Photo of Nordic Bakery in London, , GB
Photo of Nordic Bakery in London, , GB
Photo of Nordic Bakery in London, , GB
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Nordic Bakery


Nordic Bakery24
cinnamon buns • cake • sandwiches • salmon

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  • Photo of Yanni Mavromatis
    3 years ago
    Cinnamon buns at Nordic Bakery
  • Photo of Chris James
    3 years ago
    cinnamon buns!
  • Photo of TheSpence
    3 months ago
    Love this place. The staff are friendly, helpful and clearly appreciate their own product. Cakes are superb. Moist. Flavourful. Not overly sweet. The bread is phenomenal. As are the sandwiches! Slightly pricey but definitely worth it. Quality ingredients and good size portions. Highly recommend a visit. Nice place to sit in and enjoy the amazing food. Relaxed atmosphere.
  • Photo of byStephanie
    3 months ago
    I went here with my mom after a long day of walking around London. I had an apple juice, which was delicious and my mom had a tea. We had a chocolate muffin and an piece of the upside down cake... both were tasty. Only downside was that the room was quite small and dark...
  • Photo of camden95
    4 months ago
    We came here mainly to try a selection of the food on offer. I'd previously been to the one just off Baker Street for coffee and cake, where I'd found so-so food but excellent service, and in general this one was much the same. We got three different sandwiches to share between three of us, and they were all quite nice, though equally nothing that stood out as exceptional. We then tried about four pastries, which were quite good. The service was however excellent. If I went back, I would probably just get tea and cake, as there are places that give better value for money, which is why I haven't rated this place higher than I have. It's certainly a place to go to try something a little different from the usual coffee shop fare, though, and I would come back again.
  • Photo of DrJo10
    4 months ago
    Delicious coffee and pastry, small cafe with good atmosphere and lovely staff. Well locat d near to Piccadilly Circus so much nicer than the big chain cafes.
  • Photo of lookupmore
    4 months ago
    Went for coffee at this weekend. Coffee was fine, better than a chain, I like to support independents, it came in nice solid mug. The service was TERRIBLE, three out of the four staff at the counter were rude as f#@k. Zero interest. When they dropped out order to our table they didn't say a single word or even acknowledge us. We would have left if it wasn't terrible weather outside. I have worked at weekends at a cafe so I know what it's like, there's no need to treat customers like this. I've wanted to come here for a while, I won't be rushing back.
  • Photo of rozzy007
    6 months ago
    Well if you need a kick start there coffee is smooth. cinnamon bun as big as your head will last all day. Sticky sweetness heaven.
  • Photo of Jonathan L
    6 months ago
    A thimble, tasteless, Cappuccino for £2.90. Hard to support an independent when value for money is so poor.
  • Photo of Foodmad20
    6 months ago
    Popped in for a quick cappuccino en route to Regent street and was tempted by a slice of berry thingy . Looked and tasted delicious Coffee was fantastic too Light , open airy and immaculately clean Service was great I'm coming again!
  • Photo of Phayao13
    6 months ago
    Swedish Fabrique took London by storm, Nordic Bakery has a little more work to do. Certainly, it,is a good selection of baked goods and coffee is good, but there is something with the lack of love for customers. Maybe a stressful day.Dare to try the rustic Finnish rye bread, light years from a white wheat bread. Some raw industrial designs, in the spirit of time.If the room is full, there is always a free grass spot in the Golden Square
  • Photo of Shir S
    7 months ago
    This cafe looks really nice and designed really well. Coffee was good but not amazing and the cinnamon buns, who were supposed to be one of the highlights of this place -was just NOT GOOD. It was super sticky and dry. Expensive and not worth it. Food looks really good but after that cinnamon bun I wouldn't expect much. Sorry.
  • Photo of Mathilde L
    7 months ago
    I went to the bakery in order to buy some Nordic treats for my American friends and went for the cinnamon bun. Didn't remind me that much of home, but it was okay - a bit dry, but it was in the evening, which might explain it however. I had it and a cup of coffee to go. It was an okay coffee, but the staff wasn't very welcoming. I felt as if I was inconvenient and asking too much of them.
  • Photo of redferrari55
    8 months ago
    I was drawn in by the sweet smell of cinnamon and somewhat quirky hipster exterior but I was driven out by the sweaty staff and prison conditions. This cafe is extremely dirty, the kind of place where a spill will remain until the end of the day. The furniture was basic, prison style, and the tables were sticky and dirty, clearly in desperate need of a wipe down. The pastry cabinet was a mess, the stodgy looking pastries were displayed on a mish mash of plates, like they opened their cupboard at home and brought in any plates they could find. To be honest it looked like a bake sale stall in a market. The glass was also covered in fingerprints, again needing a wipe down. The worst part was the staff working there, they were not at all presentable, their aprons and clothing were heavily stained, they looked like they did not care about their personal appearance at all, looking miserable and one was profusely sweating while taking orders. The area where they prepared drinks was chaos, there were spills everywhere and it looked dirty and not somewhere I would want a drink prepared for me. I left without ordering, as did the girls behind me who I overheard saying that the food looked completely unappealing. Awful place.
  • Photo of Jon R
    8 months ago
    There have been lots of previous reviews where the staff have been roundly criticised - perhaps the comments have had an impact because I was greeted by smiles and efficient service. The interior is a bit austere, and so we chose to eat in the park opposite - lovely in the sunshine, but a bit noisy with the perennial building work going on. Anyway, we sampled only the cinnamon buns and a cup of coffee - the buns were pleasant and filling, but I shan't rush back, and the coffee was OK. But £11.40 for two buns and two coffees was a bit steep, even for Soho.
  • Photo of Artyhat
    8 months ago
    Delicious and authentically Norwegian cafe food - rye bread sandwiches with smoked salmon were tasty. Good cafe atmosphere although you can also take the food away and sit in Golden Square across the road. Didn't have time for coffee but it looked good. Friendly and helpful staff.
  • Photo of AAAPowell
    8 months ago
    The reason for average is because one of the employees was very rude. This is the Nordic bakery in neal street. The place is nice with a lovely atmosphere. Plenty of cakes, pastries and savoury food but our experience was totally ruined by a very rude person who works there( not sure if he was the manager but for sure he needs to learn some manners!). We ordered two coffees that by the way were delicious and a cinnamon bun. The cinnamon buns were in the oven so they told us there will be some minutes. Cinnamon bun arrived and my friend who had been before said she didn't think they were done so she went to the counter and asked if they were ok because it looked a bit undone. This man answer in a very rude way. After that I asked him for a napkin and he replied "yes" in a very sharp way. Normally someone who works face to the public would have said" how can I help you?"/ do you need anything madam? No an abruptly YES! I would have given 4/5 starts but this man needs to know manners. If he was tired or doesn't like his job he shouldn't be doing what he does!!
  • Photo of NigelandNellie
    9 months ago
    Good cinnamon buns and coffee a bit let down by the staff. Nice range of cakes and sandwiches, staff would benefit from being a bit more cheerful and attentive.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We visited the Nordic Bakery several times while in London. The cinnamon buns and light sandwiches are wonderful. We ended up buying their beautiful cookbook. Our favorite.
  • Photo of Susan Emily D
    10 months ago
    Really liked the cinnamon roll they serve here, coffee is also good. On the downside, I'd say the seating area is not particularly the best to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee out, but it's ok for a quick drink and a nice bun or roll.
  • Photo of Lucydju
    10 months ago
    This place has wonderful cinnamon buns, but the service is not great. The people are not as friendly as good service would command. (Few smiles, not much effort). After bringing the wrong order there's no apology and no real effort to make sure that I as customer am happy. I saw someone else come to the counter and ask where his order had gone. Again, no apology and no particular effort made to make it up.
  • Photo of Magdalena W
    10 months ago
    Wanted to try this bakery with a friend of mine, it looks interesting from outside. However when we walked in none of the 2 people behind the counter paid attention. The place looked dark, with no music in bacground - in one word SAD. We left without having anything, there was no interest from staff that we are there looking for beeing served.

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