Photo of The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, , IE
Photo of The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, , IE
Photo of The Old Jameson Distillery in Dublin, , IE
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The Old Jameson Distillery

Irish Pub

The Old Jameson Distillery14.5
fish and chips • great tour • irish whiskey • informative tour

Bow Street
Dublin, IE
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  • Photo of Jack Shannon
    3 years ago
    Take a tour, seriously. You get to try the triple distilled glory at the end
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  • Photo of lauracostello
    4 months ago
    We had a drink at the bar before the Master Tasting with the marvelous Kevin, At the bar James and James and Jamie crafted yummy cocktails and shared witty banter - really fun to sit at their bar.
  • Photo of rzr63
    4 months ago
    Awesome tour and tasting. Thanms Kevin for the narration. Informative and fun. Buying Jamesom as soon as I get home to Texas.
  • Photo of Noel D
    5 months ago
    This is a great tour, didn't think I would enjoy it much as I'm not really a whisky drinker. However, tasting it with the other whiskeys, make you appreciate how smooth it goes down. The family history is just as interesting as well. I would recommend this tour to everyone, even if your not too found of whisky. I'm sure you can find someone to do the tasting for you...
  • Photo of JukeVantaa
    5 months ago
    The place itself is near Hop on - Hop off bus stop so if you are using them, transportation solved. Inside is many different attractions, tours (museum), bars and shops. We take tour which include tasting and Jameson history class. Tour was definitely worth of the time and i like it a lot. In the Jameson Bar tasted many different products and enjoyed it a lot. As a top in a cake was Black Barrell Cask strength bottle which i bottled with my own hands. I Make also a note to Jameson bottled history in to their books. Definitely recommended place if you like Jameson products.
  • Photo of tinaalex01
    5 months ago
    Sure, Guinness is great. And, yes, it tastes better in Ireland. Just don't forget about the whiskey. The actual plant is in Cork, so don't worry about any horrid smells. This facility is slick! I loved the pride the staff has in this company, and the founder's history of treating employees well. Learn how it's made and enjoy a smooth one.
  • Photo of Nils S
    5 months ago
    Definitely a place you should visit ... if you like whiskey😎 The store full of goodies👍 And the walls are saturated with history from many years back🥃
  • Photo of Rachael F
    5 months ago
    So we had Niall as our tour guide. He was great, took time to find out where people were from and incorporated their home language into the tour. The man also knows his stuff. Appreciate whiskey in a whole new way now. His enthusiasm and love for his job really showed and the computerised effects of tour made it like nothing I have ever seen. Thanks for a great time.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    The tour was 45 minutes. Fun and enlightening about whiskey. Never had it before that day, been drinking it ever since. After the tour, you get a free drink at a side bar. We hit the gift and decided to sit at the beautiful rustic bar for a few more. The bartenders were amazing. I would call them artist really. This place is located in the Smithfield section of Dublin. Literally 1 block from our hotel. So we had one drink there everyday for what we called happy hour. This place is a must when in a Dublin. Whether you take the tour or not, you can enjoy a delicious beverage with the amazing staff!
  • Photo of David B
    6 months ago
    Stopped off for a quick look round the store and a quick coffee, so didn't really get the full benefit from the visit TBH however I had the most amazing Black Pudding ' sausage type roll' from the café which is one of the most wonderful things I have every eaten, if you like black pudding its a must and even if you don't its a must!
  • Photo of twinsofmine
    6 months ago
    My husband and I did the tour, it was very informative about the history of Jameson whisky and the tasting was interesting and fun!
  • Photo of NordicSnow
    6 months ago
    The distillery having been close for a six-month renovation re-open in March looks fantastic great bar area lots of seating and they have kept all the old world ambience of large fireplaces exposed beams they have several different tours were you can see the whiskey making process of coarse gift shops highly recommend a trip to the distillery when you're in Dublin
  • Photo of Jekyll
    6 months ago
    An outstanding tour. The guide was very knowledgeable and the way the information was presented was unique .After the tour there was an opportunity to taste and the drink was made with Jameson's fine Irish whisky and dark ginger ale with a lime. Delicious! Can't find the dark ginger ale in the US
  • Photo of austin_TexasLkd
    6 months ago
    Fascinating education from professional tour guide through the history of Jameson whiskey in Dublin.
  • Photo of John M
    7 months ago
    The four of us, all college males, attended the Guinness tour and Heineken tour. The Jameson tour was the best out of the three tours. They had a great set up of the history and a film room where they showed videos of the old distillery while the tour guide talks. They also had an interactive wall that explained how Jameson was made. Would recommend to anyone visiting the area.
  • Photo of Dion F
    7 months ago
    loved this tour at Jameson distillery, though you don't see the equipment and process like at Teeling. Kevin did a fantastic job of keeping our attention during the tasting. Learned a lot about whiskey. Highly recommended
  • Photo of krellier
    7 months ago
    At first I was weary of the large number of people in the distillery. I thought it would be too crowded to get any enjoyment. How wrong I was! They are very organized and book smallish groups. You can wander around before (or after) and enjoy a beverage or two at the bar. The shop is okay, but I'm not much for tourist shopping, so some may think it's great. The tour itself starts with a drink while you read information on a wall. Then we were brought into a room that had a very high tech and interesting presentation. This is the only time I have toured a distillery and not actually "toured" it. However, the presentation was very good and after walking around Dublin all day, I sure didn't mind. I've seen enough distilleries that I know the process and the machinery behind it. So the presentation was actually more historical than anything. Some may not like that, but I did. Afterwards, we got to taste three whiskeys; one USA, one scotch, and Jameson. This was a very good experience and certainly made me think about what I have been drinking without paying enough attention. The tour guides were excellent and friendly.
  • Photo of jmluck
    8 months ago
    Interesting tour. Although it would have been better if it was a working distillery. Make sure you book ahead as tour times fill up fast. The whiskey tasting at the end of the tour was great. Don't forget to get your free drink before you leave.
  • Photo of NathanielGoodtimes
    8 months ago
    I was a bit disappointed when we were there all they had was a little tasting room. While the exterior of the old buildings was beautiful, it had been converted to housing. They had a tasting room with a guided tasting through several different whiskeys. The guide was very well versed in the details and subtleties of the spirits. We went through the history of whisky and the history of Jameson, then the process of making the drink. It was quite interesting and done well. But I could not get over the residential conversion..............
  • Photo of sanneus
    8 months ago
    I was only here for a quick visit but stopped by the bar and took a few drinks. I must say one of the best whiskey drinks i ever had!
  • Photo of calarcon
    8 months ago
    My husband and I came for one of their tours. They had just reopened a couple of weeks prior after a multi euro revamping of their facilities (just in time for all those St Paddy's tourists, ourselves included). I tried whisky for the first time during this trip and most pubs serve Jameson so I got hooked. The tour was very well put. It was a feast for the senses. Of course you get the history of who, when, how, but the hands on, noses on and taste buds on experience was so worth the tour price. Even though the size of our group was rather large (~20 people), the tour felt very intimate. I learned a lot about whisky during this visit and I enjoyed my cocktail afterwards too. I highly recommend this place for anyone who likes to have a little cocktail once in a while!

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