Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
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Cafe Batavia


kota tua • fatahillah square • old city • second floor

Jl Pintu Besar Utara 14
Kota, Jakarta 11110, ID
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  • Photo of carimanola
    5 months ago
    Stopped for dinner at Cafe Batavia during a visit to Kota Tua in Jakarta. I loved the atmosphere, the restaurant is in a historic building. Inside you feel like you are in another era, with old pictures and posters decorating some of the walls. The food was very good. I had a Soto Betawi (Jakarta beef soup) and a fungsa chicken. Good portions and reasonably priced, I thought. The waitstaff was very attentive. Recommend sitting on the second floor next to a window facing Fattahillah Square to see the lively young crowd hanging out.
  • Photo of Karit M
    6 months ago
    It's good place by beautiful old style building , classy furniture and decoration . I went to second floor for dining but food not really tasteful . Then went to downstair for enjoy drinking with smooth live music, it's great night.ANW, outside restaurant also have night market with lots of handcraft , street-art and show.
  • Photo of Traveller_Green037
    6 months ago
    This is the second time we were there and there were plenty of seats at the window, but they stated they were reserved. I took a picture at the beginning and the picture is when we left. NOBODY every used the table. This policy is bad.
  • Photo of Lie83
    6 months ago
    After you see museum fatahilah, bank indonesia and etc around Kota area. You can cooling your body here. Nice cafe with old style design (batavia) and also there is good live band. Grab a beer of caffee here. You would enjoy. Cheers
  • Photo of mfrederika
    6 months ago
    Museum Fatahillah Area is one of my favourite place in Jakarta and walking around the old town on a hot day will leave you sweaty and dehydrated. For trips like that, I enjoy being in Cafe Batavia to cool down while doing people-watching, especially if I get upstair table overlooking the square. The food is not cheap - there are plenty choices for cheaper and more relax atmosphere - but I still enjoy Cafe Batavia for its atmosphere and memory. The food is good - not superb but good. There are plenty of choices that go well if you are with kids and their grandpa and grandma. Coffee is good. Service is good. But if the place is full and you are in hurry, don't do there as service can be slow. Air-con with plenty of tables and sofa for your choice. This place is good if you like to go and dress for a night out with different surrounding in the city. Please bear in mind, parking in this area can be painful. Go with the train or TransJakarta bus if you can.
  • Photo of Anton P
    6 months ago
    We dont expect much when we come to this place. Its in tourism area and people actually do not have choice 😁 But we find the service actually good, friendly staff...informative also... Food also surprisingly better than my expectation 👍🏻 Next time I will try to visit at night...they open till midnight
  • Photo of Judy C
    6 months ago
    3 of us had lunch here overlooking the old Dutch square. The food was very good and the staff were very attentive. Would go again
  • Photo of Eojecneret
    6 months ago
    Food is good, Staff are friendly. Ideal for family and solo meal. The place was okay. The price is okay...
  • Photo of Vimala2201
    6 months ago
    The food was good bur the selection was not. They had not many Chinese or Indonesian dishes. Ambiance was good and I think they could have better service. They did not know what was their best seller and found it hard to recommend .
  • Photo of Nadya Y
    6 months ago
    The food and beverage are in average taste and not to expensive, but has a good ambience colonial type of building and also has a good views through the window on 2nd floor which facing to the historical museum at old town areas.
  • Photo of LynOfiana
    6 months ago
    Cafe Batavia is a restaurant nicely restored with an old colonial vibe. Their menu offers a wide selection of local and international dishes. The large windows in the main dining area allows the diners to have a nice view of Fatahillah Square and the natural light that comes in brightens everything up. Dining here is part of the old town experience that shouldn't be missed.
  • Photo of JCA10000
    6 months ago
    I visited the Cafe Batavia by chance yesterday in the afternoon and I had a pleasant surprise. The old building is magnificent and made me feel like I was traveling back in time. We only had a few beers and tasted some very well prepared breaded shrimp. The service is very good and the atmosphere invites you to stay.
  • Photo of Manuel Angel M
    6 months ago
    Beautiful colonial build with a great selection of Indonesian coffees. We ordered coffee and desserts with a great value. Must visit if you are in Jakarta.
  • Photo of ReviewerIndia
    6 months ago
    place is a quintessential dutch building, to give a feel of luxury in colonial era, if you are used to modern urban place in Jakarta perhaps this is not for you.. but if like retro atmosphere this is must try. The place host live music on the ground floor and fine dinning resto on the 1st floor, with a picsquare view of the fatahila building across the square from the giant windows. Note: Request to be seated next to the window to get a perfect view, but it come with a 2 hours timer :) atleast on a busy day.
  • Photo of stijn s
    6 months ago
    The restaurant is extremely nicely decorated. Still in the Dutch colonial style. It is a must too see when you are in the old city centre of Jakarta. The menu has several dishes, mainly indonesian cuisine. The food is good. The service also, but the price is too high. Good for once
  • Photo of Dewi R
    6 months ago
    I went there on Saturday during Chinese New Year. All the waiters and waitresses were wearing Chinese clothes. I dont know whether it's because of the occasion or their usual uniform. Nonetheless, it is nice to see the red uniform combined with the old-style building of Jakarta. The live music also added up the classic atmosphere aside from the interior design. Sadly, the live music only performs from 2-4 pm and 8.30 om, so we need to pick the best time to come. The food was great, but it was quite expensive for the average people like me. Overall, it was nice cafe to hang out.
  • Photo of ClimbingOut
    6 months ago
    This is an incredibly atmospheric restaurant overlooking one of Jakarta's main squares in the older part of the city. The 19th-century building is presented in 1930s style with lots of wood and ceiling fans. It has the feel of going back in history to a comfortable bygone era. Get a table at the upper (non-smoking) floor with spectacular views of the square. The menu is quite varied with Asian and Western cuisine. We only had time for a quick lunch consisting of Sundays and lime juice. Probably the best satays I have had anywhere! Plenty of other things to see in the immediate vicinity of the cafe.
  • Photo of Justyna Z
    6 months ago
    Cafe Batavia is definitely a must see in Jakarta Kota Tua (old town). I had there one of the most expensive coffees in Indonesia :) But this is the price you pay to look around it. The interior has a unique atmosphere of colonial times. The most interesting is the collection of photos covering the walls. Take your time and have a closer look at them (ladies bathroom is a nice place to contemplate photography) . Some are signed by celebrities. Worth visiting.
  • Photo of maciejbosak
    6 months ago
    Great old fashioned restaurant / bar / cafe. They serve: food from all over the Asia as well as Western food. One can drink various types of Indonesian coffee and different types of imported licquores. There is traditional jazz music playing in a background. It is a must visit place in Kota Tua.
  • Photo of hari610
    7 months ago
    This is the place where you can feel te ambiance of indonesia during dutch colonialized. The food is not so special, but we are there to feel the ambiance.

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