Photo of Archaeological Museum of Messenia in Kalamata, , GR
Photo of Archaeological Museum of Messenia in Kalamata, , GR
Photo of Archaeological Museum of Messenia in Kalamata, , GR
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Archaeological Museum of Messenia

History Museum

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Archaeological Museum of Messenia has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of LETSGOGB
    4 months ago
    Well done and enjoyable smaller museum.It is very close to the old church. After touring each enjoy a walk around the area and stop and get a cool drink .
  • Photo of suefraser46
    4 months ago
    Spend an hour in the museum and you will want to learn more of the ancient history of the Kalamata region. Good presentation of exhibits, lots of information and where to go to see sites.
  • Photo of Alexandros_IEG
    5 months ago
    A very well organized museum providing a lot of information for the ancient exhibits and the history of Messinia. No need to read books, just spend few hours to read the informative texts. Also, do not forget that this building is important itself, being - for many generations of Kalamata's people - the closed market of the city, where farmers were selling their products.
  • Photo of GusDaMan
    6 months ago
    This museum was a great collection of artifacts from the area. Well displayed and explained. Air conditioned as well.
  • Photo of timknit_10
    6 months ago
    Very interesting glimpse into the past very tastefully presented in this museum situated centrally in the old town. 4 euros gets you in which is a real bargain. The amazing ancient exhibits of Greece's former culturally rich past are tastefully displayed alongside English explanations. A great visit.
  • Photo of PaulTroisKinetia
    7 months ago
    Messine is the region that covers Kalamata to Pylos, Methoni, down the Mani and up to Megalopoli. Kalamata has a well organised museum of mostly antiquities. The region lays claim to Homeric references, Mycanean era and classical as well as a Roman past; along with the more recent Frankish middle ages. It is small, but cleverly and inspirationally organised. Each archaeological period or location is dovetailed with another next to it. You walk around in a gentle maze not aimed to perplex but inspire through the region’s layered history. The Homeric era Nestor may follow Frankish Kalamata two thousand years later. You may head to Classical era Messine and then enter Byzantine churches. It had me constantly thinking and pondering how expansive this area is in antiquity. And the exhibit is high quality. It has grave stele, amphorae, statues, votive offerings and swords and jewellery and wonderful mosaic floor you can ‘walk’ over. Once you see the museum, I recommend going to the places around here. The ancient site of Messine has to be one of Greece’s top 4 with Parthenon/Akropolis, Delphi and Epidauros on the mainland.
  • Photo of dldmia
    8 months ago
    This museum in the center of Kalamata is well worth a visit. Great lighting and artistic displays place the ancient artwork and other relics on historical perspective. Facilities are good for childrens' educational programs.
  • Photo of Mariza G
    8 months ago
    If you have time you will make your self better by visiting and learning something from a museum. However you will not see here something exciting or learn something new. It is just a small museum with some ancient materials that were found in kalamata.
  • Photo of Julie H
    8 months ago
    This little museum has uncommonly high standards of museumship and an extensive and varied collection. As the small public museums go, it's excellent.
  • Photo of stinkwink
    8 months ago
    Driving through the Arcadian Gate, a few km, later on, you arrive at the museum. It is small but neat and well organized. The bigger room is about Ancient Messene and the smaller one is dedicated to the Sanctuary of Asclepios. There is the mock-up this place, and it helps a lot, to recognize the buildings on the site. The statues are replicas, but there is also some nice pottery on the display. The ticket includes the entry fee of Ancient Messene as well.
  • Photo of nikos t
    9 months ago
    The museum has exhibits found in the archaeological site of Ancient Messene, like statues, vases and other.
  • Photo of TinaSpinDiva
    a year ago
    Beautifully done, Im a fan of smaller museums. Artifacts were impressive and the lighting creates impressive shadows that accentuates the pieces. I especially appreciated understanding what happened when and where. Its worth going. Impressive exhibit.
  • Photo of DalesM921
    a year ago
    The museum was dark and warm and kind of maze-like to walk through. They organized by area instead of time frame. As with most of the archeological museums in Greece, there were neat finds worth having a look.
  • Photo of NSTAVROS
    a year ago
    The Archaeological Museum of Messinia is located in the heart of the Historic center of Kalamata where old was the old market town. After the devastating earthquake of 1986, the Market building was demolished because of the serious damage suffered. The new building provided by the Municipality to the Ministry of Culture to become an Archaeological Museum of Messinia. There are exposed in recent years and the findings were kept in the Benakis Archaeological Museum of Kalamata. The Archaeological Museum of Messinia presented the antiquities of the region over time, from prehistoric times to the Byzantine era, so the visitor during his tour to a well rounded view of the cultural development of each region through the centuries. Following the old geographical division of the county in the four provinces, Kalamata, Pylia and Triphylia report of Messinia Archaeological Museum develops a corresponding large geographical areas with representative findings, either from excavations or surface surveys or even accidental ancient traditions, from ordinary citizens. The most important exhibits in the Archaeological Museum of Messinia is a gold signet ring of the 16th century. B.C. Tomb of the Greek region, figurines and gold jewelry from a chamber tomb in the same area, a statuette of the hippocampus from the Sanctuary of Poseidon in Akovitika and headstone from the Sanctuary of Pamisou in Agios Floros.
  • Photo of Alexandros R
    a year ago
    I went there with a friend of mine that studies archeology and has already visited the place once. I was very impressed with the exhibits!
  • Photo of Liz M
    a year ago
    Was ok nothing exciting. But we took a taxi trip always ask price before you get in taxi We paid 30euros and got a trip up into the mountains with a stop at the highest point fantastic views then were taken to old part of town did some shopping walked through the park and railway museum
  • Photo of Nik the Kozanik S
    I would never think that Kalamata had such a modern museum. I had not planed visiting it, but when I passes by, I decided to do it. I was surprised!
  • Photo of tom g
    2 years ago
    We were tired by the time we got to the museum and went through quickly. Statues started to feel the same but glad we saw it.
  • Photo of Melanie W
    2 years ago
    The museum is housed in the old restored market building. the displays and interpretation are of a very high standard, and the museum is extremely informative.
  • Photo of olympus h
    2 years ago
    - Location: A little outside of downtown close to the Cathedral. It takes 10-15 minute walk to downtown. - Atmosphere: Pleasant. - Duration of visit: 15-20 minutes. - Exhibits description: There was plenty of accompanying information in English. Parking: Although the parking area is limited there is no problem. - Recommendation 1: Better to visit on foot. - Recommendation 2: There are some restaurants, coffee and pastry shops within walking distance which are of a fair standard.

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