Photo of EL Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club in Badung, Ba, ID
Photo of EL Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club in Badung, Ba, ID
Photo of EL Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club in Badung, Ba, ID
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EL Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club

Spanish Restaurant

tapas • paella • the cliff • infinity pool

Jalan Pantai Cemenggok
Badung 80361, ID
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EL Kabron Restaurant & Beach Club has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Henny S
    4 months ago
    Without wanting to sound too cheesy I think everybody can imagine that this place it THE dream spot for a proposal: a flawless greeting at the door (the door staff must have been informed), a delightfully attentive personal waiter and of course: the view of the endless ocean in front of us in our private seating area. The sunset was just spectacular and something we won't forget in out-of-this-world orange and red reflections. Everything was rounded off perfectly by a bottle of Moët and authentic Spanish tapas. We have been coming to El Kabron since their beginning, when it was still more of a sandy beach cliff club with bean bags in the ground - which had a lot of charm too! But from the beginning you could see what they're aiming at - and judging by our most recent experience: they have succeeded. Hard to find something that can be improved. Nothing else to add. It's one of those highlights of Bali.
  • Photo of Lorraine H
    4 months ago
    Our two families visited this spectacular restaurant for dinner. We mostly ate tapas and drank sangria. The food was excellent and the decor (inside and out) was beautiful. Service was friendly and efficient. We had coffee and dessert on the pool deck overlooking the ocean. Stunning.
  • Photo of Msaminassar
    4 months ago
    Amazming place for relaxing, Food was great and drinking also Amazing sunset view Stuff and service very good Very good place for couples
  • Photo of Rowena B
    5 months ago
    We are always satisfied at El Kabron. From the service to wine selection to the menu. My partner and I like this place so much for dining and watching the sunset.
  • Photo of D T
    5 months ago
    It was $50usd for us to get access to the pool and less than half of that applies to your food bill. No beach access. Blue heron in Padang Padang has an infinity pool for $10usd to access the pool and excellent food. Sitting here now and enjoying our view.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Came here with my boyfie 2 times. The second time i came here by our rent bike so our hair looks messed up lol and the woman receptionist look at us like a "weird expression" its a bit rude thought (i suggest to give more briefing to the receptionist how to treat customer politely) Then we pay for their Cliff Club VIP for IDR 1.300.000 for 2 and then the receptionist face from weird face turn to full of smile face haha so funny. At the end we pay almost IDR 3.000.000 plus dinner. Its ok we dont care coz we want to enjoy our day, dont want to angry. We go inside, seat at the front cliff, got 2 glass of champagne and towel. The view so beautiful, sunset is amazing, thats why i came back here again. One of the waiters name is "Wawan" is super nice, great service, friendly and very helpfull. We really enjoy our time at Elkabron coz of him. We also having dinner here, their "Seafood Paella" was OK im sure it must can be more delicious. Their dessert are Yum!! for drinks I recommend "Gin tonic with rosemary / cucumber". They also have dancing performance and live music at dinner time. (we came here saturday night) Will give 5 stars if the receptionist nice, and add more restroom / change rooms.
  • Photo of Sophie B
    5 months ago
    From staff members, to drinks, to food, to views this place is one of a kind. Highly recommend El Kabron to anyone!
  • Photo of MinnNugget
    5 months ago
    El Kabron was a mixed bag for me. It had an amazing view, on the cliff right up against the ocean and facing the sunset. The sunset we had that day was very beautiful, no clouds to block the view. The service was good too as the staff were all very helpful and friendly. However, it was quite pricey to get in considering the amount we paid could have stretched for 2-3 good meals elsewhere. One disappointment was how small the pool actually was. We weren't expecting a huge pool, but certainly something larger than what it was because of all the photos we saw online. It was a good photo spot (surely the right kind of venue for the millenial instagramer) but what you don't see is the crowd outside of the photo frames. In anycase, we were still happy to visit El Kabron to see the sunset. Perhaps good to see once but it's not a place I would personally want to visit again.
  • Photo of 2009cmc
    5 months ago
    Whilst in Bali you must witness the sunset from El Kabron. We opted for the dining package where you pay an entrance fee if Rp350,000 per person ($35) but is then removed from you food bill at the end. Keeps the restaurant exclusive. They have parking for your drivers. Make sure you check the times for the sunset and book at least 1 hour before. The food, and service is impeccable. Awesome drink menu to match the view out to the sunset is to die for looking from the cliffs of Ulawatu and down across the perfect surf. They where very accommodating with our Gluten Free and Children meals. They made a 3 slider burgers for our daughter and made her feel very special. Our two coeliac (gluten intolerance) said that they dined comfortably knowing that their needs where very well accommodated. Not a place for young children to run around. It has a ‘relaxed sophistication’ to the restaurant.
  • Photo of Giselle M Bonet E
    5 months ago
    Quantity is very limited it looks like it has been counted and served that's very disappointing We are staying at Nominos Villa and we expected much better quality and quantity of food. This need an improvement as it looks very obvious not that we are looking for value for money!
  • Photo of jaybee111
    5 months ago
    Visited on a recommendation to see the sunset and have a champagne arrival and dinner. Very nice location, but it was maybe just a little bit pretentious. Staff were very good and attentive. Food was not great, in my opinion.
  • Photo of Kimd_nz_777
    5 months ago
    Felt this place is over rated. Paid for the vip sunset view - the area was ok, was directly in sun with little shade, you cant eat any main meals down there only tapas - don't really see the point of this. The tapas we had were really average and was 110,000 for a bottle of water! Service was good however.
  • Photo of foodistaberlin
    5 months ago
    the restaurant is beautiful, nice decoration. gourmet food and tapas. prices are ok for the restaurant.
  • Photo of Teapot34
    5 months ago
    We loved this place so much that we came back a second night and brought our friend. The sunset was incredible, the service was perfect, the drinks were delicious and the tapas was really nice as well. Our waiter Odi really made the night for us, with his super friendly service, couldn't have asked for better. Feels like a luxury sort of a place, you do pay a bit more for it but it is 100% worth it.
  • Photo of marloesharb
    5 months ago
    Food was ok, not very special, but really expensive! In Europe its cheaper. Not what we're used of in Indonesia.
  • Photo of drekkaskilled
    5 months ago
    We were a little stuned by the enterance fee, but worth it. The food was good. (Very little chicken and alot of rice...) the live music was great. The drinks where so good and very big.
  • Photo of Fabrizio M
    5 months ago
    The restaurant/bar is perched on too of a cliff on a beautiful area of Ulu Watu. It is divided into an inside restaurant/bar, an al fresco restaurant and a pool bar/lounge. There is a cover charge to get in, which is rather odd, but I suppose that it helps to deter certain type of people. However, the prepay concept is rather unpleasant (ask for a credit card guarantee maybe more elegant?).Besides, the cover charge for the restaurant doesn t allow access to the pool area, which remains a VIP only. Not a crime in itself but make feel people lunching as if they are class b citizen. Not that those in the pool are class a citizen, on the contrary. The day we went was full of wannabe models spending their entire time instagramming their pouts. Tacky. Anyway. Food is average at best. We had some tapas (russian salad which was ok, but don't expect a spanish type russian salad, if you have ever tried one), croquetas were not the ones you would expect in a place like this rather in a cheap tapas bar. Chiporones swimming in puree was just edible. Then came the paella. Very unseasoned with fish that, believe it or not, did't feel as fresh as it should have been. The clams were especially bad- inedible. This is rather unacceptable at a place like this. Anyway nobody came to ask how the food was, or if we were enjoying our stay so no way to express our views. Hence me taking the time to go to tripadvisor and leave some feedback. Altogether an average luch for 1.75M among three ( we ordered only water and a couple of beers) which is an eye watering figure in Bali. So if you fancy good spanish food, avoid. If you fancy pouting on instagram go, you'll find amazing views for background. It's a pretentious place nowhere near as trendy as they think they are, with average service and high prices, but you may like it. I, on the contrary, will steer clear from now on.
  • Photo of MissPixieLix
    5 months ago
    We came here as a special day out to celebrate my brothers 50th birthday. This place the lows unfortunately outweigh the highs. Firstly, men are not allowed to enter if wearing a singlet. You must have a t shirt or you are not permitted entry. We were told that the reason for this is because you have to walk through the dining area to get to the VIP area. The restrooms are located near the front entry, which means whenever you need to use the bathroom, you have to walk back through the dining area. Strangely, we were told that once we have entered you can come back in to use the bathroom without the specified t shirt that was required to enter. ???????? We even saw women passing through in a bikini. This rule seemed ridiculous to say the least. The people in our group vary in what drinks they order. Some drink expensive wines while others just drink beer and soft drink. So we asked our waiter if we could split the bills. He became a bit flustered but took our order. Next thing this guy appears. Standing at our table with a "look" on his face. When we asked what he wanted he began to rant that we could not split the bills. He was quite arrogant and verging on rude. This left us all feeling quite disappointed. I believe he was the owner 😱😱😱 We tried to not let him ruin our day. The view is beautiful. The pool area is nice. We did feel it was a bit of a "look at me " place and is a bit too pretentious for me. To be honest I would not go back. The owners of this place need to have a good look at their little rules and the way they treat their customers. Let's face it, it's not cheap day out and the caliber of guests expect to be treated better than these people treat them. Do yourself a favour and give this place a big miss.
  • Photo of 801gianc
    5 months ago
    Views, service, drinks and food was all superb. From the pool beds to the water, and also the live music. Clams awesome
  • Photo of MonicaDDR
    6 months ago
    Magic spot on top of Uluwatu's cliffs with amazing sea views and Binging Beach and Dreamland views. I spent a whole day with my 8 friends, as we were missing Spanish food and wanted to give us a luxury treat, as Uluwatu was our final destination after spending 2 weeks in Indonesia. Average price £30/£40 expenditure, as you pay an entrance fee which includes £20 voucher to spend in food and drinks and you are able to have a sunbathing chair or bed if you are a 6 people group, and of course, includes access to their beautiful sea-view turquoise pool! Very good food quality with many options.Spanish cuisine plus Moet & Chandon cup! Great spot to spend a whole day and wait for Uluwatu's magical sunset!

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