Photo of Sukho in London, , GB
Photo of Sukho in London, , GB
Photo of Sukho in London, , GB
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Asian Restaurant

thai food • dumplings • red curry • beef

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  • Photo of Timothy Pegg
    3 years ago
    Very nice atmosphere here and a great place to go if some of your groups not into Thai, they also do chinese and german.
  • Photo of AnnatheDiningDiva
    4 months ago
    My first visit to Sukho Thai for a long while. And I remembered why I wanted to go back and why I hadn't - superb Thai food, really superb, but lacklustre, disinterested service and cost take the shine off. I arrived on time for a reserved table in and was left standing wondering if any one of the staff moving around the restaurant were ever going to acknowledge that I was waiting. It took a while. And that set the tone for service for the evening. But the food was, as always, top notch. I recommend the confit duck with roasted oranges, the gingery chicken with chillis and pineapple, the Pad Thai and almost anything on the menu but they come at a fairly steep price. The good news is they do take out. I'll do that in the future.
  • Photo of ethelden
    4 months ago
    We went again having good memories of the previous time a couple of years ago. Arrived at 7.50 and were greeted (hardly) by a charmless lady and squeezed into the table by the door. We then waited 40 minutes for our starters and a further 30 for the mains. The food was mainly good but certainly not memorable apart from the monkfish which was excellent. But it was such a struggle to get served. We ordered two more beers and had to remind them. They then brought three. Apart from a smiley male waiter, the others were grim. It was with some relief when we could leave at 10pm.
  • Photo of Laura K
    5 months ago
    Local place I hadn't been to. I wanted somewhere low key for my birthday and this certainly fit the bill! Delicious food at great prices! This will definitely be a regular for us! It is a must! The padan chicken and satay was to die for! The curries were so tasty and really authentic! The place smells delicious just like Thailand!
  • Photo of Marianna A
    5 months ago
    Most amazing Thai food and great service. Wonderful menu, lunch special for two courses £14.95 totally worth it. Beautiful dish presentation, attractive plates and solid portions. We will be back again and again!
  • Photo of Mpg79
    5 months ago
    Food is amazing, 5 of us went no issues. Service is amazing also. Reasonable priced. Cocktails were good especially Mango martini.
  • Photo of exotissima1
    6 months ago
    Went for early Sunday lunch before attending an event nearby. Lovely place with pleasant service but tables a bit close together, could do with removing a table or 2. We were the only ones until after 1.30pm while nearby Royal China was already full, with a queue by that time. Expensive dishes with smallish portions but even on Sundays there is a 2-course set lunch for £15 with a very small portion of rice and a large choice of dishes including our favourites such as chicken and coconut soup, sour prawn soup, massaman and chu chee (a sweetish red curry sauce). We had a special, the fish in a sweet and sour chilli sauce. The fish was small and slightly over fried but the sauce, which had a little tamarind, was excellent. The gai tom kah (chicken in coconut soup) was creamy and among the best we've had (we have spent every January in Thailand for nearly 3 decades). The beef massaman was good too. We ordered this as part of the set lunch and the portion was medium sized. On the a la carte menu the beef is described as sirloin but this was definitely poor quality stewing beef, coarse but tender as it had been cooked for long enough to soften. Broc & asparagus veg in an oyster and garlic sauce was pleasant but not great. As at Patara, we find £8 for a veg dish to be overpriced but that seems to be the going rate. We found it odd that a Thai restaurant serves the soup as a starter and puts each main in front of one of us but that seems to be what is expected by customers over here. In Thailand, as in most Asian countries, all dishes are placed in the centre (as they come), to be shared. We are constantly unbelieving as we watch people struggle through a main by themselves. Thai dishes are too strong tasting for this kind of treatment and they are meant to be shared so that a large range of different flavours (sweet, sour, salty, spicy, creamy, umami) can be enjoyed at one meal. Would we return? Yes, but only for the set lunch. This lunch, with 2 tasty mocktails, came to £62. We were in and out within 1 hour.
  • Photo of Honeypop21
    6 months ago
    This place serves fabulous Thai food that is presented very well and is incredibly tasty. There's traditional items on the menu as well as more extravagant choices with a wide selection of fish and seafood dishes. That said one member of our party really did not enjoy their seafood dish which included fish, mussels, prawns and squid. The squid was incredibly over done as we could tell by the work that was having to be done just to cut it into manageable pieces. The fish was also very dry however we never had a check back to the table and no one was around to flag down as the restaurant was full and staff were very busy. That said the masaman and Penang curry were spot on and very tasty. Rice portions are per person and therefore do not share as you will be disappointed. When we commented about the fish dish the waitress was incredibly forceful on "that is how it is cooked" and "it's a popular dish..." and she really couldn't accept our criticism and we were told repeatably that it's just the way the dish is. After much debate the dish was eventually taken off our bill but we really felt taken back by the fact our feedback was not welcome. It's such a shame because the rest of the experience was lovely.
  • Photo of NEDQuercyblancFrance
    OK, there are some concessions to Western tastes but this is the nearest to Bangkok Thai that we know of in SW London and it is the best. A traditionally warm Thai welcome and great food. Madame makes sure that everything runs smoothly and when, after a particularly delicious meal, I expressed my appreciation the couple at the next table piped-up to endorse the view.
  • Photo of georgina s
    7 months ago
    Booked a table as reviews seemed ok. The staff all looked like they'd rather be somewhere else. We ordered two portions of the grilled squid starter as this was one of the only two gluten free starter options. My son noticed an off smell when it arrived and indeed it smelt far from fresh so I sent it back. No apology, in fact we felt embarrassed. The dumplings we ordered were also unpleasant so we decided to cut our losses and go elsewhere for a main course. The bill came and although we weren't charged for the squid we got no apology and service was not deducted nor anything else. We paid £55 for a a drink and uneaten starters then went down the road to the Nuntee Thai where the food and service was infinitely better. All our drinks and main courses there cost £74. I know which of these two Thai restaurants in fulham I would recommend !
  • Photo of Wojtek N
    8 months ago
    Not quite the same old Sukho as it was 10 years ago or is it my tastebuds getting old... The classic spicy prawn soup recipe has changed but is still satisfactory. The colourful dumplings are a favourite and the papaya salad is great. It was the first time I tried the lobster curry which was interesting (very nice celeriac sauce and the lobster had good texture). They did not have the mango sticky rice pudding - what a disappointment ! But overall Sukho is still doing strong ;)
  • Photo of Laurie M
    9 months ago
    We dined on a quiet Monday night. Lovely setting with quality fittings and attentive service. However we were disappointed in the food. It certainly wasn't bad but it did not meet expectations. Our mixed dumpling starter had 3 different varieties ( chive, taro and bamboo shoots with chicken&prawn) but they were rather glutinous and it was difficult to discern much difference between the three. Nice dipping sauce. The spring rolls were a better starter - 2 each of prawn, crab and vegetable. Beautifully presented with a nice unctuous dipping sauce. Our best dish of the night. We shared a main of chicken with cashews and vegetables. The serve was quite small and the chicken over cooked and very sparse. A serve of coconut rice was ok but certainly not a generous quantity. Overpriced for what we got and we left rather underwhelmed.
  • Photo of Philip I
    9 months ago
    always good food here but service is not as good as it was a few years ago. not cheap for thai food so not a place you could eat every day. worth it for a treat.
  • Photo of Nick S
    9 months ago
    Hopefully the title says it all. My recent visit to the restaurant was hugely disappointing. The service was non existent, the portions tiny, the lighting so bad I coudn't actually see what I was eating and the bill was astonshingly expensive. I since used the restaurant for take-away. My green thai curray had FIVE tiny slivers of chicken ( the rest padded out with bamboo shoots to make it look like more). The only improvement on the take away was that the lighting was better at my house. Otherwise I felt I had been totally ripped off again. Cannot understand why people bother going there and why it ever gets a good review. Typhoon on Wandsworth Bridge Road is amazing and gets top vote for a Thai in this area. p.s - I have never reviewed anything before but felt compelled to about this place and the poor value for money.
  • Photo of Mary-Louise H
    a year ago
    As a permanent transplant from New York City, one of the strangest things I have observed about the British public and it's restaurant-going habits is the fact that the better the PR, the more successful the restaurant - particularly in London. Forget about the food. If the place is well reviewed by a gaggle of clueless 20-something food bloggers whose meals have been comped by even more clueless "restauranteurs", it is a big success WAKE UP, FOLKS! A good 90% of the London restaurants I have eaten in over the past 20 years have been such a disappointment, that my long-suffering English hubby must listen to my grumbling that, after spending upwards of £150 for a meal for two, we would have been better off cooking at home. Incurable optimists, we continue to venture out however, and once in a blue moon, we strike gold. Last night, we got lucky at Sukho Thai restaurant in Fulham. Last night we dined at Sukho, an attractive Thai restaurant in Fulham. I had noticed this place over the years as I passed by on the bus or in the car going to some other (usually disappointing) restaurant, and last night, for my birthday, we finally stopped, even though we were en route to our usual Chinese in Earl's Court. THANK HEAVENS we did! What a lovely surprise Sukho was! We had a wonderful meal: To start - SAM KLORE: six assorted Thai dumplings, two filled with Thai chives, two with sweet taro (that funny root vegetable you see in Asian markets and never remember to ask what it is. It has a fibrous brown skin and looks rather like cassava from the outside), and two filled with bamboo shoots, chicken and prawn. These were a bit glutinous on the outside, but I'm a sucker for such things, so we inhaled them and their interesting dipping sauce. Next up was a main course of mixed seafood and fish: Tom Kha Chao Rua. This was a happy association of king prawns, pale and succulent mussels, crab claws, squid, and fish, all swimming in an incredibly tasty bath of coconut galangal with lime and chill. Perfection. I'm salivating at the memory. We also ordered something familiar to see how Sukho treated the Thai standby: Pad Thai. Again, major yum. The best pad thai I've eaten outside of Thailand...maybe even better than the ones I enjoyed in Thailand. We had some sinfully good coconut rice with our main courses as well as some FAB pal choi which came with little button mushrooms and a flavour-packed clear sauce completely unlike the (oyster?) sauce that accompanies pak choi in Chinese eateries. Finally, because it was my birthday, we indulged in an order of Bangkok bananas: fried coconut battered bananas in a syrup served with coconut ice cream. Again, yum. Perhaps not the most refined frying, but still delicious. With our bottle of viognier (there are, surprisingly few affordable off-dry whites to accompany this marvellous food, our only complaint. - Sorry Sukho, but pinot grigio and similar is far too dry to complement this kind of food) our bill came to £100 including delightful, smiling, willing service. I did NOT leave muttering about being able to do better at home and shall definitely be back.
  • Photo of Misskumar
    a year ago
    A very popular Thai in the Fulham area. We paid a visit on Valentines evening and the restaurant was packed. Each dish is full of flavour making them a delight to have for dinner. Considering how busy it was the service was very good. It was also noticeable that many people were making takeaway orders which showed how popular the food was. I would recommend the restaurant for an intimate evening due to the layout.
  • Photo of Rivoliballroom
    a year ago
    Made the visit as was recommended to us. Small menu, but good choice and was very flavoursome. Service with a smile and was packed and was full of regulars. Would return.
  • Photo of alexanderb715
    a year ago
    Reading the one star reviews... I agree with much of what is said. I used to like this restaurant because I thought the food was above average. But: - it has got very expensive IMHO. - the customer service is virtually non-existent (strange given how welcoming and friendly Thai people usually are). - the portions are unsatisfactorily small (especially given the price). - it's pretty cramped (if you sit in the middle of the room you will probably find the back of your chair being bumped repeatedly). I'm not going back.
  • Photo of pshampshire
    a year ago
    This has to be among the best Thai food in town. Went in a party of 7 and every single dish was superb. A table full of mixed starters - dumplings, satay, spring rolls etc were fantastic. Everything about it was first class
  • Photo of Phil D
    a year ago
    Food and service were fine although portions were relatively small and service was efficient but lacked warmth. At £90 for two people with only a bottle of sparkling water between us, this was a pleasant evening but not a restaurant that we would recommend.
  • Photo of Eddie4516
    a year ago
    We had a very good dinner at Sukho. The wait staff was polite and responsive and made some very good recommendations. The red and green curries were good, as were the assorted dumplings. As a note, we went on Boxing Day and were very happy to have a good restaurant open when most were closed.

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