Photo of Virgin Beach in Karangasem, , ID
Photo of Virgin Beach in Karangasem, , ID
Photo of Virgin Beach in Karangasem, , ID
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Virgin Beach


sun loungers • white sandy beach • an umbrella • beautiful beach

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  • Photo of Carlo1511
    4 months ago
    Water is still quite nice but with almost every inch of white sand taken up by umbrellas and chairs, definitely not serene!
  • Photo of scootabout
    5 months ago
    A beautiful little bay with white sand and a row of warungs that provide sun lounges on the sand. The water was clear and blue, at times a little rough getting through the breaking waves but enjoyable out a bit further. There were a few local people offering massage and souvenirs on the beach but not pushy or overwhelming. The service and food at our warung was very good. We travelled by scooter to get there although a lot of people came by boat. It was a very relaxing, enjoyable and comfortable day at the beach.
  • Photo of Laurent B
    5 months ago
    Lovely beach near Candidasa with golden sand! Nice walk from the car park but be prepared to pay twice: once on the road to the car park and once to enter the beach!! Just because 2 villages can't agree! Once on the beach, you will have the choice of different restaurants and I'd recommend the Warung Budiayu where we've had some really good grilled fish. It gives you access to free sunbeds and umbrella! We haven't tried but you can also have massages on the beach.
  • Photo of Stuckforwurdz
    5 months ago
    You can go by road but anyone will direct you to a local fisherman in Candidasa who can take you to the beach fir the day. It's like a mini version of Jimbaran although the waves were gentler on our day. Sunbeds were free with lunch which was lovely - great service too at Virgin cafe although there is a whole row of warungs. You can rent snorkelling gear, have a really cheap massage and buy nice little bracelets and things for tuppence from the beach ladies. They are all pretty persistent over there so best say yes and bargain a little. It's fun and helps them out. Brilliant day out if you are in the area or fed up of the other resorts. This is more genuine. Have a meal out in La Rouge or LeZat in Candidasa afterwards to make your day out even more worthwhile.
  • Photo of Snezana L
    5 months ago
    A day trip from Kuta well worth it... Recomend paying a dollar to get a motorbike lift down to the beach once you arrive..massages.. Food drink all here ..lounge chairs .. Take a walk before deciding where to land for the day .. The current was quite strong during my visit ..I really enjoyed this little gem of a driver Billy who took me here also included a few aewsome spots along the way.. Bali by Billy check him out
  • Photo of David H
    6 months ago
    The beach about 2,5 hours from Denpasar. They asked tickets 2 at the front area...the second ticket just at the beach...quiet annoying...but when you see the view...sand...and the water...all that feeling washed away...not many people at the it feels like private beach...the sand was very smooth...the water and sky very trash like kuta or sanur beach. Restaurant put fair price for the food and beverage, they also have fast wifi connection. When you eat can use their umbrella for free. Virgin beach very recommended for people who like beach...This is heaven on earth
  • Photo of clreichert24
    6 months ago
    Our driver took us to the "hidden" entrance. The view right before you go down to the beach is amazing. The beach itself was very nice and clean. A variety of places to get food and drink. The water was beautiful and clear. My husband and I even got a half hour massage each for less than $10 USD. The beach wasn't terribly busy either so we didn't feel crowded at all. Great beach!
  • Photo of andycandra
    6 months ago
    As you have to travel far from Kuta to reach this beach, you will not know what kind of weather you will get there. If you are lucky, the beach is heavenly. But if the weather is bad, then you will regret your decision going there because: 1. As your car enter the area, you will have to pay a ticket per person to use the gravel road to the beach parking lot. 2. From the parking lot, you will have to walk a fairly steep stoney path to get to the beach itself. 3. Now this is the funny part, after you paid the "road use" ticket, you will have to pay an entrance fee to actually enter the beach area. Some if not most people feel upset by this setup. The village people (no pun intended) in charge just simply say that the road and the beach belong to different villages and you don't have to go to the beach if you dont want to pay. I personally think that this place is not worth going if your time is limited as the only certain thing about this beach is the funny, to put it nicely, ticket sales management that could potentially lower your opinion about the paradise island.
  • Photo of casmudib
    6 months ago
    Beautiful beach, white sands, so natural and view of trees. i go to the beach twice. see to the best sunrise.
  • Photo of Mopar2J
    7 months ago
    After reading the many good reviews about Virgin Beach on TripAdvisor we decided it was time to check it out and after long and at times a very dangerous drive we finally arrived. We live in Bali, Ubud area and left our villa at 9.30am arriving at Virgin Beach at 12.25pm somewhat shaken after another horrendous driving experiences and narrowly avoiding two major crashes because of the many dangerous, stupid Balinese drivers. Our GPS did get us to the right area but it started giving incorrect directions when we did arrive close to the beach turn off? and it was by pure luck that we seen a large green sing with an arrow pointing to Virgin Beach. After surviving the trip, we arrived at the top of this supposedly famous beach, but on first site of the parking area, it was a big letdown and I was thinking we had done the wrong thing, but we were here now, so on we went to eventually be stopped for the mandatory entrance fee, which is 5000 [$0.50] per car everywhere we have ever had to pay in Bali,, but here it was 10.000 per person? [$1] So after parking in a poorly maintained parking area, we were directed to a path that led down to the beach, the path was about 3 meters wide but had not been maintained. The path was more suitable to goats as the surface was constructed of crushed limestone that had sharp limestone rocks sticking upwards and dangerous at times as my wife discovered after catching her thongs a few times on the protruding pieces of rock. We soon discovered that we had to navigate our way down, at times, a very steep path, not for the elderly for sure! We arrived at the bottom some10 minutes later, somewhat worse for the experience only to find that we had to pay another 10.000 entrance fee for the privilege to enter the beach area, which consisted of white greyish sand that was very hot in places to walk on, which I discovered after taking my thongs off. The entire beach consisted of old wooden sun lounges that had very old well worn mattresses that didn’t look to clean at all? and after looking around, I started wondering if we were actually at this great Virgin Beach?? There were many small Warung eateries and a few clothing outlets and after walking the full strip we found that everything looked old and sad. Having seen enough, we headed back and stopped at a small Warung that was advertising free Wi Fi and had lunch, "surprisingly", the Wi-Fi was okay, beer cold and the food was okay, staff quite friendly, but bit slack? We didn’t use the sun lounges as didn’t like the look of them, but there were many tourists doing so. We spent 1 1/2 hours there and only that long as the drinks were nice and cold and well priced and also we were being entertained by the many foreign tourist being dumped on the foreshore, via quite big waves and at times, very big and quite dangerous. I say foreshore as the huge dumping waves were doing just that and were breaking and crashing about 20 meters off shore and literally dumping anyone in its path, it was obvious to us that these waves had a huge force behind them, they weren’t the normal wave that one encounters, but huge dumping waves, and it would seem to us anyways, that these tourists had no experiences with these type of waves and had no idea how to handle the conditions at all [no life guards] and we seen many people being dumped hard when they tried to body surf, or whatever they were trying to do? and a few must have been slammed on the heads as a couple of lads come up spitting out sand and water holding their heads. This beach is totally unsuitable for children, on our visit anyway? It was quite funny to us anyway to see people being dumped and while being washed into shore to see their legs above the surf one second then there top part of their body's the next second being tumbled over and over, we even see a few girls having their bikini’s ripped off them and when they could finally stand and stop spitting out sand and water, they realized that they were fully exposed, which they found very funny, all very amusing, and it was beyond me how these people were enjoying themselves as not only did they have sand were sand shouldn’t have been, they didn’t understand how dangerous the situation really was? but I guess that’s what tourist like doing and they were laughing and having a great time. Anyway, after relaxing and being entertained and surprisingly fair to good meal, we started back and had a good old laugh when a larger that normal wave attacked a bunch of tourists relaxing on sun beds and swept all their belongings away and left them like shags on a rock, very funny to see the commotion that followed and we were in good spirits until we reached the base of the almost vertical goat path that we had to tackle. There was a young lad offering to take you to the top on his scooter for 10.000, but he had that smug look about him, so told him no thanks, an answer I soon lived to regret as half way up when he drove past us with a paying passenger aboard, I wished it was me Ha! We eventually arrived at the top sweating and starting to cramp a bit and were never so happy to reach our car and swearing that we would never do that again as quite honestly, the whole situation and the beach is just not worth the long and at times, very, very dangerous drive. I was told there are Hotels somewhere along this beach area, but we never seen them? One pleasing thing was I never seen any beach Hawkers? We have visited many beaches, swam and fished in most since living in Bali and I can honestly advise you that really one beach is the same as the next and unless there is a special attraction being offered at a certain beach, then don't bother and the only beaches we ever visit, for swimming anyways must have white sand, of course there are the great small hidden black sand beaches that only the locals know about, but unless your into surfing, or scuba dividing, then beaches like this Virgin Beach just aren’t worth the effort to visited and by far the better beaches can be found down South of Bali and are all mostly white to a light tan coloured sandy beaches.
  • Photo of Naune14
    7 months ago
    We had to pay twice to get there ! 2 x 20'000 rp! I know it's not too much for most people but I can't agree with this tourist = money concept ! After we discuss with some locals, the second "entry" is fresh new and even them complain about this racket... A lot of people just get away after being asked for more money at the beach by rude and pathetic guys. Sadly at the beach the same concept apply ! Everybody runs at you trying to take your money with overpriced drink and lunch! Even though, the beach is clean and the water clear ! I hope this racket will end in a near future and everybody could just go there peacefully!
  • Photo of stefanuswisnu
    8 months ago
    This beach is a hidden gems in the area The street is still about to build so it need an effort to reach the beach. There are 2 entrance to reach the beach choose the west side of it because if you take the east side it cost us 2x for entrance fee. Beautiful white sands beach with beer at your hand? Hmm awesome
  • Photo of SzediSzi
    8 months ago
    Beautiful white&black sand beach. Clean and nice bars everywhere :) If you have a meal in the bar, you get the bed and the towel for free. Also you can have a shower at the end of your day. They do order for you a taxi if needed. Deserves to check this place if you are in Bali
  • Photo of agnes G
    8 months ago
    If you have a possibility, ask the taxi driver to take the up hill road in Bugbug which is currently under construction. The road brings you to a place with amazing views on Candidasa, Bugbug and the Virgin beach. The entry is less than 1 USD for both the road and the beach. That way you are helping local people to built good infrastructure to reach the place. During our stay the beach was clean and accept for a lost local musician - quiet. We spent the day at the Sunrise Warung - good value for money and a friendly place but we don't recommend to take the French fries.
  • Photo of Teinalli_88
    8 months ago
    This Beautiful beach is located at Karangasem regency, not so far for Manggis Village. The last time i went there, the waves was super big, becuase the tide is going high. Bot recommend to swim during the high tide. Too dangerous. But during the low tide, this beach is beautiful with its blue water and really calm. Local people said the low tide usually happen in the afternoon. So if you plan to visit this beautiful beach, try in the afternoon.
  • Photo of sonyam1967
    9 months ago
    I come from a place that has all white sand beaches, so it was nice to have something to compare to. Beach was lovely, and clean. The day I was there, I didn't find it too crowded. The water is clear and beautiful-good for snorkeling around. I would suggest trying it out
  • Photo of Zargotheque
    9 months ago
    I came to Virgin Beach with 3 of my friends, we went there on 2 separated motorbike all the way from Denpasar. It took about 90 minutes, but we stopped several times for filled up the gasoline and bought some drinks. But our tired just gone as soon as we arrived at the beach. Not many travelers when we arrived, and it was so quiet, calm waves, also white sands. The beach itself wasn't too big, but the ambience was so nice. We stayed for awhile in one of the huts at the edge of the beach, and ordered some drinks. The price was divided by the seller, for tourists they gave slightly higher prices than for locals, but still affordable. I will definitely come back, but prefer to go there by car
  • Photo of Dimas_and
    9 months ago
    My choice for best beach in Bali island, whitesand beach and very clean (no coral). Really good for swimming, but be carefull that the waves is very dangerous for newbie swimmer. You can try balinese massage here (idr 100-150k). Best time to visit around 2-3pm
  • Photo of Ngurah L
    9 months ago
    Nice beach, white sand that true anyobody say that virgin beach i been many time come there with tourism from another country they book bali inspiration tours
  • Photo of Anna F
    10 months ago
    Beach loooks like a dream with nice little warungs that do their best to serve you perfectly grilled fish. Sunbeds in the shade and massages available. Great to spend a lazy afternoon.

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