Photo of Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Tai Cheong Bakery in Hong Kong, , HK
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Tai Cheong Bakery


Tai Cheong Bakery64
egg custard • tarts • chicken pie • cookie crust

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  • Photo of Ernest Li
    a year ago
    Egg tarts
  • Photo of XinYi Lin
    2 years ago
    Egg tart
  • Photo of Michael Spencer
    2 years ago
    Egg tarts
  • Photo of Travel + Leisure
    2 years ago
    Try one of the dan tats—a sweet egg custard pastry that's crunchy on the outside and supple within—and you'll see why this bakery is a requisite stop on everyone's dining bucket list.
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    Opens at 7:30am. Supposed to be one of the best egg tarts in the city.
  • Photo of Valerie Charette
    3 years ago
    I always get an egg tart here
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  • Photo of crystal00jade
    5 months ago
    I tried the egg tart here. It was freshly baked. Egg texture is nice, the crust is also good. I prefer the other type of crust that is flaky instead. But overall a very good egg tart. No place to sit. You just buy and go.
  • Photo of 842emilyh
    5 months ago
    Egg tarts at HKD9 are a steal and the sugar puff is also their traditional favourite. Eagerly awaiting to try their custard mooncake and standard lotus paste mooncake.
  • Photo of zinear
    5 months ago
    You might not think this bakery is particular special while walking by, except for its dark and updated décor.  But the real treat are the egg tarts.  The crust is among the best I've ever had on an egg tart, and the tart itself is just the right sweetness and has a wonderful texture.  The bakery sells other items as well, but I didn't try them then – given the egg tarts though, I would have if I had the room!
  • Photo of Low L
    6 months ago
    You have to savour these egg tarts at the shop and it melts in your mouth! One can also buy them back for tea but the freshness is lost. There are other biscuits sold here too. We bought the Malay cake. Tasted ok too!
  • Photo of Patthita B
    6 months ago
    I had been ate eggs tart in Macao and I wanna try to eat again in Hong Kong. The most people said it's different taste. I was going to Tai Cheoung bakery shop at Central (Hong Kong) that you will be seen many people in front of shop. An eggs tart is nine dollar Hong Kong. After I've already eaten, I know It's different. You will get salt taste around border and smooth in center.
  • Photo of fibby1
    6 months ago
    Egg tarts are almost iconic in HK. Tai Cheong is one of the popular name here. There are two types of egg tarts: buttery or flaky/crispy. I find the flaky one more 'fragnant'. Other pastry, buns, cakes and drinks also available.
  • Photo of Sander_Yoho
    7 months ago
    The place to be to taste the egg tarte. Not that special, but as we were in Hong Kong, we needed to taste the local specialities. The price per egg tart is 9 hkd, so that is no objection.
  • Photo of rudyrafalee
    7 months ago
    A small old egg tart bakery in the middle of Central District. It is yummy and the crust is flaky. Service is very fast which is good.
  • Photo of Jo-Lyn L
    8 months ago
    I never fail to grab my egg tarts fix from tai Cheong every time I'm in Hong Kong! It's always freshly made and hard to resist eating it on the spot when the custard is warm. It uses a traditional butter crust pastry that is crumbly and flaky. Be sure to buy half a dozen at least 😁
  • Photo of K0pakabana
    8 months ago
    Their business hours seem to have changed, so when I got there past 7:30 it was still closed. Visitors take note! The egg tarts were worth the wait though. Still warm, pastry light and fluffy and custard, thick.
  • Photo of Semun H
    8 months ago
    The custard and the buttery pastry is a perfect combination especially if you couple it with a cup of coffee. Eat it when it is still warm👍
  • Photo of Bryan C
    8 months ago
    I have to say that it is very lucky, I bought the egg tart just out of the oven, it's really hot and smell great! Once I bit the egg tart, the side is crispy but the egg is creamy and taste delicious! It's a MUST when I visit Hong Kong!
  • Photo of stunt101
    8 months ago
    My first egg tart was in Macau. We read that this place, Tai Cheong Bakery had the best egg tarts in the universe, just kidding. But this was on a lot of peoples list for best egg tart. I bought one egg tart, was already stuffed from eating so much earlier in the day. The tart was warm, soft and delicious. The line just to order one was well worth it. Egg tarts a good snack, eat them while you see the city
  • Photo of CBMelbourne
    8 months ago
    Since the last Britsh Governor, Chris Patten, was photographed getting his egg tarts from here, this little bakery has become one of the most famous outlets for this HK delicacy, although they've been around for much longer than that! The location is very Central, and therefore right in the heart of tourist land which makes it very convenient for the visiting traveller. The egg tarts are best warm, and cost $9 each. The pastry is crumbly and shortbready as compared to the puff pastry type casing found in other tarts. I enjoyed my egg tart!!
  • Photo of bcheong
    8 months ago
    Went to the Dragon centre branch . They have 2 different style of egg tarts - flaky crust and hardier crust. I prefer the latter. At HKD6.5 each. Overseas, they are 2-3x more i heard
  • Photo of SINWSSS
    8 months ago
    Despite the hype, the pastry and custard were too firm for our liking. Much better egg tarts can be had at many of the other bakeries in HK.
  • Photo of Frasche747
    8 months ago
    their famous egg tarts taste good, but we don't understand the fuss about this place. Nothing really special - we have found better tasting egg tarts in small bakeries a bit away from the main tourist hot spots.
  • Photo of Livinginasuitcase
    8 months ago
    Took mum to both Honolulu cafe and Tai Cheong for their respective egg tarts. Mum prefers the cookie dough egg tart crust texture here more than the one over at Honolulu. Each to their owns i guess.
  • Photo of salohcini
    8 months ago
    If you like the Portuguese Tarts from Macau - try these. its fillings are simply full, yet not overly sweet. the cup, tart - crispy yet not flaky. OMG!
  • Photo of Sirui S
    9 months ago
    Buttery crust and soft egg served hot. It costs only 7 hkd each. The same one in Singapore costs triple the price!

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