Photo of Victoria Peak (The Peak) in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Victoria Peak (The Peak) in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Victoria Peak (The Peak) in Hong Kong, , HK
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Victoria Peak (The Peak)

Tourist Attraction

Victoria Peak (The Peak)44.5
victoria peak • tram ride • sky terrace • lugard road

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Victoria Peak (The Peak) has 24 Tips

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  • Photo of Rochie Teddy
    9 months ago
    Backup plan
  • Photo of Nicole Regan
    a year ago
    VIEWS. Unbeatable.
  • Photo of Rubski Fenn
    a year ago
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    This skyline view was one I found surreal in photos since I was a child. I spent longer than I planned on here, looking over the long buildings jutting out from below, and the faint horizon of faded city lights from across Victoria Harbour.
  • Photo of JomJom2707
    2 months ago
    For some reason I ended up on a bus up hr peak. Do not do that! It takes about 2 hours apposed to the 10 minutes on the tram!! Once up the top the views are great.
  • Photo of Ruben A
    2 months ago
    Its a great way to get rid of the cars. The walk is easy and well indicated. Once on the top the views are very nice. It´s a perfect plan to do in Hong Kong
  • Photo of Kamini K
    2 months ago
    With the wide and clear sky, you can view the best place of the world. The peak is a amazing place where you can spend time to relax.
  • Photo of Roy L
    2 months ago
    Great place to go for views over HK and the harbour. Unfortunately it was raining and cloudy when we visited so no great photo's for us. Visitors building on the top is good with shopping outlets, bars and restaurants - worth the trip up by tram :-)
  • Photo of cosmotron
    2 months ago
    I’d taken the “traditional route” visiting Victoria Peak last time, so I wanted to do something different this time – entirely forgoing the bus, long queues, and the Peak tram. You can follow my agenda, reverse the route, or just customize, depending on your preferences. Take a private car ride to Victoria Peak Garden (get dropped off at the Gate Lodge) and enjoy the grounds before descending the stairs to Governor’s Walk. Delight in the tranquility of the short walk that offers majestic views. Continue to the end, when the paved path spills out to the former Mountain Lodge (pavilion) and hang out there, enjoying again the lack of crowds (only 3-4 locals total when I visited) and the panoramic views. Walk down Austin Road (initially, there is no sidewalk but as you proceed downhill, you’ll be able to walk on a sidewalk). Pass or stop at other parts of the Garden that you discover as you walk along the road, ogle the expensive cars parked in the high-rises along the way – you’ll reach Peak Tower in 15 minutes or so. Get something to eat, hit the Galleria, take more photos, or just take a taxi or bus down the mountain. Who can do this? My 83-year-old mom in mid-September! Bring water, wear good shoes, and take an umbrella to shield from the sun.
  • Photo of tourer20132013
    2 months ago
    A must go robust. We had gone 30 years ago! The view was much better. With waiting for the light show at around 8 pm. Lots of shops they we weren't interested in but the day time and night views were worth coming up HK
  • Photo of mayachulin
    2 months ago
    We hiked up to the peak, so we were quite tired by the time we reached the top, but is was worth the effort as the views were amazing.
  • Photo of Evan L
    2 months ago
    This is a fantastic experience. From the tram to the view itself. It's a beautiful view (and some good food at the top as well). Well worth the day.
  • Photo of Balidreamin
    2 months ago
    Sadly, the tourist factor (myself being one) is not fun on weekends up here. Crowds, crowds, crowds! Hard to get a simple pic with some many people. We did not take the tram up as so EXPENSIVE and queues were massive. We choose a taxi instead and saved on queuing and cost.
  • Photo of kajalpattani
    2 months ago
    Victoria peak is a major tourist destination. The view is breathtaking. It stays crowded at the peak, super hard to actually get a solo picture with the city backdrop but it's beautiful and a memory stored by the eyes.
  • Photo of Kurt O
    2 months ago
    It has the best view of Hong Kong. Try to get at first hour as around 10am tours starts to arrive and it gets very crowded. You need to buy your ticket in one of the first floors, if you get to the top and you don't have a ticket you will need To to back through a lot of electrical stairs down and up again after you get your ticket. The place has a small cafeteria and souvenir shops. Check the prices of the souvenirs between shops before buying.
  • Photo of Rleeds3
    2 months ago
    Quick and worth the time . A little cheesy but it was fun to see the city from the Peak. A restaurant located but I did not try - great views though .
  • Photo of Ben S
    2 months ago
    Great place to really appreciate Hong Kong incredible city and skyline. Would strongly recommend the cable cart ride up. Avoid all of the tourist attractions at the top these are expensive and unnecessary. You can do everything on offer up there before or after the cart ride. The views is what you go there for and it is well worth it
  • Photo of JCRtraveller
    2 months ago
    If you're into some shopping....then go for it at the galleria and the mall beside it. Great stores and good food all around. For views, the pollution today was a bit bad so it is hazy and hard to see the skyline much. Take the tram down. If you can afford a cab up then go for it. The lineups at the bottom are unbelievable. The tram down was a breeze. 32 HD to come down.
  • Photo of BamAlegre
    2 months ago
    Visited the Peak last September 13, 2017 at around 11 o'clock in the morning on a Tuesday and the volume of tourists was alright. It was just a bit disappointing that I boarded the tram and wasn't able to sit because I was attending to my son. The view is stunning as well as the prices of the food outlets.
  • Photo of R. i
    2 months ago
    the hk city view looks amazing from here, anyone would feel the same. if theres lift to rooftop would be better the peak is a great place
  • Photo of Marie L
    2 months ago
    My tip is don;t queue endlessly for the tram to the top - take the bus from the Pier of the Bus Station (only HKD9.80 in Aug 2017 - about 1 GB Pound) and you get loads of amazing views as you climb to the top. And there was no mad rush or queue. After enjoying the amazing view (you don't need to pay the additional fee for the viewing platform, as the view is perfectly good from the Peak itself) you can take the tram back down, which is quick and convenient, but no views. Best of both worlds.
  • Photo of tix2travel
    2 months ago
    The Peak certainly exceeded my expectations! I thought it was a view of the island but it was much more than that!! There's shopping, restaurants, Madame Tassauds, and activities up here. I highly recommend visiting The Peak. You will be pleasantly surprised. Entrance is across from the Hong Kong Park which is also a great place to visit.
  • Photo of nmph2017
    2 months ago
    Been coming here since the 1950's. Still has great views all round but as with everything nowadays has become very touristy. Spoilt by the cheap tack vendors and the burger outlet but still worth the visit.
  • Photo of TravelVU
    2 months ago
    The Peak is always a worth visiting. The view is awesome. The peak tram ride is a thriller. Since my last visit to the Peak, 6 yrs ago, they have made lots of improvements. Nice to see lots of restaurants and shopping options at the Peak. Overall, I enjoyed the view and weather. It is a MUST to do while in HongKong.

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