Photo of Pizza Me #4 in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Pizza Me #4 in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Pizza Me #4 in Budapest, , HU
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Pizza Me #4

Pizza Place

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  • Photo of Colleen E
    5 months ago
    No air conditioning, but we got our pizza to go. The waiter/clerk was nice but took a piece of pizza sitting out and warmed it in either a microwave or fast oven. We fed the kids - thin crust - they were happy but I doubt I would've been.
  • Photo of Sly W
    6 months ago
    Smaczna pizza w bardzo włoskim stylu, cienkie ciasto i wysokiej jakości dodatki. Polecam pepperoni z Gorgonzola. Kawałek w cenie 390huf.
  • Photo of Vadim_1212
    7 months ago
    Отлично подходит для тех, кто спешит и хочет перекусить на ходу, быстро, вкусно и недорого. Пицца на тонком тесте, заказывали 3 разных кусочка и все были очень вкусными.
  • Photo of kirstenstravels3
    7 months ago
    Was looking for some cheap food which this is. Walked in asked for some cheese pizza slices "no one left" sharply said by the young girl. We then selected a second option and she demanded the money and slammed our chance and receipt on the counter. Pizza wasn't that all great definitely other places to visit don't recommend.
  • Photo of Adam T
    8 months ago
    We needed some quick food to grab and go before a tour round Budapest, and this was perfect. Very cheap for good quality pizza; we tried the ham and mushroom, margarita, and hot salami – all of which were great.
  • Photo of testerhungary
    8 months ago
    3x jártam a helyén,de sajnos nem lesz következő alkalom... A pizza ár-érték arányban jó 5/4 A az alapanyagok minősége 5/5 Viszont a kiszolgálás csapnivaló! 4 ember áll a pultban, 1 megpróbál kiszolgálni, 1 mögötte áll és nézi ahogy a kolléganője úszik,a háttérben 2 pizzás szakács fogja a könyökét és röhögnek a saját kolléganőjükön, közben pedig kígyózik a sor... Mi ez???
  • Photo of 858姜e
    8 months ago
    到歐洲一定要吃吃看他們的比薩 跟台灣的不太一樣 油比較少 吃起來就是台灣的窯烤比薩 非常好吃 價格也很合理 有機會值得一試
  • Photo of Levente K
    10 months ago
    Séta közben akadt az utunkba és csak úgy tettünk egy próbát. Azt kell mondjam nem bántuk meg. A hely kicsi, így nagy forgalom esetén gind lehet, nekünk szerencsénk volt és kevesen voltak. A kiszolgálás átlagosan kedves. A pizza viszont szerintem 4 pontot ér. Kellően vékony, pont ropogósra sült, a feltétek frissek és jó ízűek. Menet közben az ideális pizza falatozó hely a belvárosban.
  • Photo of Carlo L
    10 months ago
    If you are looking for a take away close to the St. Stephen's Square/Basilica, this Pizza Me would be the closest aside from the Starbucks nearby. We tried five different flavours and the mushroom would be my top pick, followed by ham. The ice cream stall (also owned by Pizza Me) has good ice cream, though you'd need to pay for it separately outside. Do not forget to grab at least a slice of the Nutella pizza, it's simply to die for.
  • Photo of LILIYA_MASK
    a year ago
    Вот уж никак не думала, что в Будапеште пойду есть пиццу. Но застал нас дождь, а мы без зонта. Да еще и не слишком голодные, чтобы идти в ресторан с огромными блюдами. Поэтому решили перекусить пиццей, и правильно сделали! Нам очень понравилась пицца! Брали два вида - с грибами, с сыром, оливками. Вкусная, пропеченная, с тонким тестом. Очень понравилась. И еще я сказала мужу: - "по-моему, вкуснее, чем в Италии... И намного дешевле)))"
  • Photo of TheGirlOfTerezKorut
    When you get our from a club in the middle of the night you know that pizza me is your best friend. When you are in the city and you are hungry, terribly hungry, you will look at it like the most amazing thing happened in that day. The pizza is good and I suggest you the truffle one. They sell slices of pizza or whole. Recommended
  • Photo of monkeychops43
    a year ago
    Ate there last night and what a fantastic pizza they serve. I'm a bit of a fanatic about the old pizza having the Number one pizza in the world in Naples. There's a square pizza thats apparently really good will update once i've tried.
  • Photo of Mathias H
    a year ago
    One of the best mushroom pizzas I have ever had. Simple ingredients, but cooked to perfection. I'll definitely recommend this place.
  • Photo of cass86
    a year ago
    Had a full size pizza to take back to hotel was ok little tight on the toppings ok if your a little hungry as the do single slices too
  • Photo of lee k
    a year ago
    Had dinner nearby saw this pizza place and i thought why nt grab a slice for supper later. Turns out even tho d pizza turn cold but it was stil delicious. Loved d generous toppings and crunchy crust . Staffs were lovely.Though noticed some cant speak english well bt they have good service.
  • Photo of Dario Y
    a year ago
    They offer various types of pizza. Tried several of them, all good. The price is ok too. Nice place to drop by if you're having a stroll and in need of a quick bite.
  • Photo of PranavGoyal1217
    a year ago
    The pizzas on offer here are very good.Good big slices of pizza and decent taste as well. The best thing was, it was available almost all hours of the day. We picked up pizzas after a long night at around 4am as well. The staff is a bit rude, which seems to be a norm in Budapest with tourists. Prices were quite affordable.
  • Photo of VaniZsuzsi
    2 years ago
    It is great place to grab a slice of a fresh and real Italian slice of thin pizza. You can also get a full pizza for home.
  • Photo of ChefGaryC
    2 years ago
    Picture this. 4ish in the morning, a group of obnoxious Londoners walk in on their last night of thir holiday, waving the last of their Forint that they need to burn off before their flight in the morning. Offering to buy anyone in the shop a slice of pizza. We were the obnoxious Londoners. And the Pizza Me staff handled us in an amazingly professional way, and still fed and watered us. The fact of the matter was that we did not know this place existed. In a drunken stupor we befriended some local students after a night at nearby Kraft and asked what the best place to eat at that time. They said you can "have a dirty gyro down here" (pointing in a random direction) "or you can follow us to the best pizza place in budapest round the corner". Pretty easy decision to make. Its not a restaurant, its basically a pizza oven with about 10 seats, maybe more seating outside in the day. But the no frills was fine with us, between us 4 Londoners we probably bought about 15-20 slices of pizza, plus another 8 slices for the students that introduced us there. There was good selection and you other people were ordering pizzas to be made. We also inquired about what they had in the oven, and were basically ordering slices that were still being cooked. Order the truffle pizza, its cheaper than a gyro and much more nicer. I remember one of the workers, Sabine, being particularly nice, spurning our drunken advances in a very non-confrontational and professional manner. Considering how much these guys must deal with waves of drunken revellers from nearby Kraft and Otker (amongst many others), they still had smiles on their faces and were happy to converse with us drunk foreigners, amazing patience. Well done guys, we were very happy with our food an service.
  • Photo of GregEmily1
    2 years ago
    Great location with a gorgeous back drop. The pizza was fantastic, tasted great and was made fresh as we waited, which wasn't long at all. Price was pretty good for what we got but the only downside was the limited choice. Overall though, it was a great choice for our tea! :)

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