Photo of EatMeat in Tel Aviv District, , IL
Photo of EatMeat in Tel Aviv District, , IL
Photo of EatMeat in Tel Aviv District, , IL
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  • Photo of Flávio A
    5 months ago
    Nice place, fast service... This is one of the top five sandwiches I have ever eaten! Greetings from Brazil!
  • Photo of jaw_nothin
    5 months ago
    I stopped by here for dinner. I had the steak salad, which came with a side of garlic bread. The vegetables were very good, and they came with a generous serving of delicious, thinly cut ribeye steak. The garlic bread was also good. Overall, this was an excellent place with fantastic food and value for money. Be warned: if you come in during peak hours, you may have to wait in line to order, and/or wait for a spot to sit!
  • Photo of manon_lapidge
    7 months ago
    EatMeat was my favourite restaurant in Israel. The steak sandwich was insane. So tasty, so easy and well priced. Definitely recommend
  • Photo of ben c
    7 months ago
    Simple menu, fresh food, tasty entrecotte, and amazing combined in a bread. Too bad they don't have fries with it and that the street is noisy.
  • Photo of Nhorwin U
    8 months ago
    There's only two things on the menu. A sandwich and a salad. Both pretty great. Would suggest if looking for a quick filling meal.
  • Photo of Guy P
    9 months ago
    This might be the best street food in the Tel-Aviv for meat lovers. The restaurant - if you can call her like this - is exist for the last 6 years. There are in the middle hart of Tel-Aviv by Dizingof center. They are serving only two dishes, self baked bun with vegetables and tons of meat, and second dish is big salad with... Tons of meat. That's it! If you are visiting Tel-Aviv, this is must have dish. I preferred of course the ban. Don't forget to ask for souce...
  • Photo of llessurtx
    10 months ago
    Thanks TripAdviser... saw a photo of the steak sandwich and had to try one, worth the walk! Tasty grilled steak, onions, and peppers, with fresh tomato and lettuce! Very tasty and very reasonably priced. Next time I'm back in Tel Aviv I'll definitely have another one!
  • Photo of chenster22
    10 months ago
    EatMeat has amazing portions (and delicious, buttery garlic bread) chat comes with your beef salad or sandwich. The meat is freshly prepared on their grill, as well as the other ingredients used. Love their spices, chimichurra, and mustard in the salad. Great, no nonsense meaty salad.
  • Photo of JohnyTravels26
    10 months ago
    Want alot of meat for cheap? Then this place is calling your name! Visited almost after two years and it was great as I remembered it. The portion of the meat had become a little small but it could have been just that day. One sandwich fills you up and leaves you happy. Pour more meat, don't be cheap!
  • Photo of rotemyonatan
    a year ago
    The specialty is a minute steak sandwich on Moroccan pranah bread. The bread is baked on premise and warm, the meat is grilled on order and the vegetables are fresh. Only for meat lovers looking for a quick bite. The line can be a bit long and the sandwich takes a few minutes to prepare.
  • Photo of Ariel L
    a year ago
    Amazing entrecote sandwitch and salad, and great prices, highly recommended if you're looking for something fast, good, and not expensive. Worth mentioning that there is no much room sitting, so if it's a crowded hour it could be a problem.
  • Photo of mark b
    a year ago
    Went with two (gourmet...) kids for lunch, sat at the bar, and all three of us were delighted with the food. The entrecote/salad sandwich in a large crispy bun was easily the best I've ever had; and the entrecote salad, more than enough for two people, was even better. The price was pleasantly low - I was actually surprised. And the chaps behind the bar, despite being heavy metal fans, were absolutely charming ;). Highly recommended - both kids gave it 10 out of 10 - and we'll be back!
  • Photo of Hagit A
    a year ago
    Our favorite place. When you want to eat good and fast this is the place for you. Usually it takes less then 8 minutes from the moment we give our order till we are getting our black paper bag. Its a little bit more expensive then the common street food, but it's definitely another level!
  • Photo of Hannah F
    2 years ago
    I loved EatMeat. It was a great stop after work as I live only a few blocks away. I decided to pick up a salad for dinner. I brought it home and started eating it only to realize i had bit into something was a finger nail!!!!!!!!! I was so grossed out. I throw out the salad, then threw up. So funny how such a small thing can ruin a really great place. Won't be able to even think of eating here again without gagging.
  • Photo of yoav90
    2 years ago
    No matter how hungry you are, EatMeat is the answer, and the price is fair. Every time I visit here, I order the same thing. The "meat sandwich", which will always be served perfectly. They actually don't have a lot of choices on their manu, It's that or the "meat salad" which to be honest, I never thought about trying, but pepole that I asked said it's good too. So if you love meat, this is the place to be.
  • Photo of Culinary_Batman
    2 years ago
    Two things on the menu, an entrecôte salad and an entrecôte sandwich. If God ate a sandwich, this would be his choice. The finest ingredients cooked perfectly and simply, served quickly and consistently impressive. Open more stores!
  • Photo of TheAmazingDuck
    2 years ago
    One of the best place in Tel Aviv by far! If you looking for a somthing tasty and not expensive this the place for you.
  • Photo of Linda D
    2 years ago
    What a place, always busy only one sandwich and a salad but what an experience Best salad dressing ever roast beef sandwich or in your salad. A must if you ar in tel aviv
  • Photo of Jon G
    2 years ago
    Our Israeli friend recommended this place to us and we had to try it. After a morning at the wakeboard water park, we were starving. This restaurant serves meat sandwiches or meat over salad. You can order the meat salted, spiced it plain. Most of us got the sandwiches with the works. Lettuce, tomato, mayo, mustard and of course salted. It was a little like a healthy Big Mac. Something that you can learn to crave. But unlike the Big Mac no stomach issues to follow. My kids doused their sandwiches in hot sauce. I would have too, if I were braver. My wife chose the meat over a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, scallions etc She raved over it. There is limited seating indoor and a better chance of grabbing a stool outside which was more pleasant anyway. This is also a good spot to people watch.
  • Photo of yoavyo3
    2 years ago
    I only write about this place and I've been drooling mouth. The amazing warm bread, meat delicacy, thinly sliced as I like, and sauces...Wow. Simply delicious and come to eat meat. Don't miss.

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