Photo of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong, , HK
Photo of Kowloon Park in Hong Kong, , HK
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Kowloon Park


Kowloon Park24
tai chi • nathan road • public swimming pool • bird aviary

Hong Kong, HK
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  • Photo of Minka Guides
    7 months ago
    Disnay Chanel says: this is another place where my recommendation is biased by all the male eye candy. Aside from that, this pool is very accessible from most places in Hong Kong. With a variety of pools and plenty of sun beds (even a sun deck), you're guaranteed to love it, especially the entrance that leads you off busy Nathan Road into a park that resembles paradise. After your dip, have a walk around the park to see the flamingos or aviary.
  • Photo of Raja H
    2 years ago
    I spent some time in Kowloon Park, an oasis of calm in the middle of the bustling city, hours before my flight. It's a really peaceful place, especially on a Monday morning when most people are heading to work/school.
  • Photo of Evan L
    5 months ago
    This is a fantastic park in the middle of Kowloon. My daughter loved it, especially the children's park. It's still pretty hot, but plenty of shade a beautiful scenery to look at.
  • Photo of BagpussMidlands
    5 months ago
    We came here on a Sunday and there were plenty of ladies here chilling on their day off. The park is large and great to walk around. There is a pond with a big fountain near the start which has some terrapins in the water. There are plenty of toilet facilities and a McDonald's McCafe for refreshments and ice cream. The park is free and has an aviary and flamingo's in a pond. On the day we went there was a show with dragon dancing and Kung Fu. The park is worth a visit
  • Photo of rckong
    5 months ago
    A good place to drop by and have fun photo taking :) The place has quite a good number of comics character which can be fun to take fun shots with :)
  • Photo of Derek S
    5 months ago
    This park is full of rain forest trees and shrubs. It has lakes and wonderful bird life which makes it excellent for a stroll or just to sit and absorb.
  • Photo of Hanlie W
    5 months ago
    What a lovely way to spend a morning, people watching. Away from the crowds feeding the soul. Old people doing TaiChi others meditating me reading my book listening to good music
  • Photo of e-Laurent
    5 months ago
    Multiple gardens with a lot of things to do or see: swimming pool; Mosque ; ponds with fishes and turtles; etc.
  • Photo of zjacobs
    5 months ago
    If you want to escape the busy Hong Kong, then this place is perfect for that. Also if you see the small McDonald's place that sells ice cream and drinks, get the green tea flavored ice cream, it was really good. The park is very big so you will easily find a nice and quiet place to sit and relax.
  • Photo of sjm126
    5 months ago
    Nice relaxing area away from the crowded streets. Large bird aviary and comic statues. Excellent swimming pool with rock waterfalls, but it is closed for cleaning on Tuesdays!
  • Photo of ozrick33Sydney
    5 months ago
    We spent three enjoyable hours here today. There are many different types of gardens here and relaxing walks to do. It was surprising to find the restaurant onsite was a McDonalds but we only wanted cold drinks so it was ok. We stumbled upon a pond full of turtles which was pretty cool.
  • Photo of Anne W
    5 months ago
    I love the Avenue of Comic Stars and was fascinated with the comic character statue and display. Kids like it too. It was different, to have that in the middle of a park full of greens.
  • Photo of Theo D
    5 months ago
    My partner wanted to check this park after HK Park and its a lovely park. Beautiful arts vibe going on there with statues and sculptures and nice open spaces to sit down and unwind. Has a funky vibe to it and nice to dip into to get away from the hustle of the high streets nearby.
  • Photo of Mrtravelbee
    5 months ago
    I enjoyed my walk through Kowloon park, it is not my favorite place in Kowloon but it was enjoyable, it has many live animals birds, etc come check it out i recommend spending no more then 2 hours at this location.
  • Photo of fibby1
    6 months ago
    The park is in the Tsim Sha Tsui area. It's cooling and has a lot of benches. Apart from the usual track for walking, there's a big activity area, mini maze, sculpture walk, water fountain, Health Education Exhibition and Resource Centre, and a lot more. I also saw a sign for swimming pool! There are public toilet and free drinking water dispenser. After shopping in the area, it's a good place to chill.
  • Photo of gurufvg
    6 months ago
    Located at the middle of the concrete jungle of Kowloon is this park which amazingly houses an impressive aviary within its walls. At the rear end of the park you will see statues of popular anime characters which would great selfie opportunities for any anime enthusiast. You will also find a garden, and of course a collection of birds. The garden is not that big but still make sure that you're wearing comfortable footwear if you do decide to visit. Also bring some insect repellent with you. Entrance is free.
  • Photo of DrGato
    6 months ago
    This is a wonderful place to have a relaxing walk in the middle of the city. It has beautiful Chinese gardens, lots of wildlife to observe, and sport installations. Come early in the morning if you would like some quiet and solitude
  • Photo of sushobhan3216
    6 months ago
    If NYC has Central Park, HK has Kowloon Park! A wonderful place for leisure and recreation. I came here specifically to see the Avenue of Comic Stars, even though I'm not very familiar with HK/China's movie scene. The park also has the municipal swimming pool and the Discovery Center. The history is also wonderful to know: it was the site of the British Garrison, which eventually became a peaceful and refreshing park. If you have the time, I recommend checking out the birds exhibit.
  • Photo of Jon R
    6 months ago
    An up-hill park, simply landscaped and with birds, tortoises, monkeys on view. Not really an 'attraction' that will keep the children quiet for an afternoon !
  • Photo of Lo2enger
    6 months ago
    This park is lovely it is free to enter, we went at lunch time and it was not to busy and again later in the evening and it was still nice to see people around but not crowded. They have lots of wildlife including fish tortoise and flamingos which you can look at really close! Also leisure centre and large swimming pools you can use very cheaply (less than £1.50) so you will not be short on stuff to see and do there aside from walking around to enjoy the sights.
  • Photo of Secret_Moments
    6 months ago
    You can spend a whole day at Kowloon Park just taking photos and enjoying the scenery. There are also a variety of birds and flamingo's. Enjoy the sun, the walk and some ice cream. A great day out!
  • Photo of MoeEwidah
    6 months ago
    HK has many great parks and this is one of them. A day in a green park is always great .. and it has places to grab some snacks as well

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