Photo of Jono Yogo - Árkád in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Jono Yogo - Árkád in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Jono Yogo - Árkád in Budapest, , HU
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Jono Yogo - Árkád

American Restaurant


Örs Vezér Tere 25/a.
Budapest 1106, HU
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  • Photo of amindentkiprobalo
    Finom, jó, hogy te tudod összeállítani, de ha sok mindent ráraksz az ár a végén magas lehet. Ennek ellenére ajánlom, de csak mértékkel: nekem sajnos túl hideg volt.
  • Photo of Keresztezodes
    2 years ago
    Szeretek ide járni,mert az év bármely szakában finom joghurtos fagyit lehet enni,szokták variálni a kínálatot is,ami nagyon jó,kedvencem a sárkánygyümölcs fagyi.Egyedül a kiszolgálás hagy némi kívánnivalót maga után ,attól függően ki dolgozik.
  • Photo of Korszakasz D
    2 years ago
    Tetszik , fiatalos , trendi és nagyon finom !:) Ötletesnek tartottunk, hogy saját magunk válogathatjuk össze a toppingokat a fagyinkhoz és ez benne van az árban , az az mindent mérlegre rakás után kell fizetni.:) Ár érték arányban számunkra megérte , hiszen friss gyümölcs roletti és az öntet is benne van az árban nem kell külön fizetni érte , mint más fagyizókban!:))
  • Photo of Lalaki-Papaki
    3 years ago
    We (a couple) eat at Jono Yogo every time we visit West End shopping mall. This is one of the only yogurt places that survived in Budapest. Be quick to visit it because at least five yogurt places that we knew around Budapest got closed in one year. Maybe, this one will be the next, so hurry up to enjoy a delicious desert at this place. Jono Yogo at West End has many different flavours of yogurt starting with plain and vanila and finishing with Oreo cookies and kiwi. There are also hundred of different toppings like fresh fruits, syrups, candies, cookies, nuts and chocolates. Everything you wish except of hot chocolate. Cups and spoons are very big that motivates you to put a lot of yogurt and eat it quickly after. This restaurant also has a lot of tables in contrast to other places at food court. As a result, even if all tables at food court are full, you will always be able to sit at Jono Yogo. It could be 5/5 if not not absence of hot chocolate and quite watery nature (rather than creamy) that frozen yogurts has at Jono Yogo.
  • Photo of LiJames77
    3 years ago
    I am not a frozen yoghurt afficionado but wanted to try something different. Though it ended up being huge, and expensive compared to a 'normal' ice cream, it was not bad at all and the lady in the Mammut Shopping Centre was helpful enough.
  • Photo of pengemex
    3 years ago
    I must underline that this review us about the Jono Yogo in Allee shopping mall. We had visited the place several times, yoghurt is good, but the bored-faced lady behind cashier always ruins our experience. She looks annoyed and mad that we dare to disturb her in her relax. Once the chocolate yoghurt was not frozen but liquied so I wanted to start a new cup, but she tried to convince me that it is just the same good thing in spite of its physics. Of course not even saying a sorry. Their napkin is an unusable cheap one. The last thing that made me write this feedback was that our yoghurt today was old and tasted dusguisting so we had to throw it away. Maybe we should have complained but we did not want to contact the unfriendly woman, nor the gentleman having his lunch just behind the cashier. It was our last visit until management makes some improvement.

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