Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
Photo of Cafe Batavia in Jakarta, , ID
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Cafe Batavia


kota tua • fatahillah square • old city • second floor

Jl Pintu Besar Utara 14
Kota, Jakarta 11110, ID
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  • Photo of Etank14
    3 months ago
    Nice staff, nice interior, nice food, nice view from second floor. A lot of vintage pictures on the wall, even toilet. Food is just average.
  • Photo of DjangoDjango
    4 months ago
    The place is a bit pricy, but you pay for the service and location. This has to been one of the most beautiful and preserved colonial buildings that I've seen in my life. We had some juices and a indonesian coffee which were excellent. We were a bit hungry and had some dimsum and buns which were delicious. The menu is pretty big, they have Dutch, Chinese and indonesian dishes. On the first floor there was a band playing and on the second floor there's a beautiful sit down room which is very nice to have a meal. For me a must visit if you're in the oldtown !
  • Photo of Cuddlefi5h
    4 months ago
    This was my third visit to this fantastic restaurant and it always delivers wonderful food, imaginative drinks and amazing atmosphere!! A trip to the bathroom is as much an experience as wandering through the restaurant which is covered in framed photographs of many celebrities and famous people. The dessert menu was presented on the back of a B&W image of Princess Diana just stunning. The waitstaff are attentive and have exemplary English. Highly recommend this bit of Indonesian history, located in the old quarter of Jakarta. A stroll through the square to look at the 'living sculptures' is always a great experience make sure you tip them 5000Rp to take a photo as this is their living and equates to about 50c a pic
  • Photo of RaiderEarl53
    4 months ago
    Went with a friend, and shared some fabulous traditional Indonesian dishes. Food was all VERY fresh and flavorful, so we shared multiple dishes! The cafe is decorated with lots of fun photos from all over the world, and has a great relaxed vibe! Staff is very attentive and friendly. Also located very conveniently to lots of local shops and attractions. Highly recommended!
  • Photo of Nader S
    4 months ago
    Cafe Batavia is located just by the historic Fatahillah square. The square is supposed to be the heart of old Jakarta but to be honest the only thing of interest in the square is this cafe. The interior reminded me of "Rick's Cafe" in Casablanca, the walls were filled with nostalgic pictures of old movies. This included the very interesting bathrooms.
  • Photo of praneesweetbee
    4 months ago
    I love all old valuable pictures on the wall. The place is a must to visit. You can imagine the old Batavia which is not so crowded like it is now. I do love it a lot.
  • Photo of vanDam85
    4 months ago
    Nice place for dinner or for a drink. Looks great, both from the outside and the interior. You can find a mix of Indonesian and Dutch dishes on the menu. Around the building you'll find a nice square with lots of people and the former city hall or Stadhuis. Also worth visiting
  • Photo of petrabarus
    4 months ago
    It's a restaurant with old colonial interior located at historical site. The selection of food is quite variety. They are quite delicious but somewhat overpriced. The service is just average and some time can be a bit unprofessional.
  • Photo of Girish D
    4 months ago
    We visited this place for drinks and loved it. Located in historical quarter of Jakarta, it's well maintained and decore is beautiful like back in 50s. You get a good view of square below with other colonial buildings. They have good selection of food and drinks and staff was friendly.
  • Photo of PavelB23
    4 months ago
    Another overpriced restaurant manipulating people's love for history and exploiting naive tourists. Nice interior, ok choice of food but too expensive and isn't worth it. You can buy all kinds of tasty food not far from the restaurant area for a much cheaper price
  • Photo of Iris d
    4 months ago
    Very old Dutch interior which is clearly reflective of the old Dutch colonial influence. Service was rather prompt and there's free wifi. Food is overpriced and mediocre but definitely would recommend the cocktails.
  • Photo of Emil N
    4 months ago
    Went there to get away from the busy Fatihillah square, the restaurant was super busy and people smoking inside. It's quiet expensive. But a good view over Fatihillah square
  • Photo of wilsonQaz
    4 months ago
    I came to this place after recommendation form staff hotel. This place is very unique, located in old jakarta. Food is nice and server restaurant also very attentive. Love this place. I think you can also think to make special signature and inform guest once they want to taking order. So we dont need read the menu and absolutely trust food/drink recommendation from the server. Over all this is very very great place.
  • Photo of Gigi Z
    4 months ago
    The place is full of historical pictures which I found very interesting. There were a lot of people so we waited for awhile to be seated. The ambiance is is welcoming. There was a band playing downstairs. I could see that it is a place for mostly foreigners to visit. The menu has ample variety. The food is a little pricey but delicious. We took a lot of good photos as the place is full of historical artifacts.
  • Photo of EmmsKaur
    4 months ago
    Food is goooooood!! Drinks are awesome and of course the place that looks like you step back in time. Vintage all the way, with lost of old photos, its very interesting. Its a bit messy, but you can easily ignored it after seeing what they provide you inside which is very easy on the eyes. Went there on a sunday for lunch, the food is delicious, the sambal matah is unbelievably good (Iasked for the recipe, they didnt give me of course) BUT they gave free sambal for me to take home, its just simply delicious. Music is good, the band playing there on a sunday is very good. He sounded very nice. Kudos for the Manager for choosing this band. I recommended to all my friends and most of them give a delightful feedback. Keep it up!!
  • Photo of angeline1988
    4 months ago
    Very friendly staff and the food was really good! Nice cold beers and comfi sofa's after a long hot day in Jakarta.
  • Photo of Benedict M
    4 months ago
    Came here because the museum was closed due to Friday prayers. It was nice, food and beverages are reasonably priced. The place was cool and it was a great getaway from the scorching sun.
  • Photo of Jasmineli
    4 months ago
    Very speical cafe in Jakarta. Good decoration shows relax and old fashion automosphere. Food is ok, be sure to try Badavia Coffee. Many taxi drivers do not know where to drop you off. Just arrive kota dua, Jakarta history museum and walk through the square. It is easy.
  • Photo of Budsantosa
    4 months ago
    international food menu. The building is gorgeous and the atmosphere is classically nuanced. great place to hang out while watching people at plaza
  • Photo of HT1024
    4 months ago
    Visited after a walk in the old town. Love the atmosphere and the colonial architecture. Service was good and there were good selection of cocktails and liqueur coffee. Nice place to rest you feet and get some calm away from the busy square.

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