Photo of Westminster Bridge in London, , GB
Photo of Westminster Bridge in London, , GB
Photo of Westminster Bridge in London, , GB
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Westminster Bridge


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  • Photo of Phillip L
    5 months ago
    When it's all said and done, really, it's just a bridge. However, it offers great views of Big Ben, Houses of Parliament (unfortunately, both currently and for some time, will, have scaffolding on them), the London Eye and The Thames and it's an exciting area with so many people around. Below the bridge is the place to catch a river cruise boat. Safety bollards in place do protect pedestrians, but still be alert.
  • Photo of terrig4107
    5 months ago
    Get your walking shoes on . We spent hours walking and exploring. Take in great sights and street performers. Take a full day because there's lots to do and see . 😊
  • Photo of wick1979
    5 months ago
    Though iconic it's not the London bridge. Beautiful walking bridge and from the west side you can get a much better view of Big Ben and the abbey.
  • Photo of don226
    5 months ago
    Sadly the weather is cloudy.. not the best time to take pictures on Westminster Bridge.. Full of people, really hard to have a clear shut for your camera.. but still an Iconic of London.. lucky, rain not dropped.. we spend about a great one hour then we continue with another hoop on bus..
  • Photo of djwoo1971
    5 months ago
    Great place to take a stroll and view Big Ben and the London Eye...Don't be worried about the past issues with cars jumping the curbs...London has put barriers in place to prevent that from happening any more...Take your selfie sticks and go nuts...
  • Photo of JohnN59
    5 months ago
    The Westminster Bridge is right in the heart of London, crossing over the River Thames. Probably the very best viewing spot for picture taking of Parliament/Big Ben, The London Eye and the River Thames along with all the boats traveling by. A great spot to people watch and to just enjoy the great views all around.
  • Photo of Fadzillah A
    5 months ago
    Having been to this attraction for 10 times, this is the first time I chanced upon the tunnel on the southbank side, facing the Parliament House. It offers a very nice view of the Big Ben and the Westminster Bridge.
  • Photo of Ramida O
    5 months ago
    Beautiful checkpoint. There is so many attractions and I'll never miss. Walking around here is just the thing to do when you visit London.
  • Photo of ReallyBadHat
    5 months ago
    Crossing early morning on a sunny warm day with many workers heading for Westminster the bridge was already heavy with tourists, taking selfies and checking the famous icons visible in every direction. There was even a newly married couple having a picture taken with the Houses of Parliament as a backdrop Taking a moment to take in the history and vistas known across the world - Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye and so many more. The return journey at lunchtime was far busier with a bridge full of snapping tourists. Choose your time wisely.
  • Photo of 7BruceC
    5 months ago
    Slightly biased being a Londoner, however, history doesn't get much better than a visit here. Views of the river along to the Houses of Parliament are exquisite.
  • Photo of on_the_go_98765
    5 months ago
    Within a short distance lies Big Ben, the Houses of Parliment, and the London Eye is off in the distance. Buckingham Palace is located down Birdcage Walk on the other side of the Thames. This is on our list of our 3 favorite bridges in London; the other two being the Tower Bridge and Hungerford Bridge.
  • Photo of Al3alawi
    5 months ago
    For 2 years in a row we got tickets to watch the NYE fireworks show on westminster bridge. Amazing views.
  • Photo of MattwalesNorthWales
    Yep it really is just a very busy road bridge that spans the Thames from the Houses of Parliament to City hall. Gives you a great opportunity to take pictures of both sides though. See the foreign/home offices and the London Eye as well as the river traffic from here
  • Photo of sabatinitennis
    5 months ago
    This bridge links the south bank near St Thomas's Hospital with Parliament Square. The majestic lion on the south side by the old Greater London Council building is mystical, but the recipe for the hard wearing stone from which it is made and its covering has been lost. Unfortunately due to recent incidents the flow of traffic on the north side is now hampered by security barriers. There are excellent views of big Ben and Scotland Yard to be had from the bridge.
  • Photo of Colin E
    6 months ago
    Definitely on the tick list for most first time visitors to London - selfies to be taken with the Houses of Parliament or the London Eye. And with tourists come beggars, bagpipes, gangs playing the shell game and if the tourist is lucky Far Eastern couples dressed in Western traditional wedding outfits having their photos taken with iconic buildings of London being used for background. On a dull day in September I heard the bagpipes and saw a young Far Eastern couple, both dressed in white, having their photos taken, I didn't see any beggars, and I didn't see anyone playing the shell game. For those who don't know the shell game I suggest that they look up the Wikipedia entry. In the past I have seen at least eight gangs playing the shell game on Westminster Bridge, making the place very congested. With the introduction of new fencing to prevent cars mounting the pavements on the bridge perhaps the gangs will go elsewhere.
  • Photo of div106
    6 months ago
    Standing on the westmisnter bridge the only lines that come to your mind are " never did Sun so beautifully steep, Never saw I never felt calm so deep". Marvellous view specially during the rains and a cloudy sky. Lot of traffic though but one can spend a quiet, lone evening here.
  • Photo of Brooklynite_Abroad
    6 months ago
    This is a scenic bridge with views of the Houses of Parliament/ Westminster Palace, the London Eye, and the murky waters of the Thames. Come for the views and the photo opportunities. There are throngs of people here and many vendors on the side opposite the palace.
  • Photo of Greg W
    6 months ago
    Historic bridge with terrific views from either side of the road. Large roadside blocks have been erected since the horrible London Bridge terror attacks for added security.
  • Photo of rayrest
    6 months ago
    The first Westminster Bridge was built in 1750 and was replaced in 1862 by the bridge we see today. It is 250 metre long and grade 2 listed and the houses of parliament and Big Ben are one end with the London eye the other. Many famous landmarks within easy walking distance of Westminster Bridge and best underground station is Westminster station.
  • Photo of RLBAllen
    6 months ago
    Ok, the bridge itself is nothing spectacular vs Tower bridge, but it's the views you can get from the bridge that are great; big ben and aquarium on the south side and for view north you have the very photogenic houses of parliament and big ben

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