Photo of McDaid's in Dublin, , IE
Photo of McDaid's in Dublin, , IE
Photo of McDaid's in Dublin, , IE
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  • Photo of Olivia T
    a year ago
    Pub with high ceilings
  • Photo of Maureen E
    3 months ago
    This is a small pub. After a busy day, I would have liked to have sat down. There were no seats available. There was the charm of a popular place to be!
  • Photo of Ciaran B
    4 months ago
    I popped in here recently and ordered my pint of Guinness. I seated myself outside to watch the world go by. Within a couple of minutes 4 people at tables beside me lit up their cigarettes which left me with no option but to go inside. But this old style pub had no character. There are plenty of better character pubs in the area.
  • Photo of Chucklelee
    4 months ago
    Visit McDaids in Harry St off Grafton Rd. Always a great pint to be had. A real character of a pub within easy reach of most attractions.
  • Photo of PNJMC
    5 months ago
    Have been going here for years. Hasn't changed The Guiness is always a good pint. The barmen at times can be "unhelpful" in their manner but that adds to the attraction. Have brought many friends and colleagues to McDaids who were visitors to Ireland and they always enjoy the experience A good Dublin pub no frills
  • Photo of Kavo85
    5 months ago
    McDaids is a great spot for post work pints or perhaps even a pit stop from a Grafton Street shopping spree. Located just off the hussle that it Grafton Street, McDaids is a traditional style Dublin pub that serves a decent pint. Seating space is limited however there is a nice area to the front where youcan stand and people watch or pull a stool. Great spot to visit at any time of year.
  • Photo of Paul O
    6 months ago
    Went in to this well known Dublin establishment just as it opened on Friday June 16th.The Guinness was perfectly fine and it is a lovely looking historic pub.However I am giving it a low rating due to the rude,surly man who served me.His demeanour was bordering on the hostile and when I tried to engage him in conversation he had contempt written all over his face. I thought maybe it was because I was English,but two American men came in just before I left and he was equally dismissive of them.He was in his 50's or 60's,what was left of his hair was fair and he spoke (I think) with an Ulster accent.If he is the owner he need to sell up.If he's an employee he needs to get sacked.He's a mug.
  • Photo of keithcairns
    6 months ago
    This is a great old unchanged Dublin pub in the heart of the city. Great assortment of beers. Totally basic furniture. Toilets mikes upstairs. You couldn't make it up but it's a great pub. The pub opposite is called Bruxelles and I remember drinking in mcdaids and looking across at the Harry Mooney!
  • Photo of Levi G
    6 months ago
    Myself and a couple of friends thought we would call into this bar while we waited for the pride parade to start. We noticed the bar was fairly empty and thought it would be a good choice to get a seat in and what not. Upon entry the bar man took one look at our rainbow t shirts and said 'I'm not serving you'. We asked why and he replied 'I don't have to tell you my reason'. With that we left and will (obviously) not be back.
  • Photo of TitanicCobh
    6 months ago
    I recently had occasion to visit this once highly regarded establishment. I the past it was renowned for very good beer, great conversation and courteous, professional staff who were trained bartenders. I was bitterly disappointed with the dreadful collapse of these qualities when I brought a friend there to show what a real Dublin pub was like. Firstly there were two televisions blaring at either end of the bar which were a visual and an aural distraction to those trying to engage in conversation. Secondly when we ordered two pints of Dublin's most famous beer Guinness, the bartender just filled the glasses and handed them across the bar like slop. No time was afforded to allow the pint to 'settle', no understanding of the way Guiness is supposed to be pulled was evident. When I asked the barman where he had learned to serve Guinness (the company run many training programmes for the proper pulling of their pints) he responded in a most disrespectful manner and offered neither apology or explanation. Needless to say we left embarrassed and disillusioned. This was once one of Dublin's finest bars. The lashing out of improperly served Guinness is not just an insult to traditional Dublin customers but also to the visitors who probably don't really know that what they are getting is way below the standard of what the manufacturers of the product recommend. I will never darken their doorway again. Televisions, disrespectful bartenders, sticky floors and blaring televisions are not in the nature of good Dublin pubs. My recommendation is to avoid this place like the plague.
  • Photo of Rebann54
    6 months ago
    Lovely tiles & stained windows add to the charm of this place. Nice pour of Guinness. Friendly people.
  • Photo of Liam D
    6 months ago
    Great little pub lovely drink and atmosphere and I swear it was like I was in a scene from Harry Potter just off Grafton Street well worth a visit est 1873
  • Photo of kevket
    7 months ago
    One of the best pints of Guinness I've had in Ireland and trust me I've had a few. Great staff who were interacting with customers. A pub where you feel at home. Will definitely be back :)
  • Photo of miriah48
    7 months ago
    Excellent little bar where locals and tourists can relax with a pint and some great conversation. Was brought here by a local, and the charm of this place instantly won me over. Drink prices were decent, and they had some great beers that I hadn't tried before. Definitely on my list next time I'm in Dublin!
  • Photo of Hermes797
    8 months ago
    Has all you need in a pub. Great atmosphere, efficient staff and good beer. The interior of the place looks fantastic and it has to be one of the most stylish small pubs in Dublin city centre. At the same time, the place is not snobby and you can be assured that you will be given a warm welcome. A great spot
  • Photo of buddymooney61
    9 months ago
    I live in Sweden where I've owned a bar. I visited last Sunday with my mum and guests. We sat outside. It is a beautiful pub and there were two barmen working. One barman or maybe he was the manager was a tall man who was very professional and friendly. As for the other barman he was a rude arrogant know all. I cracked a joke with him and he abused my attire and me. I've never treated any of my customers the way he talked to me. My guests were not impressed and we left. Over the years I have always recommended this Pub to Swedes traveling to Dublin. I won't be doing that any more.
  • Photo of StellaStyle
    10 months ago
    tiny pub located in Grafton that serves only drinks. no food. Great place to rest and chill after a long day. Friendly service
  • Photo of Paul G
    10 months ago
    great pint in relaxing yet vibrant setting. The bar staff were friendly, professional and good craic. Location is great. No pubs actually on Grafton Street, this is about as close as you can get to a real pub near Grafton St
  • Photo of Stanislaw M
    10 months ago
    I last drank in McDaids about twenty years ago. Its obviously a Dublin institution. We were coming from the Westbury after dinner and thought we would give it a try. It was a Wednesday evening and not so busy. We managed to get a seat by the window. The seats are hard and not so comfortable. I tried a Guinness East India stout on tap- interesting and my friend had a gin tonic. The barman was on by himself but he looked after everyone very well. We ended up going across to Bruzelles for a last drink purely as we found the seats too hard. Silly but true. Its a lovely old bar and worth checking out if you are in the area
  • Photo of MuchSaid
    10 months ago
    ......a good beer and whiskey in a proper pub is what I sought. Unfussy pub, proper barman, good beer and Irish whiskey is what I got. One for another visit when I am in Dublin and in the area.
  • Photo of pauljoann1
    10 months ago
    The quickest bar man in Dublin. Guinness was amazing. Love the quirkiness of the old pub and the 2 upside down pictures for good luck

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