Photo of Atelier Mestrovic in Zagreb, , HR
Photo of Atelier Mestrovic in Zagreb, , HR
Photo of Atelier Mestrovic in Zagreb, , HR
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Atelier Mestrovic


beautiful sculptures • croatian sculptor • sculpture museum • grant park

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  • Photo of Lise660
    4 months ago
    My husband and I enjoyed our visit to this gallery. Was reasonably priced, can get around the gallery in an hour or less. Very pleased my husband wanted us to go here.
  • Photo of fabiofort
    6 months ago
    This unique artist is a world famous sculpture, if you have been to belgrade you will have seen the victory monumentand the monument of gratitude towards France in the kalemegdan area. Some of the works exhivbited here are simply astonishing especially the images of christ, a statue og goethe and rodin working. An absolute must to visit if you are in zagreb
  • Photo of BuenoOrNot
    6 months ago
    Beautiful building and art. Nice display, great staircase and sculpture everywhere. I would go back to this Museum.
  • Photo of Peter H
    6 months ago
    The works of Mestrovic are captivating. The emotion captured by his sculptures is riveting. However, these could be curated sooo much better. We were given a poor photocopy of the floor plans of the atelier. It listed numbers with the name of the sculpture. It took a while before we found where the numbers were on the sculptures, or that they were numbered at all. And all it gave was the name of the work. No date, no context, nothing else. Unless you were very familiar with the artist already, this could have felt like a very disappointing scavenger hunt. The most information provided was for the displays missing because they were on loan to another gallery. The small museum in Vrpolje, the artists birthplace, does a better job. Considering the stature of the artist, this is a true shame. The three stars are for the art work, 3 out of three. The museum gets the rest.
  • Photo of A Y
    7 months ago
    I did not know much about Mestrovic's works before, and this is the place to learn more. I went on a weekday, and there were only a few visitors. The staff (a university postgraduate student doing internship there) was very helpful and answered in detail all my questions. I did not have time to visit the Mestrovic Gallery in Split, and was told that the Atelier Mestrovic is even better.
  • Photo of Marin H
    8 months ago
    This museum contains the most important sculptures of Ivan Meštrović, the most important Croatian sculptor and one of the greatest sculptors in the world. The only downside is working time
  • Photo of mariton35
    8 months ago
    We knew nothing of Mestrovic before planning our 2017 vacation to Croatia, but we were interested to learn. We're at a stage of life to explore and consider a broader palette of artistic expression than what we learned in our college humanities classes. Since it was said that Mestrovic was a devout Catholic, even as Gaudi was in Barcelona, we were interested to view his oeuvre against the cultural context in which he created. This atelier is an important collection of his available work in Croatia. We had assumed there would be a more authoritative and comprehensive collection at his Split Gallery, but this definitely did not turn out to be the case. There are studies and works in various media uniquely available at the Zagreb atelier, e.g. a black pieta with Mary tenderly kissing the sacrificed Jesus that I found to be exceptionally emotive. Overall, we found the atelier to be both the better introduction and the better collection of Mestrovic's art. It was also helpful to visualize his creation process viewing his work in the context of the surroundings of his home in the Gradec historic neighborhood.
  • Photo of garlec
    9 months ago
    He was been displayed all over the world. Has a statue of a priest in Split and some works in Chicago. His work is much like Rodin only more elongated and angular.The gallery is quiet and definitely worth a stop if you are into art
  • Photo of rseveral
    9 months ago
    Small museum with very few sculptures on display. Garden was not well tended and workers were noisy.
  • Photo of Andrija M
    a year ago
    This is probably the most important museum in Zagreb, where there are exhibits of the greatest sculptors of eastern europe Ivana Mestrovic. My complaint goes on working hours, this museum is more closed than open
  • Photo of Ontheroad164
    a year ago
    I was not familiar with this artist, but you can see echoes of Rodin and others contemporaries in his figures. It's a nice place to stop by while in the Old Town, but admittedly it was cold and we were looking for indoor activities. Worth the nominal entrance fee. No idea what the upstairs is like, as it was closed for refurb when we visited.
  • Photo of Jedai79
    a year ago
    Read about Ivan Mestrovic, a renowned Croatian sculptor & saw his works in St Mark's church when we attended mass there before we headed towards this gallery, Mestrovic Atelier on 6 Nov. How to get there? It is within the vicinity of the Upper Town, you can either take a funicular or walk up to the Upper Town. It is located not far from St Mark's church. Entrance fee 20 kn/pax. About S$4 (Cheaper now as we could only see the exhibits on ground floor, the access to upper floors was under renovation/repair.) We are not into sculptures, thus we saw his works rather quickly. We could have seen the sculptures in the garden in greater details had it not been raining & that the ground wasn't muddy. Then, we were fortunate to meet Aniza, a staff at the gallery & we learnt so much on Ivan Mestrovic from her. Thank you very much, Aniza! I read that Mestrovic and Rodin were friends. Then, at least we saw a connection there as we spent time at the Rodin gallery in Seoul in 2007. Now with Aniza's explanation, coupled with the connection between Mestrovic and Rodin, we will do more research on Mestrovic once we return to Singapore.
  • Photo of shivipa
    a year ago
    it is the house this artist used to live with his family and create.beautiful wooden house, beautiful sculptures of the most famous artist in Croatia. don't miss!
  • Photo of Ferdo Č
    a year ago
    Mestrovic Gallery is the most important museum in Zagreb with one of the most important monuments of sculptor Ivana Mestrovic. Unfortunately, the visit to the museum is very poor
  • Photo of Jo H
    a year ago
    You get a taste in the courtyard of the artist's house. Enter, buy your tickets and pick up the map to find the name of each sculpture.
  • Photo of BKandCB
    a year ago
    We enjoyed our visit to this famous sculptor's lovely home where a collection of his work is represented. Not knowing much about him or his life, I think it would have been more meaningful if we had had a guide to give us more information and answer some of our questions. It does seem to be a very popular tourist attraction, and we are glad we stopped for a self tour to see the collection; however, we did other things while in Zagreb that were more meaningful to us.
  • Photo of 4031travelbug
    a year ago
    We had seen some of his work but were unprepared for the stunning and overwhelming beauty and power of his collected works. He had known Rodin and we saw some of the overlapping influence of another great sculptor. The collection is housed in his old home and that in and of itself is beautiful. It's located in the upper town and the calm, quiet streets, are a wonderful site for this outstanding attraction.
  • Photo of Michael K
    a year ago
    I love the sculptures by Rodin and know that Mestrovic was greatly influenced by him. This Atelier has a very good selection of the sculptures by Mestrovic and really enjoyed the exhibit. I would recommend this exhibit to anyone who appreciates good art.
  • Photo of zzao
    a year ago
    The house itself is worth a look on its own even if you have no taste for sculpture, but for me this is a really special collection of work, strong in form, yet still rich in detail.
  • Photo of HagueKing
    a year ago
    A must go for any one remotely interested in 20th century sculpture. Mestrovic worked with Rodin. Fabulous works. Even more impressive since you are visiting Mestrovic' house which he bequeathed to the Croatian state 10 years before his death.

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