus and taxi drivers who were standing smoking on a carpet of cigarette butts that they’d dumped there. It had obviously built up over time and no-one had cleaned it up or stopped them doing it.
  • Photo of ggsmac
    5 months ago
    The Selfoss geyser has become a "must visit" on Iceland's ring road, featuring a decent size and regularly erupting geyser. For those who've seen them elsewhere, this area is somewhat pedestrian. If you're new to this way of nature spouting off, well worth the brief visit. Note: best to stand upwind of the geyser to avoid spray with camera held at the ready to capture the brief eruption
  • Photo of Cass155
    5 months ago
    We came here late in the afternoon so not too many crowds but during the day i could imagine its busy. The active geyser is great to watch its a good stop on the way.
  • Photo of Agnes Q
    5 months ago
    Geysir is an 800 year old geyser after which all geysers were named. It rarely erupts these days, but a nearby geyser, Strokkur, erupts every 8-10 minutes (you can time your shots accordingly). The area is a geothermal park where you can walk among thermal pools and little geysers (aside from the ever-reliable Strokkur). There are many signboards with explanations in Icelandic and English. Visitors should pay attention to the warning signs because the water is very hot. Visiting the site is free!
  • Photo of jenzyNorthwestUK
    5 months ago
    We have been here before a few years ago the only difference this time was the fact we drove our self. Very easy to do during the summer months. Such an interesting place totally facsinating, we of course had the privilege of getting there before the tourists arrived in their droves.

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