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Budapest 1088, HU
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  • Photo of Gabriel A
    2 years ago
    I got an email from them saying that I could arrive until 10pm, got there at 8:55pm and started calling for the owner. Arround 9:10pm after several calls he talked with me, told that check-in ended at 8pm and turned of the phone... pretty amazing.
  • Photo of Neki L
    2 years ago
    First of, the location listed is wrong. We arrived at the location and the host took us to a 10 minute walk to the apartment. It isn't far from the centre, but nobody told us that, so stop lying to people. Second thing, they clearly stated that we will have our own bathroom, which we payed for, but we didn't, we had to share it with some french people. It was... gross. Also, they clearly stated that we will have free wi-fi, but when we asked, the host said that we have to pay for it. That's not free wi-fi, is it? The sheets on the beds were really dirty, I don't think they've changed them... ever. We had to put our shirts over the pillows, because we didn't want to catch SARS or ebola. The only thing that is good is that the host never comes to check out on you, so you can do whatever you want and as loud as you want. My girlfriend and I took full advantage of this. To have some revenge for giving us the worst hostel ever, and lying about everything, we left the host a little gift, a cucumber that we used as a sex toy for 3 nights there. I really hope he will eat it for dinner.
  • Photo of Mike P
    2 years ago
    We made a booking through hostel bookers for 29 people and when we arrived at the address we found the hostel was not there! When we phoned the number they hung up. After a lot of running around including involving the tourist info, we found this place was a scam and they had several names and addresses but no hostels. Fortunately we only wasted £28 deposit but it did mean we were unable to enjoy any time in Budapest as we had to move on and travel overnight - very disappointing.
  • Photo of ShweNaga
    4 years ago
    Booked this place for the very busy night of May 2nd. I received confirmation from hotels.com and was informed check-in from 11:00am. However, the confirmation said further details for contact would be sent later. I never got any more details, so turned up at the address at midday, but there was no indication which bell we had to ring. The telephone number I was given as the owner's was never answered, even though I tried until at least 4pm. I submitted my mobile number and email but the owner seemed to make no effort to contact me at all. Therefore, had nowhere to stay as everywhere was fully booked, ruining my final day in Budapest. Completely unprofessional. Total disaster.
  • Photo of Boris P
    4 years ago
    wouldnt reccomend, not because its that bad, just i didnt get what i expected and for what i paid i could have got something better. it started by me arriving late. at about 7, when there was no one there, and had to wait for 20 minutes or more for someone to open the door, and not only that, but it was in a different adress from what they wrote. the room i got was for 4 people i guess, because it had 2 extra bunk-beds, it looked a bit old, some electrical plugs didnt work, the fridge did a lot of noise, but other then that, it was quite ok. the bathroom was kinda broken (they fixed it with a TAPE!!!), and it was common. so in conclusion, it seems like a place that isnt taken care of properly, although has a nice potential, i woudlnt go back there, unless im a backpacker with low standards, and if i was, then i guess i wouldnt choose smg that "expensive"
  • Photo of Fritz_Walter
    5 years ago
    I was very satisfied with this small place. All metro station is very near. Shopping is very easy. Restaurant in front of the house. hungarians are very friendly, you can ask everything. Important places are in walking distance.
  • Photo of Lydia v
    5 years ago
    Allthough we had mailed the arrivaltime to the hostel and gave them a call when we arrived,we still had to wait for about one hour before the representative arrived.He was very kind and helpful.The apartment (triple room) is situated very central and in a safe area with all the highlights in walkingdistance.Opposite is a Thai restaurant with a payable and tasty menu.Nearly opposite,on the corner there is a supermarket where you can purchase fresh bread and very nice coffee and hot chocolate milk. The apartment is in very bad condition and not clean at all.There is enough space,furniture and depository,but the cupboards and ledges were covered in dust.The kitchen is very poor equipped,just a few utensils not even enough for 3 pax.A very big bathroom,but not really clean. It's a pity, just some renovation and cleaning will make this place very great to stay. Tip for cheap shopping:visit the chinese market , bus 9 from Deak Ter ( just one direction) and don't listen to the lady of the tourist information that will tell you not to go there because it is dangerous;it's very safe.
  • Photo of Icoichi_0816
    5 years ago
    Stanzone dalla pulizia inesistente, senza asciugamani, con buchi nel muro e la "piacevole" compagnia di (almeno) 4 SCARAFAGGI, probabilmente presenti a causa della vicinanza con i bidoni della spazzatura maleodoranti. Il consiglio è di EVITARE ASSOLUTAMENTE questo posto, dato che tra l'altro si trova al pianterreno ed è disturbato dai rumori della strada. La biancheria da letto è spaiata e poco pulita, il bagno in condizioni pietose, la reception non era aperta nemmeno alle 11 del mattino (!!!) e non ci è stato concesso nemmeno un luogo in cui lasciare i bagagli l'ultimo pomeriggio. Dopo avere chiamato (ripetutamente) il telefono di riferimento ci è stato detto che, se volevamo lasciare i bagagli in custodia, avremmo dovuto pagare di più. Notare che non si tratta nemmeno di un posto economico dal punto di vista dei prezzi. Insomma, Budapest è una città splendida e assolutamente da visitare, ma NON all'Astori Hostel!!!
  • Photo of Fritz_Walter
    6 years ago
    I was very suprised how central this place. Nice comfortable apartments . Friendly staff. You have your own bath and kitchen.

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