Photo of The View from The Shard in London, , GB
Photo of The View from The Shard in London, , GB
Photo of The View from The Shard in London, , GB
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The View from The Shard

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The View from The Shard24.5
viewing platform • glass of champagne • the empire state building • green screen

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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Valentine's Day at The View from The Shard: If you must do something romantic on Valentine's Day, it may as well be spectacularly romantic, and sipping champagne as you look out over the glittering lights of London after dark from 244m above ground level is a great effort. The View from the Shard will be open two hours later than usual – last session at 10.30pm.
  • Photo of Danielle Pacheco
    2 years ago
    At 244 metres (800 feet) up, it's almost twice the height of any other viewing point in London
  • Photo of dawnholley50
    4 months ago
    Firstly the shard was at a good location just go to Liverpool street station underground and it just outside.Now after a long travel from wales needed the toilet and wow the view from inside them I was looking at the Belfast and London.Next had to take in the stunning views from the shard with a nice glass of Peach Belleni it still had some champers in it and was only £12 for the glass .Also had the complete photo package which I thought not bad at £35 and after getting the shots redone turned out very nice.still looking at the great views now on the pics seeing all along the Thames line was great.
  • Photo of ray m
    4 months ago
    Visited the Shard with my wife . Brilliant all round experience. Very helpful staff, prompt service, food and drinks up on the viewing deck were very reasonable considering the captive market. Spent over an hour visiting both the viewing decks. Superb views.
  • Photo of offspeedstuff
    4 months ago
    The View from the Shard is the best view of London. I had the pleasure of experiencing the views from St. Paul's Cathedral, The Monument to the Great Fire, Primrose Hill, and the overrated London Eye. But, The Shard wins. This is the only place you can see all of London's iconic buildings from one spot. My wife and I spent two hours on a Friday evening watching the London sunset from the 72nd floor of The Shard. It was amazing watching the sunset and seeing London's lights come to life. We were very lucky with the weather. I was shocked to learn that the 72nd floor is open air, meaning the ceilings are not completely enclosed. The corners are open to the outside elements. I don't know how bad weather affects the attraction. There are also a couple of bars and a virtual reality experience that I did not partake in. Great experience and highly recommend!
  • Photo of Judithmb100
    4 months ago
    An extraordinary number of over dressed staff at every turn. The views are amazing but cost extortionate. The 'garden' on the open air level was so disappointing - astroturf and plastic flowers.
  • Photo of alinasw22
    4 months ago
    Between 20 and 30 pounds depending on when you book. High security. Speedy lift up to the top where there is a bar when you can purchase soft drinks , alcohol or snacks. Very nice view where you can see over London. Definitely worth doing. All the famous landmarks are signed as well so you can get an idea of what every thing is would definitely recommend.
  • Photo of Laura B
    4 months ago
    Visited this place with my disabled friends. Staff were very attentive and helpful with pointing out the lifts and advising on how to make the most of this experience! I must say it is not cheap and I was slightly disappointed that you can view the London from only two floors 72 and 69 if I remember right but its nice and clean, you feel safe with security officers being there on every corner and a little bar on each of these two floors too, so you can sit down and enjoy a nice drink and a cake and take as many pictures as you please.. they do offer to take pictures of you too but there isnt an option for individual pictures and you have to buy an album which is a little on the pricey side.. For someone visiting London I definitely would recommend this place.. Forgot to add, if you want to save a pretty penny or precisely around £5/per entry, book your tickets online in advance and check other websites too
  • Photo of dippy2424
    4 months ago
    We went up the eye the day before, never again. Having been up the shard, the views were awesome, and we were lucky enough to catch the sunset. It did get very busy, but still plenty of room to move freely. Staff were helpful, and there's no time limit on how long you can stay up there. Beautiful!
  • Photo of Alex R
    4 months ago
    The view was ok. Felt like you were paying for the security which took forever. Lifts were boring. Vr looked fun.
  • Photo of Bloorfien
    4 months ago
    The view from up there is wonderful. We managed to catch sundown so got to appreciate both day and night time views. Although it was busy we got to enjoy the view anyway. We had the champagne ticket and it made it more special.
  • Photo of bangormaine
    4 months ago
    Look out for discounts on the Net as it can be expensive to get in. Try and go at quieter times. Do not go when its foggy, waste of time.
  • Photo of walshsa
    4 months ago
    I have to mention David the front of house manager in the Aqua lounge at the top of The Shard . I arrived there exhausted after a full day shopping & there were no tables free . I could not believe it when he very kindly offered us the use of one of the private suites for half an hour until the reserved guests arrived . Such a lovely friendly Derry man looked after us like royalty . He turned two chairs FYI face the view & brought our drinks to us there on a lovely little silver serving table . What a treat & we absolutely loved it . I couldn't find him as we left to thank him but I hope this helps . We moved out to the main lounge as a table became free but David made our evening & even stored our shopping & coats for us . Thank you David !
  • Photo of Thomas B
    4 months ago
    It's nice to get the view from up there, it's especially impressive since there's so few high rises around. That being said, it's clearly overpriced. Fortunately I went through a Time-Out event and got a nice deal on it. Final note : Go at night. It's quite stunning.
  • Photo of madsta
    4 months ago
    My wife and I spent a day in London and decided off the cuff to check out the view from the shard, absolutely stunning views across the city, it was great to see especially as it was a clear sunny day but I feel it is massively overpriced, we payed just over £30 per person and I would say it was probably worth £10 each, now I've done it I definitely wouldn't pay to go up there again. My wife said the ladies loo's have floor to ceiling glass so amazing views in there too!!
  • Photo of dogKent
    4 months ago
    We have been all over the world and been up many tall buildings but this is definitely the best , well organised and will definitely go back with the kids , it's such a commanding view over London . Amazing
  • Photo of Eva B
    4 months ago
    very nice view. If you have access to the swimming pool you will be amazed. so beautiful and in a clear day, you can see very well the tower bridge having a coffee or been inside the pool.
  • Photo of 323HELE
    4 months ago
    Recommend just going to floor 33 and having a meal or just a drink. It is not cheap but the view is as good as going to the top.
  • Photo of AndrewFromEngland
    4 months ago
    This is well worth a visit if you are visiting London. We booked our visit for 1pm on a Saturday afternoon and it wasn't that busy. We arrived on time and there wasn't much of a wait to go through security before making our way to the viewing area via 2 separate lifts. We preferred the viewing area on the 72nd floor. The views are truly spectacula. People just make their way round so it was never long before you are right by the glass and take your turn at admiring the view. Champagne is available for purchase at 12 pounds each. We took our time making our way round, taking pictures and taking in the land marks. It took us about an hour. If it is busy, I suppose, it may take longer. We left around 2pm, by that time the queue was starting to build. So I think 1pm is a good time to visit. Enjoy.
  • Photo of Bee B
    4 months ago
    Glad we visited in the early to later evening seeing the views both in daylight and when it was darker with all the lights on in the city. Have to say we preferred the night views. It is expensive. The additional £8 each we paid each in advance for glasses of champagne were disappointingly presented in plastic glasses with no strawberries. The gift shop was over priced too. Have never recommended toilets but have to say, even the view from them is amazing!
  • Photo of Viv G
    4 months ago
    Only visited 32nd floor but the views are great. No need to book and you can go just to have a look or have drinks which are a bit expensive £28 for 2 G&ts but you can take your time. Food is available but we didn't eat. There is a great cocktail bar and a lovely Chinese where you can have tea and coffee.
  • Photo of Razmik P
    4 months ago
    I visited 32-th floor bar it was an amazing experience, I came in bar but there were no free space near the window, I asked barman but he show another free place because there were plenty of people so when I was sitting another place after 3 minutes barman came and informed me about free table near the window and asked me to take that place while available. I really value this attitude so kind of him. Very good service. Thanks a lot. I fully enjoyed the evening

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