Photo of Reilly Rocket in London, , GB
Photo of Reilly Rocket in London, , GB
Photo of Reilly Rocket in London, , GB
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Reilly Rocket


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brunch • sandwiches • great coffee • friendly service

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  • Photo of Minka Guides
    2 years ago
    (GF) (VG) Minka says: Very reliable brunch spot near Dalston Junction. On my recent visit I had poached eggs on GF toast with mackerel & kale which was fantastic. Open 7 days from 8am-5pm.
  • Photo of Lalalura
    a year ago
    I have been to Reilly Rocket quite a few times, however the last 2 time I have visited for brunch the service has been atrocious. I once had to ask 3 times for my coffee I had ordered. The stuff don't care, and its evident. Its such a shame because the food is pretty great. I won't be returning though.
  • Photo of eleni_charala
    a year ago
    At first sight I loved this place. Looked cute on the outside and cosy on the inside. When it was time to order,however, I was met with the grumpy face of a waitress probably too caught up being cool to pay much attention. 10 minutes later, another waitress is standing in the middle of the room asking around if anyone had ordered the things we had. I wouldnt be too fussy, it happens when a place is busy- people forget.But then it happened again.And it basicaly happened every bloody time either us or someone else ordered something. I dont know, maybe you can take pen and paper or a *shock horror* MPOS? Every single time someone from my company wanted to order, there was grumpiness galore! Also, when we asked for glasses for our water they were placed upside down on the table. The people sitting there before us has placed their newspaper on the same table.It didnt get cleaned after them. Of course we were a little grossed out. The seriously cracked mug brought for our tea and the saucer that still had soap foam on it did not scream care either!! Other than that, it's kudos to the chef because everything we tried was delicious and well cooked. Also, I loved the magazines table, the simple but tasteful decor, the relaxed music that was at the right volume and the prices that are ok for London standards.
  • Photo of steveemo
    a year ago
    The coffee here really is something else. I've tasted Flat White's all over London and this place is right up there. The service is really friendly too. The sandwiches are delicious. I tried a Brie, Bacon and Cranberry one on Sourdough which was super tasty. I've had breakfast with my partner here a few times too. The poached eggs with avocado and mushrooms is highly recommended.
  • Photo of domdeparis
    a year ago
    Friendly laid back atmosphere. All day brunch/breakfast 8am to 4pm. We had the breakfast bap and the poached eggs with the mackerel paté and wild mushroom sides. It was delicious, the crispy bacon the wonderfully runny eggs the pâté the jazz ! I would definitely come back.
  • Photo of katejuneg
    a year ago
    Headed here with a friend of mine last Saturday as one of his friends used to be the manager. We walk in to see a trustafarian behind the counter. He does not greet us. We proceed to ask for an espresso and a flat white. He looks at us and does not respond (bearing in mind we are <1m away from each other and there was no one else at the counter) but after a few seconds ushers in a young lady to take his place. We assumed that this was a trial shift - maybe he didn't reply to us because he didn't know how to take a customer's order. Nope! Turns out he works there - he just decided it wasn't his job to speak to customers, even if they're speaking to him directly. A friend of his then came down the stairs and after a few seconds of bro-ing out together, grabbed a brownie from the counter with his hands (come on guys...). The young woman was much nicer but clearly not very confident. She delivered us a basically nice espresso and a flat white with a failed attempt at latte art (tip: don't try to pour a swan if you suck at latte art). The friend I was with, who manages a very well regarded cafe in Hackney, said that he would have fired them both. I am not a manager but have worked in coffee and would be embarrassed if my colleagues acted this way. This cafe really needs to get it together.
  • Photo of ukjules59
    a year ago
    whilst visiting family we met up one morning for breakfast here, it was our very first visit but we will certainly go back again, for brownies and fresh juice. It is originally a house which has been turned into a small place to meet and eat. The building has 3 floors, with two flights of stairs which can be difficult for those with difficulty walking, the toilet is on the very top floor.
  • Photo of Archway_Ben
    a year ago
    In a postcode with a ton of cafe options this is the best spot. The coffee is really excellent and the food is blatantly made with a lot of care and attention. Feels like there are adequate staff to be looked after properly. Great place to spend time too - there's big windows so there's loads of natural light. Recommend!!
  • Photo of Mark B
    a year ago
    Great coffee and place to chill with friends. Trendy hipster design, food is also decent. Would recommend.
  • Photo of ConcreteHotel
    a year ago
    Table service on the weekends is a treat. The vegetarian meals are miles better than other breakfast clubs in town. A generous and tasty Welsh Rarebit or a combination of poached eggs, buttery kale and beans will set you off for a great day. The lunch options also offer something for clean eating enthusiasts or the properly hungry. And the coffee never disappoints. Expert baristas and superb selection of beans. A friendly atmosphere with wi fi if you need it. My favourite place for a lonesome brunch or those days when you need to 'work from home'.
  • Photo of hexxa
    2 years ago
    nice cafe with nice layout and vibe. coffee is ok. if you are in the area and need a cafe it's worth checking out.
  • Photo of Shannon P
    2 years ago
    Cute space in trendy Dalston with a pretty good breakfast, but just average (not bad) coffee. The staff were really friendly and warm.
  • Photo of Lucy R
    2 years ago
    This is my local so I have been in a number of times but they really aren't fussed about customer service. If you're happy to wait ages for a coffee or your bill whilst they stand around and have a chat then fine but it's a bit irritating when the food and drinks aren't exactly cheap. Nice coffee and dishes if you're happy to pay and hang around.
  • Photo of PatTheOneAndOnly
    2 years ago
    came with my friends , one evening and i have to say we both enjoyed it very much so . Everything was beautiful even the atmosphere. defo coming back again this time bringing my mother
  • Photo of paz c
    2 years ago
    found this place as I was working locally, and couldn't find any traditional working class honest cafes, so gave this a try. Ordered cappuccino only. Good points - local, girl serving was polite. Bad points - wanna-be hipster type guy making the coffees looked grumpy / scruffy. Small cup, but that's ok as cappuccino's are not meant to be in huge mugs, but £2.70 !!, well overpriced. Didn't taste very good and only luke-warm at best. Didn't order any food, as the sandwiches were exposed to people at the till ( no cover ) and also overpriced. Will not be returning.
  • Photo of Barry P
    2 years ago
    Have been for coffee on numerous occasions - for me, the best coffee I've had locally. The Alchemy blend they use results in just the right sour notes that make my taste buds happy. A triple shot latte is a joy to sip! Haven't eaten here yet but the food looks good.
  • Photo of BellaHortensia
    2 years ago
    I went there a few times for brunch and just for takeaway coffee. The coffee has always been amazing and, since they have Alchemy, it has even gotten better. The food is really nice as well, with lots of choice and good portions. The only reason why I don't give it a 5/5 is because, it doesn't happen often, a few times the service was a bit rude. Last time one of them treated me as if I was stupid, I knew nothing about coffee and as if he/she was doing me a favor. I highly recommend this cafe and think it's one of the best ones you can find in Dalston!
  • Photo of Suzie P
    2 years ago
    What a treat. WHAT A TREAT. The coffee: YUMMER The food: DELISH. The staff: FRUITY DARLINGS. Overall: A little slice of heaven pie!
  • Photo of elias a
    2 years ago
    I went there with 4 friends and we all disliked the coffee. There was a weird taste, over matured melon. We told them we didn't like it, we hardly drunk if, but no one offered to give us a discount or not pay for them. Our waitress was very nice, but unfortunately we made the coffee complaint to another waitress and to the guy who was making the coffee. The chocolate brownie is amazing. The rose chocolate cardamom cake, was average... It's a nice environment, but unfortunately the worse coffee in London.
  • Photo of Tom T
    2 years ago
    The breakfast here is very good with good quality ingredients but there are not really any options for a big appetite. The dishes are all very good but I have always felt that I paid too much for what I received. If you're not super hungry and don't mind paying a little bit over the odds this is a great place for breakfast.
  • Photo of Melissa F
    2 years ago
    Perfect little cafe. The staff are super friendly and the food is tremendous. Highly recommend to anyone in this area. Get the eggs!

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