Photo of Fanki Donuts in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Fanki Donuts in Budapest, , HU
Photo of Fanki Donuts in Budapest, , HU
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Fanki Donuts



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  • Photo of Sarahlaver
    2 months ago
    If you visit Budapest and you love doughnuts, you have to visit this little shop. The Boston cream doughnut was delicious.
  • Photo of Barbaros T
    5 months ago
    Fanki Donuts kendi çapında küçük bir Donut dükkanı. Kaldığımız hostele yakın olduğu için bir kahvaltı için uğradık ve beğendikten sonra ertesi gün de uğradık. Çalışanların samimiyeti, çöreklerin güzelliği gayet hoştu. Sourcherry, mascarpone chocolate, boston vanilla, double chocolate ve pear mascarpone yedik ve hepsinden ayrı ayrı memnun kaldık.
  • Photo of Christopher186364
    6 months ago
    Excellent donuts with fillings in a variety of flavours and decent coffee too. Well worth popping into.
  • Photo of Frederik T
    6 months ago
    Awesome donuts with delicious filling. We got the walnut, ferrero and marcipan. So much more than a regular donut. The staff was kind and h
  • Photo of Erika H
    8 months ago
    Nem vagyok nagy fank rajongo de ezek a kis csodak rabul ejtettek. Rendszeresen vissza kell térnem! A marcipanos es a turo rudis kihagyhatatlan :) A hely maga pedig nagyon hangulatos, mindig baratsagos kiszolgalassal.
  • Photo of Caroline P
    8 months ago
    This place only does one thing, but they do it perfectly. We bought a box of 5 each day were here and loved it. Fresh, varied flavours and really nice staff (spoke English well too). A great surprise on the walk back to the hotel.
  • Photo of Erika L
    a year ago
    Két bajom van a hellyel. Nagyon pici, és benne az a nagy asztal tök felesleges. Így nem valami meghitt, még beszélgetni sem lehet nyugodtan. Lehetne nagyobb a választék, bár tudom, nem egyszerű: kis tételben sütni gondolom nem gazdaságos, sok idő, ne legyen túl kevés, de túl sok se, mert nem fogy el, stb. Viszont: a tészta tökéletes, pont olyan, mint amilyet dédnagymamám sütött. Nem könnyű feladat tökéletes fánkot sütni, nekik sikerült. A töltelék pedig maga a mennyország. Nagyon finom és bőséges.
  • Photo of mboyd71
    a year ago
    I have lived in Budapest a couple of years and had not, as yet, succumbed t theo donut craze, until recently. I live near Fanki Donuts and pass it daily, and it LOOKS SO GOOD. Recently I had a donut craving and decided that I'd just give it a shot. It was fabulous! I loved it so much I went back a couple of days later, and I was torn as to what kind to try, so I tried two kinds! And they were fabulous. Yes, and I went back again, and again. . . The shop is warm, bright, clean, and they serve good coffee and are quite friendly. The baked goods are ALWAYS VERY fresh. You may eat your donut there or have it "elvitel" (take away.) I would highly recommend the Boston Creme, the Sour Cherry, the Vanilla, and the Vanilla Poppyseed. The Sour Cherry and Vanilla Poppseed are filled donuts but they don't appear to be on the surface because they have a hole in them. Sour cherries and poppyseeds are also traditionally Hungarian. I love the way they combine a traditional breakfast dish with traditional Hungarian fillings. I haven't had anything here that wasn't fresh and fabulous!
  • Photo of Tomi V
    a year ago
    This little fun place has really great location but still you have to know where to go. Donuts in this place are amazing and really delicious. Reminds me really much donuts which I have eat at New York. Great selection and prices are really ridiculous cheap. Really recommend to visit this place!
  • Photo of Sandro G
    a year ago
    En un sitio cercano a Andrassy, se encuentra este pequeño local con terraza que ofrece una variedad de donuts y gofres así como bebidas calientes (café,chocolate...etc). Esta bastante bien para ir a merendar y disfrutar de un café caliente con un donuts
  • Photo of Damiano M
    a year ago
    An undeservedly underrated donut store, we stumbled upon it by pure chance and it took us by surprise. I felt compelled to write this after noticing that the place wasn't yet reviewed. Great selection of flavours, wonderful presentation of both the donuts and the shop, embarrassingly cheap (like so many places in Budapest). If you have a sweet tooth don't miss out. After so many months, I'm still drooling.

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