Photo of Piccadilly Circus in London, , GB
Photo of Piccadilly Circus in London, , GB
Photo of Piccadilly Circus in London, , GB
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Piccadilly Circus

Historic Site

Piccadilly Circus14
regent street • eros statue • times square in new york • memorial fountain

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  • Photo of AycaS Ozden
    a year ago
  • Photo of Mike Oka
    2 years ago
    Take a photo under the statue!
  • Photo of nnmercman
    3 months ago
    We travelled via the Underground and you pop up more or less in the middle of the square. We had a theatre booking and unless you know the route it's really confusing, especially at night - it feels as if all roads in London meet here and the tourist hordes who block the paths and stop suddenly add to the confusion. I was certain I knew where we had to go but still ended up in totally the wrong direction! It's not exactly Times Square but still throbbs night and day with numerous restaurants plus tourist shops selling all sorts of tat and of course touts trying to flog stuff. It's somewhere to add to your London agenda and probably visit twice (day/night) to appreciate all aspects - unless you're claustrophobic in crowds of course.
  • Photo of nkftravels
    3 months ago
    It's a good stop for kids or adults to experiance the heart of London talent. You see unusual acts, loads of food/snack shops around and of course the station is right there! It's an easy place to get to different routes around london. Only thing it can get very crowded!
  • Photo of Noora B
    3 months ago
    It's a very crowded area has lots of shops and restaurants , nothing special about this place. Everyone comes to pass by for the M&Ms world otherwise it's the same as oxforeds circus .
  • Photo of Scottieboyuk
    3 months ago
    To me there are far better places to go in London but if you love shopping, love crowds, love the hustle and the pushing, shoving, then this is for you. I tend to stay away but needs must as some place are again in Soho so unfortunately I have to go through it. Not for me but crack on if its your thing, good luck.
  • Photo of Sergio_Trips-2013
    3 months ago
    Well, my wife and I are not fan of such crowded places but decided to see what Piccadilly could provide. In fact is not a place for us once looked like a cheap place with lots of people walking around. Anyway worthed a try.
  • Photo of RicardoDeLaCana
    3 months ago
    Picadilly Circus is just one of those places that you have to go to and experience if you are in London. If you don't, you haven't been to London.
  • Photo of laytonblue02
    3 months ago
    Its a really fun and interesting place. Also, check out the people.....that can be fun too. You can actually sit there for hours and just watch the people and traffic. The lights on the big screens are out now but will be on soon.
  • Photo of 341jags
    3 months ago
    Piccadilly Circus is usually one of the most enjoyable and well known sights to visit within London however, during the site's renovation, much of the areas life has died with the TV screens being replaced by large posters. We came here with our kids and family friends from Oz and had forgotten about this fact and therefore we were a little disappointed. There were a number of street performers. Due to redevelopment of the area of Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus feels like a building site.
  • Photo of Brooklynite_Abroad
    3 months ago
    Whether going to see Westminster or Soho or Buckingham Palace, this square is a major hub for transport. It's scenic and pulsating with life, with locals and tourists alike. Do stroll through here.
  • Photo of rayrest
    4 months ago
    Piccadilly Circus is in the heart of the west end of London, along with Leicester Square and Covent Gardens. If you are in London a top attraction is to walk through Covent Gardens, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus has to be on your list. Many shops to browse or stop in a traditional English Pub and try some great pub foods and drinks.
  • Photo of Matteozk16
    4 months ago
    Piccadilly circus is very cool and a must see inside of London. But be prepared because it is very crowded.
  • Photo of Alexandre U
    4 months ago
    Nice place to shopping. There are many types of stores, toy stores, clothes, souveniers and many other things. Enjoy!
  • Photo of D M
    4 months ago
    If you want to purchase usual souvenirs, then this is the place for you. Nothing but stores for Tourists with items at pretty good/reasonable prices.
  • Photo of Shy D
    4 months ago
    Very busy and crowded place but it was cool to visit. Went to the shops around and ended up almost broke! Would definitely visit again!
  • Photo of faithandhope2live
    4 months ago
    In London there are a few famous meeting places and tourist attractions. This is one of them. It is a major traffic junction that leads to theatres, major shopping and entertainment areas, restaurants and from Coventry Street leads to another populate square: “Leicester”. In the middle stands Shaftesbury Memorial fountain and statue. People like to stop there to take a few photos and enjoy the atmosphere. Happy Travelling!
  • Photo of MrDavetheSarks
    4 months ago
    Pretty cool. Probably overrated but I like it. Has a character, and certainly has a buzz. Does get crowded though.
  • Photo of Jfizzable
    4 months ago
    Piccadilly Circus is usually one of the most enjoyable and well known sights to visit within London however, during the site's renovation, much of the areas life has died with the TV screens being replaced by large posters. Due to this, the area is somewhat more focused on the numerous shopping ventures rather than a tourist sight although it is important to add that there are other tourist opportunities nearby which are worth a visit including M&M World, Lego Shop, Believe It or Not, etc. Personally, if you are only visiting the area for seeing the famous advertisement area, I would avoid visiting until the renovation is complete.
  • Photo of schmidtmg
    4 months ago
    Walked through Piccadilly Circus on two occasions during a recent London trip. It has lost much of its lustre from former days.... it's more of a road junction than a vibrant tourist walking zone. Much of Times Square in NYC is off limits for cars, Piccadilly Circus is not...
  • Photo of Hannah P
    4 months ago
    In the summer, the billboards almost doesn't show, it's crowded with people and street performers and teens hanging around. Not my cup of tea.
  • Photo of Misslouboutin19
    4 months ago
    This is always heaving and there's lots of tourist shops and big screens and it's lovely to just watch the world go by.

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