Photo of YHA Oxford in Oxford, , GB
Photo of YHA Oxford in Oxford, , GB
Photo of YHA Oxford in Oxford, , GB
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YHA Oxford


train station • youth hostel • self catering kitchen • private ensuite room

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  • Photo of caracola2017
    3 months ago
    really enjoy my stay except the all night loud visitors smoking marihuana in the hostel garden. Specially when our room window was just on top of it. NOt what you want for your daughter to breath when she ties to sleep
  • Photo of CAGWanderlust
    3 months ago
    One thing I love about this hostel is its proximity to the rail station. I was in transit when I stayed here, but my experience was good nonetheless. Staff at the reception desk are very courteous and helpful. They took orders for snacks from their menu and my food was delivered to me in the lobby lounge. I do recommend travelers to stay at this well run hostel.
  • Photo of wendyjn9
    4 months ago
    This was a good stop, close to the Thames path which we were hiking. The bar was a pleasant surprise with drinks at a reasonable price. The evening meal was a bit of a disaster as most of what we had ordered was off, and the substitute turned out to be lots of fish goujons, fish, chips, more chips!, even more chips and salad.
  • Photo of sandra h
    4 months ago
    Difficult to rate this hostel as our experience was so mixed. Positives: great location, we left our car at Seacourt Park and Ride (a 20 min walk away) and didn't use it for the 3 nights we stayed as the hostel is so close to the city centre and we walked everywhere. All the staff we dealt with were great - very helpful and responsive. Great budget price for an ensuite room in a central location. Negatives: Noise. There was a large youth group staying on our floor who kept us awake every night, banging on doors, slamming doors and shouting. I complained a couple of times and the staff spoke to the group leaders but to little effect. I understand that hostel staff cannot control guest behaviour but I note that this criticism has appeared in several other reviews and I think it's important that the hostel develops a policy to address this. It isn't reasonable that quieter guests are sleep-deprived for 3 nights running (in our case) because of the selfish behaviour of others. Facilities: The hostel is definitely tired and in need of an upgrade. The corridors were malodorous, largely I think due to carpets that needed a good clean (surely it would be better to have wipe-clean flooring in hostels, not carpets?). Our bathroom sometimes smelled of sewage and there was obviously a problem with the plumbing as faecal matter would appear in the toilet which had clearly backwashed from the drains. I mentioned this to a staff member, who apologised and said that they were aware of the problem. I don't think it's acceptable to let a room where there is a known issue of this kind. I would have requested a transfer but I knew the hostel was full. I wouldn't stay here again unless I knew that the noise and sanitation issues had been addressed.
  • Photo of stardek341
    4 months ago
    Facilities were clean and well kept up. Having a cheaper breakfast option would be great, it is very apparent that the hostel is near the train station as I found the area very loud, closing the window didn't help and did make the room much hotter.
  • Photo of scamander7215
    5 months ago
    Busy hostel. Walking distance to oxford attractions. Has self catering kitchen. First floor room has internet which is a lifting to Accomadation rooms. Water hot in showers. Not cleanest but acceptable. Good price
  • Photo of LichfieldAndrew
    5 months ago
    We were lucky enough to be assigned a quiet dorm on the second floor away from the station and enjoyed our two day stay. The staff were friendly, helpful and patient. It was good to see a YHA being used by a lot of young people who were obviously enjoying themselves The breakfasts were good and filling. The self catering kitchen could be better equipped and have more fridge space but at least you have the option of doing your own cooking This is a hostel, close to the centre of Oxford, where you can easily socialise and meet new friends from all over the world
  • Photo of Charleen L
    5 months ago
    The Youth Hostel offers double room and is about three minute walking distance to the train station. The location is perfect. However, the hostel is on the main street and is very noisy. If the noise isn't a problem to you, it is a recommended budget place for short stay.
  • Photo of Harmina B
    5 months ago
    Good location and price-rate is really ok. Staff behind the desk was very friendly and the hostel-facilities (beds, social-area's) are alright. Only thing that really bothered me were the semi old-dated bathroom/toilets. It looked unclean.
  • Photo of bmbDevon
    5 months ago
    I paid over £300 for a family room for three nights holiday treat for myself, husband and three children starting last Sunday. We have used many YHAs in the past and have always been impressed but this one was the exception. We know the area well as we previously lived in Oxford and so were quite prepared for the location of the building which is right next door to Oxford Station in the Centre of Oxford. First impressions the room was dark, it overlooked the main platform of the station and there was a smell of urine but it was a family room and so they may have had young children in there. There was also a strong smell of cigarette smoke and we discovered that this is because the windows only open at the bottom in such a way that they funnel up the smoke from all the smokers in the small garden area outside. The weather was reasonably cool and yet the room was completely airless and I would imagine in hot weather it must be unbearable. Due to the design of the window it was impossible to open it any further. The floor of the bathroom could have done with a deep clean. The beds were basic but comfortable and all had charging points and lights next to them. The kitchen facilities were excellent although the kitchen was very hot and again lacked windows that opened effectively and so any food not in the fridges went off very quickly. Labels were available so all food was marked but we still had our milk taken from the fridge. You were able to sit in the dining room to eat food you had prepared and this was large and clean. There was a common room with a large pool table but you felt you had to be quiet when playing as it was in the same room as the TV. Also the sofas were positioned close to the pool table so there was a danger of hitting other residents in the head when taking a shot. Many of the other residents appeared to be single older people using the hostel for work purposes, we only saw two other families but there were some large groups of foreign students. It didn’t feel safe for the children to go anywhere in the building without us. The room was so stuffy that I developed breathing issues in the night (I have never had this before) and had to go to the hospital where I was given two nebuliser treatments. On discharge from the hospital we checked out a day early as I didn’t want to risk another night in case my symptoms returned. The receptionist seemed fairly uninterested in why we were checking out and unconcerned about the lack of air in the room and she cheerfully informed me that I wouldn’t get a refund although it was still early in the day and so the room may have been rebooked. I don’t like giving a negative review but if you are visiting Oxford and have any sensitivity to cigarette smoke or pollution I would recommend staying somewhere else.
  • Photo of tiasari
    5 months ago
    I was surprised when found out that this hostel has quiet space (library) too which is really useful for some traveller, including me And no need to complain about cleanliness because this hostel is super clean We need more hostel like this around the world !!!
  • Photo of GrainneBaker
    5 months ago
    I stayed here when moving out of my flat in Oxford for one night. The room was clean, the bed comfortable, the atmosphere was good and it was reasonably priced compared with other hostels in the city. I have been visiting the Oxford YHA cafe for a long time as I (until today) lived up the road from it. Unlike the other YHA hostels I've stayed in, the Oxford one has a very sociable and friendly atmosphere and a very comfortable lounging area. I was happy and when I come back to Oxford I will come back. It is also a great location for the train and bus stations.
  • Photo of alyssafu
    5 months ago
    This place is close to the train station but that's about it. Both the electrical sockets attached to our beds did not work, nor did the bedside lights. However, they seemed to work for other guests, so it might just be the luck of the draw. When I went to pick up my stuff from left luggage, I caught a guy red-handed going through my luggage. He had brought my luggage out of sight of the security cameras and was digging through it like nobody's business. I told the girl at the front desk about this incident, and she did not seem to think it was a big deal because I caught him when I did and nothing was stolen. I had to ask if she was going to report this to management or implement safer protocols for luggage storage (you just walk up to the front desk and ask for a key, they hand it over and give directions to storage without asking for room number or name or anything) for her to grudgingly grab a pen and scribble something down. She did not take my name, contact info, or even what room I was staying in though, so suffice it to say I did not get any update about if they have now started paying more attention to the comings and goings of luggage storage or not. Would not stay again, not worth potentially losing your stuff or worrying all day about losing your stuff. tldr; luggage thieves love the low-security storage at this place, and management doesn't care.
  • Photo of Radu M
    6 months ago
    I liked the reception area and the friendliness of staff. One thing i would change is to somehow kill that bad smell in the guys rooms of six - it's very off putting. It shouldn't smell like this. But other than that i liked it.
  • Photo of Mietzi777
    6 months ago
    I needed a place to stay for one night in Oxford at short notice and was shocked by B&B prices until I found the YHA: £20 for a night plus breakfast for less than £6 - just amazing value. Throw into the mix some interesting people I met and I just wish I had had more time to make a long weekend out of it. Top rating from me!
  • Photo of vw3455
    7 months ago
    All in all a good hostel. I stayed in a 6 person room, and generally guests here are pretty respectful. The food is a-ok, and a pot of tea is decently cheap. The corner Cafe is very nice to sit in as I write this, and they have the news on, which is lovely. Rooms are well cleaned with good storage space. Checking in hours are lenient and staff are wonderful. I would be remiss if I did not mention two things, which I think are not the Hostels fault, but bear remembering. It backs directly onto the railway, and if it is summer (windows open) it can be rather loud while you sleep. Also my room was oppressively hot. Like "I can't sleep" hot. However I will not blame the hostel for this. TL;DR Good food, good price, clean, good people, location slightly to be considered.
  • Photo of Karol S
    7 months ago
    I've been staying for one night only in a private room with bathroom and it was not the best experience. It's pretty ridiculous that you need to pay extra for towels having a private room. I was lucky to have a functional wi-fi in my room(I've heard some areas of this hostel have problems with that) The worst thing was that the window of my room was placed just in front of smoking terrace, so it has to be constantly closed and curtained. Night silence was not respected by the some of the other guests(random party at the smoking terrace) luckily after my complain, friendly staff of the hotel managed that. Rooms were spacious and seemed clean.
  • Photo of solotraveller1954
    7 months ago
    It's hard to rate Oxford YHA -- the facilities merit five-stars, but not all is satisfactory. The hostel has excellent new facilities, including a welcoming lobby with comfortable tables and chairs, a flat-screen TV, and a pleasant bar serving beer and wine, with a limited food menu, including soups and cakes. I stayed in a six-bed female dorm, which was very clean, with very comfortable mattresses, an en-suite bathroom, and a separate shower room. There is a useful kitchen, a lounge, and a small library. There is a small Marks and Spencer food market in the train station next door. All very nice! However, there are also some major negative aspects. For me, the most worst aspect was the presence of multiple school groups: kids running around, slamming doors, making lots of noise in the dorm areas when adult guests were trying to sleep, packing the dining room at breakfast, and crowding into hallways and other public areas for talks and activities, making it difficult for adult guests to pass. The window of my dorm looked onto the train tracks of Oxford's train station, which made train-related noise another issue. A third negative aspect of my stay was that the bathroom ceiling began leaking during the night, so that a puddle accumulated by morning.
  • Photo of coraliet418
    8 months ago
    We had a great stay in Oxford YHA, staff were friendly and everything was in order. Good kitchen and ding room facilities and walkable to main Oxford sites. Nice big room overlooking train station. Good breakfast!
  • Photo of SGEpsom
    9 months ago
    My son and I stayed in a private ensuite room for 1 night and were really pleased with how central it was. We parked at Seacourt park and ride, caught the bus to the YHA, and from there were able to walk everywhere. The room was clean and perfect for our needs, there was wi-fi in the bar area and the breakfast was great. Staff were friendly and helpful - highly recommend.

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