Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
Photo of Guinness Academy in Dublin, Du, IE
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Guinness Academy

Beer Store

Guinness Academy24.5
gravity bar • free pint • top floor • pour your own

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  • Photo of Kirsty Marr
    6 months ago
    14 euro. Includes a pint. Every 15 min. Last tour 5pm. Bars & restaurants inside.
  • Photo of Jack Shannon
    3 years ago
    Head to the 7th floor for a beautiful view of Dublin and Guinness!
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  • Photo of terptravels
    4 months ago
    This will take a couple hours to do so really take your time and enjoy / the building is fun and has a great view in the sky bar! The merchandise is surprisingly reasonable in price. The fun bit is the free pint your ticker will get you at the top! Stop for a latte mid visit in the cafe - it's a nice place to rest your feet and great coffee. The hop on hop off bus brings you right to the front door.
  • Photo of DMYLiverpool
    4 months ago
    What an excellent trip! Really surprised at how absolutely beautiful this was. Very informative, fantastic staff and a cracking sky bar to enjoy a beverage in at the end. Would certainly recommend!
  • Photo of littledipper123
    4 months ago
    Found it interesting but the price is steep, even with the discounted early entry price. I did enjoy the 360 view while having a Guinness. I would at least recommend to book online which would include a discount if you book in advance and you do skip the line to automated ticket booth to pick up your ticket. We went in at 10:30 am and went straight up to see the view to try to avoid the crowds and we did. There was only about 10 people up there.
  • Photo of Jonas N
    4 months ago
    Guinness Storehouse is the place where you are able to taste the heart of Ireland. It is located in the centre of Dublin together with the old brewery. In the Guinness Storehouse you will be able to see how the famous stout is made, how the company was founded and how it was introduced to the market. You will simultaneously be able to taste the famous stout through the production stages. In my opinion the worst part of our visit to the Guinness Storehouse was the age limitation. The limitation meant that visitors under eighteen years old weren’t allowed to take part in the tasting events. That meant, in my case, that I wasn’t allowed to taste the product of Guinness. That fact meant that I didn’t get the full experience, which might affect my review. I am aware of the fact the taste restriction was due to government regulations, but maybe it could be avoided by an agreement between Guinness Storehouse and the Irish government. Before my visit to the Guinness Storehouse my expectations was a guided tour, through both the brewery and the history of the company. I hoped that we would get to know a lot about how it is to run such a business. Unfortunately my expectations weren’t fulfilled. That meant that I was disappointed. I don’t think that I learned what I hoped for, from my visit. You had to search for all the information yourself. Some guides in the storehouse had made my visit better. I think that a guided tour through the museum would be very good for the understanding. A guided tour would allow you to ask question and get an opportunity to learn a lot more about the company Guinness, their strategies and thoughts about their role on the beer market. On the positive side of our visit, the museum were very well decorated. That meant that my visit to Guinness Storehouse was very amazing. The impressions kept coming in, and there were a lot of beautiful things to look at. The amazing decorations caused another dimension to our visit. You were both enlightened and amazed. To me it meant that you were never bored, there were always something to look at. The decorations included among other things big watches, a 180 degrees cinema, big interactive barrels and light bulbs in front of mirrors. To sum up my review, the age restrictions in Ireland mean that not everybody is able to get the full experience. That may be avoided by an agreement between the Guinness Storehouse and the Irish government. The tour through the Guinness Storehouse should have been accompanied by a tour guide. That would give you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the company. On the positive side the Guinness Storehouse was very well decorated. That made our visit to the Guinness Storehouse an amazing visit. To end my review I will rate the Guinness Storehouse with 3 out of 5 stout beers.
  • Photo of Beth D
    4 months ago
    The Guinness Storehouse was the perfect way to spend several hours on a rainy Saturday. The multimedia presentations are very well done, and we learned a great deal about our favorite beer, as well a a good amount of historical context for the brew's success. Included in admission is a pint of "mother's milk" at the Gravity Bar. Even on a rainy day, the views were great from the 360 degree glass walls. If it's time for lunch or dinner, stop in for a bite at one of the Storehouse restaurants. Food and service were both fantastic at 1837 Bar & Brasserie.
  • Photo of Slimmingworldmom
    4 months ago
    Went today and had a fantastic time. Be prepared to walk as there's many floors. Although there is a lift. Take cash for the shop. And I would advise the guided tour. Get yourself a Dublin pass to cut down the cost and a quicker entry. Very impressed
  • Photo of SandJ2011
    4 months ago
    A very crowded, hokey visitor experience that basically charges 22 Euros for a pint of the dark stuff. The Gravity Bar was wall-to-wall people, noisy with limited views. But if you are shopping for Guinness merchandise, you won't be disappointed, and they do register your Fexco VAT refund cards on site.
  • Photo of Bruce M
    4 months ago
    I enjoyed the tour, but it is a bit pricey for what it is, and although the Gravity bar was nice, it was way too crowded for me. Hold on to your pint, because you will be jostled a lot up there. The architechure and layout of the building was interesting as well.
  • Photo of Steven K
    4 months ago
    Love the tour, the. Gravity Bar is so much fun - don’t be shy and you will relish the time! The food I ate at the Storehouse was excellent and reasonably priced, and all-around service was terrific. Learning the history, enjoying the story of how Guinness is brewed, and meeting so many others from around the world at the Storehouse enhanced my day! Purchase your tour ticket in advance to save time in line; you will be glad you did!
  • Photo of cstravel2016
    4 months ago
    First of all it’s expensive. You get 1 pint of beer and it’s 25 euro Overall the experience felt like I was in a shopping mall or something. It was crowded. Difficult to get around. The layout was confusing. Even the tasting part was with a massive group of 50 people. When you finally get to the top it’s packed with people and it’s hard to find a place to even drink your beer. Some of the exhibits are cool and the staff is amazing. But overall seemed more like a tourist attraction that lacked any soul.
  • Photo of 212Sunshine
    4 months ago
    We went to the Guinness Storehouse on a Sunday morning just after opening. No lines and easy to move through the exhibits when there can be 2 hour waits. Very interesting history. The exhibits are done with current technology which adds to the experience.
  • Photo of Kristian K
    4 months ago
    €20 is a lot to pay to learn the basics of beer brewing. How ever, i think the place was fun and great, and the tasting and "learn-to-pour-a-guinness" was a great gimmick. The store have a very big selection, and i got some items with me back home. I also enjoyed the commercial exhibition. But don´t be a fool - this is a tourist attraction, of course they have a big store, but unlike almost every other tourist attraction, pictures taken in the Photo Booth e.g. is NOT charged extra.
  • Photo of Pete W
    4 months ago
    Travelled here with my girlfriend and had a good afternoon in the Guinness Storehouse. It is a very informative tour which shows the history behind the place and how the black stuff is made. The all important part is the pint of Guinness on the top floor which offers great views over Dublin and of course the drink in your hand. During the tour you get a little taster drink which is cute.
  • Photo of alefbetty
    4 months ago
    Overrated thought it could have been one floor instead of spreading it out to a whole building. Nice views and for those who like free there is a free beer altho for 20e you can just go to a pub
  • Photo of csu70
    4 months ago
    With artistic brewing process displays, interesting history and lots of information readily provided on this self-guided tour of the Guinness Brewery at Sant James Gate in was the most expensive beer I have ever had! Even with a discount (senior or online prepaid) this seemed overpriced for a self-guided tour and one pint of beer. From The Gravity Room, on the top floor where you get your pint of beer, the 360 degree view of Dublin is amazing. There is also a snack bar area and Restaurant (excellent menu selection and food) and of course a souvenir shop that has everything imaginable with the Guinness label on it. A great Dublin "Thing to do" on a rainy day when you have hours to spend inside.
  • Photo of Gehen91
    4 months ago
    I came here with my boyfriend and his father who came to visit from France. There was no tour guide and the directions where not clear at all which led to some confusion , never really knowing where to go next. As an Irish person I found it easy to learn a lot about the history of Guinness but I think as a foreigner visiting the storehouse there isn't much use in doing so unless you wear those tour head phones. I would have like a little bit more interaction with staff but I felt there was none at all.
  • Photo of sgummadi
    4 months ago
    The only thing I liked here was the view from the gravity bar and the video on how to make barrels. Other than that absolutely worthless! You don’t get to see the real process at all it’s just a bunch of Guinness propaganda with a guide on how to make beer.
  • Photo of Emmcall
    4 months ago
    This tour was awesome! So informative, and the very best Guinness I have tasted. A modern experience.
  • Photo of benbQ2575LZ
    4 months ago
    My whole family had a great tie ( cranky kids too). We were there in October, so I guess it was off-Season and on a Thursday too. Hardly anyone there & no lines added to the experience. It was fascinating, and I had high hopes going in. My young boys also liked it, and later said how surprised they were by how much they liked it. The gift shop has EVERYTHING and more, at what I thought were reasonable prices. Great tour, worth your time. Try to go during an off time to avoid crowds.
  • Photo of cra27
    4 months ago
    We booked our tickets online ahead of time (there is a discount). Check in for this was so easy and we skipped a lot of the line! There are several floors that detail the history of Guinness and of brewing itself. The displays are very well done and well explained without getting too technical. We really enjoyed the carbonation exhibition with the bubbles. The gravity bar at the top was cool, but very crowded, so we went down a floor to enjoy our pint. We also thought the tasting experience where you learned to proper way to taste Guinness was very cool.

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