Photo of Dublin Castle in Dublin, , IE
Photo of Dublin Castle in Dublin, , IE
Photo of Dublin Castle in Dublin, , IE
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Dublin Castle

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Dublin Castle54
state rooms • guided tour • throne room • irish history

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  • Photo of Tina Ryan
    9 months ago
    okay to walk around outside it
  • Photo of Jacqueline Thompson
  • Photo of Evan Derosby
    2 years ago
    Guided tours of cool from the outside
  • Photo of Ana Crawford
    2 years ago
  • Photo of John Murphy
    3 years ago
    first wednesday of each month is free and nice but otherwise you can only see the inside if you pay for a tour
  • Photo of cdhcch
    4 months ago
    This is not a classic castle but is more like a historic group of historic buildings where the Bristish ruled the country. Worth the the walk.
  • Photo of mariotV4697II
    4 months ago
    The castle title is a bit misleading because we were expecting something out of the Knights of the Round Table castle. Nonetheless, it had some cool things to see and it gives a glimpse into the life of classic royal life.
  • Photo of AZtraveler27
    4 months ago
    We toured the castle with a very knowledgeable guide, which made the visit to this historic site more interesting. Although not dramatic on the outside, the unearthed Viking ruins and state apartments were worth the visit. Portraits abound, and you can even see the throne so tall that Queen Victoria needed a foot stool in order to sit comfortably.
  • Photo of andypandaNashville
    4 months ago
    We went to see the Castle and it was so nice that they had a Elevator so I could see the Second floor, it was Beautiful Furniture, pictures and Tapestries.
  • Photo of MySeaBiscuit13
    4 months ago
    Take the 10 euro guided tour. Cool to go under the building and see the old parts of the wall and hear the explanation, which you don't always get on the self guided. Also, chapel is pretty and has an interesting history. Worth a few extra euros for the tour as you can ask questions too. Lots of stairs and walking with little chances to sit. There is a bathroom there and gift shop.
  • Photo of LinAdi7
    4 months ago
    This must-see site in Dublin is available with a Heritage Card but it's worth signing up for one of their tours in advance, as this is the only way to access the Viking Excavation and the Chapelle Royale. Both of these landmarks are unique and great to experience. The Viking ruins make one appreciate the thickness of the walls and how the river was routed, while the Chapelle is exquisite in its decorations. The tour is one hour long and started on time. Our guide was very pleasant and told us a lot about Irish history in addition to the history of the building. It was particularly interesting to have this tied with Kilmainham Gaol. We were given plenty of time to enjoy the rooms and take photos with no rushing. The gardens are meagre but the state rooms are beautiful and the highlight of the place. There were also two interesting exhibitions that didn't take long to see and were informative. Overall great sight, made much better by the tour!
  • Photo of Edy H
    4 months ago
    Decided to stop, so glad we don't get to see much of such a huge building, but it was beautiful and full of history.
  • Photo of David W
    4 months ago
    This must be a guided tour.Guides are knowledgeable.Tour is about 2 hours total.History of Castle as well as tour of the Castle Appartments.
  • Photo of Payney56
    4 months ago
    We chose the self guided tour, so couldn't see the medieval section but were fortunate the chapel was open. It was all a bit underwhelming, and there was a distinct lack of notice boards in the chapel to highlight the points of interest. It appeared if you didn't have the app on your phone you: a) didn't have the information, and b) looked where you were going to avoid the people too busy looking at their mobiles!!! It's not an expensive place to visit, but probably more interesting if you are from Ireland and want to see where visiting heads of state are entertained.
  • Photo of Frank C
    4 months ago
    First place we visited in Dublin. Interesting but not a lot to it. Would recommend you go because of its history.
  • Photo of Amanda P
    4 months ago
    Very glad we took the guided tour of Dublin Castle. It's a very interesting place with a long history, and we learned about everything from its original towers to its current usage. There was a lot of construction going on outside the Castle, which made it a little tricky to find the right entrance.
  • Photo of Remnent N
    4 months ago
    Okay, maybe its just me but I didnt think there was much there. The tours were all filled and they cost. And I dunno, It just didnt interest me so we left. No harm, no foul.
  • Photo of Parzival33
    4 months ago
    Quite a neat place! Fancy and full of history! They have a statue of Justice that's not blindfolded.
  • Photo of Marita H
    4 months ago
    Toured Dublin Castle using our Dublin Pass. Enjoyed learning about the relationship, past and present, between Ireland and England, as well as how the upper class lived -- some crazy ideas about attractiveness and hygiene.
  • Photo of Mihai I
    4 months ago
    Nothing outstanding it's more like public office buildings now. The main parts of the old castle were destroyed, only one tower and some of the foundations remains of the original.
  • Photo of irishmexicanjoe80
    4 months ago
    Didn't have much time to explore too much this biz trip, but was in awe of all the architecture when just walking arount the town square on my free time. This castle stands out in my heart, as I remember my Tias telling me that our ancestors were some sort of royalty round here, so I imagined they prolly' knew the folks who owned this lil' ole' house way back in the day. The rooms on display (not as many as I woulda' liked,) were set up with artifacts from when it was more in use. Want to return with my family, and maybe even stay the night in one of the many Irish castles.
  • Photo of FloridaNative59
    4 months ago
    We toured Dublin Castle and the attached Chapel. A wonderful way to spend a few hours and get a history lesson. I highly recommend going here during your visit to Dublin.
  • Photo of Lousan1
    4 months ago
    Tis is a failed quick tour but very interesting. Also the inside of the castle is beautiful and you get to the ancient underground area.
  • Photo of Carolyn D
    4 months ago
    I did not take the tour, but as part of a walking tour we visited the exterior and were informed about the castle, it's history and current use. Not your typical looking castle.
  • Photo of norm911
    4 months ago
    Dublin castle was just a few minutes walk from where we stayed while on family vacation this week, so we decided to check out the guided tour. We loved it! It was about an hour long, and the sights and history are wonderful. You get access to many more areas on the guided tour as opposed to the self-guided, so make sure you pay the extra money for the expert guide. We'd definitely do this again!

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