Photo of Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong, , HK
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Temple Street Night Market

Tourist Attraction

Temple Street Night Market33.5
fortune tellers • for sale • jordan station • stall holders

Hong Kong, HK
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  • Photo of Jinie Lee
    10 months ago
  • Photo of Nicole Regan
    a year ago
    Markets themselves weren't very impressive, but there is a building across the street from the entrance with rooftop access. Go up the stairs and get a sweet view of the markets from above.
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  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Really not as exciting as I was hoping. Lots of stalls selling cheap things I was familiar with from NYC's Canal St. Lots of eateries open late. The area seems pretty dingy.
  • Photo of Yanny C
    2 months ago
    The market is smaller scale of ladies market, but the street snack-stalls and restaurants are abundant. I think everyone is interested to eat on outdoor tables as it is picturesque and instagramables. If it is so, then you must go bit late around 9 pm or weekend nights at best. Because most of the restaurants are actually have tables inside. They only set the outdoor tables when it start to get full of people.We were there early evening around 7pm on weekday night. Not many of outdoor seating were set. Most of the restaurants offer a seafood menu.
  • Photo of TomasTJP
    2 months ago
    I am rating this attraction two stars because I was fairly disappointed relative to the existing reviews. I'll caveat that I am by no means someone who is interested in souvenir shopping, but I had heard it's an interesting place to walk through nonetheless. The night market is located in Kowloon; I took the subway to the Jordan stop and walked the rest of the way (~10 minute walk). The market itself is pretty rudimentary; most of the shops sell similar goods and it's not all that 'organized.' There are plenty of people walking around and food locations at the ends of the market. Simply put, I didn't find it worthwhile. If you're staying in Hong Kong Island, you might consider making this attraction part of your visit if you intend to head over to Kowloon to later see the Symphony of Lights (you'll still probably want to take the subway between the two locations).
  • Photo of Eileen N
    2 months ago
    If you want to buy Hong Kong souvenirs, this place is it. There are 3 street blocks long flea-market like small shops lined up here with some food stands. Didn't care much walking here due to very narrow spacing between shops on sides always worried about pick-pockets which our tour guide warned us about. Already got enough souvenirs on this trip that didn't bother checking prices: if came here earlier on our trip, we might have enjoy the stop more.
  • Photo of Larissa S
    2 months ago
    If you blend in with the locals this would be an awesome market, For me: not so much - I have very light skin and was warned that the Chinese people will sometimes stare at me... Well I was not prepared for the Chinese people to stare non stop and take pictures of me.. I don't take it as a complement and find it really rude... I have been to Thailand and Bali and they get very excited over light skin but it's a completely different vibe..
  • Photo of saralane2017
    2 months ago
    travelled to HK a few months back and visited Temple Street. Now, I have been to Hong Kong and China quite often, and this was not my visit to Temple Street. Still, I have never been on a weekend. First thing I noticed: NOISE I love the urban feeling and boisterous atmosphere, but wow, it was so noisy and crowded!.
  • Photo of I H
    3 months ago
    We stayed very close to this night market street and enjoyed walking to, through and from it. We ate here a few nights and always found interesting meals, alongside locals in modest little eateries. We even had our fortunes read by one of the people set up along a quieter street.
  • Photo of Lynne G
    3 months ago
    VERY cool place to visit, but prices are 5-10x what you pay anywhere else, even after bargaining. It's fun to see, but really, even my expert bargaining friends were VERY overcharged. So go with that in mind. (And full of fake/not working electronics, etc.) But don't miss it's fun. Get there after nightfall.
  • Photo of marklane2015
    3 months ago
    I always enjoy the markets in Asia. Temple and Ladies Markets in Hong Kong are definitely a worthwhile visit to shop for unbelievable bargains for everything from fidget spinners to latest sports wear to drones. Its not necessarily the souvenirs or gadgets that buy but the engagement of negotiating the price that is entertaining. Great time. Great fun. Great way to spend a couple of hours in the evening.
  • Photo of olddogLeedsYorkshire
    Temple St is Temple St all things to all people, I like it for souvenirs ,t shirts, belts etc there are more prices openly displayed than ladies mkt. The traders are less aggresive and will bargain if enough stock is purchased, it is in my mind one of the best markets in hk,
  • Photo of Mark D
    3 months ago
    Temple Street markets is located on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong. It opens/starts about 5pm each evening and sells a wide variety of local souvenirs & reproductions of tee shirts, handbags, etc. There are plenty of street restaurants to eat at and sights to see. Its only a short walk from the Jordan MTR Station so its super easy to get to!
  • Photo of Maria F
    3 months ago
    I prefer to buy things that I know will last, even if that means they are a bit more expensive. This market is like Ladies Market in that it has the same few stores repeated over and over again and the products being sold are dollar store material. Browsed through half of the market (it's rather large, although again just the same stores on repeat) before turning back.
  • Photo of Theo D
    3 months ago
    I was actually really excited about visiting Temple Street Market and although I did have a good browse and purchased an iPad smart case for a very good price I felt it fell a little short for me. It was very busy when we arrived early evening so be prepared if the crowds but still fun.
  • Photo of Anenne
    3 months ago
    My family and I went to the Temple Street Night Market. Although there was a decent atmosphere, we didn't feel there was much else. We were expecting more. Sorry.
  • Photo of Ezzerider
    3 months ago
    This is another "must see" when in Hong Kong. Also a great place to eat as there are many great food stalls. Always remember to haggle and have fun. most thugs are copies and fakes so buyer be warned.
  • Photo of angienai
    3 months ago
    Nightlife with shopping in the market was fun. Walk the market first to get a feel of what you would like to buy before embarking on the buying Bargain to a third of the price as this is what the real cost of the item is
  • Photo of John Z
    3 months ago
    We stayed not far from temple street night markets, was very excited to go and check out the place and enjoy the atmosphere. We were very disappointed in the markets, all stalls had the same old cheap knockoff trinkets. All that was for sale seemed really cheaper quality than usual. We got there at around seven in the evening, and were disappointed with the lack of vibe, no excitement at all. Maybe got there too early but all the stalls were in place. Definitely been to better markets in Asia. I would go if you had nothing better to do and wanted to waste an hour.
  • Photo of colinobx
    3 months ago
    I visited this market 17 years ago and it was vibrant, interesting and came away with bags of goodies, even a scooter for my nephew. 2017 and it's tawdry and full of rubbish. Tatty old tarot stalls, screeching singers that have a tooth between them and a market of dildo's, key chains, cheap t-shirts, nasty looking restaurants and snake oil for sale inbetween the odd bit of fake jade. It took waiting for packed metro's to get to and we spent longer on the platform waiting than anywhere else. Do yourself a favour and either go to Stanley Market for a nice day out, stroll, beach, shops or visit the Ladies Market at Causeway Bay or even your the local shops, at places like Fortress Hill or Kowloon at the Big Mall. Nathan Road itself is not all that and never has been, dirty, hot, over crowded and full of construction. No-one was impressed.
  • Photo of finesilver
    3 months ago
    I just had to check it out, I usually do. Lots to see in terms of stalls where locals sell their goods, it is about 5 blocks long with stalls on both sides of a walkway. On each corner of the area are restaurants serving quite good and fresh street food, lots of spicy crab places here. This is one place to bargain for sure. And bargain hard too. You are not going to ever hurt the vendors' feelings by offering low, just don't get attached and be willing to walk away if the price is not what you think it should be. Sure there are some knock offs, but there are some good deals too depending on what you are seeking. I was able to get some tourist gifts and some good sunglasses quite reasonably priced. There are no cars on the main street market which makes it so nice. Don't miss it.
  • Photo of Peterinl0nd0n
    3 months ago
    Have been coming here for years and it is a great place for an evening stroll as long as you like hustle and bustle. The goods on offer are nothing exciting but I still enjoy wandering around the stalls. Make sure you visit both sections of the market which are separated by a temple and garden - walk quickly past the karaoke stalls in this in between section otherwise you might burst an eardrum! The singing is appalling but funny. My Best Buy from here has to be ankle socks. 9 branded (presumably fakes) for $100HK.
  • Photo of Andreassons
    3 months ago
    good prices, great atmosphere at this night market. Bargains can be made, lots of restaurants in nearby surroundings

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