Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
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Guinness Academy

Beer Store

Guinness Academy24.5
gravity bar • free pint • top floor • pour your own

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  • Photo of Kirsty Marr
    a month ago
    14 euro. Includes a pint. Every 15 min. Last tour 5pm. Bars & restaurants inside.
  • Photo of Jack Shannon
    3 years ago
    Head to the 7th floor for a beautiful view of Dublin and Guinness!
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  • Photo of Jackus12
    6 months ago
    The Guinness storehouse provides a fun but at the same time interesting experience, there is a lot of floors all with alot of facts about the product from brewing it to tasting it, to the advertising side of the brand, it's there in one place. The sky bar was great place to enjoy a pint but it gets very busy up there so there isn't much room to move about in there.
  • Photo of Nuala D
    6 months ago
    Fabulous place to visit really enjoyed it. Very friendly and helpful staff. Amazing views of the city from the Gravity bar. Lots of souvenirs to be got in the gift shop and not overpriced.
  • Photo of Kealy D
    6 months ago
    Enjoyed our trip, lots of history learned, very nice views from the top level and a tasty pint of Guinness
  • Photo of achillefss
    6 months ago
    Visited the storehouse to learn about Guinness. Very good experience. The stuff very good and the views very interesting.
  • Photo of malnads1
    6 months ago
    If you are in Dublin this place is a must see attraction. I was there about 15 years ago and could not believe the difference in the place. We visited as part of a hen party, there were 26 of us and we had an amazing time. There are seven floor, each floor has a variety of bars and eateries. On the send floor is a large bar with a DJ it was a great place and we stayed here for a couple of hours, even so often they do a tasting session with the staff doing some Irish dancing, it was a very enjoyable time. The black velvet guinness with champagne is great alternative. On the seventh floor is bar with brilliant view, here you are able to redeem a free pint of Guinness with your entry ticket. I have to say that I am not overly keen on Guinness, but the whole experience was really enjoyable, I would definitely recommend it.
  • Photo of Mark R
    6 months ago
    Individual, large group or family, this is an informative and fun tour, and provides a lot of education in the process of brewing and their iconic advertising campaigns over the years, culminating in a Guiness tasting. I would have liked more information on the history of Arthur Guiness and his family, but would heartily recommend this tour to anybody.
  • Photo of Quin B
    6 months ago
    It was very crowded, but we did go on a Friday evening. There wasn't allot of information to attract an average tourist. The Guinness tasting was boring and they didn't give any new information to make it more enjoyable for a fan. If you already love Guinness, you'll like it, but if you're just going because you think you should since you're in Dublin, pass.
  • Photo of Nicole H
    6 months ago
    I'm not a huge fan of Guinness but while I was doing my research before the trip I read that even though you're not a fan it is totally worth it. Sadly I don't agree, go only if you are a big Guinness fan!
  • Photo of 863bradfordl
    6 months ago
    We loved our visit. The effort that Guinness has gone to is noticeable. They have really succeeded in making the visit a fun one. Great food, great beer and a incredible view. My advice is pour your beer and have it upstairs in the sky bar. We caught a horse drawn carriage back to our hotel and it was also great.
  • Photo of Martin_and_Nuala
    6 months ago
    An essential trip when visiting Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse gives you the history of one of Irelands most iconic exports. The storehouse is layed out over several floors ending at the Gravity bar on the top floor giving you a full 360 view of Dubin from the sky as well as the surrounding factory. Think Willy Wonkas glass elevator. The ground floor features a huge gift shop selling every kind of Guinness product you could think of. There are some small cafes and restaurants available and everyone receives a free pint or soft drink as well as a taster session. This is best suited to adults although familys are welcome but there isn't much available for children to do.
  • Photo of AndiePerenti
    6 months ago
    Thoroughly enjoyed the visit...history, manufacturing, advertising, tasting. Good cafes and restaurants available on site. Roof top bar was fantastic with views across the city. I particularly enjoyed the section about the cooper's that made the barrels ...
  • Photo of berniez
    6 months ago
    Informative tour. Get to taste new releases.Gravity bar is beautiful. Lovely to see Dublin skyline. Can get very very crowded even with front of the line pass.
  • Photo of Nadia B
    6 months ago
    Such a large storehouse that symbolizes Ireland. You can spend a long time time and taste the fantastic product of the storehouse. The building itself is amazing.
  • Photo of propaborobird
    6 months ago
    The storehouse is a huge and amazing building! Once inside the building has an open centre the shape of a pint glass and you can see right in the core of the building. The architecture is unbelievable. It's a must visit attraction if your in Dublin! A lot of thought has gone into making the tour spectacular and special I'd hate to give too much away. The sights sounds and smells are delicious. The ingredients for Guinness are laid out inside the building, from the grains used for the brewing to the water feature. Over 18's may attend a tasting session which sees you resting your baby Guinness on a giants causeway like table, to keep the brew the from warming in your hand. After the tour we received the best and freshest pint of Guinness in the spectacular Gravity bar which offers a 360* view of Dublin!
  • Photo of Brian C
    6 months ago
    I was so excited to go to the Guinness Storehouse today with my family. It was very informative and the pint of Guinness that I had was the best tasting one that I have ever have. A must do in Dublin.
  • Photo of TravelMaven42
    6 months ago
    This place might seem overly hyped but it is still a must see in Dublin. So much fun! Come for the free Guinness and lunch,
  • Photo of Beth B
    6 months ago
    If your a Guinness buff this is a great tour. Personally, I'm not. However, there was a lot to learn and see. It's worth a visit for sure.
  • Photo of Evelyn D
    6 months ago
    Very educational. Enjoyed the advertisements and the view from the top floor. They kept things moving. Safely and efficiently.
  • Photo of Happydays218
    6 months ago
    Visited the Guinness storehouse and was surprised how big it was spent about 3 hours here, we had a free paddle board which included 3 different Guinness while drinking them we had a river dance show, it was great to watch. Thank you for a lovely afternoon.
  • Photo of James M
    6 months ago
    What is Dublin without a visit to the Guinness works. This was an easy walk from my hotel, I love walking anyway . An interesting tour with a pint of Guinness on the top floor bar at the end. The top floor bar has a 360 view of Dublin. A very interesting tour. You can buy many items as well

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